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  1. EVRider-FL

    New Model S build quality

    No issues yet with the 2023 Model S that I received on May 1, other than excessive road noise, which I talked about in this thread: Thread '2023 Model S Road Noise?' 2023 Model S Road Noise?
  2. EVRider-FL

    Full Self-Driving may be degraded Poor weather detected

    If it only happened on that one drive, reboot and see if it happens again. If it does, I suggest a service visit, especially if you’re still under warranty. I’ve only seen that message when it was actually raining, though sometimes the auto wipers come on when there’s no rain, so it could be...
  3. EVRider-FL

    Final Trade-In Offer 25% Less

    I recently traded in our 2018 Model 3 MR for a new MYP. The trade in offer was a lot lower than what our car would sell for in the used car market, but still higher than what I was offered by other services like Carvana and Driveway. Earlier this year I traded in a 2018 Model S100D, and the...
  4. EVRider-FL

    wait for new 3 or get discounted inventory 3

    If the differences in the refreshed 3 are important to you, then wait, but you don’t know how long you might be waiting.
  5. EVRider-FL

    Tesla Vision Progress tracking

    Sounds like you’re talking about Park Assist, which was only recently implemented on Tesla Vision and is still pretty quirky. AP/FSD have been on Tesla Vision for much longer so the parking issues are unrelated.
  6. EVRider-FL

    Premium Connectivity Referral Stack after current subscription?

    If you stack multiple years, can you cancel a subscription that hasn’t started yet without losing anything, for example if you replace the car? You don’t get a refund if you cancel an active subscription.
  7. EVRider-FL

    FSD Camera upgrade - charge?

    Right, and you got the HW3 upgrade for free. Tesla never said camera upgrades would be free.
  8. EVRider-FL

    Auto lane change unavailable visibility reduced

    The other night my HW4 Model S was showing a message about the pillar cameras being blinded when I was driving on a dark rural road (not using AP). The next morning the message was gone. I also have 32.4. I’m guessing it’s related to the OP’s issue.
  9. EVRider-FL

    Considering Switching to a Demo Model S Plaid with 600 Miles - Any Experiences or Insights?

    Not worth going for without a significant discount, especially since some brand new inventory cars are heavily discounted (though maybe not Plaids).
  10. EVRider-FL

    FSD - Stop & Go Traffic

    The OP was asking about stopping in stop and go traffic, so I assumed they meant stopping for other cars, and that’s what I was referring to. I agree that FSD Beta doesn’t reliably stop for stop signs etc., but I’ve never worried about hitting another car by failing to stop in time.
  11. EVRider-FL

    New 2018 Owner with questions

    Our Model 3 lost less than 1 mile per day when parked at home in our garage for extended periods, without Sentry Mode on. Using the app to check on the car frequently will cause you to lose more range because the car won’t sleep as much.
  12. EVRider-FL

    FSD - Stop & Go Traffic

    I’ve used all the variations of AP since 2016 on all kinds of roads and failing to stop has never been an issue.
  13. EVRider-FL

    Map Correct, But route is wrong!

    I believe the map visualization is from Google, but the navigation data is from a different source, so discrepancies can happen. Do you have FSD Beta, and if so, how does it handle that?
  14. EVRider-FL

    Is it still possible to delay/postpone delivery?

    True, but I was told by a Tesla advisor that you can’t delay the order. When I ordered my first Tesla in late 2015, you had the option of delaying delivery for up to 6 months, which I did.
  15. EVRider-FL

    Past charging statistics?

    When viewing monthly charge stats, you can swipe right to see previous months. You can also use a third party tool like TeslaFi to collect charging data.
  16. EVRider-FL

    Where's the USB drive

    Before Tesla added a USB port to the glovebox, the USB ports were located in the front compartment of the center console. Tesla didn’t provide a USB drive at that time, but you can use your own.
  17. EVRider-FL

    Sentry mode

    Or you can leave it enabled but exclude Home and/or Favorite locations.
  18. EVRider-FL

    Differences in Stats

    You might find some of that data here: Tesla Model S - Wikipedia
  19. EVRider-FL

    HW4 FSD beta Update here???

    That never hurts. I had to accept the FSD Beta after installing 2023.32.4 since that was my first FSD Beta build -- maybe your sister neglected to do that? Obvious question, but I'll ask anyway: did your sister buy or subscribe to the FSD option?
  20. EVRider-FL

    Do any HW4 Vehicles have FSD Beta activated ?

    Got 2023.32.4 with FSD Beta 11.4.4 last, just in time for the road trip. 🙂
  21. EVRider-FL

    Yolk Steering Peeling Retrofit to Round

    You can buy a round steering wheel retrofit from Tesla for $700. BTW, it’s yoke, not yolk.
  22. EVRider-FL

    Fsd / autopilot package not showing up on software screen

    Whether or not the car has FSD, the Controls > Software screen should show both Autopilot/FSD and Premium Connectivity status, neither of which appear in the OP’s photo.
  23. EVRider-FL

    HW4 FSD beta Update here???

    I got that update last night, just in time for my road trip on Saturday. 🙂 I was going to cancel my FSD subscription if I didn’t get the update before Saturday.
  24. EVRider-FL

    iPhone favourites (contacts) not syncing

    Check your iOS Settings for the Tesla app and if there’s anything there for Contacts. I don’t see anything there on my iPhone, but I might have a different iOS version. Also check the Bluetooth settings in the car and see if there’s anything there. You can try uninstalling and reinstalling the...
  25. EVRider-FL

    Refresh Model S charge port doesn't open with button on wall/mobile charger

    My 2023 Model S charge port opens when I press the button on the wall connector handle. Apparently, it also opens when I use my garage door remote control, as I discovered today.
  26. EVRider-FL

    August 2022 MS - any latest upgrades like new cameras, FSD computer, Steam?

    The new cameras and HW4 were introduced earlier this year, so if you really meant August 2022, then you don't have them. I haven't been paying attention to Steam, so I can't answer that one.
  27. EVRider-FL

    FSD Trial questions

    2023.26.9 has FSDb 11.3.6, which is compatible with the HW3 processor in your 22 Model S. You should be able to use it immediately after subscribing. You'll need to enable it in Controls > Autopilot.
  28. EVRider-FL

    Charging Door Opens Randomly

    This happened to me today. I was testing one of my garage door remotes, and when I opened the garage door, the charge port on my Model S opened (but not the charge port on my wife's Model 3, which was also in the garage). I don't usually use the remotes since we have HomeLink in both cars. I...
  29. EVRider-FL

    Refresh Model S charge port doesn't open with button on wall/mobile charger

    It should open if the car is unlocked. Is it?
  30. EVRider-FL

    Fsd / autopilot package not showing up on software screen

    Very interesting. I checked my wife's Model 3, which has the same build installed as the car you're buying, and her Controls > Software screen shows the "missing" FSD and Premium Connectivity options, even in Valet Mode. Another difference is that in my wife's car, there's an image of the car...
  31. EVRider-FL

    Ordered new MSLR yesterday and getting this message every 3 hours

    Where are you getting these messages? Although the app shows that option, I don't recall getting any of those messages when I ordered an S in April and Y last month.
  32. EVRider-FL

    “Coming soon” cars in new inventory?

    I learned that some of the "coming soon" inventory cars can be assigned, but only if they have a VIN and ETA at the service center/gallery, otherwise they can't be assigned. I actually got one of these (MYP) at a huge discount (not a demo car), taking delivery this week.
  33. EVRider-FL

    Fsd / autopilot package not showing up on software screen

    Maybe the car is in Valet Mode, which limits what appears on the screen. I don’t know if those options are supposed to be hidden, but that’s my guess. I would ask the seller. Note that the seller could transfer FSD to a new Tesla, so even if the car has it now, it might not be there when you...
  34. EVRider-FL

    Removal of USS in Model S 2023

    I had to consent when I took delivery of my new S on May 1, so it’s not that recent.
  35. EVRider-FL

    Change to location-based mirror auto unfold behavior?

    An update to my OP: when I leave the house, my mirrors will sometimes unfold as they should, sometimes unfold a couple of minutes later, and other times not unfold at all. It’s become more inconsistent since I first posted about it. I did get an update since then, 2023.26.9, but I don’t know if...
  36. EVRider-FL

    Auto park and summon no longer works for me!

    They temporarily removed Auto Park because it isn’t supported on Tesla Vision yet. It will be added back at some point, but no one can say when. (Well, they can say when, but they will probably be wrong. 🙂)
  37. EVRider-FL

    Do any HW4 Vehicles have FSD Beta activated ?

    I subscribed to FSD on 8/27 hoping to get FSD Beta for my HW4 Model S before an upcoming road trip. The only update I’ve received since then is 2023.26.9, so no FSD Beta yet. If I don’t get it before the trip starts, I’ll cancel the subscription, since my car won’t have access to WiFi on the trip.
  38. EVRider-FL

    Vehicle May not restart, unable to drive after washing my car

    I don’t know if the car wash had anything to do with it, but have service check your HV battery, which should still be under warranty. I suppose it could also be the 12V battery, especially if you haven’t replaced it in a few years (but that won’t be covered).
  39. EVRider-FL

    Order new or buy from existing inventory?

    We ordered a Model Y LR with seven seats to replace my wife’s Model 3, but none were available soon enough so we looked at inventory cars. We ended up choosing a Model Y Performance because the prices were heavily discounted. We saw two identical MYPs, neither one a demo, one discounted by about...
  40. EVRider-FL

    FSD functions on used 2018 Model 3

    Correct, but even those cars are getting standard AP if FSD is transferred to a new car.
  41. EVRider-FL

    FSD functions on used 2018 Model 3

    I agree, but I don’t know of any other scenario where you would see an expiration date for FSD. Maybe the seller didn’t understand what the FSD transfer promotion was about, and just ”transferred” FSD by subscribing in the new car.
  42. EVRider-FL

    Non-Tesla BEV - What charger should I get to automatically stop charging during an outage?

    Have you looked into installing a new outlet that isn’t backed up? Might be too expensive, but worth a look.
  43. EVRider-FL

    FSD functions on used 2018 Model 3

    The fact that FSD is shown with an expiration date suggests the current owner subscribed to FSD. In any case, you won’t have it unless you subscribe or buy it.
  44. EVRider-FL

    FSD functions on used 2018 Model 3

    Others have reported that all cars that do the FSD transfer end up with basic AP, whether or not the car had it originally.
  45. EVRider-FL

    Firmware updates

    Still waiting for FSD Beta on my HW4 Model S. To be fair, it’s only been 2 weeks since I subscribed to FSD, but others have been waiting much longer.
  46. EVRider-FL

    are insurance companies dropping folks with Tesla powerwalls?

    How often does that happen?
  47. EVRider-FL

    Firmware updates

    According to TeslaFi, the only recent builds that don’t have FSD Beta are 2023.26.100, which is probably a factory build, and 2023.32.1, which was just released. I think this suggests that a production branch is no longer a thing. The people who are buying new HW4 Teslas are the ones being...
  48. EVRider-FL

    Key not Detected

    Another problem that you'll see when the wrong phone key is detected is the wrong driver profile being used, which happens frequently in my wife's Model 3, which we both drive. On the other hand, my Model S sometimes selects the wrong profile even though I'm the only driver -- I want it to use...
  49. EVRider-FL

    Firmware updates

    I don't think there's anything you can do other than wait for the features you want to show up in a new build. It seems that most or all new builds have some version of FSD Beta at this point, so new features and FSD Beta shouldn't continue to be mutually exclusive.
  50. EVRider-FL

    FSD transfer downgrade

    I don't think there's anything you can do but wait until 11.4.x is more widely distributed. I didn't realize until you posted this that Model 3 is still using HW3 (unlike Model Y). At least you're able to use FSD Beta 11.3.x, unlike those of us with HW4 cars.

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