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  1. 03DSG

    Does anyone ever just get it painted with better paint?

    After 5 years with full frontal PPF I’m sold on it. Hood, front fenders, front bumper, mirrors, headlights and fog lights. If I was doing it again the only ‘must do’ imo is the front bumper, headlights and fog lights. That’s pretty affordable on any priced car.
  2. 03DSG

    Light adjustment LED and fog

    Headlight adjustment is only through the cars service screen calibration. No old style physical adjustment screws. Foglights are fixed and not adjustable. I adjusted my own after a headlight warranty replacement through the touchscreen. I parked on a level surface 100 ft away from a wall and...
  3. 03DSG

    Canada Waiting Room

  4. 03DSG

    Additional differences between M-y and M-3

    I have a relatively early build 2018 Model 3 serial #0302xx in Canada - It has an operational front face camera - It has power lumbar support in both front seats - It has auto dim interior rearview mirror - 14 speaker B&O sound system with 14 speakers including a trunk subwoofer It also has...
  5. 03DSG

    Financing Tesla vehicles in Canada

    Always an issue when it the only account you have with RBC. Call them. I have a few times. Great to deal with on the phone. 1 800 769-2555
  6. 03DSG

    Ontario Ultra Low Overnight rates are now live

    I’m retired and use about 200-350 kW/month. With the peak time change and increase I see no value in the switch for us. Great though for a daily longer distance commuter. We would also be about break even on a tiered plan plus or minus a few bucks as well so will just stay TOU.
  7. 03DSG

    Toronto: tire rebalance on the weekend

    Glad that was an easy fix. That’s pretty common in the winter. Same with snow/ice packed in wheel gaps driving in deep snow. As well those with aero wheel covers make it more difficult to easily clean behind without removing them.
  8. 03DSG

    Did a wood dash trim delete today

    Looks great! I did a real TSportline carbon one on my ‘18 3. Expensive but really nice (after I added 3 rattle can spray coats of clear satin for uV protection). What you did is a great lower cost option that leaves future changes to anything else very easy.
  9. 03DSG

    Moisture in front frunk

    I’ve never had a drop in there. Is your hood flush with both fenders and the front bumper cover? If it’s sitting slightly high you can lower it a bit with the 2 adjusters plastic screw type adjusters. Check the rubber seal that surrounds the tub and make sure it properly installed and looks...
  10. 03DSG

    Spotted in Toronto

    Jealous spouse, 25 litre gas can, match
  11. 03DSG

    Canada - FSD rollout

    Elon on wide release:
  12. 03DSG

    My FSD software version

    Doesn’t work that way for us FSD owners. Your 69.2.3 and my 69.2.4 are embedded in 20.18 and 20.19. So if You have 20.18 you have 69.2.3 etc. Check out Teslafi as a download tracker.
  13. 03DSG

    My FSD software version

    Open Tesla APP on phone. Once it connects with car scroll to bottom. Read your software version below your VIN number.
  14. 03DSG

    Model Y comfort suspension?

    Month and year are on the drivers door jam certificate (not the tire pressure/load one)
  15. 03DSG

    Canadian insurance

    Aviva, however it’s through a group plan which helps with the discounts.
  16. 03DSG

    Canadian insurance

    Full replacement cost gets expensive after 3 years. I dropped it on the 4’th year renewal. I'm retired, outside the GTA, 2m liability, $500 disappearing deductible, additional accident and catastrophic medical coverage. Discounts for claim free, car and home, loyalty, etc. $820 a year. When we...
  17. 03DSG

    How do you know when brake fluid flush is needed?

    I’ve used Motul RBF 600 for years. It’s non-synthetic that’s exceeds DOT 3 and 4 specs by far. Never had a brake fluid related soft pedal issue with it and my track car all up was 4000 lbs. Great fluid. RBF 660 wasn’t available when I tracked but I would have used it instead of 600. As you...
  18. 03DSG

    How do you know when brake fluid flush is needed?

    Moisture in brake fluid is the culprit and the testers read moisture level. As long as your in the safe (green) range your good to go. When I tracked extensively I bled the brakes after every track weekend. In that case is was heat related and just needed to bleed the calipers enough to remove...
  19. 03DSG

    Canada - FSD rollout

    Agree! You definitely should have gotten this by now. When I got my initial FSD Beta download I was at a safety score of 93 as well.
  20. 03DSG

    Canada - FSD rollout

    I just got 2022.20.11 today. IMO not perfect but way better. Smoother stops. Smoother intersection turns. Did an admirable job tonight on unlit/unmarked rural roads. Haven’t driven it in the daytime yet.
  21. 03DSG

    Canada - FSD rollout

    I’m the same guy that posted the above. In retrospect the $2800 included Autopilot 3 computer hard so maybe a good deal. Just checked though and FSD is now $19,500 CDN. THAT’s NUTS!
  22. 03DSG

    Dent and scratch in back bumper and panel while backing

    I was gently rear ended in June 2018 when my 3 was 9 days old. After a terrific experience at Excellence Auto on Midwest in Scarborough, an authorized Tesla repair shop, I would never personally go anywhere else. After 45 years of poor to mediocre experiences dealing with body shops this one was...
  23. 03DSG

    Canada - FSD rollout

    Aug 20 release apparently. Hope that’s not ‘Elon time’: https://www.teslarati.com/tesla-fsd-beta-10-13-10-69/
  24. 03DSG

    Canada - FSD rollout

    After using FSD extensively for about 2 months now on Ontario 400 series highways, 80 km rural routes and in my population 19,000 town I’ll offer some comments. Many of these are known issues and reported already. - Basically zero issues on 400 series highways however I turned off auto lane...
  25. 03DSG

    Canada - FSD rollout

    I missed the first round due to miserably failing the safety score. I was added on June 6’th with FSD v10.12.2
  26. 03DSG

    Canada - FSD rollout

    I’ve been using FSD for 8-10 days or so now. There is one consistent error. Every time I enter a lower speed zone ie: I’m doing 80km and pass a sign for ‘50 begins’ the car doesn’t slow down. Instead of it using regen/brakes to decelerate it just coasts. So every time I enter a lower speed zone...
  27. 03DSG

    Canada - FSD rollout

    Opted in. A week later after driving embarrassingly slowly and leaving gaps a bus could fill I ended up at 96%. Mostly following to closely followed by apparently aggressive cornering and hard braking. Opted out for a day or two, Safety Score disappeared and then I opted back in successfully...
  28. 03DSG

    Should I buy winter tires or wait? Picking up 1st car - MYLR 1st week of March in Toronto

    Some options if your not aware: https://www.spencetire.com/model-y2.html https://pmctire.com/en/packages/tesla-model-y/2020-2022-performance-long-range-awd-winter.tire
  29. 03DSG

    No front end PPF DC/NOVA - regrets?

    You really only need PPF on the front bumper. Buy a pre-cut kit, do the work and you won’t regret it. I also would include the headlights and fogs as well.
  30. 03DSG

    Powder coated paint done on your brake calipers

    They are down the road from Excellence Auto Collision, one of Tesla’s authorized collision repair centres.
  31. 03DSG

    Powder coated paint done on your brake calipers

    These guys specialize in calipers. Basically all they do. I used them for my track car over the years for calipers rebuilds. Complete disassembly, sandblasting and powder coating. Superior to paint. http://www.midwestcalipers.com/index.html
  32. 03DSG

    My PPF experience

    Do it yourself:
  33. 03DSG

    Rear camera recall letter arrived

  34. 03DSG

    How much tint did my fellow Ontarians get?

    45 here all side windows. Find anything darker bad at night outside of city lights.
  35. 03DSG

    where is cheapest place to buy tesla air filter from local Canadian market?

    From Tesla online. Free delivery. 2 required. Every 2 years. https://shop.tesla.com/en_ca/product/model-3-air-filter
  36. 03DSG

    Is the 2021 red brighter then past models?

    They look great brand new especially if inside under the showroom lights. Kinda like diamonds at a jewelry store. I love the look of MC red. It looks great when new and if it’s kept clean and polished just like the black. I was considering it as well but after seeing a few aging MC red Model S’s...
  37. 03DSG

    Tesla Model 3 Collision Repair

    I would highly recommend Excellence I used the one on Midwest. Terrific job. It’s the only really great experience I have had at any body shop ever.
  38. 03DSG

    Condensation in headlights - left light stays on

    No need to be nervous about the replacement. I have a very early LR 3 that had the LED signature light failure issue. Had 2 drivers side headlights replaced and 1 passenger side. New part # versions were installed each time. The last one was done by mobile service in my garage. Took about 1/2...
  39. 03DSG

    Any good examples of Tesla Wall Connector installed between garage doors?

    I have exactly 17 1/2” between the rails and 15 1/2” between the side wings I built. However I have the earlier Tesla wall connector that has the thicker, less compliant cable capable of 80 amps. The newer wall connectors have the thinner, more compliant cable capable of 48 amps. It will...
  40. 03DSG

    MYP SOC% vs performance with Dragy!

    Keep them coming. Interesting.
  41. 03DSG

    Caliper painting model Y- grand Montreal area

    The fixed 4 piston front Brembo calipers are aluminum while the single piston rear slider caliper brackets (carriers) are most likely steel. As Tony said they hold paint differently.
  42. 03DSG

    License plate surround

  43. 03DSG

    License plate surround

    Hi, Here are some pics of my install. You use the stock Tesla front plate holder. I requested mine to not be attached to the car when new but it’s pretty easy to remove if it comes attached. They include drilling template for drilling the holes in the Tesla plate holder to attach the arms to...
  44. 03DSG

    Trunk door protector (interior)

    Here’s a video link of the TesBros PPF protection package being installed on a 3:
  45. 03DSG

    Should PPF look OK from 5 feet away?

    That a really bad job. Poor application of a pre-cut pattern. Dirt is going to get under all those exposed edges and look terrible. Using a pre-cut pattern is fine. It’s the installation of it that’s bad. I would want a refund and go somewhere else.
  46. 03DSG

    Any good examples of Tesla Wall Connector installed between garage doors?

    I used readily available 1” x 6” lumber for the wings. I attached a piece of rectangular strapping running down one edge of the 1 x 6 with screws to give me a way to screw it to the wood frame that secures the door track. Had to leave gaps where the track attaches. Here’s a couple of closeups:
  47. 03DSG

    Any good examples of Tesla Wall Connector installed between garage doors?

    Here you go. As you can see I installed side ‘wings’ to contain the cord and keep it away from the tracks. The box above it the emergency shutoff switch. Required if the fuse panel is not in the garage:
  48. 03DSG

    Model Y RWD need advice

    Y would be a great young family car if your ok with the RWD and standard range. I have a 3 but my wife has a Ford Escape. If we go down to 1 vehicle it will be a Y.

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