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  1. GHammer

    Has our MCU been hacked?

    Your original post said "after a few hours the problem was gone " referring to the gps. Regardless I still think your trying to tie together unrelated events.
  2. GHammer

    Has our MCU been hacked?

    I would hardly call these "failures" as they resolved themselves. Sounds like typical Tesla glitches to me regardless of the time frame.
  3. GHammer

    Has our MCU been hacked?

    Doutful, I've had all those things happen on my S's. The GPS one is common if the car loses satellite connection for a long time, it just happened to me when I parked in a parking garage in downtown San Francisco for three days.
  4. GHammer

    Tesla won't ship or mobile service winter tires???

    How did you order? Did you order just tires or tires and rims? The on-line order page is pretty clear it includes mounting at the service center. Mobile techs dont have the required tools to mount and balance tires. I would say you dont read any complaints because most of us dont buy tires...
  5. GHammer

    2014 Model S lurches left when accelerating, right when regen braking. Steering wheel 10-15 degrees off center to the right.

    The lurching is almost certainly coming from a rear toe arm. Either a bad bushing or an undertorqued bolt. I've had it happen twice on my '14 and both times it was an undertorqued inner toe arm bolt. This is the bolt used to adjust the toe and I have a feeling they dont always get it tight...
  6. GHammer

    Account hacked

    I use TeslaFi but currently they dont use the Tesla login credentials. Instead they have you login to your Tesla account and generate an encryption token that you enter to their system.
  7. GHammer

    Account hacked

    I'm an IT systems and network admin and always use minimum 10 character complex passwords and this is the first time I've ever had an account compromised. I guess I had my guard down not being aware Tesla offered MFA. It does seem like a database was compromised somewhere.
  8. GHammer

    Account hacked

    Since I use an Android phone I just picked Google Authenticator. Apple has one also.
  9. GHammer

    Account hacked

    Yes, myself and two other people that I know of have had wall connectors ordered from their account without their knowledge. Mine was set to be delivered to an address in Georgia. My credit card company caught it and denied the charge and called me. I was able to cancel the charger and secure...
  10. GHammer

    2015 front head light went out, warning, went back on

    Yes, this is the failure mode of the lamp. It will go out, give the warning but will restart when the headlights are turned off and back on again. This cycle will become more frequent as the lamp ages and gets worse. Last I knew, Teslas policy was to replace the whole assembly for 1000 bucks...
  11. GHammer

    Computer failure, $3.5K fix?

    Model 3's combine the MCU and the FSD computer boards into one chassis. The reason those are so cheap and plentiful is that they contain the older HW2.5 FSD computer board in them so it wouldn't be a direct assembly swap (pretty sure all 3's had HW3 by 2019). Used MCU2/HW3 computers look like...
  12. GHammer

    Computer failure, $3.5K fix?

    I think you are operating under a series of assumptions that may not be valid. (a) Where did you hear Tesla is "highly regarded"? It's really not when talking about reliability. (B) all electronics have a failure rate and this one is very low, you are just unlucky here. (c) you are replacing an...
  13. GHammer

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    I've used RoadWarrior in the past but now I just use Google My Maps. I believe Google will import directly from CSV but I do a little column cleanup and convert to Google Sheets before importing to Maps.
  14. GHammer

    A simple way to make everyone happy with super charging idle fees

    The system is not broken. As I posted in your other thread, in 9 years, 3 cars, 300k miles, over 2000 charging sessions at 1500 different superchargers, I have never been assesed an Idle fee.
  15. GHammer

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    None of our existing tools does routing so I use the "lasso" tool in Tableau to export data from groups of unvisited sites to be able to import that into mapping/routing apps.
  16. GHammer

    SC Idle fee...??

    It's not unusual for cars of this age to not charge all the way to 100% even on level 2 connections. My '14 would only go to 96% until I did several <20% to full charges now it goes to 100 again for now. My '15 stops at 98%. It's the cars BMS doing this, not the supercharger. Also, as point...
  17. GHammer

    PPF.....Specifically the rockers

    I would highly recommend rocker panel ppf. I've seen cars with the paint completely worn off in front of the rear wheels. I have both mud flaps and ppf, the mud flaps didn't do much to reduce the material impacts. I did the ppf myself with this kit...
  18. GHammer

    Tesla is Total Junk

    Then sell it and move on. Life is too short to be angry over something you can control. I hate Elon but love my Teslas, all three of them
  19. GHammer

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    Century? Millennium!
  20. GHammer

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    Took a break from my break to go to a concert at the Seahawks stadium, the largest ever at this venue with 81k in attendance. Check-ins for 2023-08-27 - Renton - SW 41st St, WA (#1501)
  21. GHammer

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    Oh how I wish we could get some rain. We've had zero rain at my house for 15 weeks. Living in a forest is a little scary right now.
  22. GHammer

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    Congrats on 1500 and re-taking 6th. My reign was only three weeks so I don't have the buckle to pass on.
  23. GHammer

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    Hertz at nearby PHX uses the Tempe SC to charge their cars.
  24. GHammer

    Automatic wipers don't recognise spray

    Normal behavior. Tesla doesn't use a traditional rain sensor since introduction of AP2 instead they tried to use a forward facing camera with mixed results.
  25. GHammer

    AC Hot when supercharging?

    Had that happen on my 2015 85D. Service menu showed compressor overheat and overcurrent errors. Needed new compressor.
  26. GHammer

    Help with error codes

    Both of my S's of that vintage always show those three codes and HVAC works fine. In researching them it seems all cars of that age display those errors so probably not relevant to your issue.
  27. GHammer

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    Back home. Early in my Tesla ownership, I did the 350 miles from Winnemucca NV to Bend OR before there were Superchargers in Burns OR and McDermitt NV. It felt like an adventure back then, yesterday it was just another drive. Check-ins for 2023-08-04 - McDermitt, NV (#1499) - Bend - SW...
  28. GHammer

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    I was wondering if anyone picked up on that. You win! String Cheese Incident in a nice little outdoor amphitheater. Saw Katy Perry at the Resorts World theater in Vegas. Gotta love an over the top Vegas show.
  29. GHammer

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    Made my way out of SoCal to Vegas. Caught a concert in Vegas and then on to Sandy UT for another concert. Unfortunately, the UT concert was cut short by a huge thunderstorm. Check-ins for 2023-08-02 - Azusa, CA (#1487) - Barstow - E Virginia Way, CA (#1488) - Yermo - Sunrise Canyon Rd, CA...
  30. GHammer

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    Yea, this country boy's opinion is we're all nuts for subjecting ourselves to the insanity that is SoCal. Chula Vista was a strech goal for the day, luckily I timed the LA area well and had little delays.
  31. GHammer

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    Hey! Let's go drive all over the Los Angeles area all day long just for fun...Said nobody ever... but that's what I did today. Caught a concert in Reno the night before last and came over the Sierras and down to LA. Took CA Hwy108 Sonora pass over for the first time and it was fantastic (made up...
  32. GHammer

    Musk mentioned Teslas will have Million Mile Batteries

    The worst place to get information about Tesla is Elon Musk.
  33. GHammer

    Supercharger - Portland, OR - N. Pavilion Ave. (LIVE Jul 2023, 8 V3 stalls)

    FYI everyone, the Tesla nav and app has the pin for this supercharger in the wrong place. The nav has it on the west end of the Home Depot parking lot when it's actually accross the street from the east side of the HD lot. Supercharge.info, Google and Plugshare all have it in the right place.
  34. GHammer

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    Picked up a couple after a concert in Portland. Check-ins for 2023-07-27 - Portland - N Pavilion Ave, OR (#1451) - Clackamas, OR (#1452)
  35. GHammer

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    Enjoy, Cuthbert Amphitheater is a very nice venue. I saw Blues Traveler there last night.
  36. GHammer

    Supercharger - McDermitt, NV

    That's the problem, it's not showing in the in-car nav (at least not on mine).
  37. GHammer

    Left headlight bulb and ballast replacement, hopefully not a wiring issue

    Had same with one of my headlamps on my '15 85D. Replaced lamp and all has been good since. It's recommended replacing both lamps at the same time. I didn't since the other side had just had the whole headlight assembly replaced due to a deer hit. The new lamp was noticeably brighter.
  38. GHammer

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    Got the new tire on and hit my last two SC's for this trip that I missed yesterday due to the tire mishap. Home tomorrow. Check-ins for 2023-07-18 - Cameron Park, CA (#1449) - Grass Valley, CA (#1450)
  39. GHammer

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    Stayed in the Union Square portion of San Francisco for the weekend and walked a large chunk of the city, it was...interesting. Pretty fun having the Deadheads mixed in with the indigenous folks. Got skunked at the San Fran-16th street SC, that one should probably be marked temp closure till...
  40. GHammer

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    Yea, I'm at the three Dead &Company Final Tour closers at Oracle Park. Eric Johnson is a monster! I saw him as part of the Hendrix Experience tour a few years back.
  41. GHammer

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    It's a relatively recent addition. Not yet available (if ever) on MCU1 cars.
  42. GHammer

    Supercharger - San Francisco, CA - 16th St (LIVE 7 Jul 2023, 12 stalls)

    Marked temp closure this morning, no one else was there and I couldn't get any of the stalls to work.
  43. GHammer

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    In the bay area this weekend for a trio of concerts. Check-ins for 2023-07-14 - Ukiah - N State St, CA (#1439) - San Rafael, CA (#1440) - San Leandro, CA (#1441)
  44. GHammer

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    Finally picked up the three pins in my backyard on my way to see Colonel Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade. Looks like I missed @AZ Ed at Scappoose by about an hour. Check-ins for 2023-07-09 - Ridgefield, WA (#1436) - Scappoose, OR (#1437) - Salem - Mission St SE (SC), OR (#1438)
  45. GHammer

    Model y doesnt stop for pedestrian crossing road while driving forward , no chimes , nothing, no alert , AP not engaged . any suggestions?

    Your car has a problem. It's somewhere between the driver seat and the steering wheel. I suggest you have someone look at it ASAP before it hurts someone.
  46. GHammer

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    Yea yea yea, I've been a supercharging slacker as evidenced by my ranking drop. My head and wallet still have a post wedding hangover.
  47. GHammer

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    Geez, you didn't even give me a chance to get out of bed.😄
  48. GHammer

    Door handle Calibration

    You have to physically remove the handle assembly and adjust the microswitches. It's a very tedious operation. I would just have service replace the door handle with a current updated version. It costs $300.
  49. GHammer

    HOT! Supercharger Cable

    Normal on V2 supercharger. If the handle gets too hot the system will sense this and reduce the charge power. Some folks will carry a damp rag to put on the handle to cool it and return to full power.
  50. GHammer

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    Sigh.....I guess I'll put the #7 plaque in the mail tomorrow. 😟

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