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  1. mbp11

    Annoying external speaker

    I own a 2018 MX 100D and the sound is coming from the dashboard and the side speakers. You can hear bluetooth phone calls excessively from the outside. I now take the call in the car on the cell phone speaker mode and my privacy is preserved.
  2. mbp11

    Model X seat belt extenders for 6-seaters

    I purchased some shorter seat belt extenders that raise the buckle part up off the seat and make it easier to buckle in. Look at the choices on amazon. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=seat+belt+extenders&crid=182051O1E0ET3&sprefix=seat+belt+extender%2Caps%2C149&ref=nb_sb_noss_1
  3. mbp11

    Supercharger - Dublin, CA - Amador Valley Blvd (under construction Aug 2022, 12 V3 stalls)

    I am excited about this too. The Johnson drive chargers and the chargers at the service center are frequently overflowing. This will take some of the stress off.
  4. mbp11

    Lifespan for mobile charger?

    I had a strange event happen to me with my UMC- it seemed to be running a little hot, although it is plugged into a 15 amp 220 volt Nema 6-15 adaptor in my garage (I don't mind trickle charging over night at 3 kW per hour). The mobile charger was the one I got with my 2018 model X new. This...
  5. mbp11

    FSD Beta v11.x

    I have a 2018 MX with full self driving and MCU upgrade. I got 2023.7.30 a week or so ago so I tried it out driving from Livermore to Pleasanton (California) on westbound Stanley Boulevard. There is a right turn that the car has to take to get to our home and Stanley Boulevard turns there as...
  6. mbp11

    Sudden panic stop, and tore the Caliper bolts off on 2018 Model X

    I am so sorry that this happened to you and you are so far away from the service center. Any wheel shop should be able to get the correct bolts and fix the problem. I guess this is the price we pay for having new-tech cars. Mine has been pretty good, but I bought the extended service...
  7. mbp11

    Chademo at last!

    I have a 2018 July MX with free unlimited supercharging but sometimes I don't feel like driving to a supercharger and sitting- would rather do something useful. There is an EV Go charging station at a local Raleys and an electrify America charger at a local Safeway and If I go out to shop, it...
  8. mbp11

    Model X Falcon Door Leak

    Very clever!
  9. mbp11

    Model X, FWD, and young children safety anxiety

    I had similar concerns to yours when I first got my 2018 MX (although my children are grown up and long gone) and elsewhere on this forum a contributor told about popping the speakers out and putting several zip ties on the release pull cable and extending them out above the speaker so the...
  10. mbp11

    New Cal fire code for Powerwalls?

    Thanks so much for the information and sorry to take so long to thank you.
  11. mbp11

    New Cal fire code for Powerwalls?

    We are currently installing two Powerwalls in our separate three car garage in Pleasanton, CA and The batteries were installed one foot apart. We are not finished with the install, it is going on a third day, but we were just told by the installers that City codes locally insist that Energy...
  12. mbp11

    Something is rolling under rear passenger seats

    Good suggestioins~
  13. mbp11

    Something is rolling under rear passenger seats

    I assume that you have opened up the back trunk and then the secondary back trunk (in front of the main deep trunk, but behind the back row of seats)) and taken out all of the items there. I had my 2018 MX for 4 years before I found out that there was a forward storage space in front of the...
  14. mbp11

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    Bruce, you just HAD to get a new Model X with a yoke!!
  15. mbp11

    Service center Bay Area

    I live in Pleasanton and I have had a few items taken care of by the Dublin Service center and I have been happy with their service. I even had the weatherstripping replaced on the FWD as a goodwill gesture when the rubber started falling apart and turning gooey (They replaced the glass roof on...
  16. mbp11

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    Thanks, I will try this, again. When I used it by accident recently, it just switched from chill to average. Maybe I need to twist it some more.
  17. mbp11

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    Thanks for your reply, that seems to do it but it is a pain resetting this configuration every drive. It is really scary driving on autopilot on the freeway, makes me not want to use it.
  18. mbp11

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    Dear Ones, I could really use some help. I have a July 2018 MX with full self-driving and just received the Beta v11.3.3 (2022.45.12) update and driving on the freeway has drastically changed. I can no longer control or defer the car- controlled lane changes, the option to NOT permit late...
  19. mbp11

    Front door body seal has split - how difficult is remove & replacement?

    AHHHHH! Now I know! Well... next time. I thought it was harder.
  20. mbp11

    Front door body seal has split - how difficult is remove & replacement?

    I had the mobile ranger come out and change my drivers side door seal. Mine was eroding and falling apart. It was considered an expendable item and not covered by my extended warranty. IT cost about $200 to purchase and replace.
  21. mbp11

    Wiper blades

    I bought the ones on Amazon, kept them around for a few years until I was ready to change them. Initially they were kind of stiff and chattered across the windshield, (be sure to take the plastic covers off of the rubber, ha ha), but they have smoothed out and are fine now.
  22. mbp11

    Model Y Tesla Moments

    Dear Ones, I was Charging my 2018 Model X at the Johnson Drive superchargers yesterday evening (in Plesanton, CA) and with 20 minutes to go, a brand new whilte modely Y pulled up and parked next to me to charge. The car still had their paper plates in the license plate holders. However, the...
  23. mbp11

    My brand new Model X was rear-ended: Any advice?

    My 2018 Model X got creased in a parking lot a few weeks ago in Pleasanton and the event was caught on the sentry cameras, a hit and run. I filed a police report and managed to trace the owner and am getting the problem taken care of. The plastic housing over the wheel well was cracked and...
  24. mbp11

    Trip Report: San Francisco Bay Area to Las Vegas, NV (Presidents Day Weekend 2023)

    I made this trip to Zion National Park from the SF Bay Area (Pleasanton) 2 years ago during the pandemic and we can usually do the trip in 12-13 hours. For your supercharge near Visalia (my home town) did you actually charge on 99 at Traver? I was very disappointed with Mojave superchargers...
  25. mbp11

    Is the model x good in the snow?

    Where do you put on chains on the dual motor model X? Front or rear?
  26. mbp11

    Supercharger - Dublin, CA - Amador Valley Blvd (under construction Aug 2022, 12 V3 stalls)

    Discovered this new supercharger site while visiting the Golden Dragon Dim Sum restaurant. Still not operational and the supercharger stalls are still draped and covered. I wonder what is holding things up?
  27. mbp11

    Model X falcon wing door water intrusion when opening doors in rain

    I did exactly like MR Ed did and it still works fine since I had the car in July 2018!
  28. mbp11

    Not getting Holiday Update 2023 Model X

    I have a 2018 July MX and full self-driving and I am on 2022.36.20 ( FSD). This schedule is very useful to see. Looks like my next one will be 2022.40.4.10 (
  29. mbp11

    I wouldnt buy a Model 3 again

    These wheels look like my wheels on my Model X!
  30. mbp11

    PPF installer recommendation in the Bay Area

    Ceramic and PPF in Pleasanton, OmegaWerks. Vincent Tran, 3723 Old Santa Rita Road ,#16, Pleasanton, CA. 925-227-1322, [email protected] He did Ceramic on my Model X
  31. mbp11

    FWD how likely is it to hit?

    Thanks, how do you set it to open low at home?
  32. mbp11

    Found: NEMA 16-50 Adapter for Mobile Connector (Bay Area, California)

    I think I have an extra one that you can have. Message me privately. Mike P
  33. mbp11

    FWD how likely is it to hit?

    I had a close call a couple of months ago... Was watching TV with the Model X key fob in my pocket (We are about 60 feet from our separate free-standing three car garage) and suddenly the cell phone indicated there was motion in the garage on our garage cam. There should not be any activity in...
  34. mbp11

    Rubber Molding On Falcon Door - Warranty

  35. mbp11

    can't open x with tesla app

    Here you are: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/model-x-reset-techniques.69250/
  36. mbp11

    Model X Road Trips

    does that make it hard to get into the rear trunk?
  37. mbp11

    Larger solar panel or power wall?

    I think I read on one of the EV sites that Tesla was cutting back on the solar and battery installations across the country, they are backing out even after signing contracts and not installing batteries and solar panels any longer except if a few limited markets.
  38. mbp11

    Scratched my new X front rim :(

    I recently had some unfortunate experience with this. Backed into a low-hanging tree branch while parking and dented the back hatchback. Took it into a highly rated body shop and they offered to fix the dent and even rehabilitate my curb-rashed rims. I drive using the braille technique. When...
  39. mbp11

    Dead battery

    IT is good to know how to pop the frunk in your model x if the battery is dead and to find the hot plug by taking the cover off of the fuse box and grounding to the chassis and boost the 12 volt battery, and then the charge port will open and you can charge away!
  40. mbp11

    12 volt accessory outlet

    I have a July 2018 100D MX and I have a 12 volt accessary outlet on the LEFT side of the car in the back trunk but I have not seen anything on the right. Now I will have to go out to the car and search the right side. Could it be down in the back lower compartment? I do have right and left...
  41. mbp11

    V11 2022.8.10.5 update CHAdeMO is not working

    Sometimes the service center has to update the firmware of the Chademo adaptor but in my case last year, it still did not work and I had to exchange the old one for a new one, now it works!
  42. mbp11

    [Feature Request] Tire Pressure Display While Driving

    Sorry! This was a model X! But I lurk in all of the forums, I learn lots of cool information, like how to resuscitate an dead model 3. You never know what the info will come in handy! Thanks!
  43. mbp11

    [Feature Request] Tire Pressure Display While Driving

    I have a different question- I got the low pressure tire warning and gave the command to display tire pressures, and I pumped them up. But now, how did I get rid of the display and go back to an empty screen? Help!
  44. mbp11

    Tesla wants to charge $400 to brake diagnosis

    If the car is under warranty, they will not change you the diagnosis fee unless it is something that is out of warranty. Just say yes and let them do their work. When I bring the car in for warranty service, they always mention the diagnosis fee but it is always waived. when I brought it in...
  45. mbp11

    Tesla MX 2022

    My main issue is that the drivers side FWD does not open during the second stanza (I have a 2018 July model X, so it plays "Wizards in Winter" by the Trans-Siberia Orchestra). And of course, you have to be on level ground, away from other obstructing cars and doors and anything that would be...
  46. mbp11

    Tesla MX 2022

    Here are some previous discussions on the issue: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/light-show-model-x-issues.252392/#post-6273951
  47. mbp11

    What version is your car on today, Oct. 21, 2022?

    2022.20.18 (FSD beta) about two weeks ago July 2018 MX 100D Mike P
  48. mbp11

    Tesla Model X quiz -What is wrong with my car?

    Congratulations, all of you are correct! It was not a broken bolt on the driver's side caliper, the body shop Tesla tech was out with Covid that day so another employee jacked up the car without knowledge of the correct spots or using Model X pucks and pulled off BOTH wheels for refinishing...

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