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    BBC podcasts not available in Spotify

    It is (at least it was as of a few weeks ago). It's not (just) ip addresses etc, i have the same issue on my garmin running watch (which only downloads podcasts using home wifi) - plays any spotify podcast other than the bbc hosted ones
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    All 16 of the new tombstones are in are rugby, as are the 4 new cabinets (next to the original 3
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    That is great news! bit of a pain travelling to a service centre from around cambridge, with milton keys, chelmsford, norwich all about 1h20-1h30 away in different directions!
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    And also: - Bar Hill, on the A14 near cambridge too (although the marker is the wrong side of cambridge for Bar hill - the marker is near all the car dealerships by the aiport are) - Stansted (there is already a SC at the services there but only 4 bays so often full) - Godstone (round the bottom...
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    Unexpected Battery Discharging - How worried should I be ?

    I find I occasionally lose 3-4% like that, and other times I will randomly gain 3-4%. I think it's all down to measuring battery status being something of a guessing game.
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    How to extend Mobile connector for family visit

    I have one of these EV granny charger 13A weatherproof extension lead with the inline RCD. Mine is a 10m but that’s just down to what you need
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    How to extend Mobile connector for family visit

    That's exactly what i've done for that past few years for precisely that type of scenario (the extension lead I have is from Tough Leads )
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    Rear bumper repair.

    For what it's worth I had what looked like similar damage. I was initially quoted £1000 but it ended up being £2000 because it turned out that the bracket the bumper attaches to had also been damaged - maybe they're just covering their arses
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    Model 3 odd sleep / wake behavior

    Turning off background app refresh for the Tesla app (but otherwise leaving bluetooth, data etc. enabled). seems to have helped for me - after doing that I've had 4 wakeups in the past 24 hours (one of which was triggered by me opening a door, and another was the car downloading an update) -...
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    Model 3 odd sleep / wake behavior

    Seeing the same thing here, except that I do get longish periods of sleep (5-6hours) at night & only see the constant wake/sleep cycle during the day (approx 7am-7pm). Trying a day with all comms on the phone switched off to see what happens
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    Alarm on unlock issue

    It's only been a few days, but 2022.24.6 seems to have fixed it by me (fingers crossed)
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    First I’ve heard & great news - There’s a bit of a hole there which none of the recent SCs have helped with much.
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    Solar & Powerwall without DNO?

    The DNO have a duty to respond to such requests within 11 weeks - when I did this a few years ago it was a bit under, but yeah it's not quick.
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    Powerwall - Availability and Pricing

    I thought the 2nd (and 3rd etc.) powerwalls were cheaper because you use the same backup gateway and the installation is simpler? (just connect the new powerwall to the gateway as opposed to all the work to do with wiring in the gateway to your home)
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    They've even removed some actual sites - eg the current banbury. Also finally given up on fleet southbound?
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    Useful Instavolt site for accessing top corner of Wales (A5)

    Zapmap does i think have this (see at ~ 0:25) but it's a premium feature
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    Alarm on unlock issue

    I’ve have a service centre visit for something else booked for a few weeks & added this on last weekend to ask them to look at at the same time. I had a request from Tesla for some times/dates when this had occurred and then a phone call from Tesla later on the Monday saying that it was a...
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    Tesla M3 Tripping Home Charger 40A Fuse

    Maybe not that helpful, but a model 3 can only draw 32A from a single phase charger - you need three phase to get to 48A (I think sometimes when it doesn’t know what it’s plugged into it might show you that as the upper limit for what it could draw if plugged into something suitable). It...
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    Do we trust Tesla with our cars/data??!!

    That is interesting - i've had similar experiences at service centres but had assumed it was geofenced - hard to abuse if you have to drive the car to the service centre of your own free will. If you can unlock your car with the mobile app, then so can tesla - your app sends a request to their...
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    Octopus Tesla Energy Plan

    The seasonal difference is likely due to battery chemistry being impacted by temperature - if it's cold enough it may need to heat the battery to allow optimal charging ( Powerwall Modes | Tesla Support ). Where the tariff matters is that if you were in complete control, you choose to only...
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    Octopus Smart Meter Experiences

    My meter hasn't sent export readings for several months but has been sending import readings just fine. I flagged them with this end of Feb, they replied a fortnight later to say that > I have initiated a 'health check' on your smart meter - this will either resolve the issue itself, or it...
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    CPU upgrade

    Greentheonly has pictures of the two side by side (). On top of different connectors etc, the new and one is quite a bit thicker
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    Tesla Energy Plan

    Have a heatpump, can confirm - it's great. It's also great when it's very sunny - there's only so much you store in the car if you don't do that many miles (or you're not at home during the working day) etc. Octopus Go can't be combined with the octopus outgoing tariffs (which pays 7.5p/kWh)...
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    Gridserve Charger Sites in UK [megathread]

    They've opened a few of the hubs recently - swansea (6x), exeter (12x), burton in kendal (6x) - all 350kw chargers. The norwich one (one of the electric forecourt ones) is pretty close too, as are some of the hubs.
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    Octopus Tesla Energy Plan

    I think you underestimate the impact of the better rate for exports to grid, ie12 p in your case. If you're on octopus go you can't be on octopus outgoing (which pays 7.5p), so I think you end up on their default export tariff, which is 4.1p if I am reading correctly. Even with a powerwall to...
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    Octopus Tesla Energy Plan

    You can configure how much power to use for charging your car in the case of an outage. I assume this wouldn’t work if you had a non Tesla & a 3rd party charger. Other than that car charging load isn’t treated differently to any other electrical load in the house. It mostly doesn’t discharge...
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    Solar Suppliers Derby & A Few Questions

    Depending on your usage profile, you may find the tesla energy plan (available via octopus) interesting. You give up control of your powerwall, but in exchange you pay the same amount for imports as for exports. The exact price varies per region, but it's 10-12p/kWh at the moment. As far as...
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    I think it's pretty variable depending on what else is on the site, how much parking there is generally, where the supercharger bays are etc. For example at rugby there's loads of space and the EV charges are at the far end of the carpark from the services building - there's no incentive to park...
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    Solar Panels UK - is it worth it?

    Well ofgem says the average house uses 12000 kWh a year of gas. Some of that is hot water , so maybe roughly 10000 kWh of gas used on heating. I don't know what the average house size is, but that's probably at least 3-4x as much as that passive house requirement.
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    Solar Panels UK - is it worth it?

    Originally there were two different price bands, one with a Tesla Ev, one without but they got rid of that when they changed the pricing in last april
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    Solar Panels UK - is it worth it?

    It is basically like net metering yes (minus a small amount of loss in the charge/discharge process). You still get storm watch/backup capabilities. Although I don’t benefit financially from shifting grid imports away from peak periods, those are often times of higher co2 impact of power...
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    Solar Panels UK - is it worth it?

    It is yes. Any unit imported, for whatever reason, is 11p (with the usual regional variations), any unit exported is 11p. It used to be 8p in both directions, went up to 11p for new contracts/renewals etc around April and I don’t believe has changed since. I renewed at 11p in December.
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    22kW Question

    I've seen them derate them in the past & it took a while for the podpoint app to catchup with the new rate - there's a sainsbury's near me that has a 7kw charger limited to 3.6kw.
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    Which charging cable?

    If it's one of the newer leafs (the second generation from around 2017) then it uses the same cable (type 2 cable) for home charging. If it's one of the older ones, those use type 1 cables & you would need an adapter.
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    Powerwall Storm Watch

    There used to be two different price tiers (8p/kWh if you had a Tesla, 10ish if you didn’t), and they asked you not to charge betwen 4pm and 7pm (or something like that). I think that was very much a low price to get enough people onto it to work out how to make it work. Now there’s only one...
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    All Electric - All in...

    I used 12 MWh in 2021, that’s 2 EVs (not a huge amount of mileage though last year - maybe 10000 miles between the two of them) and heating/hot water/cooking for a 4 bed detached home. I work from home so the heating is always on during the day
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    Solar Panels UK - is it worth it?

    For what it’s worth it feels like when paired with the octopus Tesla energy plan there is an element of that. The past few days of solar haven’t been huge (15 kWh, 12 kWh) relative to my daytime consumption & the PW was charging overnight for those. Last night the forecast for today was for a...
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    Solar Panels UK - is it worth it?

    coincidentally I queried a bad failover with them a few days ago & got a reply from tesla today, partly to say that (as you observed) the type of grid failure may impact the swapover, but also pointing out several issues with how the wiring had been done (how tesla know all this I don't know -...
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    Solar Panels UK - is it worth it?

    Not in my experience - lights flicker for a second, things like the tv will usually switch off. I have my broadband router & a few other bits on a very small UPS, otherwise even a powercut for a few seconds results in a 2-3 minute wait for the internet to reconnect. The oven clock doesn't seem...
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    EV chargers - good & bad

    I would avoid EVBox if you can - took me months of chasing to get them to replace a faulty charger. Was charging well below the max rate, for ages they said it was normal for it to throttle back to avoid overheating, even overnight at <5 degrees). When they did eventually relent they then said...
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    Octopus Go vs Standard Variable Rate after price cap increase

    That the price of electricity is proportionately up less than gas maybe ? (+34% vs +81% for the per kWh cost under the cap. ). Or in my case up less than the price of hearing oil.
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Their “getting there” page says there will be 150 ev charging bays. No mention of brands or type though.
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    [UK] 2021.44.x

    Updated to .44.6 this morning and I now have vision based auto park. On a sample size of 1 it seems to work well! It actually shows up under changes for 44.5, even though it wasn’t there when I got 44.5 last week. I had noticed it offering auto park a lot more at home (I park between my wife...
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    Percentage battery charge is a percentage of what? (2021 MIC M3LR)

    As to your root question, you're in luck - the latest version of the mobile app will show the energy added during a charging session. You can also get a historic view of this data with teslamate, teslafi etc. Note that in general there are 3 numbers, which won't all be the same - energy added...
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    That is a hell of a lot of superchargers all within only a few miles of each other, even allowing for how jammed the dartford crossing gets. - lakeside (16v2) - service centre (8) - bluewater (17v2) - Thurrock services (16) Very nearly as much as all the other m25(ish) sites put together!
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    A view from the other side..

    My wife has a leaf. Every single time you turn the car on it asks for to accept the terms of service related to connected services - I dont even know what those services are - you just have to tap ok before you can use the radio / satnav. Clearly some legal team got their way on that one. Never...
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    [UK] 2021.36.x

    Just been pushed 2021.36.5.7, barely a day after I got 2021.36.5.6
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    [UK] 2021.36.x

    36.5.6 appears to have changed the rendering of the car in the visualisation area. Looks maybe a bit darker/shinier (mine is a MSM)
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    App start charge/departure time incorrect after DST clock change

    Yup, saw the same here today
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    Home battery energy store & heat pump advice

    Even if those low rates ever return, agile wasn’t the best fit for a heat pump, since the heat pump is adding a lot of consumption that’s not easy to shift (unless you particularly want the heating going at 2 in the morning!). It’s not like charging the car where you can just do it the next...

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