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  1. UncertainTimes

    New tires at 21,000 miles

    I’m at 39k miles on my OEM set of PS4s. Y’all drive like maniacs.
  2. UncertainTimes

    New tires at 21,000 miles

    I’m not saying it’s a good idea but more of an observation. Take a look at peoples tires around So Cal sometime. All balding or totally bald. That’s why there are so many accidents at the lightest sprinkling of rain.
  3. UncertainTimes

    12v Battery Failure Notification on App (pretty cool, is this new?)

    I got the notification last week. Scheduled mobile service, came in 2 days, replaced for free under warranty in my garage in 30 mins. Mobile service is becoming one of the best things about Tesla ownership. Maybe even tops SC network.
  4. UncertainTimes

    Tire Rotation NOT necessary if tread wear is even?

    I’ve rotated every 10k miles on my M3P because the wear has been pretty even. Get yourself a tread depth tool for a couple bucks.
  5. UncertainTimes

    New car standard maintenance and cost during the warranty period?

    There is no annual service nor is it covered. If all goes well for your car all you’ll need in 4 years are tire related costs (rotation, replacement etc), cabin air filters, wiper fluid and blades, and maybe 12V battery.
  6. UncertainTimes

    New tires at 21,000 miles

    Im at 39k miles with stock summer Michelin PS4s on my M3P aaaaalmost at the wear bears. Mostly highway miles.
  7. UncertainTimes

    New tires at 21,000 miles

    Driving habits are the main determinants of tread life.
  8. UncertainTimes

    New tires at 21,000 miles

    Probably could’ve gotten more life out of the tires depending on the weather you live in. In So Cal you can literally drive on bald tires (thanks severe drought!). Next time plan ahead. Shop for tire deals online. Sometimes even Costco has good deals. $50/tire to install is on the higher side.
  9. UncertainTimes

    Autosock Tire Sock Review

    I also bought a pair for a recent trip to Big Bear but ended up using traditional chains instead. Was saving them if I needed to throw them on in a pinch since they seem easier to put on. One thing to note though is that if the tires are stuck on snow and have no traction to begin with you can’t...
  10. UncertainTimes

    what maintenance is needed or what problem to look for when reaching 4 years (50,000 miles) mileage ?

    12V battery. Just replaced mine last week on my 2020
  11. UncertainTimes

    Wet rear camera

    Oh I dunno something along the lines of using ultrasonic sensors instead of relying on the camera like the rest of the modern car world.
  12. UncertainTimes

    M3P Tire Selection in SoCal

    Well the reality is that it’s complicated. If you have a garage and the car doesn’t sit outside in freezing temps, it’s probably fine to drive around in sub 40 temps right after pulling out of the garage.
  13. UncertainTimes

    Model 3, pedal space to rest left foot?

    That space is for the right hand drive 6MT versions
  14. UncertainTimes

    "Ads" on the cards... a rant

    Just waiting for the one that says “Sign up for a Twitter Blue account for the full Tesla experience”
  15. UncertainTimes

    M3P Tire Selection in SoCal

    <puts alternative fact flame suit on> I wouldn’t recommend driving in freezing temps even when dry with summer tires. Not only will you have reduced traction, you risk cracking the rubber compound in the tire. Just google “summer tires below 40” and decide for yourself. <waits for that reply...
  16. UncertainTimes

    Best hours to recharge my Tesla in San Diego?

    If you’re not on a TOU plan then you probably don’t have a Super off peak period? Why don’t you just look at your actual bill?
  17. UncertainTimes

    Recommendations on how to fix this tiny rock chip on the paint?

    Add more to the collection
  18. UncertainTimes

    How long can I expect a model 3 to last?

    Spotted the frequent Jalopnik commenter
  19. UncertainTimes

    How long can I expect a model 3 to last?

    The low windshield fluid warning came on the other day. Time to let it go.
  20. UncertainTimes

    Best hours to recharge my Tesla in San Diego?

    Yea step one find out what plan you’re actually on. Step two switch to EVTOU5 if you’re not.
  21. UncertainTimes

    12v Battery Alert

    You like to live dangerously
  22. UncertainTimes

    12v Battery Alert

    I just got this alert today and have mobile service coming out on Thursday. So I take it the car wont leave me stranded and just use the main battery to keep the car alive? I have a 2020 with 38k miles and a little over 2 years.
  23. UncertainTimes

    Which Car to Take on Trip?

    Save the $200 for…anything else.
  24. UncertainTimes

    M3: Rear Facing Car Seat Recommendations

    Nuna Rava is so easy to get tight it’s ridiculous. Pricey but absolutely worth it.
  25. UncertainTimes

    Wheel Alignment

    Depends on your area but alignment at my local SC was cheaper than everywhere else
  26. UncertainTimes

    Quick or easy ways to remove a J1772 connector (with adapter)?

    like I tell my SO, use both hands
  27. UncertainTimes

    What is beta mode for tesla?

    Where else do you have to pay $15k to be a beta tester
  28. UncertainTimes

    What is beta mode for tesla?

    It means we all bought Kickstarter products to fund Elon's twitter purchase
  29. UncertainTimes

    Perelli PZ4 or Michelin PS4S?

    I’m at 38k miles on set of PS4s with 4-5 mm left <shrug>
  30. UncertainTimes

    Perelli PZ4 or Michelin PS4S?

    PS4s arguably best street tire for the street, not the track but for the street as in daily driving not racing, not tracking, not auto crossing, not in snow
  31. UncertainTimes

    Display of music or bluetooth on screen after update

    Welcome to Tesla OTA updates. Where hardware features get removed (radar), handling gets worse (steering feel) and UI gets shuffled around every time Elon makes a twitter poll
  32. UncertainTimes

    Tiny popping/dripping noise from front wheel when parked

    Engine oil dripping back in to pan. Normal.
  33. UncertainTimes

    How can I install flashing/strobing brake lights ?

    Maybe an additional audio notification will alert distracted drivers. Something like a fart sound perhaps. But in all seriousness, people still rear end huge semis, ambulances and fire engines with their signals on. Plus I don’t think any “jailbreak” solution is readily available to modify the...
  34. UncertainTimes

    How can I install flashing/strobing brake lights ?

    Just slap on a cyclist taillight on the back of the car
  35. UncertainTimes

    Best, most informative, funny and crazy posts/threads of 2022

    Driving in snow and crashing with stock summer tires is mine
  36. UncertainTimes

    Newbie question for tire rotation suggestion

    I’m just amazed sometimes that BT tech for TPMS can instantly pair with the car and even know which tire is which automatically and yet pairing BT speakers to phones is so incredibly painful.
  37. UncertainTimes

    used low mileage 2020 model S long range plus vs new 2022 model 3 performance. Which one would you upgrade to from model 3 SR+ and why?

    Depends what you’re looking for. MS is big comfy cushy vs M3P is basically a faster version of the car you already have. Do you want/need a bigger car for like growing kids?
  38. UncertainTimes

    2021 M3: rear view mirror blinding at night

    Tint your rear windshield
  39. UncertainTimes

    Audiophiles, what gives better sound quality? Apple Music via bluetooth or the built-in Apple Music app?

    Unsure if audiophile quality audio matters in a car with such bad road isolating properties.
  40. UncertainTimes

    No Proximity Chimes in 2023 RWD (no FSD)?

    caveat emptor -Elon Musk
  41. UncertainTimes

    Elon & Twitter

    Yup first and last Tesla. Other companies will catch up. Supercharging will be non-proprietary. No reason to stay unless you’re a Elon boot licker.
  42. UncertainTimes

    Air drag & Tire drag?

    Check underneath the car. Maybe you’re dragging something (someone?).

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