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  1. stevezzzz

    2017 Model XP100DL - Denver area

    2017 Model XP100DL 34,259 mi Blue Tan 6-seat interior FSD - upgraded FSD computer July 2020, running 2020.20.12 Free supercharging Towing package Suntek PPF, full front and doors Lloyds all-weather mats Unused OEM mats Two sets of 20" alloy wheels, with tires and TPMS, mounted and balanced...
  2. stevezzzz

    y vs X

    I have a 2017 XP100D on 20" wheels and a brand new MY LR on 19" wheels. The view in the mirror out the rear window isn't notably worse on the Y compared to the X. The rear camera on the Y was a pleasant surprise (compared to the M3 LR I owned briefly it's much, much better, and roughly...
  3. stevezzzz

    Supercharger - Kayenta, AZ

    @Helen Lau: Goulding's Campground in Monument Valley has been the default 'insurance charge' stop for Blanding-Flagstaff since the Supercharger network was young. I used it a couple of times with my Sig S85 on road trips until I learned that in good conditions I could easily make it from...
  4. stevezzzz

    Two Teslas, Two HPWCs? Better for 12Vs for Both to Stay Plugged In?

    @ForeverFree : if your daily commutes are both relatively short, the easy solution is to timeshare a single WC by the day rather than by the hour. Just plug one car in tonight, and the other one in tomorrow night; lather, rinse, repeat. I've got an S and a 3 that share a single WC: it works...
  5. stevezzzz

    Explaining power delivery to auto enthusiasts.......

    You're right, SSedan. And 'peak torque at zero mph' really gets your attention when you're in the driver's seat. :)
  6. stevezzzz

    Real World Range — 3LR vs. S100D?

    My numbers for the X and 3 are similar. It's still very much winter here and my average for the XP100D since November is 398 Wh/mi in 3200 miles; my average in the 3 since the Feb 2 delivery is 248 Wh/mi in just under 1000 miles.
  7. stevezzzz

    Supercharging a Model 3

    An update to my earlier post, in which I reported seeing a maximum charge rate of 21kW during a supercharging session that started at 65% SOC. Since then I've been back to the same supercharger (Loveland, CO) in warmer conditions (ambient temperature 59º F.); initial charge rate at 40% SOC was...
  8. stevezzzz

    Real World Range — 3LR vs. S100D?

    This is not true. In a RWD Model S, during regenerative braking (i.e., lifting off the accelerator rather than pressing the brake pedal) the front wheels are not subject to any braking: all regenerative braking is seen as ‘engine’ drag on the rear wheels, and the same amount of energy is...
  9. stevezzzz

    Does Anyone Like Their Model S More Than Their Model 3?

    Don’t leave your key card at home: more than once I’ve had to use the key card to drive even though the phone app unlocks the car normally. Once seated I attempt to put it in gear and the display tells me to place the key card behind the Center console cup holders.
  10. stevezzzz

    Does Anyone Like Their Model S More Than Their Model 3?

    I'm still wondering why some people have reported they see up to 100kW or so when supercharging their 3; during my sole experience with supercharging my 3 the charge rate ramped quickly up to 18kW, plateaued, and then (slowly) climbed to 21kW over the next half hour. Then I lost patience and...
  11. stevezzzz

    Supercharging a Model 3

    If charging rate is calculated the same as Models S and X, the charge rate in kW is an instantaneous value and mph is a session average. Which makes it hard to compare the mph values across different charging sessions unless you happen to start and stop each session at identical SOC.
  12. stevezzzz

    Supercharging a Model 3

    Mine is no tighter than the charging ports on other Teslas I have owned.
  13. stevezzzz

    Supercharging a Model 3

    I tried Supercharging my Model 3 for the first time today, at Loveland, CO. I was the only one using the Supercharger. I plugged in at 64% SOC and was surprised when the charging rate stabilized at a paltry 18kW! My first thought was that the ambient temperature, 24º F., had cooled the battery...
  14. stevezzzz

    Does Anyone Like Their Model S More Than Their Model 3?

    So far the standout thing about my 3 is the ease of entry and exit: for someone my size (a 6'2" widebody) the S is hard to get in and out of, primarily due to the low roofline . The 3 is much easier to negotiate. But the S/X user interface to TACC/Autosteer is much better: it's all on the...
  15. stevezzzz

    Q4 2017 Shareholder Letter

    This all changed again tonight: the Delivery Estimator now shows Late 2018 for both SR and AWD configurations.
  16. stevezzzz

    Q4 2017 Shareholder Letter

    The Model 3 Delivery Estimator (for those of us current owners with first-day reservations) still shows Dual Motor AWD with a choice of LR or SR battery packs, and a Jul-Sep 2018 delivery window. I think there would be a huge outcry if they were to take the SR pack off the table entirely. But it...
  17. stevezzzz

    And the purpose of blasting a Roadster into Geosynchronous orbit is....

    Actually, the real record would have been just before booster cutoff: for a given thrust, max acceleration occurs at the lightest vehicle weight. So from, say, 15,000 to 15,060 mph in under half a second. ;)
  18. stevezzzz

    Model X: Enhanced Autopilot Add On

    The hardware is already built into the vehicle. Adding Enhanced Autopilot is a software switch that Tesla can enable remotely. Give them a call and have your credit card ready. :)
  19. stevezzzz

    New Configurator Coming?

    I apologize for rehashing old news, but I searched before posting and didn't come up with anything.
  20. stevezzzz

    New Configurator Coming?

    Trev, over at the Model 3 Owners Club YouTube channel has released a new video that shows how to get to what appears to be an entirely new configurator for Model S. You start by typing in www.tesla.com/build/models, then stop the page load before it completes. There's a vastly simpler array of...
  21. stevezzzz

    New CPO 2 year 100k Warranty. Should I be concerned?

    Congratulations, and welcome to TMC. Your drivetrain is still covered by the 8-yr unlimited mileage warranty, right? I wouldn't be too concerned about the 2-yr 100k warranty on everything else. Any idea why it's 4-8 weeks out from delivery?
  22. stevezzzz

    Delivery issue and loaner car policy

    Not to hijack the thread, but you may find that the windshield washer is working as designed: in newer Model X the left wiper arm emits fluid only on the upstroke and only ahead of the advancing wiper arm, which means that it's removed by the blade as soon as it hits the glass. It looks...
  23. stevezzzz

    Ski Box for 6 Seater - Denver

    Yes, but I have no skis. o_O
  24. stevezzzz

    AP2 / 8.1 Test Drive Perspective from AP1 Owner

    I agree with the OP on most everything. I have found one situation where AP2 is doing better than AP1: in my neighborhood where there are no pavement markings of any kind, AP1 almost never offered up the Autosteer Available (white steering wheel) icon; now with 8.1, AP2 gives me the opportunity...
  25. stevezzzz

    Perhaps Mobileye should have been given more credit , and less focus on autopilot vs EV

    It was ten months from the time I took delivery of my P85D with AP1 hardware before Tesla deployed the first public firmware version that included Autosteer.
  26. stevezzzz

    Complete and utter disappointment... (sarcasm)

    I took delivery of my new Model X yesterday, and can report something similar. The new X was flawless: for the first time in my Tesla-owning life (this is my sixth Tesla: a Roadster, three Model S and two Model X), I took possession without having to create a due bill or have a technician fix...
  27. stevezzzz

    Model S 90D vs P100D - Which to buy?

    @DHG: I just 'downgraded' from an AP1 SP85D to an AP2 S90D. The 90D has significantly better range, much more than the 5kWh nominal increase would suggest. It has plenty of power, and is the quietest model S I've owned. You won't be sorry. :)
  28. stevezzzz

    Calculate usable battery capacity based on rated miles values

    I recall the same 303 Wh/mi value for achieving Rated range on my very early Sig S85 (delivered in September, 2012). I cross-checked the Trip meter's average energy consumption against the Energy graph's 30-mile averager, on several occasions, and it always came in at 303 or 302 Wh/mi when the...
  29. stevezzzz

    Software Update Available! HW2 car!

    Same here on my HW2 S90D.
  30. stevezzzz

    Farewell my "Classic" Friends

    This 'disease' is going around: it got me, too. My old Sig S85 VIN 00011n (not even P) has gone to a new owner in FL and I just traded in my very early P85D on an inventory S90D with AP2 hardware. It's already been to the shop for paint protection and I have to say it's very much the quietest...
  31. stevezzzz

    Staying comfortable in Extreme Cold

    My under-informed guess is that in order to create the interior overpressure that makes Bioweapon Defense mode work (the excess pressure in the cabin means that all the little cracks and leaky seals vent interior air to the outside, so that the only outside air reaching the cabin has to pass...
  32. stevezzzz

    Staying comfortable in Extreme Cold

    If Bioweapon Defense mode is a recirculating mode (seems like it should be at least partially recirc, but I don't really know) then your windows will fog up when it's very cold outside. I should try it in the morning: it's supposed to reach -10° F. here overnight.
  33. stevezzzz

    Supercharger - Brush, CO

    I drove out to Brush yesterday to check out the new SpC. I noted the 'imaginary cloverleaf' at the Brush exit on my Nav display and made a mental note to warn others here about the mapping error. But then this morning there was a new map update on my S, and the error has been fixed. :D
  34. stevezzzz

    not many days left for December release of 8.1 ?

    Me three: I picked up an AP2 inventory S90D on Thursday and was shocked to learn how much I have come to rely on adaptive cruise and Autosteer. o_O Come on, 8.1...
  35. stevezzzz

    Supercharger - Loveland, CO

    Stopped by the brand-new Loveland SpC yesterday in my brand-new 90D. I was momentarily excited to think I might have been the first to charge there when I read the electric meter (00003 kWh) but the display never changed. The 10th stall is a pull-in but not a pull-through; anyone who pulls in...
  36. stevezzzz

    Firmware 8.0

    Definitely true, in my experience. There's a pair of sweeping 90º curves on an otherwise straight road that I drive frequently; if I let Autosteer handle it, the car slows down some but completes the curves without issue. If I so much as touch the steering wheel, Autosteer disengages...
  37. stevezzzz

    FOR SALE: 20" Model X Winter Tires - NEW

    A set of four, brand-new Pirelli Scorpion Winter XL tires suitable for Model X 20" factory wheels: two 265/45R-20 and two 275/45R-20. I bought these last winter expecting to put them on my Sig X for the rest of the snow season, but we didn't take delivery of the X until the end of April so...
  38. stevezzzz

    Autopilot 8.0 Demo

    I suspect that the act of changing lanes using the turn signal stalk resets the nag timer, if there is one. My experience on 8.0 so far is that it flashes a warning about two minutes after engaging. I haven't gone farther into the annunciator protocol than the first beeps, and then only because...
  39. stevezzzz

    Feeling less and less comfortable

    Karen, you've probably added plenty of things to think about before making a decision, but let me add a couple more... Concerning the 60 vs. 75 battery decision, consider that for your everyday driving, 60 kWh is way more than you need. For your infrequent road trips, with a 60 you'll have to...
  40. stevezzzz

    My friend's model X crashed using AP yesterday

    Um, no, not this American. Care to explain?
  41. stevezzzz

    A Public Letter to Mr. Musk and Tesla For The Sake Of All Tesla Driver's Safety

    If you're alert and ready to take over, the car can't get very far off track or off speed before you intervene. I use AP as often as not in both my S P85D and my X P90D; I use it on divided highways, and when conditions warrant I also use it on city streets and two-lanes. But then, I'm a pilot...
  42. stevezzzz

    Hypermiling techniques?

    The optimal cruising speed (defined as the cruising speed that gives the highest average speed-made-good toward the destination, including charging stops) depends entirely on the rate of charge you can expect at the next charging stop. The faster your charge rate, the higher your optimal cruise...
  43. stevezzzz

    Hidden costs behind the Model S ?

    Replacing sticky 21" performance tires every 7-9K miles is expensive, even if you never blow one out or break a rim: way more expensive than the cost of the electricity you'll use wearing them out. And changing wheels twice a year for winter/summer driving is both expensive (purchase, storage...
  44. stevezzzz

    Hypermiling techniques?

    Sounds like you've got a good handle on hypermiling techniques, joeytree. I will point out that here in the West the mountains are bigger and there is no way to avoid regen on the longer, steeper downhills. You, at 55mph on shallow downhills, aren't incurring the drag penalty I would see at...
  45. stevezzzz


    My Sig X went to 251 Rated miles the one time I charged it to 100%
  46. stevezzzz

    Sun Shade for Model X

    That's totally at odds with this report from Arizona, where the ambient temperature hit 100º F: "I had to turn the AC down cuz it was downright chilly in the X. At one point, had to move the climate control from 72 to 74." Is AC powerful enough for AZ summers?
  47. stevezzzz

    Model X: Average Wh/mile Tracker

    The first 500 miles in my Model X Signature P90D were on 22" OEM turbine wheels with stock Pirelli Scorpion Zero tires: average consumption was 400 Wh/mi, on the nose. To be fair, the weather was cold and wet and sometimes snowy during that time. Then I put on the TSportline 20" staggered...

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