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  1. ChrgdTeCHick

    Model Y 7-Seat - 2nd Row Custom Covers - Amazing!

    Awesome. I had to do a bunch of acrobatics too, but it turned out to be for good reason, the seat covers stay put and look like they are part of the seats themselves. I agree with the in between material, I do have to make slight adjustments to the covers after sliding it multiple times, but...
  2. ChrgdTeCHick

    Windshield woes

    Jeep Wrangler and Model Y owner here, I feel the pain. Both on second crack replacement with <10k miles. A feather hits wrangler windshield and it cracks. Model Y first was an impact. Second had zero impact, checked multiple angles/lighting, nothing on the entire crack. Trying to get it replaced...
  3. ChrgdTeCHick

    Model Y front windshield replacement

    Hard to get a good photo but here are some closeups. As I mentioned in my post above, it's a perfect cut on the entire crack, not a single chip around it to indicate impact (although, couple spots in the photo look like there may be chips, but it's dust/dirt.)
  4. ChrgdTeCHick

    Model Y front windshield replacement

    The first picture is a shadow difference, it's one straight line, no indention in those two areas that indicate impact. The whole line is as straight/clean as though it was cut with an exact-o knife. So far my service center has advice they don't replace windshields and to use a 3rd party. If...
  5. ChrgdTeCHick

    Best 7 seat Accessories

    Yes, see my post here: Model Y 7-Seat - 2nd Row Custom Covers - Amazing! They still look brand new, have saved my seats from sweet tea and dog pee (none spilled through the covers amazingly). Would like if they made 3rd row versions.
  6. ChrgdTeCHick

    Model Y front windshield replacement

    Adding in my experience for info. tldr: Had a 2013 Model S for 4 years without a crack. 2021 Model Y that's garage kept 98% of the time: 2 cracks in two years (one caused by rock, other no known cause). First replaced by Tesla within 24 hours, no issues. Second is pending (just happened)...
  7. ChrgdTeCHick

    Best 7 seat Accessories

    I use it to protect the back of my seats from road bikes, mountain bikes, and dogs. They have been excellent and still look good as new.
  8. ChrgdTeCHick

    Pet cover - Kid & Dog friendly that stays put.

    I don't know if you have a 5-seater or 7, but if you have a 7, I made a post about covers. I highly recommend them. 5+ months with a dog and 3 pre/teenager boys in sports/swim they still look brand new. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/model-y-7-seat-2nd-row-custom-covers-amazing.273234/
  9. ChrgdTeCHick

    Model Y 7-Seat - 2nd Row Custom Covers - Amazing!

    I haven't found any so far but wasn't looking either. I'd get some though if I found them
  10. ChrgdTeCHick

    Model Y 7-Seat - 2nd Row Custom Covers - Amazing!

    I would think not because the 7-seater 2nd row seats have a 60/40 bench split and they slide independently. The 5-seater is one piece. After having them for 5+ months, id say they look quite nice and I often forget I have cover on them. Granted the seats without covers are much nicer; with kids...
  11. ChrgdTeCHick

    7-Seater 2nd Row Custom Fit Seat Covers - Model Y

    For those that follow this thread, I posted a review here: Model Y 7-Seat - 2nd Row Custom Covers - Amazing! I highly approve!
  12. ChrgdTeCHick

    Model Y 7-Seat - 2nd Row Custom Covers - Amazing!

    Disclaimer: this post is *NOT* sponsored, just wanted to share this amazing find I discovered for seat covers for the 2nd-row seats on the 7-seater Model Y. I have been on the hunt for covers since I got my Y in Spring 2021 with no luck. I contacted a few custom-fitted companies and none had...
  13. ChrgdTeCHick

    7-Seater second row fold-up seat is stuck

    Both of the seats on the second row should do that. Does the other seat function properly? I didn't have that issue exactly, but the middle seat back Hutton, the one that drops the back of the seat completely down in the middle, wasn't working, it wouldn't un lack. Techa mobile came and fixed...
  14. ChrgdTeCHick

    Model Y seven-passenger seat covers

    FYI I found these today after searching since last spring! https://www.fhgroupauto.com/product/custom-fit-seat-covers-2020-2021-tesla-model-y-rear-set/ Haven't gotten them yet so I can't comment on quality but at $150sh with a 15% off coupon from their newsletter, thought it was worth a chance.
  15. ChrgdTeCHick

    7-Seater 2nd Row Custom Fit Seat Covers - Model Y

    I just came across these today and wanted to share! https://www.fhgroupauto.com/product/custom-fit-seat-covers-2020-2021-tesla-model-y-rear-set/ They are the only covers I've found that were specifically made for the configuration of the model y 7-seater. I wasn't sure about the website...
  16. ChrgdTeCHick

    Do I need an additional dashcam?

    That was my biggest worry, in a no-fault state like mine, someone can be a d*ck and reverse into my car at a traffic light; with the dash cam you can prove they backed into you, and you didn't run into them. Pretty big deal with people not paying attention to the roads where being rear-ended is...
  17. ChrgdTeCHick

    7 Seat Interior Protection

    Can't say much for mountain dirt, but my car is no stranger to sand (lots of beach trips) and mud (and sometimes hose poop because they would fail to change out their shoes at camp 🤢) Key was to just to a quick vacuum here and there, and when it was muddy, letting it dry first.
  18. ChrgdTeCHick

    Do I need an additional dashcam?

    I had a BlackView cam on my model S for peace of mind (mine didn't have any cameras). It worked great, had it powered up by the extra power plug overhead so it worked as though it was built in. There were some extra perks I liked, such as GPS location, speed etc. Fast forward to the Y and the...
  19. ChrgdTeCHick

    Cleaning dogs saliva of the seats?

    I've used the chemical guys stuff for years on an S and Y and have had great results. I keep a small 4oz size one in my car for quick clean-up (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00TDOH516/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1). My dog doesn't drool but nose/lick spots happen and it...
  20. ChrgdTeCHick

    7 Seat Interior Protection

    I had a model S with the size piece like this and after 4 years of toddlers/pre-teens getting in/out multiple times a day every day, it had absolutely zero wear. So far my Y had zero wear there but it's only been a year and a fraction of the in/out cause of covid, so my opinion would be not to...
  21. ChrgdTeCHick

    Best 7 seat Accessories

    I wouldn't say it's slippery, but it's not rubbery/no traction. It's a canvas material, such as what you see on durable backpacks/duffle bags, some outdoor camping chairs (not cheap ones that have the tink tent material though) ect. Usually, when I go grocery shopping I fill up the back (or have...
  22. ChrgdTeCHick

    7 Seater 2nd Row End Cap Issues

    I had the same issue at delivery (in fact they installed wrong ones first and had to order correct ones) after a couple times of popping them on, they haven't come off again after almost a year. I didn't do anything different, maybe they settled into their spot after a while
  23. ChrgdTeCHick

    7-Seater 2nd Row Custom Fit Seat Covers - Model Y

    Thanks for the reply, I understand what you mean about the leather, I don't mind it just wanted something to protect the seats. Wet Okole was one of the ones I reached out to and they said they don't have one that fits the 7-seater 2nd row. I was looking for a comparable car as an alternate but...
  24. ChrgdTeCHick

    Buying $150 Key fob for wife, worth it?

    As someone who has an S with a fob for 4 years and was really worried about not having one with my Y (was debating buying one) almost a year later I can say not having a fob took little to no adjustment where I never got one. Phone works 99.9% of the time. Sometimes I have to unlock the phone...
  25. ChrgdTeCHick

    7-Seater 2nd Row Custom Fit Seat Covers - Model Y

    I have been on the hunt for a long time for seat covers for the 2nd row seats of a 7-seater model Y. They don't have to be perfect fit, but I prefer for them to not look like cheap Walmart covers. Because the 2nd row seats are 40/60 split in both back and bottom, finding something that works has...
  26. ChrgdTeCHick

    Trade In Value from Tesla? WTF?

    I believe the tax benefit is based on the state you purchase/register your new vehicle as it reduces the taxable amount of the new vehicle
  27. ChrgdTeCHick

    Best 7 seat Accessories

    I got it directly from Canvasback, they have great customer service, the pictures I posted are from my Y, whole kit.
  28. ChrgdTeCHick

    Orvis pet seat cover model y

    Is putting the seats down and protecting the back an option? Canvasback makes some for the back of the seats made with pets in mind. I have found them to be useful for keeping dirt and oil off my seats when transporting my bike https://www.canvasback.com/tesla-model-y-cargo-liner.html
  29. ChrgdTeCHick

    Best 7 seat Accessories

    I I have the Tesla shield ones. They are a startup company so you have to be patient with their updates and delivery but I'm very pleased. I haven't gotten the 3rd row mats yet though to comment on them...
  30. ChrgdTeCHick

    Model Y Floor Mats

    I have the Tesla shield ones. They are a startup company so you have to be patient with their updates and delivery but I'm very pleased. Tesla Model Y 2021 All Weather Interior Liner Floormats (7 seater) *Back-Order: Ships January 2022* Although I miss the carpet-type 3Dspider ones I had on...
  31. ChrgdTeCHick

    Full Wrap and Service - Concerned

    Yup, since the wrap is more for styling not protection.
  32. ChrgdTeCHick

    Phone Mount: My Experience

    Yes it is quite stable when I use it and has yet to come off. I got it from the official website: PopMount 2 Car & Desk Black
  33. ChrgdTeCHick

    POLL: Does your Model Y make this humming sound?

    I haven't checked this out with your steps but I've own a tesla since 2017 and they all have made humming or buzzing or some type of sound when on and off. I've come to just expect it as the norm. I just make sure to remember what my vehicle's norm is to be aware when something outside of its...
  34. ChrgdTeCHick

    What's in your (f/t)runk... RIGHT NOW!

    I keep an emergency road kit and portable vacuum in my frunt. In the trunk side compartments I have skates and a helmet on one side; first aid kit, bike pump and bike stand in the other. In the main trunk compartment I keep my reusable grocery bags, a bag with various odds/ends like...
  35. ChrgdTeCHick

    Wrapping a White Model Y

    I purposely got grey so that my wrap would blend more and I would like the color once the wrap needed to be removed in case I didn't want to wrap again. Glad I did because there's a lot of places the wrap doesn't quite get to and I didn't want to pay for wrapping inside the trim either.
  36. ChrgdTeCHick

    Full Wrap and Service - Concerned

    A wrap is much thinner than PPF, it doesn't offer protection. A lot of people do PPF after the wrap to extend the life if the wrap. This is especially handy if you get a satin one because drying it to avoid water spots is a pain. I didn't want to spend more money on the wrap so I decided to do...
  37. ChrgdTeCHick

    Phone Mount: My Experience

    Not sure if you have found one, but I saw this today Foldaway Phone Holder with MagSafe
  38. ChrgdTeCHick

    Rear Seat Cover Recommendation (for use with Car Seats)

    I'm not the OP but I wanted to mention the ones I use have held up for over 5 years now. Barely a sign of wear. Also, I suggest researching buckle extenders. They are unsafe, but I suggest researching to obtain your own opinion.
  39. ChrgdTeCHick

    Why did Tesla remove option to disable regenerative braking?

    How is this any different than Apple removing a setting when they feel it doesn't benefit their products in the manner they invisioned it to? Side note: I'm not a fan of Apple and their total control over products. However, they work as they were intended so I understand why, same as how I...
  40. ChrgdTeCHick

    Why did Tesla remove option to disable regenerative braking?

    That's correct, charging to 100% disables regen for a bit (a message should have popped up to tell you that). And yes it's because there's no room in the battery to add charge to since it's already 100% charged.
  41. ChrgdTeCHick

    Why did Tesla remove option to disable regenerative braking?

    Haha good point, I don't find the standard regen an issue at all and I too grew up in manual cars, I learned on a manual, have/had manual cars myself.
  42. ChrgdTeCHick

    Anyone else having to reprogram their side mirrors constantly?

    No issues here at all. Using two profiles, and having the option for them to point down on reverse and it works every time. Try restarting the car if you haven't already. I hadn't heard of this being an issue before.
  43. ChrgdTeCHick

    Why did Tesla remove option to disable regenerative braking?

    I've owned a Tesla since 2017 and never had the option to remove it, just to lower it. I've only had a Y since March though (if it was a 3/Y thing) and it didn't have it. I never lowered it but the Y is certainly more oomph when letting go of the accelerator that I can see how lowering it would...
  44. ChrgdTeCHick

    Phone Mount: My Experience

    Good point. Since my goal isn't to mount the phone everytime I drive, I see this being less likely than other's situations but good to keep in mind. With the Y, having it further from the windshield means having it lower, which may as well use the wireless charging spot. I would also think...
  45. ChrgdTeCHick

    Newbie questions: wireless charging, camera recordings, must have accessories

    1: can't speak for the iPhone but I have a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra with a 2: They come with a thumbdrive. It does its job. I got a mini usb-c reader to use a second memory card for the external speaker just cause 3: upgrading the interior lighting (footwells, trunk, puddle lights etc). Console...
  46. ChrgdTeCHick

    Phone Mount: My Experience

    I wanted to share my phone mount solution in case it suits someone else's wants. I researched this for a while before finding the solution I wanted by chance. To summarize: I wanted a minimal mount that worked with a pop-socket. First: I wanted a mount that didn't take away from the simplicity...
  47. ChrgdTeCHick

    What have you done to your MY today?

    I wrapped, tinted, and installed front mud flaps on mine.
  48. ChrgdTeCHick

    Thinking about selling

    I got a quote online first, and then was asked to bring it in for inspection. They cut a check for the amount they quoted me, less the loan payoff, right on the spot then paid off my loan within a couple days.
  49. ChrgdTeCHick

    Is Driving on the beach harmful to the undercarriage?

    FL here and I feel driving on the beach is the equivalent to driving in salty snow up north. I took my model S to the beach a few times (which was heavier than my Y) without a single issue. Here was have some beaches where they keep the sand compacted for driving and some that are 4x4 only. I...

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