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  1. dmurphy

    Cost evolution of MS/X yoke

    Certainly not the case here ... I own a Model 3... and a Model X (classic)... and a Model S (refresh) ... I gave the yoke the honest college try. 6 months of driving with it daily was more than enough to convince myself that I'd never like it. Can I adjust to it? Yeah. Did I really want...
  2. dmurphy

    Market value for Plaid

    There are different rules by state. For example, here in NJ, we use the TLF (total loss formula.) If the salvage value + the repair costs exceed the book value of the car, it's super likely to be totaled. So let's say, for example, this thing sells for $42k...
  3. dmurphy

    Smelly stinky socks / mold in Model 3 AC

    I've used a similar can from Meguiar's ... it was more "new car scent" than something fruity... I preferred that. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00G49DVGG
  4. dmurphy

    Living with the 16v LV battery

    Haha I'm guessing that's the case - someone ordered a trailerfull of 12V covers and nobody had a magic marker to change them ;-)
  5. dmurphy

    Living with the 16v LV battery

    Not sure about his, but my 12V cooler does have a voltage display, yeah. I tried using a 12V extension cable in my Classic X with it and had just enough voltage drop for it to cut out occasionally. Another advantage of the newer architecture.
  6. dmurphy

    Cost evolution of MS/X yoke

    I genuinely appreciate your take on the yoke ... it can be very polarizing and there are no right answers. And you are right, I didn't adapt to it. Frankly, I didn't want to. I've got 30+ years and a half million+ miles of driving experience behind me, and every.other.vehicle.I've.ever.driven...
  7. dmurphy

    Wheel/Tire Questions

    I just bought a set of 19" TSR wheels and some Michelin X-Ice Snow tires from TSportline. Looking forward to trying them out. What I really wanted though, and didn't realize were available, are the CrossClimate 2's. It's what I use on my Models 3 & X year-round and they are outstanding...
  8. dmurphy

    2019 Model X Long Range Raven - HV battery replacement

    Our 2020 X has a G pack, and tops out around 225kW when Supercharging. The real world difference between that and the later rev that hits 250? Practically nothing. It doesn’t stay in that band very long at all - maybe an extra 25kW for less than a minute. So that’s, what, less than .45kWh...
  9. dmurphy

    Cost evolution of MS/X yoke

    Nope, it's worse since it's slightly wider overall and definitely wider at the bottom-left corner. Again, no, especially during turns. For sure. Nope. Makes it much, much worse, especially during emergency maneuvers. I found myself steering with one or two fingers to avoid the nonsense of...
  10. dmurphy

    Refresh Model S charge port doesn't open with button on wall/mobile charger

    Mine doesn’t work with a button press on either our Gen2 or Gen3 wall connector at home. Haven’t supercharged in a good long while so not sure if it does there. I just press on the door and, as long as it doesn’t get stuck, I’m ok. That’s about a 50-50 rate. Then I have to dig it out with...
  11. dmurphy

    Ordered new MSLR yesterday and getting this message every 3 hours

    I’m glad it solved the annoying issue but just FYI — that wouldn’t even remotely hold up. Your reservation is for “a” car, not a particular VIN. They can - and routinely do - switch VINs. Again, I’m with you to get the annoyances to stop but just fair warning, you wouldn’t have a leg to...
  12. dmurphy

    Tesla aftermarket mods and upgrade shops in PA/NJ/NY/DE area

    Depends what you're looking for. Tint/chrome delete/powder coat/etc. (Cleaning/Cosmetic stuff) call Felix - Always Clean Detailing Services | Auto ‎Detailing NJ ... he does TOP NOTCH work. But if it's suspension work etc - Mike @ Charged Up is about as good as it gets.
  13. dmurphy

    Tesla aftermarket mods and upgrade shops in PA/NJ/NY/DE area

    Charged Up Performance in Hatboro, PA will take great care of you. They're as good as they come. https://chargedupperformance.net/
  14. dmurphy

    Model S/X Round Steering Wheel & Retrofit

    The problem is, when they change the yoke to the round wheel, they take the yoke’s airbag and you don’t get to keep it. So going back isn’t as easy. You could - in theory - use the round wheel’s airbag with the yoke, but the internal bag is different, so in event of accident, we don’t really...
  15. dmurphy

    Model S/X Round Steering Wheel & Retrofit

    Here’s the challenge. When Tesla swaps the yoke for the round wheel, they replace the airbag … and don’t leave the old one behind. So to go from wheel to yoke, you’d need both the yoke AND a yoke-style airbag to do it right. Yokes are easy to find on fleaBay or whatever. That yoke-style...
  16. dmurphy

    Supercharger - Parsippany, NJ

    Welcome to JCPL territory - Just Can’t Power Lights. They’ll turn this up … whenever. That said, I did notice at least two Supercharger cabinets still shrink wrapped last week. Hopefully they’re installed now - maybe I’ll take a ride over and take a look. Need milk anyway.
  17. dmurphy

    Speculation: Model S to be phased out?

    Ah geez, another one of those monetizer videos. Ignored. Don't know who Ryan Shaw is and, frankly, don't care to find out.
  18. dmurphy

    Model S Warranty Question

    That’s pretty much exactly what I was going to say. We charge at home routinely, but supercharge on road trips. To date, we’ve used about 9000kWh of Supercharging on our 2020 Model X. I just looked up supercharging cost (I really have never needed to look …) and on peak it’s $0.42/kWh. So...
  19. dmurphy

    Enhance Auto - aka S3XY buttons working on something interesting for refreshed S/X

    I am... ridiculously excited for this. Can I just give they my AmEx now?
  20. dmurphy

    Service manual no longer free?

    Website just seems to be have an issue. I retried a few times and got right in.
  21. dmurphy

    Thinking of S LR to replace M3P

    It is a different car as @brkaus says. We have both a 3 LR and S LR. (And X LR+…) Of all the models, I’ll take the S LR every time. Just so comfortable and fun to drive. The 3 feels like strapping on a car. The S cruises.
  22. dmurphy

    Trailer hitch on 2021 refresh?

    Not at all, nor have I ever heard such a thing. Not saying it’s impossible, but haven’t seen any empiric evidence.
  23. dmurphy

    Market value for Plaid

    Anyone buying a production car assuming a profit (yes, even the Plaid is really nothing special - just a regular 'ol production car) -- is fooling themselves. Production cars aren't, have never been, and never will be appreciating assets. Best to think of it as consumable by the mile. And...
  24. dmurphy

    Prediction: Model X price will be reduced to $78K in January 2024

    Yeah, that could be an issue -- if you qualify for the fed tax rebate, the 7-seat option pushes the price up over the threshold. Bummer. Instead of a $3500 option, those extra 2 seats cost $11k if you factor the credit in. Yikes!
  25. dmurphy

    Prediction: Model X price will be reduced to $78K in January 2024

    Hmm. Kinda nailed the pricing here, yeah? Right back where we started 5 years ago, except for the FSD cost!
  26. dmurphy

    Check/add coolant

    Sometimes it's really as simple as a leaky valve. Had a 3-way valve go south on our 2020 Model X; caused low coolant light. Was an easy fix ...
  27. dmurphy

    2017 Model S - No Light Show?

    Same with pre-refresh Model X. Even more frustrating because X started the whole damn thing - it can do the Christmas show but that’s it. No programmability.
  28. dmurphy

    Model S/X Round Steering Wheel & Retrofit

    It will not. Electronic modules are wholly different.
  29. dmurphy

    Yoke vs Steering

    Bought my S with a yoke. Counted the minutes until I could replace it with a wheel. Hate the design of it - I’ll admit it’s comfy cruising on the highway, but that’s it for positives for me. It’s more awkward to drive, offers worse turning radiuses and is an abject nightmare for quick...
  30. dmurphy

    Tesla Wall Connector Extension?

    I have one from TeslaTap. It can be a little finicky once in a while but it’s been great for us. We have a 2x2 driveway and 3 Teslae. To reach the one in the front, the extension cable comes in quite handy.
  31. dmurphy

    Is it possible to find a preowned Model S with lifetime free connectivity?

    Hate to reply to myself but …. 8378kWh translates to over 20,000 miles of travel in the Model X. We only Supercharge when on road trips — so that’s a LOT of cross country driving in 3 years. That includes several trips towing a travel trailer, so our efficiency wasn’t great - most people...
  32. dmurphy

    Is it possible to find a preowned Model S with lifetime free connectivity?

    Not even close. PC is $99/year. Two or three decent Supercharging sessions and you’re pretty close to that. Our Model X has FUSC - in the 3 years since we bought it, we’ve put 8,378kWh of Supercharging into the battery. Even at an average 25 cents/kWh (which is probably a little low)...
  33. dmurphy

    Vendor FS: 2021 2022 2023 Tesla Model S factory 19" Tempest Wheels & Pirelli Tires | fits Long Range & Plaid

    I realize the post is a month old but did this ever sell? I could use a rear wheel - don’t need the tire per se but the wheel would save me from fixing my one curbed. Thanks!
  34. dmurphy

    Tesla Model S Plaid

    Plaid and LR both. Also for both S & X.
  35. dmurphy

    Tesla Model S Plaid

    And worth every penny.
  36. dmurphy

    Model S Crash - better to write-off or repair?

    Unfortunately, and please don't take it the wrong way, but the choice to keep or total is out of your hands. It's really the insurance company's decision. I suspect it's going to be totaled, but that's up to the insurance adjuster. Just keep on them and they will notify you. We had a Buick...
  37. dmurphy

    SC01 changed to time-based which removed FUSC

    I do have a vehicle with FUSC, and you are right. The convenience of charging at home far exceeds any value of FUSC.
  38. dmurphy

    My 2022 Model S Refresh Long Range Fit and Finish.

    Here's my 2021 from when I picked it up this past February (used) ... I don't have any issues whatsoever with these panel gaps - they are more than acceptable. So clearly they *can* get it right.... at least good enough for my eyes, anyway.
  39. dmurphy

    SC01 changed to time-based which removed FUSC

    If it makes you feel better.... the value of FUSC is fairly small in the grand scheme of things. We've road tripped all over the country over the last 3 years, including towing a trailer, and I estimate we've saved about $2k in Supercharging fees. It's really not as grand as it sounds to a...
  40. dmurphy

    12V battery source

    The early Model S battery is definitely more than the Model 3 $85 special. No question about it. $226 is just about right. My '20 Model X just needed one - that was $165. (P/N 1046200-10-C) + $75.60 installation. No complaints - not when the knockoff brand battery for my wife's former...
  41. dmurphy

    MICHELIN CROSSCLIMATE 2 Real life experience

    By far and without question, the very best tires I’ve ever bought. Bar none. I’m going to need winters for my Model S, and whatever wheel setup I use (square vs staggered, 19/20/21”) will all depend on what size CC2s I can get. They’re that impressive.
  42. dmurphy

    How to Prevent Discoloration of Exterior Black (chrome) Window Trim

    The loaners are in constant rotation -- I don't think they get a lot of wash/care/attention. I've washed loaners before returning before just so the next person would have a clean car to start.
  43. dmurphy

    How to Prevent Discoloration of Exterior Black (chrome) Window Trim

    I believe the trim can be wrapped, but I'm not sure... not a big fan of PPF - it's a very expensive solution to only one of many possible problems. The Model 3 is a 2019; the X is a 2020 and the S is a 2021. Holding our own without PPF, I think.
  44. dmurphy

    How to Prevent Discoloration of Exterior Black (chrome) Window Trim

    I definitely have some water/chemical spotting on my black Model S trim.. not sure it's "discolored" per se but definitely gets spotting/rainbowing. The X and 3 are both chrome trim, so hard to compare. Don't have a Y but I believe they are a more matte finish. Planning to get the S to my...
  45. dmurphy

    How to Prevent Discoloration of Exterior Black (chrome) Window Trim

    This stuff seems to work great to bring back the shine to the black trim.
  46. dmurphy

    Differences Between Mid-2018 Model S and Mid-2023 Model S

    Correct. No FUSC anymore. We have it on our X, but I’m freaking out a bit because my S doesn’t have it. And my referral Supercharging miles (from the original program) just expired so I’d have to pay for my next Supercharging. Hoping to refer someone so I can top up a few SC miles; I...
  47. dmurphy

    Differences Between Mid-2018 Model S and Mid-2023 Model S

    Whole different suspension. Heat pump instead of resistive heat. There’s a LOT of under the skin improvements — the only thing that’s really common between them is the shape. It’s a much improved car in many many ways. I’m averaging below 260wh/mi right now lifetime with the 19” wheels...
  48. dmurphy

    2016 / 2017 Model S option values

    There are exactly two options that matter when pricing a used car … Option #1 - take it Option #2 - leave it Seriously, no car dealer is going to play the negotiation game OP is trying for. They don’t price option by factory option, that’s for sure.
  49. dmurphy

    2019 Model X Long Range Raven - HV battery replacement

    I haven't seen any of these issues with the -G or -H packs. Mostly -E revisions. Don't even think I've seen -F packs? So I wouldn't say "Raven" packs per se -- but the earlier -E revision seems to be having a higher-than-normal rate of failure here.
  50. dmurphy

    Living with the 16v LV battery

    So for those of you looking for jump starters or frunk popping batteries … Just be aware that if you really truly run that 15V LFP battery down to dead, it’s going to need to be replaced. There’s no charging it back up from dead without disassembling it … and that’s a Really Bad Idea.

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