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  1. DaveG_NJ

    Where to Find Acceleration Boost for 2023 Model Y LR

    Agreed. I guess I was sleeping at the wheel and missed this news. I specifically recall Elon on an earnings call, when asked about an FSD price reduction, saying NO - it’s cheap at $15K 🙄 because everyone want to turn their car over to the masses to be abused like a NYC taxi. I had FSD on my...
  2. DaveG_NJ

    Stalk or no stalk argument settled

    The closest analog is trying to change the radio volume (or the Voice Assist) while the wheel is turned (perhaps when parked or stopped on a curved road). Is the wheel turned 180º, 270º, just 90º? Forget about when the wheel is turning. Taking the indicators off the stationary stalk is just silly.
  3. DaveG_NJ

    What do you do with your house keys (for those that use their phone as a car key)?

    We never use keys. Enter and exit through garages, which have powered openers with battery backup. Haven’t touched a physical key in years.
  4. DaveG_NJ

    3-month FSD 'free' on new HW4 cars is useless

    Lucky you! I bought my Y on the last day in June just before the “one-time FSD transfer” started. I got 3500 Tesla credits for loyalty, but the app requires 10,000 credits for the three month FSD trial. I’m going to redeem my credits for 500 Supercharger miles plus four cybertruck raffle tickets.
  5. DaveG_NJ

    So… Highland is out…

    Big pluses: improved range, ventilated front seates, quieter, ambient lighting control, at least one new color. Big minuses: stalkless steering column, price increase. Meh: body redesign (still looks like a VW beetle coming towards you). For me, rear screen would never get used.
  6. DaveG_NJ

    3-month FSD 'free' on new HW4 cars is useless

    Geez...if us HW4 owners need to wait for FSD to be "working super well", it's likely to take a lot longer than 6 months. Remember the axiom - "Take the square of Elon's time estimates and halve your expectations". So I'm guessing FSD will be working on HW4 in 36 months, but will still have...
  7. DaveG_NJ

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    That's how I'm playing it. Bought a truckload of ATM puts that I'll ride down to the 200 day. Get through the last of August any maybe get a Cybertruck bounce in September.
  8. DaveG_NJ

    Is my Model 3 totaled?

    Shhh....I can see the Benzinga news story now: "NY Tesla rear ended by distracted Mazda driver. NTSB investigating if FSD was at fault." :rolleyes: Seriously, two Teslas in and nothing worries me more than getting into ANY type of collision. I drive the cars like they're made of glass. Good...
  9. DaveG_NJ

    Front end damage, would this be totaled?

    Well, good luck with the repair, or the claim. I hope it works out for you. I have to say, accident repair is my biggest fear having owned two Teslas. Range anxiety, flat tires, car fires, phantom braking, etc. are nothing compared to the apparent nightmare of getting one of these fixed. It's...
  10. DaveG_NJ

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    LOL. Exactly. This is a fad that I hope wears out soon (wheels that look like they're covered in brake dust and cheap black trim, associated with base model cars). A neighbor of mine has 2020 black 3 that is stunning with the silver trim and wheels. I traded my white 3 of the same year in on a...
  11. DaveG_NJ

    What the M3P is to me.

    I don’t know, I can somewhat relate (on a low budget perspective) to what I think the OP was saying. I’ve owned quite a few “European sport sedans”, all with manual transmissions, with gobs spent on tuning, yet the Tesla quickly became my favorite- to everyone’s surprise. Instant, silent power...
  12. DaveG_NJ

    Elon: One-time FSD transfers for purchases in Q3

    I would have preferred to keep what I paid for, despite its flaws. But I would not buy it again. Simple as that.
  13. DaveG_NJ

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Much ado about nothing, but we sure didn't need this today. Let's face it, we get a 3% drop if Benzinga reports Elon has an untied shoelace and may potentially trip.
  14. DaveG_NJ

    Does HW4 matter

    Welcome! I wouldn’t make my decision based on FSD alone (or at all). FSD is likely to run just as badly on HW4 as it did on HW3. 😜
  15. DaveG_NJ

    Wiki Selling TSLA Options - Be the House

    BTDT. More than once I flew a little too close to the sun and got burnt, usually on the upside (selling CCs) just before a huge run-up.
  16. DaveG_NJ

    You all have about talked me out of a Tesla altogether...

    Owning a Tesla is like being married to a Supermodel who uses embarassingly bad grammar. You tend to obsess on what's wrong and think, "Oh WHY can't you just be perfect?!" Through three years of ownership, my Tesla never went in for service, was an absolute blast to drive, and allowed me to do...
  17. DaveG_NJ

    Wiki Selling TSLA Options - Be the House

    This trading day was just 4 hours too long. At least my ITM -p265's for tomorrow popped their head above water long enough to get out with decent gains. Also sold some 280CCs expiring tomorrow just before the afternoon slide. Those should be safe. Just a small silver lining to an otherwise...
  18. DaveG_NJ

    Climate control sluggish on auto

    I have the opposite experience - the blower stays on too high for too long after it's comfortable. Even if on "LO"/Auto. And some idiot in the supply chain thought putting a parts sticker on the inside of duct was a good idea (or he hated Tesla owners), because at any speed other than the lowest...
  19. DaveG_NJ

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    My portfolio whenever this guy opens his mouth...
  20. DaveG_NJ

    Autopilot Failed me!

    This has long been my problem with FSD/AP. Who knows, maybe AI can solve it, but with nearly 5 decades of driving, I can see problem drivers and situations develop by reading the "body language" of cars in traffic - much better than AP, which seems to have a very short view of the road. I no...
  21. DaveG_NJ

    Do MLY come with matrix headlights?

    Always clear as mud, right? My Fremont MYLR was built in June and delivered in June and has matrix lights and HW4. Vin is F8015xx.
  22. DaveG_NJ

    Wiki Selling TSLA Options - Be the House

    Was holding 10x 7/28 -p265 going into earnings and was too greedy/lazy to take profits when it flirted with 300. Feeling better about that today (along with picking up shares @258). But then there's the damn FED coming up...
  23. DaveG_NJ

    PSA: Don’t leave can of Coke on seat on a hot day, Service required

    Fellas…don’t drink and drive. 😜 Problem solved.
  24. DaveG_NJ

    Anyone getting bored with their car since there are few performance mods?

    Only a piker has a single hole to throw money into. :p I try to keep several bottomless pits filled with money on a rotating basis - motorcycles, swiss watches, guitars and one boat. And there's always the go-to: hookers and ****. 🤪
  25. DaveG_NJ

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    It is funny that the stock was pretty flat after the numbers came out after the bell. And then came the call...geez.
  26. DaveG_NJ

    Camera-only Proximity sensors too sensitive - any way to adjust?

    I recently switched from a HW3 2020 M3 to a HW4 2023 MY and driving my car is a cacophony of beeps - every car, bush, bicycle within 3 ft at any speed causes constant proximity alerts. Stopping at a red light when a car pulls next to me. Entering my driveway. Pulling into the garage. Exiting a...
  27. DaveG_NJ

    Elon: One-time FSD transfers for purchases in Q3

    Of course this offer comes one month after I traded in my 2020 Model 3 w/FSD for a Model Y without it. I did get some bump on the trade from Tesla. They offered $3500 more than the best offer I could get from Carvana and the others I tried, perhaps because of FSD or the end of quarter push...
  28. DaveG_NJ

    Do I really need to go to a touchless car wash?

    When I had a 3, I couldn’t take it to an automatic car wash because the factory wheels stuck out further than the rubber tire. The metal guide would have chewed them up. Swirl marks don’t really bother me. It’ll never be a museum piece, but I hate chewed wheels. I learned the two bucket wash...
  29. DaveG_NJ

    Concerns after 1000 miles of ownership. Help appreciated.

    Sometimes I drive with no music on because, well, the Apple music implementation is flaky and sometimes doesn't want to play. I have noticed the booming road noise when going over bumps in the road. Hasn't bothered me enough to look into it, but I'll search for the thread people have referenced...
  30. DaveG_NJ

    Poll: Model Y Build Quality at Delivery 2023 Only

    I thought all the MYLR cars were only coming out of Fremont, but I am no expert. I took delivery of a Fremont MYLR in late June, built in early June. Mine was (and I believe all are now) HW4. Build quality was vastly improved over the M3LR I bought in 2020. As much as I wanted to be SURE ahead...
  31. DaveG_NJ

    Tesla Noob -- What to consider before ordering a Model Y?

    There's no replacement for displacement range in an EV. I'd definitely go with the LR for convenience and resale value. You'd be surprised how the battery drains much faster than you think. A home charging setup would be high on my list. I only use superchargers on long road trips. The other...
  32. DaveG_NJ

    Are the Cybertruck's looks growing on you?

    I want to love it, but I just can't. 25 years ago, my son (in Kindergarten) drew a car that is almost identical. Basically a door stop wedge with wheels. It hung on our refrigerator for weeks. On the positive side, at least it's not another derivative of the other models.
  33. DaveG_NJ

    Revisiting the Indicator light needed for Autonomous driving! We need an external light!

    How about when one uses Summon in a parking lot? (I kinda doubt anyone really does). I can imagine frightened shoppers rolling shopping carts in front of the driverless car that is rolling on its own. But I’ll go on record as being against any FSD warning lights.
  34. DaveG_NJ

    2022 Model Y Performance Rear Ended, totaled?

    Geez - what hit you - a pickup? The Y is fairly high in the back and the strike zone is large. I’d be shocked if it wasn’t a total loss. Curious about the details leading up to the crash.
  35. DaveG_NJ

    Incorrect Tesla sales strategy?

    I’ve traded in two cars with Tesla (one a Jeep and the other a Model 3LR with FSD). Was surprised that the offers were competitive. In the case of the 3, Tesla’s offer was $3600 more than Carvana. My last delivery (a week ago) went like clockwork. I was out in 10 minutes after I inspected the...
  36. DaveG_NJ

    My wife backed into a tree!!!

    Geez. That sucks. I know when pulling into my garage, next to a workbench, the sensors (USS on my 3 or camera only on my Y), go nuts, so I kinda have gotten to ignore them in those close settings. I think the 2020 had an option to make them less sensitive. I can't find it on the 2023.
  37. DaveG_NJ

    V4 hardware? New Model Y

    I just picked up my 2023 June-build, Freemont-factory MYLR. It has HW4, but the only way I knew was when I actually saw the car. I would have gone for the MYP but for the lowered suspension. I have a hideous angle on my driveway apron and my Model 3 scraped its tail every day, so that was a...
  38. DaveG_NJ

    Universal Mobile Connector (UMC) in Australia

    I use my Mobile charger as a wall charger with the NEMA 14-50 adapter. I noticed that Tesla doesn't include them any longer, so when I traded in my 2020 Model 3 for a Y, I held on to mine. They didn't ask if I included it (actually, they never really looked at my car). If I had no charger at...
  39. DaveG_NJ

    Waiting Room for MYLR/MYP : June 2023 orders

    MYLR MSM 5 seats White and black interior Induction wheels Tow hitch OD: 12 June 2023 ODD: June - July Manufactured: June 2023 Actual DD: 24-June-23 VIN: PF801 Location: Princeton, NJ HW4 + matrix headlights verified
  40. DaveG_NJ

    Mach-E and my Y. Side by Side pics

    Telsas remind me of "A Very Brady Movie" - where Mike Brady had one design concept (his house) and everything he designed after that looked like another version of the same thing (gas station, bank, office building). Let's face it - while Telsa has the tech, their cars are pretty frumpy on the...
  41. DaveG_NJ

    Rejected my delivery today...MYLR Austin built

    Disappointing that these issues still exist. I put up with them on my 2020 M3LR, but plan to be pretty picky when I pick up my MYLR this weekend. It amazes me that the concept of aligning body panels continues to vex the assembly line teams. Remember the old Lexus ball-bearing commercial and...
  42. DaveG_NJ

    Blog Musk Says FSD Beta is ‘Not Great’

    Well, he's right - it's not great. I bought FSD just before the price increase from $8K to $10K (October 2020) when Elon was promising beta release to all by EOY 2020 and production release to follow shortly thereafter. Early progress was encouraging, but it was operating at maybe a 1 sigma...
  43. DaveG_NJ

    HW4 - Camera Alignment issue

    That implies someone actually checked something pre-delivery. I had the same issue with my M3 and found out after I got home that the passenger side repeater camera was dead. I scheduled an appointment (this was during Covid) and was told the part was 8 weeks backordered. I found a replacement...
  44. DaveG_NJ

    New Cybertruck images from earlier today

    I find the CT breathtakingly ugly...but I still want one!
  45. DaveG_NJ

    One Plate License in NJ?

    We've purchased 3 new NJ cars since 2017 and haven't put a front plate on any. Never been stopped driving all over the state. Picking up a new MYLR in a few weeks and I don't plan to put a front plate on that one either.
  46. DaveG_NJ

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    This is tough to watch (again). The newsfeed from TDA in ToS is one FUD/downgrade story after another. "Tesla 'slide show' continues". Yeah, that's funny. Meanwhile they're all giddy on META and MSFT. I've bought so much TSLA on these dips, I'm poised for a big payday when it pops again. Keep...
  47. DaveG_NJ

    iOS App climate control stuck on “Lo”

    Same problem here and it’s not just that the app is slow to respond - the AC compressors come on full tilt, even though (in winter) the cabin temp is already below freezing. I have to keep mashing the buttons until I can get it off LO. It should default to the last set temp at a minimum.
  48. DaveG_NJ

    App shows wrong vehicle

    UPDATE - Even though the app was locked on the accidental service visit, I was able to text someone out in the ether and eventually an actual human phoned and reset everything.
  49. DaveG_NJ

    App shows wrong vehicle

    I have a similar problem - a dealer out of state put my car's VIN into their service app and now my car (which is sitting in my garage, 2000 miles away from the dealer) is "in service". The app won't let me do anything and if I call Tesla, they tell me to use the app. :mad::mad::mad:
  50. DaveG_NJ

    Apple Music issues

    It's hit or miss with the Apple Music implementation (mostly miss). I don't know what the trick is - it will start a playlist and play one or two songs, then start to play another and after 2 seconds skip to another, then a third or fourth, then bail and turn on the radio. It's like it only had...

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