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  1. liuping

    Cabin overheat protection no longer working

    Does the NoAC version work for anyone else? I use that to save battery, but the car was 116 yesterday, and the exterior temp was just 80. Seems like it should be able to keep the car cooler than 116 if the air is just 80 outside the car, even with some sun hitting it.
  2. liuping

    Car won't unlock until I handle my iPhone

    I came here to figure out why my wife's iPhone 12 does not unlock here car, while my iPhone 11 does. Someone mentioned back pocket vs front. I gave it a try and sure enough, if I put my phone in my back pocket, it does not unlock for me either. Then I had her try her front pocket, and it works...
  3. liuping

    Model Y Test Drive Observations

    I notice a lot more high pitched whine from the motors when I went from the Model S 85 to the ModelS 90D. Since the Model Y is AWD, that might be part of the extra noise you are hearing. The Model Y RWD should have less motor noise. I don't feel the Model Y motor noise is more than my 90D...
  4. liuping

    Rear cross beam a big issue?

    In that picture it looks like his head is basically touching the glass. I would not recommend he sit back there regardless of the headrest. Hitting a speed bump will probably cause him to hit his head on the glass. I'm 6'1" with a fairly average torso to leg length ratio, and I have 2" above my...
  5. liuping

    Rear cross beam a big issue?

    People under 6 ft tall should not have an issue. That is a large percentage of the population. Also, many people that use the back seat are kids, and most kids are less than 6ft tall. For long trips, letting the kids recline to sleep better is a nice feature.
  6. liuping

    Rear cross beam a big issue?

    If you are reclined and over 6ft tall, you can feel the beam, so you'll know if you need to adjust the seat more upright. It does not even have to be fully upright, just not fully reclined. It's really a non-issue.
  7. liuping

    Rear cross beam a big issue?

    Yep, I just whent out to check myself, since I don't remember it as an issue. He definitely reclined the seat to be able to touch the beam with his head. It's a couple inches behind the head rest if the seat are up right. He also uses a very high angle to make the view out the back window look...
  8. liuping

    19” Gemini Wheels - Powder Coating?

    (Skip ahead to 9:40) I like the two tone look. His painted wheels have the normally silver part blackened, so the normally dark part is now the lighter part. For now I'm just keeping the default. They don't look too bad and you get used to them. They are much better (IMHO) than the Areo...
  9. liuping

    Perf Y Spoiler coming off?

    I think the spoiler is not the right shape for the hatch. it's too big, so the tape have to actually bend the spoiler to get it closer to the hatch, but the tape is not strong enough to hold it under tension like that. Mine was coming off shortly after delivery. I got the car XPel wrapped so...
  10. liuping

    2020.12.11.1 rolling out...

    The release notes are the same as for 2020.12.11
  11. liuping

    2020.12.11.1 rolling out...

    2020.12.11 had it. It worked fine when I tested it, but honestly, since I never drive with AP or TACC enabled on surface street, I'll never really use it. I was hoping it would at least do a warning alert if you are about to go through a red light or stop sign when not in AP mode. Maybe...
  12. liuping

    2020.12.11.1 rolling out...

    Installing now, but I don't expect any release notes except maybe "Bug fixes".
  13. liuping

    Is it me, or is the Model Y really ugly?

    Just went out to the garage to check, just in case. Nope it's not ugly.
  14. liuping

    2020.12.5.6: Traffic Light & Stop Sign Control

    For some reason my Model Y installed 2020.12.11 yesterday, then downloaded and installed it again today.
  15. liuping

    Lucid Air Will Be Better Than Model S, Says Former Tesla Engineer

    It's a "proper" sedan instead of a hackback, so it's better than the Model S? The Model S being a hatchback was one of it's best features! I've been able to my all my kid's stuff back and forth to college. That just would not be possible in a normal sedan.
  16. liuping

    Just got notification for update for 12.10!

    The Tesla Cam viewer is awesome! At first though it was broken, since there were not very many clips to view. Then I remembered I got my Model Y after the stay at home order started, so I have barely driven it. ;(
  17. liuping

    2020.5.10.8 software bug patch Downloading now

    Just unspecified improvements and bug fixes. I'm defineitly looking forward to getting on the main branch, so we can start getting the FSD improvements.
  18. liuping

    Anyone reconsidering their order after seeing how Elon is reacting to COVID-19?

    If you read the link from John Hopkins, it literally says it's a type of ventilator: "Some medical problems can make it hard for you to breathe. In these cases, you might benefit from bilevel positive airway pressure. It is commonly known as “BiPap” or “BPap.” It is a type of ventilator—a...
  19. liuping

    Anyone reconsidering their order after seeing how Elon is reacting to COVID-19?

    I believe they are BiPAP machines, which are different from CPAP machine. They are bidirectional and a little closer to a normal ventilator. With a different tube they are good enough for many people who need assistance breathing due to the virus. Here is more info on BiPAP machines from John...
  20. liuping

    Fremont Factory Status

    California received a special exemption that allows them to require stricter emission controls. It does not work that way most laws.
  21. liuping

    Model Y build quality with photos

    True. And we have a bit more wind noise than later VINs. But we also have the Alcantara headliner and lifetime free premium connectivity. :)
  22. liuping

    Model Y delivery yesterday - few thoughts relative to a 2017 MX P100DL

    No bubbles at all. The use of the stickers to get all the tiny lint and dust particles is key. Clean air bubbles can be worked off to the side and they disappear. If there is dust in the bubble, it will never go away fully.
  23. liuping

    Model Y build quality with photos

    My wife's Model 3 is in the 1300's and we have had zero issues with it beyond the initial glove box latch problem, which they fixed.
  24. liuping

    Model Y build quality with photos

    I sorry your Model Y was in such bad shape. Hopefully all the issues are all fixable at the service center. It makes me appreciate mine all the more. It's not perfect, but far fewer issue, all fairly easily adjustable/correctable and I can live with them until Tesla Service can fix them.
  25. liuping

    Model Y delivery yesterday - few thoughts relative to a 2017 MX P100DL

    I use the screen protectors from Abstract Ocean. They come with a frame that fits over the screen during installation, so alignment is easy. Must important step is to clean the screen well, and use the stick pads to go over the whole screen to get every last bit of lint.
  26. liuping

    Anyone install "Trunk Cotton" Looks very nice

    I agree. I installed in on my wife's Model 3. It does not really help sound, but makes the trunk look more finished.
  27. liuping

    Has anyone taken delivery with 19" Gemini wheels?

    They dropped it off in my driveway, so I did not see any other Model Ys :)
  28. liuping

    Has anyone taken delivery with 19" Gemini wheels?

    I’m pleasantly surprised. I hated the aero covers on my wife’s Model 3, and they came off the first day :). But these are not too bad. I’ll leave them for now until something better comes along after market.
  29. liuping

    Anyone taking delivery of Model Y this week?

    Yeah, it’s a little strange that it’s the same price. At least I got the spoiler though :)
  30. liuping

    Has anyone taken delivery with 19" Gemini wheels?

    It arrived this afternoon. Not great lighting, but here's a pic with the Gemini covers on. I think I like them and will leave them on for now. The Model Y is absolutely amazing so far. Also, it looks much bigger in person than it does in pictures.
  31. liuping

    My Tesla Direct Drop Off

    Mine did come with the spoiler :)
  32. liuping

    My Tesla Direct Drop Off

    I'm in the same boat. The MVPA say it has a spoiler. We'll see if it does when it arrives. I'd actually like the spoiler part of the PUP. I just did not want the big wheels/range loss. It seems odd we have to choose all or nothing, especially since it's a no charge upgrade.
  33. liuping

    Anyone taking delivery of Model Y this week?

    Mine has disappeared from the account page, replaced with "We will reach out to you to schedule your delivery date." I talked to someone on the phone last night who said it would be in my driveway between 10-5pm today. Not sure if that changed, or just another web site glitch. I guess I'll know...
  34. liuping

    Vendor Want to remove the Model Y emblems?...Think again.

    Does the dual motor badge also have holes behind it? I don't mind leaving the T, but would like to remove the dual motor badge. Or more accurately, not add it back on after the Xpel wrap.
  35. liuping

    Model Y - Homelink installation

    I ordered the homelink ahead of time as well. Should have my Y on Friday. Do you know if they can to the roaming service, or do you have to take it in?
  36. liuping

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    They are trying to "reduce the benefits" so they are capped to what the person made while working. Otherwise, many lower end income people will get a raise if the are laid off. Meaning the employer would actually be hurting them by keeping the employed.
  37. liuping

    Any thoughts / experiences with generic / ebay 16a evse kits?

    These are high power devices, don't mess around with cheap off brand stuff. Get a real, branded and UL certified EVSE. Saving $200 is not worth burning down your house.
  38. liuping

    No longer sure i want a tesla at all...

    I relatively certain there will not be a full lock down for 12 weeks. Most likely, after a few more weeks, manufacturing and businesses that don't have large public gatherings (i.e. theaters, restaurant) will start opening with new procedures in place to reduce the spread of the virus.
  39. liuping

    Has anyone taken delivery with 19" Gemini wheels?

    I'm going to try them for a bit, to see if I get used to them, but I might get them painted like the ones in this video (skip to around 9:50): I think they will look better painted on my MSM Y
  40. liuping

    Has anyone taken delivery with 19" Gemini wheels?

    Mine is scheduled for home delivery this Friday. I’ll post a pic as soon as I can, with and without the covers.
  41. liuping

    Just got the call!

    Midnight Silver Metalic, stealth performance, five seat black interior, full self driving.
  42. liuping

    Just got the call!

    I did not request home delivery, they just said in the text this morning it would be delivered to my home in 3-5 days. They said the contract would be ready onto sign on the 26th and it would be delivered to my driveway after that. I don't even need to be home. I have 24 hours after delivery to...
  43. liuping

    Front license Plate bracket

    Interesting, because I've bought 3 Teslas so far in California, and they did not install the front plate on any of them. Nor did the Chevy dealer on the Volt I bought before I switched to Tesla.
  44. liuping

    Just got the call!

    You might be getting really close. They called last Thursday and by Friday the web page changed with a MVPA and I was able to pay. Got the text this morning that it will be delivered to my house in 3-5 days.
  45. liuping

    Fremont will be shut down!

    They already reached a compromise with the county. They can remain operational with 1/4 the employees.
  46. liuping

    Anyone NOT had any issues with their Model 3?

    We've had the Model 3 since December 2017, and have had literally no issues after they fixed the glove box latch releasing (it was an early production issue, long since sorted)
  47. liuping

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    I dropped our Model 3 off at 8:30 and the HW3 upgrade was done by noon. I think the upgrade times are coming down quickly.
  48. liuping

    tesla app on Apple Watch [not available - third party options only]

    I recommend always carrying the card key in your wallet as back up. If (when?) your Apple Watch battery dies early, you will be SOL if it's all you have.
  49. liuping

    New Y on configuration page.

    I'm bummed I can't add the 20’’ Induction Wheels to my Performance Y order. Only the 18" Gemini Wheels are available for some reason. Hopefully that changes at some point, and I can adjust my order.

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