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  1. hcsharp

    Roadster Suspension - Shocks and Bushings

    How do you contact them?
  2. hcsharp

    Pics of people taking pics of Roadsters

    @TEG is correct. All you will get is a "Invalid Pilot Signal" message on the VDS. There are several layers of safety with multiple stages of 2-way communication before the cable would ever get energized.
  3. hcsharp

    Reported Range went down after charging!?!

    My car will do that sometimes when it cools down for a few minutes. It looks like yours cooled down for about 20 min. It's also harder for the algorithm to accurately detect range when it's that low.
  4. hcsharp

    Pics of people taking pics of Roadsters

    Been there done that. Is it April fools day yet? OK, not really. At least I didn't have to pay idle fees! ;)
  5. hcsharp

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    This one's coming to Vermont! My neighbor bought it!
  6. hcsharp

    New Tesla branded chargers with original Roadster?

    It's hard for me to diagnose the charging problems you had without more information. Your description of the events is almost exactly what happens when the non-recommended sequence is used. Having said that, there are other things that could have also caused the same behavior. Generally...
  7. hcsharp

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    You almost have to wonder if there wasn't something wrong with that car that nobody knew about. The battery is old but in excellent condition, only 12k miles, pretty good configuration. The buyer already has a Roadster. He bought it for the low price and I won't be surprised to see it up for...
  8. hcsharp

    Any early Roadsters with the original battery?

    The life of the original battery was 10 years and 9 months if you count the day my Roadster was manufactured as the beginning of the battery's life. If you read the whole thread you will find the answers to your questions. The reason I replaced the pack was because I had already paid for the...
  9. hcsharp

    Ford Mustang Mach E Needs a Rethink

    I drove the same route yesterday in our MY and I don't remember the autopilot disengaging once, ever. It's true the ride was not as smooth as our Model 3 or our older Model S would have been, but it was comfortable. When trying to decide which car to take before the trip, my wife never thought...
  10. hcsharp

    Insurance - my provider won't insure Model 3

    What insurance company did you have?
  11. hcsharp

    SE Penn mobile mechanic

    No, because you have an open diff. Instead of locking the right side, the left side spins backwards to make up for any movement on the right.
  12. hcsharp

    New Tesla branded chargers with original Roadster?

    The North American Teslas - all models - are set up for single phase charging and can't take advantage of 3-ph like you can in Europe and UK. But if S-2000 lived in Europe then your guess would have likely been the case.
  13. hcsharp

    Caution - Annual Service - Car power-down - GPS issue

    Jason Cobb @jcobb volunteered to take over cable lending duties. I don't know if he's still active here. If he doesn't respond to this thread or DM in the next day or two then I will try his email.
  14. hcsharp

    New Tesla branded chargers with original Roadster?

    I'm going to guess that S-2000's building had the electrician initially set up all the chargers for 12A. Tesla's newest generation of chargers do not have dip switches to set the max current. You have to use Wifi to set it up. Hopefully they are not permanently wired for 12A. I wonder if the...
  15. hcsharp

    New Tesla branded chargers with original Roadster?

    The recommended sequence when plugging in a Roadster using a CAN SR is to twist-lock the adapter into the car first, then plug the cable into the adapter. If you don't follow this sequence it's not a big deal, it usually works anyway. There is no requirement that you hold the switch open while...
  16. hcsharp

    My trunk has a mind of its own - opens randomly

    It's been a while but I think a cold reboot helped. Then a software update a few days later completely eliminated the problem. We still have the car and it's never happened since. It was not an electrical problem and we never had to take it to Tesla Service.
  17. hcsharp

    Roadster Parts for Sale Listings

    I'll second that notion.
  18. hcsharp

    Trunk lock cylinder

    I tested the lock cylinder fit on every pair of taillights I made. I don't know if your supplier did that or not, so it's hard to say if the problem is your technique or the opening is the wrong size. Before you cut anything I would contact the vendor and ask a few questions. I wish I'd had the...
  19. hcsharp

    110 volt yellow charger hard to twist on

    You have to make one (the special tool). There's a thread here somewhere describing how to take it apart... can't find it right now.
  20. hcsharp

    WTB: Roadster Charge Adapter

    I can build one of those for you. It's called the CAN EU and enables you to charge your Roadster from common Type 2 chargers using one phase.
  21. hcsharp

    110 volt yellow charger hard to twist on

    Some things to check: Is the wave spring broken? When it breaks the different broken parts overlap and cause it to bind up. To check this you have to unscrew the circular retaining nut under the rubber gasket inside the open end of the connector. This requires a special tool. If the connector...
  22. hcsharp

    Random Roadster Sightings

    The Washington Post article says he bought two "nearly identical" Tesla Roadsters.
  23. hcsharp

    Communications Problem Service Required VDS Message

    Nominating @markwj for Roadster MVP...
  24. hcsharp

    New Roadster 4.0 Battery developement with Model S cells

    Congrats and thanks for the update. I hope everybody appreciates your persistence to overcome some major hurdles to get this done.
  25. hcsharp

    Tesla Wall Connector load sharing protocol

    Sounds like you're knowledgeable and have a good handle on it (no pun intended!) I'm afraid I don't know anybody who has tried a Taycan with the load sharing system. Please do report back to let us know the specs on the thermistor, and how the Taycan works out.
  26. hcsharp

    Tesla Wall Connector load sharing protocol

    Thanks for clarifying. Does the EV that throws a charging error automatically reset and start charging after a few seconds? Many cars will do that, and they should if they are strictly J1772 compatible. If I remember correctly the master charger will allocate 6A to a car that is plugged in but...
  27. hcsharp

    Tesla Wall Connector load sharing protocol

    ^^^ @miimura is correct. The system already enables charging almost immediately when there is no response to the CAN comms over the pilot wire. I've seen several of these Gen 2 load sharing setups that work fine with one node connected to a J1772 vehicle. Maybe we're misunderstanding what you...
  28. hcsharp

    Tesla Wall Connector load sharing protocol

    It's initiated by the WC. It it doesn't get any response it times out and stops trying. At that point it assumes it's connected to a non-Tesla vehicle. If you remove the bypass circuit in the adapter then the load sharing should work fine. The load sharing protocol assumes that a car that's...
  29. hcsharp

    Tesla Quits Service on Roadsters!!

    He wouldn't even have a job if it wasn't for your Roadster.:rolleyes:
  30. hcsharp

    Jay Leno 2008 Roadster VIN?

    I always assumed that Sig100 #1 was Elon's car. How did you determine that it's not the same car? Does Elon's P1 have a Founder's VIN?
  31. hcsharp

    looking for a Tesla roadster adapter to type 2 (Henry Sharp CAN EU ?)

    Welcome to the forum! I just responded to your email. For others with the same questions, @Cheetah 's post #2 above is spot-on.
  32. hcsharp

    How to remove passenger seat?

    I've used a ball-end hex wrench as @ML Auto recommended. Pay attention to his advice to protect the seat. After nearly damaging my seat I also made my own tool by cutting off a short portion of the hex wrench, so that when inserted in the bolt would extend about 3/8 inch above the top of the...
  33. hcsharp

    Supercharger - St. Johnsbury, VT

    Nice drive! You came to VT during the peak of our foliage season! Now wasn't that a LOT nicer than driving your Subaru?
  34. hcsharp

    WTB: Roadster Charge Adapter

    I got a little behind over the summer due to parts shortages and health problems but I'm back on my feet again. Ready to build a CAN for anybody who needs one. Also providing support and repairs in case you need it.
  35. hcsharp

    Keeping parts available without needing Tesla!

    Tesla could probably get that part for you. They dismantled a lot of cars so they could have parts inventory. I'm also pretty sure that Medlock has somebody making those parts for him. The OEM versions were not very good (as you discovered).
  36. hcsharp

    Roadster Charger not working - how to take it apart?

    Agree with @gregd above. No one would cut the connector off if there wasn't something wrong with it. Just about everything that can go wrong with that end of the cable results in an unsafe condition. I can tell you how to take the connector apart but you will need special tools and some parts to...
  37. hcsharp

    Roadster Taillight Housings

    Remove the three nuts holding the taillight. Unplug the wiring harness on the back side of the taillight. Now you can move the housing around so that you can un-hook the wire (push-pull rod) where it connects to the red plastic lever on the back of the lock cylinder. There's no need to remove...
  38. hcsharp

    Any early Roadsters with the original battery?

    I always love hearing about daily drivers!
  39. hcsharp

    Roadster Battery Coolant

    I was able to order it from my local ACE hardware store about a year ago. They had an excellent price, too.
  40. hcsharp

    Brake disc specs?

    I'm using Carbotech AX6. They're performance is impressive, way better than OEM pads. Strong, aggressive grip, minimal dust, no squeal. If I was doing it again I would probably try the 1521 compound because it's likely to work better in cold weather. What I've heard from people who've used both...
  41. hcsharp

    DIY: Roadster 2.5 PEM cleaning - step by step

    I made a flexible tube that barely fits in the fan shroud that I use on the end of my shop vac hose. It's flexible enough that I can snake it all the way around the bottom of the shroud. It's pretty effective. I haven't investigated what holds the bottom of the shroud together; bolts? clips...
  42. hcsharp

    Busted PEM? Call Tesla!

    Did they say what they will do when they rebuild it?
  43. hcsharp

    Ugh. Tesla Service takes another notch downhill.

    I don’t get my annual done at Tesla anymore but here in the Northeast we have a good alternative. A former Roadster tech along with a former parts guy from Tesla Watertown opened their own shop. Do you have anything like that nearby? I do almost everything myself except for the fluids, AC, and...
  44. hcsharp

    I rolled my own Carbon Fibre taillights

    Lol not likely. It’s not something I want for my own Roadster. I have other projects in the works, though.
  45. hcsharp

    2.0 / 2.5 Roadster / Roadster Sport Tire Thread

    I just checked Tire Rack and it looks like they have new stock of AD08R for the rear size. The tire is considered old tech at this point but it performs well combined with AD07 on the front. It's a better combination than putting the newer Mich Pilot Sport 4s (summer) on the rear with AD07...
  46. hcsharp

    2.0 / 2.5 Roadster / Roadster Sport Tire Thread

    I have run that combination through 2 or 3 sets of rears. Performance is excellent, I find the AD08 offers slightly better handling with slightly less noise compared to the AD07. The problem is that the AD08 is an old tire and hard to find new stock. If Tire Rack has AD08s that weren't...
  47. hcsharp

    I rolled my own Carbon Fibre taillights

    You should post that in the thread for GRP’s taillight products, not here. I have no connection with GRP and don’t want to be answering for their misdeeds. The first of which is taking customers’ money for a product they weren’t ready to ship for 3+ mo (unless they warned you ahead of time)...
  48. hcsharp

    1086 "Charging Problem" error. Car stuck at 99% cooled. (R80)

    I’m still collecting data on this but it appears the 3.0/R80 will not actively cool the battery below 35C Whether charging or not. It’s a problem because the circulator is still programmed to run above 30C. Unlike my 2.5 pack, Between 30 and 35C the R80 runs the pump but makes no effort to use...
  49. hcsharp

    TPMS disable / delete on Model S 2012 to late 2014 "Baolong"

    Nit picking but Tesla started using the Baolong system in the 2.0 and 2.5 versions of the Roadster, not the 1.5 . So OVMS configured for a 1.5, and other solutions for the 1.5 Roadsters won’t help you with the Model S. The OVMS experts know a lot more about this than I do but there’s a lot of...
  50. hcsharp

    Supercharger - West Lebanon NH

    That’s funny I drive by there about once a week and I’ve never seen it full. Typically there’s 1 or 2 cars. I must not be going by at peak periods. I plugged in about 9 days ago and I was the only car there by the time I left. I saw the orange cones but it never occurred to me they would be...

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