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    2015 P90D sells for $42.5k on cars & bids, time to sell my P85D?

    A friend just bought a 2018 P100D for $34k. sounds like he got a good deal.
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    MS Standard Range no AWD?

    Just a place marker here: One day you'll regret it. ;)
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    MS Standard Range no AWD?

    dual motor?
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    Battery Degradation Experiences

    2016.12 75D with 70k miles currently at 9% loss.
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    My experience upgrading to MCU2

    Right, but you get AP3.0 computer with MCU 2.0 upgrade, which will have "change" with the upgrade. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    My experience upgrading to MCU2

    Does Autopilot behave differently after the upgrade? is it better or worse?
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    Little rattle on front suspension- out of warranty options?

    This was from the invoice:
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    Little rattle on front suspension- out of warranty options?

    The last time I had rattle/clunking noise when going 10-20mph on an uneven road was due to a dust cover behind the brake pad hitting the steering knuckle. Tesla service was able to identify and fix it for relatively cheap price.
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    MCU1 or 2

    Question to people who upgraded to MCU 2.0 on their AP2 vehicles. Does your firmware get updated as well? Do you still get stuck on 2022.8.10.x? If not, does AP perform better on newer firmware? The reason I asked is that on 2022.8.10.x, Autopilot seems unusable in stop & go traffic, means it...
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    2013 Model S started throwing multiple errors

    It's not lead acid.
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    Nema 5-20? Moving soon trying to save money

    Yes and Yes. NEMA5-15 is rated for 12 amp continuous use, while NEMA5-20 is rated for 16 amp continuous use. Not only it's a fire hazard, but it could also trip the 15amp breaker.
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    Got 2022.8.10.11 Software update today...

    Just got it on my AP2.0 MCU1 car. It can now recognize traffic cones! Pretty cool.
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    Anyone apply the 2022.8.10.5 update yet?

    I did. AP handles the freeway much better than the previous version, but it swerves when lane line disappears for a brief second on local roads.
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    Body shop to do mods in Seattle

    what's 3P?
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    Car Feels Bumpy When Driving - What Could Be Wrong?

    Coils or air?
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    Bug Report for 2021.24.28: Odometer Stuck. Anyone else?

    just updated to 2021.24.28 as well, but I haven't noticed that. ouch, it would be nice...
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    Model S parking brake is loose

    rusted brake rotors. totally normal.
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    OBD II port covered with wire

    My 2016 AP2 S's OBD port is clear from obstacle. maybe you could pull the wire from the left, and move it out of the way?
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    Model S 75 Phone as a key

    Incorrect This is remote start, not phone as key.
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    Advice for parking Model S on a very steep driveway

    park it sideways
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    Mud tires M/T on 19"model S

    no M/T tire for 245/45/19 size in this world.
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    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    Thank you for the report, now I feel I made a great decision not to purchase FSD.
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    Anyone know how to change advisor ?

    Tesla is never a luxury car. more like a Camry, but an EV.
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    Driver unit

    sell it.
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    Is the Web browser supposed to suck?

  26. K

    Bought a high mileage Model S!

    MCU 2.0 upgrade will replace the instrument cluster screen. it will make your car feel new again. I believe it's $1500 in the US for AP1 cars. not sure how much it costs in UK tho.
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    Euro Tail Lights in USA

    If the phone you bought is missing a component that is required for EU, will you go after Apple, or Samsung asking them to add the component?
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    First time to SC. Its a long drive for eMMC. Should I schedule something else?

    I would call to make sure they will do the eMMc replacement for you. the worst thing would be driving 500 miles, and find out they wouldn't do it.
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    HW2: Still no rain-sensing wipers. No Auto-high beams

    Wow, this post came back alive again! I remember the good old days when I took delivery one of the first AP2.0 Model S. This post was about we were not getting rain sensing wiper or auto high beam back in the days when they first released AP2.0 vehicles. I never really used auto wiper for the...
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    Cluster gauge dimming seperatley from the Nav screen. Why can't one do each seperately?

    can't think of a car i've owned let me do that separately.
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    Early Model S Web Browser

    I believe MCU2 upgrade for AP1 car is much cheaper as they don't upgrade AP module. I think it was like $1500 in the US
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    Early Model S Web Browser

    The IP allocated to your car shows it's a Spain IP doesn't necessary mean it's routing all data to ISP in Spain and adding latency. It could be a database issue for Geo-IP. The problem most likely is due to having MCU1. you can pay to get it upgraded to MCU2. Computer speed is a day and night...
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    Destination charging etiquette: non-Tesla vehicles

    Wow, I didn't know this thing exists. Thanks for that info.
  35. K

    Destination charging etiquette: non-Tesla vehicles

    Don't think Tesla Destination charger will work on your Pacifica.
  36. K

    OS Version 11

    if you know it's "upcoming", why are you asking them to update you to something doesn't exist?
  37. K

    battery charging, is this possible?

    you can set that percentage level whenever and wherever. Tesla don't sell "smart" charger.
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    To MCU2 or not to MCU2?

    2016.5 90D has AP1
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    Real Driving Range

    My longest non-stop trip in my S 75D was from Sandy, UT to Twin Falls Supercharger. Google map shows the trip was 235 miles. I left my house at 100% (247 miles), and arrived at the supercharger with 6% (14 miles) 90F and averaging 70 mph thru the trip. I noticed that most time when I do long...
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    Model S Bought in October 2016 still has autopilot 1.0

    Tesla released AP2 on 10/19/2016, and they only started shipping cars with AP2 a week prior to that. so anything made somewhere before 10/12/2016 still has AP1. I wouldn't call this an unicorn.
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    It was there since... 2015?
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    A plugged in Tesla is a happy Tesla... but what does that cost?

    My 75D draws 1% a day. 75kwh * 0.01 = 0.75kwh 0.75kwh * 1000 / 24hr = 31.25 w 75D battery is 350V 31.25 / 350 = 0.089 A but that's from the battery
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    Advanced summons

    I also tried it a few days ago on Man, the car was going sloooow compare to what I first got it. I think Tesla intentionally did this to avoid having to deal with improving Advanced Summon.
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    Yellow dashed line leads to bricking

    Exact same thing? your car also shut down in the middle of the road? I don't think Valet mode will do that. just saying...
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    When you engage AP (not NOAP), what do you normally do to stop the nagging to hold the steering?

    I stop the nagging by holding the wheel in AP the way I do in NOAP. Why do you specifically mention AP instead of NOAP. do you do something fancy with NOAP that we dont know?
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    Good Guys: 1 - Scammers: 0

    Too boring with that search

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