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    Ticking rattle noise coming from back right door

    The back right headrest in my Model Y makes a noise. Maybe check that? Video makes it hard to identify.
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    Have aggressive beggars or scammers targeted EV stations?

    As yet I have not been hit up for money by strangers in my garage while charging my vehicle. I drove nine months without having to take my vehicle anywhere for "fuel". When I borrowed a truck from a family member and refueled it before returning I was asked for money while pumping gas. Seems to...
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    Fremont factory closes Mon 9/18/23 - Any speculation on what happens?

    Monday is the 18th. Probably closing the factory while everyone updates their calendar.
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    Supercharger No. 50,000

    You are required by bro law to share where this is. Also, cool.
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    MYLR Randomly Not Charging Overnight

    I'm no expert on scheduled charging, and actually gave up using it for different reasons than you're seeing, but I suspect having both a scheduled departure time and an off-peak charge time are causing it difficulties. I would set just the scheduled departure and remove the off-peak setting. In...
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    Wayze Please

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    lithium-sulfur battery automated pilot plant in San Jose, California

    I wonder how that's going to tie in with this https://www.extremetech.com/energy/worlds-largest-lithium-deposit-found-along-nevada-oregon-border
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    Can I buy a model 3 in Dubai and then export it to Korea?

    I agree. I would not move the vehicle between regions.
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    Driving round Australia

    That's incredible. Thank you for documenting and sharing the details.
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    My front and back wheels seem to be out of "sync" sometimes [2020 MX].

    On the Model Y I'm pretty sure it operates as rear wheel only at low speeds, but am not a reliable source on that. I have experienced the car being jittery at very low speed. Maybe having trouble determining if it should engage Hold or Regen or just coast. You might want to try setting the...
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    ABRP Question

    You can configure many options for your route including temperature. It can even use current weather conditions I believe. I found it to be pretty close a couple years ago. I can only imagine it's gotten better.
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    T-Boned a Beetle today. Beetle had a Stop Sign. - Is my MY totaled?

    Holy crap how fast were you going? The beetle isn't even identifiable!
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    NEW Model 3 Highland review!

    You should always be considering other brands. Tesla doesn't have to stumble in order for someone else to make a better product.
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    NEW Model 3 Highland review!

    Pretty sure the only thing I saw that I liked was improved range. 400+ is pretty incredible. If it's true.
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    That's 20+ items? Which ones do you use the most? What have you not used at all?
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    Is there a reason to get the Tesla wall connector over other level 2 home chargers?

    I'm pretty sure that's not accurate. The onboard charger is 48A. The only thing limiting to 32A is the MOBILE connector. The wall connector can match the car's 48A charging rate. https://www.tesla.com/support/charging/onboard-charger
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    Is there a reason to get the Tesla wall connector over other level 2 home chargers?

    There is no warranty issue that I am aware of. Tesla encourage the use of public chargers by providing a J1772 adapter with the vehicle, and a CCS adapter is for sale on their website. The Tesla Wall Connector is probably the best reviewed EVSE currently, and the various versions of it have...
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    I want to take my 2023 MYLR up to Tahoe from the bay area this winter, but not sure what to expect.

    It's amazing how much you can get done on L1. We had a house in a Colorado mountain town for about a month and used L1 for everything except our road trips. Totally fine - no worries the whole time.
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    Sudden drop in battery health

    Interesting chart. I'm curious how it will look in another 5kkm.
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    Y is as fast as gas!

    I've always estimated 2 miles per percent in my Model Y at interstate speeds. It's been reasonably accurate. And if it's not I speed up or slow down to make it accurate :D
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    Y is as fast as gas!

    That's mostly been my experience as well. Keep it in the fast charging zone and you'll get to your destination in less time. With the exception of meal breaks. Might as well have a lunch and dinner long charge which could allow you to skip the next charger. Arrive at the charging location as...
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    [rebuilt title] Supercharger inspection failed due to jack point damage

    I wonder how they're going to regulate that when millions of non-Teslas are using superchargers. I appreciate them wanting to prevent battery explosions at the facilities, but the rest of it seems pretty messed up.
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    Toyota Sienna had more room than Tesla Model X & Y

    You're surprised that a van has more cargo space than an SUV? I'm not sure I can help you with that. As for EV vans, I believe the only one even announced is the VW id Buzz. Not sure it's available for purchase yet though. Ford and Mercedes both make their delivery vans as EVs, but they've...
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    Initial Cost Per Mile over first 10k

    Yeah, charging away from home totally kills the price per mile. I'm with you - mine is right around $0.04/mile. I usually compare to my mom's 2014 Honda CR-V which runs at about $0.14/mile.
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    Our very unpleasant experience

    Thank you for not referring to this as a nightmare. That term is so wildly overused.
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    Under screen organizer?

    I feel like I've seen pictures of organizers stuck to the back of the screen before. If done right I think it could be attractive and useful. But in hot climates I would worry about the glue melting and making a mess of it all. It gets wicked hot back there.
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    I think I’ve decided that a model 3 is better for me than a model s. Your thoughts?

    Model 3 is obviously smaller, and not a hatchback so the storage is cut up. You can fit some surprisingly large objects into the back of a Model S that have no hope of getting into a Model 3.
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    Charging reduced to zero%

    The car will automatically reduce charging speed in excessive heat. It measures the heat at the plug handle. It will also work pretty hard to cool the battery pack while charging. Normally I would leave the vehicle set to whatever the max is for the available circuit and let the vehicle...
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    I want to take my 2023 MYLR up to Tahoe from the bay area this winter, but not sure what to expect.

    I haven't been to Tahoe in my Tesla, but I did drive across Kansas and up the Rockies in Colorado in Jan/Feb a couple years ago. There's a pretty big cold weather hit - maybe 10%. I've not attached anything outside my vehicle, but I've seen reports that roof racks are around another 10%. A hitch...
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    Zuck v Musk cage fight - who will win?

    I was going to say the viewers would be the winners but I'm not even sure that's the case.
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    Tesla Semi transporting a Cybertruck

    The Honda Ridgeline had bed wings or whatever they're called on its first generation and they dropped that and went with a normal truck bed in the next generation. They get in the way, way more than they help with aerodynamics.
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    Tesla Semi transporting a Cybertruck

    I have no doubts about its performance. The thing is going to be a monster. I just think it's ugly.
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    Tesla Semi transporting a Cybertruck

    Yeah, it's worse than a Pontiac Aztec.
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    OK, let's talk about sticking together!

    In the States Tesla hit mainstream a few years ago. The "general masses" are now buying them and they don't give a flip about the community of owners.
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    Navigation Audio Speaker

    How dare you! She's a very nice lady that lives in a very small box in my car. And she only gets the driving instructions wrong occasionally.
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    Battery Range after year

    I have a 2020 Model Y Long Range. Original range was 326 but I don't recall ever verifying that. It's now at 76,200+ miles. 71% charge shows 206 miles, making it 290 miles full range. That is 88.95% of the original capacity. Slightly less than forecast.
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    Twitter banned MarcoRP

    FrEeDoM oF SpEaCh, ElOn!!! :rolleyes:
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    Which goes further for $43 - a Tesla or a Gas Car?

    I think it is still marginally cheaper. And when you include L2 overnight it's definitely cheaper. As more destinations install L2 charging it will all get better. Resorts, Airbnbs, theme parks, sports venues, theaters, national parks, anything we drive long trips to visit. But for commuting...
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    SC Idle fee...??

    More accurately, if the site is busy it will adjust the vehicle to an 80% limit, which the driver can immediately change again if necessary.
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    Phantom Drain of ~8% per day parked at home (no sentry)

    Have you rebooted the car? Are any of the phones that are used as keys for the car kept near the car while it is parked? Could there be anything thing else monitoring the car, such as another app or device that might be waking it up? Is there anything plugged into auxiliary 12v ports?
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    Model S 2023 Warped Blurry Vision Windshield

    Wow that's nuts - do you have video of this? I'd love to see what you're talking about.
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    Are they done installing new urban 72kw locations?

    Because it's something else they can sell.
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    Are they done installing new urban 72kw locations?

    I think "long stay" locations just need to be prepared for more vehicles staying longer. What about using V3 cabinets that usually supply 4 stalls each, and just attach like 20 stalls to them? Maybe you get 250kw, maybe you get 50kw. Either way there are enough that you don't need to move your...
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    Some good tips for the new Model Y and 3 owners

    Circles and arrows in the thumbnail?! It must be good!
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    Are they done installing new urban 72kw locations?

    It will be nice when there are so many chargers that leaving a fully charged car on a charger won't offend anyone.
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    Are they done installing new urban 72kw locations?

    It looks like they've only added one new 72kw site this year, and only a handful last year. Are they done installing those? They make a lot of sense to me for locations like grocery stores and even interstate sit-down restaurants. You need faster than L2 (6kw+) but you don't need crazy fast...
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    Buying used MS from Tesla.com?

    Yes? New? Used? Any more specifics?
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    AI Addict - Tesla Driver Monitoring System

    It was all done on a closed road, supposedly. They're only putting themselves at risk. My main complaint with the video was his pronunciation of "expecially". It's especially annoying.
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    Texas Weather and Charging

    What miles per hour does it charge at when it's going the fastest? I think certainly the best solution would be to have a wall connector installed with a high amperage circuit. Next best would be a high amp circuit for the mobile connector. And either of those, set the charge current well below...

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