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  1. angus[Y]oung

    Western Canada Superchargers

    You gotta love it!
  2. angus[Y]oung

    Canadian Stores and Service Centers

    Honestly looking around the lower mainland, I'm not at all surprised they want to keep investing in the region. There's Teslas everywhere here. Gotta love it.
  3. angus[Y]oung

    Review of 19” Goodyear Exhilarate UHP All Season Tires

    What did you end up going with?
  4. angus[Y]oung

    M3LR on Michelin Defender 2

    This is the Turanzas? How are you liking them so far? On paper they seem impressive but they're so no there's not a lot to go on so far. Anything you can share would be appreciated.
  5. angus[Y]oung

    What name did you give your new Model Y?

    Maybe go with GPT instead? LOL.
  6. angus[Y]oung

    Supercharger - South Surrey, BC - 160 Street

    True. The new location is quite out of the way for travelers but given the two it makes sense--the Southpoint location will be more accessible for travelers off the 99 and the Grandview one can cater more to locals.
  7. angus[Y]oung

    Supercharger - Langley, BC - 204 Street

    @uberfunk all good, thanks for confirming :)
  8. angus[Y]oung

    Supercharger - Langley, BC - 204 Street

    @uberfunk I'm assuming that's assuming you have a CCS-to-Tesla adapter, right?
  9. angus[Y]oung

    Supercharger - South Surrey, BC - 160 Street

    Very strange choice but nice to have more options than fewer...! Thanks for the update.
  10. angus[Y]oung

    Supercharger - Bellevue, WA

    Thanks @TunaBug! Just checked out the Supreme site, food looks very good! Will have to try them out on my next visit to Bellevue.
  11. angus[Y]oung

    Supercharger - Bellevue, WA

    @navels I've never tried Dough Zone...is it better than Din Tai Fung in Lincoln Square?
  12. angus[Y]oung

    Western Canada Superchargers

    @richrootes brilliant. :)
  13. angus[Y]oung

    myQ WiFi Garage Opener - No Homelink

    We just keep the clicker that came with the garage sitting in the driver's side door pocket. It takes one second to bend over and click the button to open or close, with no extra lights or beeping (though you might be able to defeat those, such as ) and no need to mess with my phone to use the...
  14. angus[Y]oung

    Always carry the key card

    @Gadget63 what a great idea! Do you get much opposition? We have only done self-parking hotels since getting our Model Y (intentionally passing on valet-only hotels), but will keep this technique in mind going forward!
  15. angus[Y]oung

    Supercharger - Langley, BC - 204 Street

    @uberfunk cool, been a long time since I've been out that way so I didn't even realize there was a 202 St. HOV exit. Good to know!
  16. angus[Y]oung

    Supercharger - Maple Ridge, BC

    I'm no expert by any means, but I think the green box is usually one of the last things to be installed before the SC is opened for business. There's often a wait for BC Hydro to do their work after the rest of the site is done. Here's a recent example where the new Kamloops site just got...
  17. angus[Y]oung

    Supercharger - Maple Ridge, BC

    @Dutchie did you see a green transformer near the white equipment on the right of your photo? Just curious.
  18. angus[Y]oung

    Supercharger - Langley, BC - 204 Street

    Walnut Grove would be very helpful, and again this is a short drive off Highway 1 (at the 200th street exit). Go Tesla, go!
  19. angus[Y]oung

    Supercharger - Vancouver, BC - Kaslo St

    Oh this would be a good location, not far off the Grandview exit from Highway 1--will take some of the pressure off the Coquitlam SC.
  20. angus[Y]oung

    Supercharger - Richmond, BC - Bridgeport Dr

    Wait, is this a 3rd SC coming to Richmond? I assumed this planned Bridgeport location was replaced by the Steveston one which recently started construction: Supercharger - Richmond, BC - Steveston Hwy.
  21. angus[Y]oung

    Supercharger - Richmond, BC - Steveston Hwy.

    @EnterpriseT excellent point--I'm usually in the area during off-peak times so that didn't occur to me but yeah.
  22. angus[Y]oung

    Supercharger - Richmond, BC - Steveston Hwy.

    This is awesome! I thought early rumours had the 2nd Richmond site somewhere in the Bridgeport area, but Ironwood is a great choice too, with a massive parking lot and lots of good amenities. From memory, you've got both Starbucks and Tims, McDonalds, Browns social house, at least one sushi...
  23. angus[Y]oung

    Moving to New Brunswick

    I just spent a week in Woodstock, NB visiting family. We did a couple of short drives up to Centerville/Knoxville area one day and Hartland another, plus the drives from and two the Fredericton airport, and I think I could likely count the number of Teslas I saw on one hand, lol. Contrast that...
  24. angus[Y]oung

    Phone volume

    @mrkirkmartin I never had the issue, was just trying to offer up a suggestion to @Madsen203. @Madsen203, were you able to resolve?
  25. angus[Y]oung

    Exactly $63 more a month for MY"P", do it?

    @TezlaTO ah that makes more sense. Glad you're happy with your choice. Cheers!
  26. angus[Y]oung

    Exactly $63 more a month for MY"P", do it?

    @TezlaTO congrats, she's a beauty!!! They had one ready for you and you didn't have to wait? That's awesome. Do you regret not getting that extra bit of acceleration? I know I sure don't.
  27. angus[Y]oung

    Exactly $63 more a month for MY"P", do it?

    A little further thought here: first, not sure if you've driven either/both, but the "regular" long range is already faster than a very good number of "fast" ICE vehicles available and honestly in daily driving should be plenty fast for just about anyone. I think other than showing off for...
  28. angus[Y]oung

    (Guessing) West Vancouver Supercharger Location

    @arya_2288 well that's disappointing! Thank you for the update, though.
  29. angus[Y]oung

    public service announcement regarding window tinting

    @ecarfan ones with frameless windows, anyway. My partner's 2011 Audi A5 did the same thing, and if I remember correctly, my 2000 Mercury Cougar did as well. (And both had frameless windows.) Cars with window frames on the door have no need for such a mechanism.
  30. angus[Y]oung

    Supercharger - South Surrey, BC - 160 Street

    Wait, are you sure? There is already a Supercharger at Southpoint shopping centre beside the Save-On Foods (152 and 32nd). Maybe the Walmart is adding something else (like an Electrify Canada or BC Hydro charger?
  31. angus[Y]oung

    Any news about costing by kWh instead of by time to supercharge?

    @GitMart agreed. Did a day trip into Washington state on Saturday and made two SC stops, one in Arlington on the way south and then again in Burlington on the way north. Both were at around half full or slightly less, with plenty of spaces.
  32. angus[Y]oung

    Western Canada Superchargers

    @CanadaGoose and a whopping FOURTH for Surrey BC! (Guildford Mall urban charger, Guildford Village V3, South Surrey V3, and now a fourth is planned for next year?--Awesome! Reflects the massive and massively growing community in Surrey.
  33. angus[Y]oung

    Other Key Card Options?

    @roblab to each their own, but the phone as key is super convenient for the 99% of the time that it works without any intervention, similar to how you talk about walking up with the fob for your other vehicle.
  34. angus[Y]oung

    Maintenance costs

    @Radlaw had a similar experience for tire rotation. Booked an appointment as per the 10,000 KM recommendation in the user manual, but when I arrived with the car, they checked the tread depth and did a quick visual inspection said it wasn't needed at that time. I guess they are not paid on...
  35. angus[Y]oung

    Other Key Card Options?

    Someone already has this on the market and I'm forgetting whom now but I've seen it mentioned in a YouTube review of some EV or another. I wonder how they got around the patent issue? Yeah especially doing physical activities, if you managed to break the phone (or accidentally drain the...
  36. angus[Y]oung

    Supercharger - Squamish, BC - Commercial Way

    @mikemarmar awesome! I guess that's a towing/trailer-friendly stall you're using? It's about time that Squamish had a > urban SC! EDIT: Sorry I must be tired, I forgot that the existing one is a V2. Doesn't look like Tesla has update the map on their site yet Find Us | Tesla. Hopefully soon.
  37. angus[Y]oung

    Newbie Questions

    Congrats, @Eebm3! I have a sneaking suspicion you're gonna love it.
  38. angus[Y]oung

    Sentry Mode

    @Eebm3 you may want to do some binging (and optionally subscribe to) Wham Bam Teslacam on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/WhamBaamTeslacam
  39. angus[Y]oung

    '21 MYP How To Turn Off Regen Braking?

    Learning how to replicate the coast-to-a-stop-sign/light like we've been doing for years in ICE vehicles does take a little practice, at least to do it well/smoothly. There's an artform to slowly raising your foot off the accelerator to replicate that gentle deceleration and coasting we are...
  40. angus[Y]oung

    19” Gemini’s Crackling Noise

    @thinktwice @fstop11 again I don't remember the timing but one day my partner and I realized we didn't hear it any more. We've had the car 14.5 months now and about 15,000 km (approx 9,300 miles) and I'm pretty sure it's been at least half that time/distance since we heard it, but my...
  41. angus[Y]oung

    19” Gemini’s Crackling Noise

    @thinktwice the good news is that the noise literally does go away on its own after a few months (I guess after a certain number of miles--though I could no longer tell you when we stopped hearing the sound as it's been a long time.)
  42. angus[Y]oung

    Canada Rogers Network impacts - no remote access?

    Interesting. So maybe Tesla doesn't exclusively use Rogers in Canada?
  43. angus[Y]oung

    Supercharger - Sechelt, BC

    Drive Tesla Canada published today that construction is under way: https://driveteslacanada.ca/supercharger/tesla-supercharger-in-sechelt-under-construction-british-columbia/
  44. angus[Y]oung

    Canada Rogers Network impacts - no remote access?

    @Chrisuoft are you maybe in a garage with access to WiFi?
  45. angus[Y]oung

    BC Specific : Software Upgrade coverage with ICBC

    No plans to purchase any but also quite curious if/how ICBC deals with this type of thing. Would love to hear more if you find out.
  46. angus[Y]oung

    Audio system changed to 13 speakers?

    They're probably making up for it with processing--at least, that would be my guess. They are pretty crafty with software!
  47. angus[Y]oung

    Canadian Stores and Service Centers

    @Ruffus23 oh nice! Do you know where yet? Nice to have another option. Where we live, we're probably a little closer/quicker to the existing Langley/Surrey location but again options are nice.
  48. angus[Y]oung

    Supercharger - Hope, BC - Klassen Road

    On a side-note, wow gas is a lot cheaper outside of the GVRD! (Not that this applies to any of us of course, but I couldn't help notice the 219.9 while locally yesterday I think was around 10c more. EDIT: while 10c doesn't sound that huge, on a 60L tank that's still a $6 per fill difference...
  49. angus[Y]oung

    Rimetrix Laminars are here

    @cusetownusa doubtful, since they are not from Tesla. If you switch to different Tesla-sourced rims, you can ask them to switch for you. But I doubt they'd have the images available for 3rd party options. I would love to be wrong, but this is my best guess.

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