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  1. mrElbe

    Annual license plate renewal fees - how much in your state?

    Here in Ontario, Canada as a re-election ploy the provincial Government eliminated all license fees last year and even sent a refund for the previous three years. What a Country!
  2. mrElbe

    Anyone have call drops when in reverse?

    After swapping your rims, just drive for a distance and then you get a message to OK TPMS new configuration. No reboot happens. BUT, if you select a tire reconfiguration from the menu then it will force a software reconfigure boot process.
  3. mrElbe

    Rogers is the carrier for Tesla Canada?

    In our old cars they are physical SIMs from AT&T. Tesla can choose whatever Canadian carrier they want to use for roaming.
  4. mrElbe

    Discover Pass Discount for Tesla?

    What makes you think that Tesla drivers don't need CAA? It comes in mighty handy when you have a flat tire or run out of charge to get towed to a charger. Also comes in handy when pyro fuse blows and you need to get towed to a service location.
  5. mrElbe

    Tesla Brake Mechanic Recommendations

    In my case parts ( rotors + pads ) alone were CAD$ 1k. BUT Tesla might have quoted you also replacement of the electric parking brake callipers. They replace them because the pins are rusted and seized. And at a shop's labour rate it is uneconomical to work on them. They are in the neighbourhood...
  6. mrElbe

    Tesla Brake Mechanic Recommendations

    I bought rotors and pads for my 2014 Model S last year from Rockauto for about CAD$ 1k. Went for the premium drilled and slotted rotors. They are very good. No rust. Installed them myself.
  7. mrElbe

    My fourth, and final, door handle has died

    Thanks for the offer, I have rebuilt my other ones also. Just waiting for nicer weather to do it in the driveway.
  8. mrElbe

    My fourth, and final, door handle has died

    Currently my passenger rear Gen3 door handle does not present. It's a Gen3 because the 2019 accident door replacement body shop installed that. I suspect a broken paddle gear. I have 2 new ones in stock. Also driver side rear door handle refuses to retract intermittently. A car wash resurrects...
  9. mrElbe

    New Model S - Input

    You are quite right in your conclusion. While there are quite nice vehicle options, Tesla's ace in the hole is still the simple and reliable charging network. I just watched another video today reviewing non reliable new EA chargers in the Colorado area.
  10. mrElbe

    Charged at supercharger that looked like a Dealership lot/showroom

    That's the Lawrence delivery Centre charger location. For a few years it was the only charger in the GTA, therefore on Plugshare. When other chargers in the GTA came on board, this location was removed from the on-board map but Plugshare was never updated. to reflect this.
  11. mrElbe

    Alerts PM_w041_dasMIA & APS_w134_appMia

    I also have the "PM_w041_dasMIA" alert on my 2014 Model S.
  12. mrElbe

    Yoke installation Ottawa Region

    I installed a yoke myself in my Model S in April. Loved it ever since. Interestingly, I am also 80. http://www.teslazoom.com/mods.htm
  13. mrElbe

    Windows no longer roll up when cold

    I have a spray bottle with windshield washer fluid ready in the frunk for such occasions. I just spray some on the outside of the windows above the chrome strip to unfreeze them. It's not just a Tesla thing in such bitter cold.
  14. mrElbe

    Need advise, shall I book a service?

    Swaying in wind on a day like yesterday is normal.
  15. mrElbe

    Local suspension work?

    I also have to do my front sway bar links again. Just ordered the MEVOTECH ones at CAD$ 58.38 each from Rockauto. i will try to install them myself at the same time I am swapping for winter tires.
  16. mrElbe

    New door handle does not present, but opens the door directly

    I am having the same problem after software update 2022.40.4. Right rear handle will not present but when pushed will open door. Also pulling it manually out with a plastic card will open the door. That handle is also a version 3 installed by body shop after side swiping accident 3 years ago,
  17. mrElbe

    Local suspension work?

    Clunking at minor bumps is most likely worn sway bar links. You can get them at Rockauto.com and get them installed at any local shop. Sway bar links are not rocket science as long as you teach the shop on how to lift a Tesla without damage to the battery.
  18. mrElbe

    Tesla Model S Door Handle Microswitch UPGRADED Harness Replacement

    A complete repair kit is available at AliExpress for C$ 37.56 including free shipping. Just search AliExpress for "Model S door handle repair kit"
  19. mrElbe

    Tesla rear ended; advice on repair centres?

    If Tesla can't repair it, then definitely go to a Tesla certified body shop. Do NOT go to any other type of shop that the insurance company suggests. You have the right to choose the repair shop.
  20. mrElbe

    Graphene/ Ceramic/Kamimaze/ etc

    If you just want to ceramic coat your vehicle, then I suggest the Avalon King product. Doing it yourself is a simple and satisfying process. Just some elbow grease and a couple of beers and you have an extremely shiny and hydrophobic car.
  21. mrElbe

    public service announcement regarding window tinting

    You can manually fully raise the window by tripping the latch mechanism to door closed position. With the latch tripped to close position you should not be able to close the door.
  22. mrElbe

    PPF and Ceramic Coating

    Ceramic coating on the PPF is another layer of abrasion protection.
  23. mrElbe

    Driving overnight for Toronto to Florida trip via I-79... good or bad idea?

    No deer but there could be Buffalo. And driving all night would be Erie.
  24. mrElbe

    Is there no annual premium connectivity in Canada?

    It's not a split second if he has to paint the car every time. :)
  25. mrElbe

    Green ON license plate vs Vanity plate

    I have a personal plate and do not miss the Ontario HOV access when driving solo. I find the HOV lane usually blocked by some slow poke and prefer the lane choices in the regular traffic flow.
  26. mrElbe

    Supercharger - Fernie, BC

    Going there tomorrow. Hope all is working. Backup plan is Flo with ChaDeMo adapter.
  27. mrElbe

    Supercharger - Castlegar, BC

    Driving next Tuesday from Spokane to Kelowna. Would be nice if Castlegar was operational. Will have to destination charge at Midway Museum charger instead. Have done this for several years before. Or try the Flo at Christina Lake with ChaDeMo adapter. The destination charger at Rock Creek still...
  28. mrElbe

    8th Annual Sound of Silence Tesla Rally! May 20-22, 2022

    Wife and I will be making the pilgrimage from Toronto Canada for a 6th time. Missed the last year because of Covid border restrictions. Hope my trusty P85D with over 200,000 miles on it will safely carry us to the promised land.
  29. mrElbe

    Flat tire

    The "sealant" does nothing for you for a sidewall puncture. I know from experience. Had a sidewall puncture 3 years ago in the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania. Even sketchy cell phone reception. Had the Tesla pump and slime kit on board but it would not hold. Roadside contractor was 150km away...
  30. mrElbe

    Touchless Car Wash - Toronro

    I have PPF and ceramic for 7 years and in the winter i go for "brush" carwash to get the dirt off. Touchless does not remove dirt film. In the summer I wash the car myself. The "brush" wash has had no ill effect upon my finish. The PPF and ceramic are doing their job. This summer I'll refresh...
  31. mrElbe

    $4,600 for burned out headlights, any alternatives?

    Your 2017 might have the LED headlights and there are no replaceable "bulbs". Whole unit needs to be replaced.
  32. mrElbe

    $4,600 for burned out headlights, any alternatives?

    I just "upgraded" my 2014 P85D HID headlights to LED "bulbs" from Amazon.ca for CAD$ 90.00 per pair. Just search for "I Litton D3S LED". They are truly "PLug and Play". No need to remove / rewire / reprogram anything. Even the HID ballast stays. These LED units give excellent coverage and...
  33. mrElbe

    Would we have access to more streaming when we drive our Canadian teslas in the the USA?

    No extra / different stuff while driving in USA.
  34. mrElbe

    Manual firmware update (for new charge port)

    It was such a nice day today, so I decided to replace my old charge port with failing LED lights and cracked plastic. After wrestling out the charge port door connector and the signal connector I installed the one I bought from Ebay a while ago. After installation all Hell broke loose with...
  35. mrElbe

    Ontario License Green Plate Numbers Choices

    Righto, Affirmative, Positive.
  36. mrElbe

    Supercharger - Kingston ON

    When driving cross country always have the next charger as your destination in order to pre-condition the battery. I noticed recently that my battery starts this process 1/2 hour before predicted arrival at the charger.
  37. mrElbe

    Anyone use Ruffino wheels ?

    Ruffino is an Italian wine that used to have a little basket around the bottle. ;)
  38. mrElbe

    App Rate Plan - Ontario Hydro

    All I can decipher is R = Residential TOU = Time Of Use
  39. mrElbe

    So confused, “Charge Stats” there then gone..

    The version in Google Play store is still 4.4.4-847 and it does not yet have the new Charge Stats function The IOS version is 4.5.1-864
  40. mrElbe

    So confused, “Charge Stats” there then gone..

    IOS or Android version?
  41. mrElbe

    Lost my entire front plate and assembly in the storm

    I don't understand the culture of being ashamed to have a front license plate. Mine is firmly attached to my 2014 Model S nosecone via screws. No iffy 2 sided tape.
  42. mrElbe

    GTA (Toronto) Petrocan Touch Free wash centers

    McCowan and Major MacKenzie in Markham. I find that the touchless washes are not getting the dirt film off despite the harsh chemicals. Lately I use the brush ones. With ceramic coating all over my car, I find no swirl marks due to the brushes.
  43. mrElbe

    Tesla Offer automatic front frunk

    I bought for my Model S in November 2019 direct from TeslaOffer ( now EVoffer ) for CAD$ 775.- all inclusive with shipping, duties + HST.
  44. mrElbe

    $4,600 for burned out headlights, any alternatives?

    Replacement Amazon "bulb" unit still going strong
  45. mrElbe

    Frunk recall

    I got the Frunk letter yesterday. They probably wouldn't touch my car with a 10 Meter pole because I have the self opening and closing mechanism installed.
  46. mrElbe

    Newmarket car wash recommendations?

    PetroCan on Mulock east of Yonge south side besides Mercedes dealership.
  47. mrElbe

    Model S Windshield cracks

    The problem is that the windshield defroster resistive heat comes on immediately full blast onto a cold glass. It wouldn't take any "gained institutional knowledge" for a simple software tweak to either first heat the interior to gradually warm up the windshield or let the defroster heat warm up...
  48. mrElbe

    Canada Tax double-dinged?

    Traditionally the US will only abide by agreements if they are advantageous to them.
  49. mrElbe

    Canada willing to 'align' EV incentives with U.S. to avert tax-credit crisis: Trudeau

    Don't hold your breath! Unless the US expands the incentives to vehicles manufactured under the USMCA agreement, no amount of incentives in Canada will get any manufacturer to build in Canada for the US market. The current proposed US legislation stipulates incentives only for US Union made...
  50. mrElbe

    $4,600 for burned out headlights, any alternatives?

    According to the posted picture of the invoice $ 210.00 was charged for labour. Half of that was the diagnostic fee. Extremely high price for the D3S "bulbs" when they are less than $ 50.00 a pair on Amazon. That's what I purchased when I had to replace one last year.

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