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  1. ODWms

    Model 3 Highland Performance/Plaid Speculation

    Whether all indications point this way or not, I think Tesla would be crazy to leave the Model 3’s performance numbers the same after such a major refresh. To allow this car to fall behind its obvious competitions in this way would be a crying shame.
  2. ODWms

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    These Michelins are beasts. I famously had my original set replaced at the 50k mark a couple years back, and at now 40k + the current ones are actually in better shape than the originals were at the same mileage. I never would have dreamed of this level of performance coupled with this degree of...
  3. ODWms

    High mileage check-in

    I think the standard range models have the 100k warranty, but long range versions are 120k. Mine is a 2018, and has the 120,000 mile warranty.
  4. ODWms

    FSD $ info, please

    My car’s 5 years old at this point. If I were to do it, I’d go with the subscription, no doubt. As it is the EAP have works so well for me, the FSD in its current form isn’t really needed. Now, if it did what Tesla claimed it’d be doing by now, it would be well worth it to me.
  5. ODWms

    Model 3 Cabin Camera View Question

    I’m not seeing a gray dot on interior. could It be a hw3 thing? I’m on 2.5.
  6. ODWms

    Model 3 Cabin Camera View Question

    How are you able to access this camera? I’m only seeing my four outside view cameras, but not the interior one. 2018 Model 3 Performance, built Sept 2018.
  7. ODWms

    High mileage check-in

    At about 94,000 miles on my 2018 with no worries an all about batteries / drivetrain. I plan to drive it until the wheels fall off. Now, if something earth shattering comes up, like a 500 mile range vehicle or something, I might change my mind in the meantime. But I plan to see if it’ll go 1/2 a...
  8. ODWms

    Scratch on door

    I wouldn’t even think about insurance for a $2000 repair.
  9. ODWms

    Tire Rotation [recommendations on where to get tires rotated?]

    I’ve been doing it in my garage since I bought my car in 2018. Gotten so used to it that I now complete the entire process in about 20 minutes.
  10. ODWms

    Bluetooth switch controllers

    I bought two cheap, generic controllers from Amazon, like, 3 or 4 years ago, and they sill work fine to this day.
  11. ODWms

    Rear bumper / side panel fix

    Yeah, PDR all the way. No reason to get insurance involved as that repair would probably be a couple hundred dollars.
  12. ODWms

    NEW Model 3 Highland review!

    Agreed, the front looks better on the new car. I remember the first year, there were aftermarket companies already offering a version of that same nose.
  13. ODWms

    Model 3 Highland Performance/Plaid Speculation

    There’s just something that irks me about the exterior size difference, with little to no interior size benefit. I just can’t see myself driving a car that size everyday compared to the 3.
  14. ODWms

    I'm back! And really happy about it.

    Same situations. Agree with every word here.
  15. ODWms

    M3 performance lifetime average Wh per mile

    You and I are probably polar opposites as I am at about 267 wh/mi after almost 5 years and about 96,000 miles. Still on my second set of Michelin summer 20s.
  16. ODWms

    Out of spec says -"Model 3 is the best!"

    My wife recently took delivery on a Y. I love the car, for the comfort and ease. But after a few days of driving it I can’t wait to get back in my 3 For the handling / performance aspect of driving.
  17. ODWms

    12V Battery Replacement - Local Options?

    My first 12v battery threw up the warning at a little less than 3 years old (2 years ago). I went to the service center back then and they replaced it under warranty. About a month ago I proactively purchased a new battery to keep in the garage til I got a warning. Did not get said warning 3...
  18. ODWms

    Transfer of FSD Question

    How soon after purchase did your FSD show up in the new car? My friend still doesn’t have the FSD on his new S after about a month. He did everything right but no one at Tesla can tell him anything.
  19. ODWms

    Someone rear-ended and Totaled my beloved Model 3, sharing my experience, DO NOT make the same mistake I did.

    Certainly pricey to fuel it. I’d argue the delta between filling that up and some small vehicles could pay for the car, depending upon miles driven per year within reason.
  20. ODWms

    Involved in an Accident with Model 3 - 2023 | Need opinion and tips on handling claim

    I didn't call police more than 30 years ago because the girl begged me not to, and begged and promised she would pay. You can guess how that ended up. From then on, I've called police and had everything documented whenever there's been an incident. People can be very "sincere" and convincing...
  21. ODWms

    Someone rear-ended and Totaled my beloved Model 3, sharing my experience, DO NOT make the same mistake I did.

    I never, ever read long posts like this. But I got hooked, had already become invested early, and could put the book down until the end. Good read.
  22. ODWms

    FSD Transfer Offer - COMPLAINT wrt totaled car

    Gotta say, that's pretty impressive. I didn't get my first trike til 5.
  23. ODWms

    I charge my battery to 80% last night and woke up this morning. It was at 82. Does that mean my battery is getting stronger ???

    I wonder how much of that 24 mile difference is actually degradation, rather than miscalibration. I'd bet it's more the latter than the former.
  24. ODWms

    Tesla Alignment wrong from factory?

    My almost 5 year old 2018 M3 is perfectly straight. It has never been realigned since I bought it. The recently acquired 2023 MY tracks straight as an arrow also.
  25. ODWms

    Lasfit Product Reviews

    I bought similar covers for less than $100 for my wife's recently purchased MY. Great idea for saving the wheels -- to a point of course. She curb rashed two of them the first week. I took care of it with a little sandpaper both times, and you can't tell anything, at all. Since then (about 6...
  26. ODWms

    Shared app use

    I didn’t see it addressed here, but if someone shares their car to my app, does that mean they can see my car and account too?
  27. ODWms

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    A lot of that is the black plastic wheel arch cladding contributing to the illusion of a much larger gap than there actually is.
  28. ODWms

    2016 Model S 85D vs 2020 Model 3

    Off the top, I'd probably go with the Model 3. But there probably needs to be more details about which 3 and which Y, mileage of each, trim levels, options, warranty remaining, etc.
  29. ODWms

    Premium Connectivity Vs. Connectivity to WiFi/HotSpot on phone

    Gotcha. My wife found care less about any of the features, s she didn't want to pay for it, Since I drive her car rarely, I won't worry about it. I can't imagine how people are comfortable with this setup who do it every day. Thanks for the input.
  30. ODWms

    Wi-Fi hotspot connection issues

    Has anyone found a solution for this?
  31. ODWms

    Premium Connectivity Vs. Connectivity to WiFi/HotSpot on phone

    Does anyone know how we can configure automatic connection to the hotspot? My wife recently took delivery of a new Y, and she doesn’t want premium. When I’m driving her car, it looks like I have to manually turn on wifi (it defaults to off, every time I get out of the car), open my iPhone, let...
  32. ODWms

    M3 lemon law arbitration with Tesla resolutions team

    Gotcha. Makes sense.
  33. ODWms

    My teen son wants a new Civic/Corolla Hybrid but I want him to get a new/used RWD 3 ~ same price.

    I think the Model 3 is the best value of any car for sale today. When you factor in the fuel and maintenance savings it’s out of this world.
  34. ODWms

    Lacquer Peeling on Uberturbine

    Ridiculous. Unless there's some fault due to caustic chemicals or something I can't imagine a company wouldn't stand behind their product and make it right.
  35. ODWms

    M3 lemon law arbitration with Tesla resolutions team

    Ice211 said the other windows passed the spray test from the pressure washer though.
  36. ODWms

    Discussion: Model 3 Price reductions - Jan 2023 and April 2023 and all other pricing discussions

    Is there a length of residency requirement in thone states for these incentives? I’m thinking road trip next time I re up.
  37. ODWms

    Model 3 long range single motor?

    That’s surprising.
  38. ODWms

    Model 3 decision time: used now vs new later

    I figured out, between my wife and me, we’ll save almost $60k in 10 years on gas (of course, deducting the cost for electric during that time). And that’s not even counting the difference in maintenance costs. Just 1 of the 1000 reasons I love Tesla!
  39. ODWms

    Model 3 long range single motor?

    Wow. My lifetime is 268.
  40. ODWms

    Supercharging an M3 from Hertz

    I rented a 3 a couple of weeks ago in Miami. Supercharged once. When I turned the car in there was an additional 18 dollars or so that the nice lady said was for the supercharging. Apparently it’s a pass through charge, so no extra profit for them. Just what I “pumped.” A few days later I...
  41. ODWms

    Model 3 long range single motor?

    I'd bet the range on those is great.
  42. ODWms

    1st road trip on new M3P. Any advice?

    I’ve read continuously on the site about ABRP and how great it is, but I’ve found the native map is so convenient in not having to interact with an outside source. Everything is right there, automatically with no added outsourcing / complexity. I’ve gone on many road trips since I’ve had my 3...
  43. ODWms

    Can I rotate staggered offset tires front and back?

    I had that on my previous 2 Mercedes Benzes. Switched to squared first chance I got in both cases. Handling / performance results were imperceptible. I have zero idea why they do it.
  44. ODWms

    You all have about talked me out of a Tesla altogether...

    Summer tires generally do better for performance as they tend to be softer and stickier. I happen to live in a climate where summers can be worn all year. Obviously its not the best setup for most of the country. Butt these particular Michelin PS4s offer the best combination of performance /...
  45. ODWms

    Traded Model 3 for new Model Y

    I have both. My wife drives the recently acquired Y, and she loves it. For myself, it's nice to have the change every so often, and we will be using the Y for trips, etc. My friend bought 2 3s because he loves their handling dynamics, and doesn't want to give that up when he and his wife switch...
  46. ODWms

    Where is the best place to purchase/replace/align tires on a Model 3?

    Not trolling by any means. It's more than possible. I've posted here before that I got over 50k on my original 20" PS4s (I want to say it was over 51). I am now at almost 40k on the 2nd set, and have no doubt that they'll go to 50 too. I do mostly drive pretty vanilla but have been know to whomp...
  47. ODWms

    2023 Model 3 without USS and proximity functionality [park assist / summon not available]

    Interesting. I update every time, and haven't had any of those issues.
  48. ODWms

    New Model 3 RWD 1000 mile update from previous Model 3 owner

    Wow, no. No delay at all in the PD3. I've driven a couple of Audis (my son's A5 Sportback, and a rental Q3) in the past couple of months and did notice pretty serious throttle delays in both cases. I don't know if maybe I was doing something wrong, but they were both pretty profoundly obvious.