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  1. Darmie

    2017 Model S vs 2020 Model 3

    I had a 2020 Model Y that I traded in for a 2018 Model 3. I've owned a 2017 MS and a 2018 MX as well (not at the same time). I waited a while before finding this 2018 RWD that's LR. The lack of a front motor and the performance of a LR makes this thing is so much fun to drive. Easy to maneuver...
  2. Darmie

    Our thoughts on the Model 3 Refresh | TMC Podcast #50

    I'm looking for more information about when it's coming to the states and if there will truly be a Plaid version of the Model 3. 2.5 sec would be nice. Come on Tesla. Give it to us!
  3. Darmie

    '23 Y still come with CCS charging?

    This thread hurt my head. I'd like to get a refund...
  4. Darmie

    Model 3 Cabin Camera View Question

    Yep. 2018 Model 3, No inside camera.
  5. Darmie

    Pirelli Pzero vs Michelin AS4 vs Conti Procontact

    I know this write-up is for the Model 3 19 in tire but it's very informative on what tires are good for what occasion. https://emotive.engineering/blogs/the-logbook/tesla-model-3-19-sport-replacement-tires I always see great reviews on the Michelin Pilot All Season 4's.
  6. Darmie

    Nicest looking rubber floor mats

    See above and below your post. Same type of mats and in my opinion they are the easiest to remove from the vehicle and wash clean. Use your favorite conditioner and re install. I use a 2 in paint brush to help spread the spray around evenly,
  7. Darmie

    Some new data from research on Tesla model 3 cells

    So much information here but I think I understand how to take advantage of it all. With our 2018 MX it ended up with well over 11pct of degradation. We had over 92,000 miles on the car. The practice was to charge to 90 and leave it there for daily use until Tesla recommended 80pct. Now on to...
  8. Darmie

    Nicest looking rubber floor mats

    You can pick what you want but I love how these are so easy to clean and you don't need a pry bar to remove them from the vehicle. They also have a nice snug fit. https://shop.teslarati.com/en-ca/collections/tesla-all-weather-floor-mats/products/3d-maxpider-tesla-model-3-floor-mats Now with...
  9. Darmie

    Fremont factory closes Mon 9/18/23 - Any speculation on what happens?

    So, everyone else around the world comes and visits the factory except our own government can care less?
  10. Darmie

    Montana LLC for sales tax? (Moving to LA which has 10.4% sales tax)

    I think the LA tax rate is highway robbery. Why is it possible that each state can rape their citizens when it comes to a car purchase where others are conservative. Take SC for instance, they have a cap associated with their vehicle tax code. I just don't understand how LA can get away with...
  11. Darmie

    Trading my 2020 MY for a 2018 M3 LR RWD

    No problem. Thank you! Funny thing. We traded in our 2018 MX and picked up a 2023 model. They were offering the FSD transfer and I felt that along with ALL the new upgrades was worth the trade. When My wife was working with an advisor, they found one in transit with the features she was looking...
  12. Darmie

    HW4 FSD beta Update here???

    Do we know when they may have this implemented? I know I know. two weeks. What I really miss with no sensors is the driver door on the new MX only just pops open. This is compared to the 2018 that would open all the way.
  13. Darmie

    2023 MS range!!!

    Yea, I've created a thread here somewhere asking how to find this on the S/X energy app. On the 3/Y there is a trip tab but I couldn't fine it on our MX.
  14. Darmie

    2023 MS range!!!

    How did you determine your Wh/miles?
  15. Darmie

    Living with the 16v LV battery

    We have a 12V cooler as well. I need to get it down from the Attic and see how well it works. The rear cig plug in the back still says 12V on our 2023 MX. I guess they didn't have any covers to say 16V yet?
  16. Darmie

    Model S/X minor refresh coming soon?

    I've had our MX for a couple of weeks now. Yesterday was the first time trying Drag Strip mode. OMG. What a KICK in the pants. The screen animation is just stupid cool. Love the yoke. Gives you something solid to hold on to. Nothing like building up the Biceps one launch at a time.
  17. Darmie

    HW4 FSD beta Update here???

    On the same firmware and Beta is up and running. It wasn't like before when you are hoping to be acceptced with a good safety score. Just select FSD beta and the way we went.
  18. Darmie

    Model S/X minor refresh coming soon?

    It's easy to get caught up in the would of should of. Our decision was based on the transfer of FSD from the 2018 MX to the new 2023. Yes, next week, they did lower pricing but we was able to obtain an inventory car so to ensure delivery before the end of this month. Funny as it worked out, the...
  19. Darmie

    Smart Summon - Another Fail

    I had a summon failure back when it first came out. There is a thread on here that talks about using OpenStreetMap's and editing up the parking spaces and eventually the vehicle will see the changes and preform correctly. Here is a snap shot where the edits were performed in my example. I...
  20. Darmie

    Tesla Don't Replace Windshields?

    New service center had a grand opening in Richmond TX last weekend. They offered a service tour. Back in the area where glass repair is done was all different cradles of windshield for various models. What I found intriguing was the area where the cameras goes on each windshield was already...
  21. Darmie

    What are your fun and exciting hobbies?

    Didn't fortnite make a vide on this where Honda lost Millions? This is an awesome bike. Very rare. I think this is the Video.
  22. Darmie

    Need some guidance on a Tesla S

    OMG. That is just awesome. It's as if we're neighbors or something.
  23. Darmie

    Well I've just had the best drive of my life!

    Great post. I felt the same way with our first 2017 MS 75 RWD. We use to do many day trips. Loved rolling from a stop sign with the windows down listening to the birds chirping and the gravel leaving the tires. So enjoyable. That's an awesome report. it's amazing the Model 3 P is as quick as...
  24. Darmie

    Does Chill mode increase efficiency? Surprisingly, Tesla says yes

    This sounds more like what Range Mode use to do on the older S/X rather than just limiting acceleration.
  25. Darmie

    What are your fun and exciting hobbies?

    Wife and I are addicted. Good thing we have two attached garages. And we really enjoy taken the vehicles out to shows. I may need to make mention that we like Red.
  26. Darmie

    Model X - Adjustable Camber arms to reduce rear tire wear

    Inside wear has always been an issue when suspension is set to low or very low. I guess I was lucky with our 2018 with over 92K miles. I never seen a odd wear pattern. Now our 2023 may be different. I'm also keeping the setting to low so to help with CV vibration issues.
  27. Darmie

    Need some guidance on a Tesla S

    If you're going used. I'd look into a Model X for the extra room. The third row seating is much easier to access and there is more room than in the Y or the jump seating in the MS. I would think the pricing between a Model X and Model S is going to be very close. Best of luck in your search.
  28. Darmie

    Model S/X minor refresh coming soon?

    I love this company. Always moving forward. Don't look in the rear view mirror you will get left behind. Now if we can get the stock to reflect their future progress, I can pay off a car or two.
  29. Darmie

    Sell MYP '22 for M3LR Highland?

    I did a trade but went with a 2018 model 3 over the 2020 Model Y. The Model 3 is just a fun car to drive. I know you are selling for the refreshed 3 but you will also be driving a more spirited fun to drive car...
  30. Darmie

    Model S/X minor refresh coming soon?

    Just purchased a 2023 MX. It will be old in 3 months. What are they changing on the Yoke? What are they changing on the Yoke for the price increase?
  31. Darmie

    Fire Safety - Multiple Teslas in Attached Garage

    I would check your cables to see if they are warm and if anything i would turn down the amperage of your chargers to give them move overhead. You didn't mention what amp breaker they are on and or what amperage your HPWC are set on. The 3 I have are set to only max charge to 40 amps vs 48. you...
  32. Darmie

    HW4 FSD beta Update here???

    Wasn't aware of this. Thanks for the info. Going to try it tonight.
  33. Darmie

    12V Access: Model S 2021 Refresh

    Oh well, I was hoping for a true power off function like on the right kick panel of the 3/Y. BTW, what year model is your Model X?
  34. Darmie

    HW4 FSD beta Update here???

    According to today's articles, FSD is coming sooner than later. 2023.26.11 is the software they are on. https://www.autoevolution.com/news/tesla-activates-fsd-beta-on-its-hw4-equipped-evs-220291.html
  35. Darmie

    HW4 FSD beta Update here???

    The 26.9 was our first update after the delivery. It came with the left scroll wheel options, removing the blue on night mode, all sentry cameras displayed on app and some weird arcade vampire game.
  36. Darmie

    No consumption tab on Energy app

    Yes, I thought the middle horn was working since I felt it move but disappointed that there was no sound. Oh well. I'm still waiting on the FSD software. Heck, there's no summons as of yet as well.
  37. Darmie

    No consumption tab on Energy app

    I think I figured it out though. Rogue math but I took rated range 333 into useable battery pack 95kWh and came up with 285.2 Wh/m.
  38. Darmie

    No consumption tab on Energy app

    Thanks for your reply. The Wh factor is under the Teslafi setting. The Wh factor is where you can fudge this number for the correct Wh/mile to show up under drive events and show efficiencies of each drive. So, what I'm really trying to determine is if the Wh per mile on the MX Plaid is 277...
  39. Darmie

    Sold Tesla Model 3 (2019+) OBDII Adapter

    Sold and Shipped. Thanks all for looking.
  40. Darmie

    No consumption tab on Energy app

    Just picked up a 2023 MX. I like to obtain the most accurate reporting on teslafi by adjusting the Wh factor. I've tapped everywhere on the app and couldn't find the energy that was being used. Then this morning, I realized that the app is missing the consumption tab. Am I blind or is it...
  41. Darmie

    Twitter app coming to your car

    Let's not start on what Elon mention will be coming, like other teslas displayed on screen different colors.
  42. Darmie

    Sold Tesla Model 3 (2019+) OBDII Adapter

    Sale pending but chances are it's sold.
  43. Darmie

    HW4 FSD beta Update here???

    Alright, who do you pay off to get the update? I keep checking the app about every 3 hours on our new 2023 MX
  44. Darmie

    Free supercharging value?

    Here's a data point for you. Just traded in our 2018 Model X with 92,000 miles. I used Teslafi from beginning. 353 S/C charges 13,1498 kWh Approx $4,319 savings over the 5 years. I think the price of S/C charging will continue going up from here but I felt saving less than $1,000 a year was...
  45. Darmie

    Twitter app coming to your car

    I was thinking about this myself and never took the time to say anything on twitter uh X. For real, we have Zoom now, why not the best app (X) for everything, (so they say).
  46. Darmie

    Does anyone ever just get it painted with better paint?

    If you are a DIY kind of person, then paint correction and ceramic coating is a reasonable approach however, that can get in the $1,000.00 range each time. I did PPF on our MX in 2018 and there are no scratches. If I seen any I usually will park it outside and with this Texas sun, they will fade...
  47. Darmie

    Model Y Performance range

    Here is some light reading. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/how-i-recovered-half-of-my-batterys-lost-capacity.204712/ Basically if the car does not go to sleep, then range estimation gets off.
  48. Darmie

    Am I the only one who doesn’t plan to Tint their windows?

    Here's an interesting data point with someone measuring the rejection rate on his non tinted 2019 Model 3. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/stock-model-3-glass-solar-power-rejection-rate-quick-finding.168000/ The rejection rate percentages are impressive. I wonder if the later models...
  49. Darmie

    Am I the only one who doesn’t plan to Tint their windows?

    No tint here. Probably my only car ever that doesn't have window tint. Purchased from Tesla a few weeks ago and I'm just digging the nostalgistic virgin look of this 2018.
  50. Darmie

    First Flat in my Model S Plaid: Lessons Learned

    Good info Joe. I will say that plugging a tire on the side of the road or even in a parking lot is not the easiest thing to do. It take great muscle power and a lot of might to insert the plug tool.

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