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    Vinyl wrap in dallas

    Kuttek in Richardson. He is amazing. Done many many of my cars and at least 5 teslas of mine.
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    IRS $7500 Credit and Business Depreciation

    I have not gotten a clear answer after looking through a few threads. I have reached out to my accountant but have not heard anything back yet from him as he is busy with the September filings. Can a business claim the $7500 tax credit and get accelerated depreciation? If so, probably only on...
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    **SOLD**2022 Tesla Model S LR Blk/Blk 2k miles 21s/19s PPF Autopilot

    Thread is gone too long. Where are we at on price now?
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    2022 Model S Plaid FSD, Steering Wheel, Tint, Arachnids, Silver/Cream, Low Mileage

    And after the honeymoon with Elon, he will rob you off a lot more in equity after the fresh round of price cuts. Love the car
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    Anyone interested in a New '22 M3 Long Range

    Ya sadly would be a tough sell with the double taxation issue.
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    2022 Model 3 Performance Reservation - $58,990 - VIN Assigned - Los Angeles Area

    Buying reservations right now is tricky they are cancelling them.
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    2021 Model S Plaid - FSD - Xpel Stealth

    Went to the dark side! Got a G63
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    2021 Model S Plaid - FSD - Xpel Stealth

    Super random but no actually I did not. Probably would have more but the fact it would take longer to “warm up” than it would for me to get where I needed to be. If it wasn’t such a long process probably would have more.
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    2021 Model S Plaid - FSD - Xpel Stealth

    Honestly it doesn’t matter because the thing is in Texas I got almost 7500 in tax credit so it helped. I just think anyone looking will know this is a well maintained and super high sticker car with the extras. Totally worth it.
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    FS: Model X LR

    saw this at the lot when I traded my car in. Considerably a great deal, 5000 less than Tesla. Don’t see that too often these days. I’m not affiliated with them so you can reach out to them directly...
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    2021 Model S Plaid - FSD - Xpel Stealth

    just traded my Model S Plaid in at this dealership. They gave me decent money for trade but if someone is looking, it’s a great car. I put the following -21” rims -XPEL stealth -Built in radar and jammer integrated in mirror -FSD -Xpel Ceramic tint on all glass (roof, windshield, and...
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    FS: 21” HRE Rims for Refresh Model S (Plaid or Long Range)

    Sold my Plaid and Long Range Model S. These won’t fit on my Model X. Paid $8600 for them brand new 5 months ago or so and waited 3 months to get them in. These will work with stock 21” tire but just a little more flush. Will sell them for $6000 plus shipping.
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    FS: 2021 Model S Plaid - 135k obo - 6500 miles

    Trying out this beauty for a while. Sure, has its quirks but it’s different after being all Tesla household.
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    FS: 2021 Refresh Model S

    Sold, sorry. This sold within a few days.
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    FS: 2021 Model S Plaid - 135k obo - 6500 miles

    I added the list of options in the screenshot incase I missed it but its a Black on Black with 7000 miles on it.
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    FS: 2021 Model S Plaid - 135k obo - 6500 miles

    Price Drop, $133,000
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    FS: 2021 Model S Plaid - 135k obo - 6500 miles

    Bump, open to offers
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    FS: 2021 Model S Plaid - 135k obo - 6500 miles

    Selling my Model S plaid. It’s a 2021 that has been babied since inception. The car has the following options that were installed after the fact: -Full Xpel front end clear-bra -full ceramic XR Plus tint on windows -Xpel Windshield ceramic tint -Xpel sunroof ceramic tint All that cost...
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    DFW Model S Deliveries

    So he did all those three cars for me recently.
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    DFW Model S Deliveries

    I have been using Kuttek in Richardson (across from Lamborghini Dallas on 75) for all my clear bra’s (exotics and tesla) along with wraps The quality is amazing and the best part is that the owner is there himself working so he truly cares of the cars if it was his own. He just wrapped my...
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    FS: 2021 Refresh Model S

    If you found a refresh model s for 30k lower than current msrp (ever) you probably are my new best friend and many other people.
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    FS: 2021 Refresh Model S

    I mean I’ll take criticism all day, I just don’t understand when I get ridiculous offers for 75k I say No because I’m the bad guy. Than I get all the excuses in the world. An offer is an offer, i say yes or no but we move on in a civilized manner.
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    FS: 2021 Refresh Model S

    eh no serious offers. Tough crowd, feels like overrun with car dealers lol
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    FS: 2021 Refresh Model S

    DM’d you
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    FS: 2021 Refresh Model S

    Let’s do this!
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    FS: 2021 Refresh Model S

    Open to offers
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    FS: 2021 Refresh Model S

    Nope :/
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    FS: 2021 Refresh Model S

    Potentially thinking of selling my Model S for a plaid. 2021 Model S Long Range 21” Wheels Black interior White exterior Has a satin gray wrap on it. Ceramic window tint 13xxx miles on it. Price: $105,000 Location: Dallas, TX Just basing it on what dealers are selling them for. I have an...
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    WTB: Model S p100d. 2017 or 2018

    don’t care much for FSD but I don’t wanna pay some obnoxious price either. Something fair for both of us.
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    Model X Plaid Reservation for sale (EDD end of March)

    Didn’t this car get an additional 6500 off? Just curious.
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    **** Cyberquad **** South FL - Selling for MSRP

    Thanks so much!
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    Model X Unicorn (white/blk), 6 seater, MCU 2

    Not to be skeptical but I would assume since your transacting here it would be in USD.
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    Cyberquad for kids

    Same nothing yet
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    2021 Model S Plaid 19" - | Red, Full Xpel PPF, Ceramic Coating, 35% Tint and extras | - Rockford, IL

    Probably because he got it at an earlier price point which is fine.
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    2021 Model S Plaid - Austin, TX

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    2021 Model S Plaid - Austin, TX

    Agreed. Verify before buying. I will buy this for 120
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    FS: 2022 Model Y LR AWD Black/Black / NJ

    How much?
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    Wiki Selling TSLA Options - Be the House

    Anyone up for creating a WhatsApp / Telegram group? Would be cool to chat live about these things. I don’t mind creating it.
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    Cyberquad for kids

    so it’s the existing model s that RF makes repackaged.
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    General chit-chat in "For Sale" threads

    Danny thanks so much. It just made it to where all the posts on for sale thread was just them. Thanks for correcting it.
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    DFW Model S Deliveries

    I have it tinted with 70% tint and no issues. More so for heat rejection and not darkness.
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    2021 Model S Plaid White on White with Arachnids and less than 500 miles

    Cash offer will be significantly less than the 150! If you do entertain less, you should message me
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    DFW Model S Deliveries

    You have to pay ahead or they won’t let you “come to delivery” stupid Texas laws
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    DFW Model S Deliveries

    Tesla only needs insurance in Texas before delivery for the temp tags. So always get insurance atleast 5 days prior to delivery or they will delay it.
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    Tow hitch retrofit

    Ya it’s completely empty when I remove the cover.
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    Tow hitch retrofit

    They are clueless as always. I don’t even need the power really. Just need to be able to add my bike rack.

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