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  1. boaterva

    SolarEdge Inverter Issue-DC Error

    Had to re-read this whole thing to recollect it as it’s been a while! Sorry, no names or other shortcuts besides giving TE pictures perhaps? Not sure what they need to ‘see’. Sorry to hear they still can’t access anything real time to verify your issue ugh….. Mine is still working fine, knock...
  2. boaterva

    CCS Adapter for North America

    People waiting for these, received my order of adapter and case from Harumio today. Order exactly two weeks ago, I believe.
  3. boaterva

    HomeLink auto close does not work

    One note that may help others when open doesn’t work (not closing). We had it it set to too far a distance so it would close but wouldn’t open because when you return the door is shut and degrades (just enough) the signal. Cut the distance to trigger it down by ten feet, works every time. It...
  4. boaterva


    As posted elsewhere, this was a rogue app on my iphone (Bluetooth tester?) that was grabbing the bluetooth. I was advised to reboot phone, etc, by Tesla, but that doesn't do anything as all apps come right back, of course. Need to close (swipe away) all apps and running only the Tesla app see...
  5. boaterva

    iPhone Tesla app map

    They did this to show all the larger number of superchargers, I think. Hate it too. We use the map to see where family cars are and now it’s the 30000 foot view.
  6. boaterva


    Looks like this issue I had was from another app hijacking the Bluetooth. A reminder that a phone reboot will not do to troubleshoot as all apps are still running. Be sure to shut down all apps by hand and restart them to see which one is the culprit and that it’s the phone causing the issue and...
  7. boaterva

    No volume for theater with 2022.12.3 update

    Too many similar threads but I’ll mention here also. 12.3.1 and 2. No media audio because Bluetooth is taking phone off hook. Tell Bluetooth to disconnect the phone and it’s fine for that one trip of course. Haven’t seen this bug in years.
  8. boaterva


    For those with no sound, are you sure it’s not the Bluetooth bug? On 12.3.1 and .2 my phone is connected (off hook, the card is up all the time) so no media will play. Go into Bluetooth and tell it to disconnect your current phone and see if that fixes the media for the current trip. You can...
  9. boaterva


    12.3.2 Still has the phone Bluetooth issue for me. iPhone auto-connects same as 12.3.1. Off the hook, no other audio can play. Re-pair, reboot, no change. Ugh. (On my Y)
  10. boaterva


    Had 12.1 and don't really see any (new) issues except the phone problem. Will test some more this afternoon....
  11. boaterva


    Anyone on 12.3.1 seeing the 'phone always connected' issue we had years back? Bluetooth grabs phone, card is up, looks like you can hang up, you can't, you are talking to your self. Reboot, and/or re-pair of phone do nada. Ugh... Told car to 'disconnect' phone, see if it's any better time to...
  12. boaterva

    Virginia Plates... How Long from Purchase to Plates/Registration Arriving?

    Virginia is electronic title now. Check your DMV account, I don’t believe you get paper automatically unless you request it. I also recall that took a while longer than the registration when I got my 3 in 2018 but I don’t believe they were all electronic then.
  13. boaterva

    Virginia Plates... How Long from Purchase to Plates/Registration Arriving?

    I would get the normal random ones and then get the new ones. Better than Tesla messing it up or being late. They have enough to do and are always just in time getting any plates to you.
  14. boaterva

    Virginia Plates... How Long from Purchase to Plates/Registration Arriving?

    It’s usually exactly the month: the day the temps expire. The last car (last November) they were so swamped it was a day later. I really doubt anyone cares that your temps are a day over.
  15. boaterva

    Jump-Starting 12V Battery Charger PSA

    Had the battery die in my 3 (2018) and got it going with a Gooloo (sp?) jump box worked great. (Note that all this process with a jump box is now in the Tesla doc under 'car won't drive'). Some have said elsewhere that Roadside will do 12V replacements (got the car home from the 2nd level of...
  16. boaterva

    2021.44.30.8 - Likely FSD 10.9 beginning to roll out.

    Previous firmware was .7. So, not FSD beta. Always good to look at what the car(s) had before on TeslaFi !
  17. boaterva

    FSD 10.8.1 Resets Suspensions

    No one is suspended based on the score, it’s on too many AP ‘ignores’ or ‘not paying attention’ according to the in-cabin camera or because the camera can’t see your eyes because you have a hat on. It was too sensitive on several releases and either locked people out or gave them two strikes...
  18. boaterva

    Those who reset score - how soon after reaching 99/100 (100+ miles) did you receive FSD Beta?

    Same here. Reset, 110 miles, 100 score. Almost a week. Hope I get the new 10.8.1 (or 10.8) today since that’s a full week. Two weeks since reset, one week since miles. Since 10.8.1 is starting to roll out now, it may be the one. As for reset: opt out on the car, wait for the safety score to...
  19. boaterva

    Did not receive the Holiday V11 software update and cannot update.

    Whether you like V11 (holiday update) or not, if you have a new car, relax and don’t think about it. It took my new Y exactly four weeks to get any new update. Then it got the holiday update on schedule. There is nothing you can do to accelerate this as long as you are on good Wi-Fi. Service...
  20. boaterva

    2022 Model Y - USB Data Ports - USB-A Glovebox Only

    Note that November 1 is the start of official 2022 model year (by VIN) even though Tesla ‘doesn’t do model years’. Looks like some changes are now hooked to the VIN year change. I was looking for game controller connections and ran across this thread, thanks for the confirmation.
  21. boaterva

    Any beginner tips for FSD / providing feedback to Tesla? Also, my experience so far on day 1

    Every disengagement provides feedback. So does the video button, which you don't need to press unless there's other feedback you want to add, like when underway under beta. The button is at the top of the screen, right next to (too close to) the profile selector. I didn't get the email...
  22. boaterva

    Not getting any software updates??

    Interesting. See my sig for details of my car. The only difference in my car is that it has FSD but all have the HW 3 computer now. They should have been built about the same day!
  23. boaterva

    Not getting any software updates??

    FSD beta has about that schedule, but we’re talking about normal releases and putting new cars on the list for the first time. No connection.
  24. boaterva

    August Order Estimate Delivery

    Take delivery ASAP or else. They don’t want people delaying deliveries.
  25. boaterva

    August Order Estimate Delivery

    Final update for me: home delivery was Tuesday; driven to me from Tysons, about 20 miles. Car started with about 4 miles on it. No issues at all with the car, perfect. Note that all the papers are in the car for the registration and all, be sure to sign them and get them to FedEx or whoever...
  26. boaterva

    Not getting any software updates??

    2021.35.102.2 seems to be the current factory build. My new Y LR was built this month and also came with/has that. As was stated, the cars can’t/won’t update to anything else until they are placed on the update list. I believe it took about a week for my X and 3 (4 and 3 years ago, respectively)...
  27. boaterva

    August Order Estimate Delivery

    Delivery changed back to at home. They texted Friday and said because of parking at Tysons, would at home be okay? Fine with me, saves us a trip. I wonder if they drive it (so cameras get calibrated) or truck it. I assume drive since so close. Carrier for out of state delivery. Also got an...
  28. boaterva

    August Order Estimate Delivery

    If you have a near delivery date and appointment and no progress (documents, payment, etc) try killing the app and restarting it. I did that this AM (Monday appointment at Tysons) and: I now have four panes for resubmitting my insurance, setting up ACH for total payment and monthly payment, and...
  29. boaterva

    August Order Estimate Delivery

    August 5th order here and now have 11/22 delivery. The choices (a few days ago) for Tysons were from the 22nd and out a few days after that. I figure the car carrier was just leaving Fremont around that time? Still no update on documents, etc. besides the email I referred to above with the...
  30. boaterva

    August Order Estimate Delivery

    On the VIN appearing: I got a message on the app page about ‘a change to your order’ and it was the VIN appearing and it now saying 2022 Model year (which I assume is all production after November 1, same as that info about all 3’s after Nov 1 will have heated steering wheels for 2022, etc.) I...
  31. boaterva

    Pedestrian Warning System (PWS) - On / Off Switch

    I saw a YT that had the timeline, wiring started in 2019, I believe (strictly from memory) then the speaker was later.... So all of them can't be retro'd.
  32. boaterva

    August Order Estimate Delivery

    Gotcha, and thanks! What a roller coaster on the EDDs for all, lol!
  33. boaterva

    August Order Estimate Delivery

    Ordered YLR early August (see sig), EDD moved around from December to November to January to November back to January last week for a few days and now back to two weeks from now. Now I have a VIN. But wtf. 7SAYGDEE9NF307XXX I've never heard of a new manufacturing prefix for Tesla. Is...
  34. boaterva

    iOS 15 can no longer connect locally to energy gateway

    Tried this with my new iPhone 13 Pro Max, no issues at all. Using the usual 192 IP address as always, no special warnings. Maybe because I’d been there before. (I’d migrated all data from the old phone).
  35. boaterva

    iOS 15 can no longer connect locally to energy gateway

    I was going to say the same, use another browser :) . I'll test this when I get my new phone tomorrow, but I'm assuming there are no options to disable any of the 'new security'. Thanks, Apple! At least we CAN load FF or Chrome.... I used to connect locally all the time when the updates...
  36. boaterva

    Does a Model Y can drive in a single garage door?

    We’ve use several things for tight parking including the wheel stops which you run a wheel into, tape on the floor to see that you are lined up, mirrors on the wall to see that you are lined up with the tape, and looking in the rear camera to see when it lines up with a mark on the floor to tell...
  37. boaterva

    Only Used Tesla site issues

    I just email [email protected] since you can't really do anything on the site anyway (all contact I have with people is through email...). I would contact the admin through that address and see what he says, I've found him to be responsive. Good luck!
  38. boaterva

    2017 Model X 100D - Full PPF, under 3600 miles

    Looking to sell my X while the prices are hot, as I have a Y ordered. The X is too large for what we need it for and we have a 3 also. I hope someone with a larger family can make good use of her. As my onlyusedtesla ad says, she's in showroom condition (really!), still has the new car smell...
  39. boaterva

    Tesla Referral Program

    So, I never use my referral code since in Virginia, we can't get anything (tangible) for it (ugh...). I only use it when I order my own cars. Here's the idiotic thing. Where the heck is it now on the current Tesla account dashboard? It used to be front and center, but I sure can't see it...
  40. boaterva

    Tesla.Com Trade In Prices Currently (August 2021)

    So, chatting with Tesla (which is now 24 hours, a good addition from the old days!) tells me that trade-ins can be updated from the basic quote later (photos, in-person, etc.). Very responsive chat today.
  41. boaterva

    Tesla.Com Trade In Prices Currently (August 2021)

    Looking to possibly get the best price on my 2017 X without the hassle of private sale while the used and X market is hot. Using the Tesla.com trade in feature (since they know most of the details of the car) gets me 73K (5K more than Vroom, etc.). My question is: Is there a way to have...
  42. boaterva

    VA inspection & tire shop in around Sterling or Fairfax

    May try them for inspection this year, as I've now been told by Tesla Mobile that Tyson's is getting away from doing public inspections since they have so many deliveries to do. As for VA, assume that was Chantilly? The South Riding one doesn't seem to be as good as Chantilly (which seems to...
  43. boaterva

    "Unable to Charge" Errors Appearing Mysteriously. Is Software to Blame?

    Finally updating with what I thought would be the answer and sigh it’s not. Tesla finally agreed to come out two weeks ago and have mobile replace the pilot ‘trident’ cable from the charge port to the charger. Makes sense if this cable was flaky as the pilot pins (the two low(er) voltage ones in...
  44. boaterva

    Is FM/XM Radio upgrade actually free for early MCU2 upgraders?

    Exactly. No idea if this was because of recent price drops or what. I had a theory it was because of Premium sound system but I don’t think that’s been proven.
  45. boaterva

    Supercharger - Manassas VA

    Yep, the pin is only on the middle of the name as is virtually always the case.
  46. boaterva

    SolarEdge Inverter Issue-DC Error

    I assumed from everything I posted (18 months ago now?) that it was a batch of bad parts in a run of units. This because of the original reporting of this error code (which now has a permanent place in the error reporting, hmmmm), got an immediately RMA and a bump-up in appointment schedule...
  47. boaterva

    Software 2021.4.11 Park [sensor] Issue

    Have to ask, have you rebooted after getting the release? Many issues that seem to come with a new release are fixed if you do a normal two-scroll wheel reboot. I always do one as soon as the software finishes loading.
  48. boaterva

    Upgrade Existing System

    How does one expand their panels/PW system? Do you mean adding a completely new system? I was told that was the only way to do so, adding a completely new/additional everything (which seems to me to be overkill), new inverter, cabling, disconnects, etc.
  49. boaterva

    Supercharger - Chantilly, VA

    Thanks for the update! Wasn’t aware both had them or in progress!

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