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    backslash \ button missing?

    Yea! Only took tham 3 years to fix this bug!
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    Experience with M3LR as a Company Car

    Even if you were the primary driver, it is not really practical to use different credit card depending on personal business use. You still will not have a way to quickly toggle between multiple payment methods. As suggested above, I wouldn't bother billing my employee for the electricity...
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    Did Tesla remove Supercharger Pricing

    Rates show for me.
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    FWDs leaking when closed

    I would use the Tesla app to report the problem to Tesla and schedule a service appointment.
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    2022 Model X Random Clip Found

    LH: It goes on the left hand side.
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    backslash \ button missing?

    Even more perplexing is that we are now 3 years since I reported this to Tesla, and they still haven't found the time to fix it.
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    backslash \ button missing?

    USB keyboard will allow you to type it in. For something like a wifi password that you only need to type once, it easier to find a keyboard than it is to change your password and then have to update 27 other devices.
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    Autopilot nor Cruise will engage 50% or more of drives

    I did, and Tesla canceled it saying no autopilot half the time is normal. Certainly not acceptable, but according to Tesla it is normal.
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    Autopilot nor Cruise will engage 50% or more of drives

    I've been having the problem for about 2 months. I took it in for service a month ago, but their "fix" didn't help. I received this wonderfully helpful note from Tesla service today. Funny to see them say that no autopilot at all is just a characteristic of the current version of autopilot...
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    TPMS Reset Button Removed?

    Everything in your picture looks normal for a car that is parked. And from the picture it looks like your car is parked. Have you checked WHILE driving (and not during the first mile)? TPMS sensors only report the pressure when you are driving. That isn't a Tesla thing, that is just how TPMS...
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    Could Acceleration Boost Cause Increased Battery Degradation?

    I really am down at least 10% from new. Probably more since it has been 10,000 miles since the last correction. The big corrections happening all at once rather than a steady decline is probably just an artifact of how the BMS works, but overall the loss of range is real. When I drive 100%...
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    Could Acceleration Boost Cause Increased Battery Degradation?

    Fun to see my old thread revived. Here is an updated chart from my car. After the boost upgrade the battery fell from 310 to 293. So the sudden drop was 17 miles of range. It then held fairly steady for the next 20,000 miles. It then quickly lost another 15 miles, falling to 278 where it has...
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    Prediction: Tesla average selling price will increase to $150,000 USD

    I think that is what saves it. By the time FSD is out of Beta it will have been so many years/decades/centuries that normal inflation will have already raised the ASP (of all types of cars) to 150K.
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    Why is my battery pre-conditioning for Supercharging 90 miles from the charger?

    The colder the battery is the longer it needs to precondition. When I park outside in the cold I've had it start preconditioning at 100% when I was more than 200 mi from the charger.
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    Protecting your Tesla from nuke EMP

    Probably easier to add shielding to your garage.
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    Calibrating Speedometer

    At least part of the "error" is caused by the car display intentionally rounding up. Using the scanmytesla app and a blutooth canbus reader you can see what speed the car thinks it is going with 0.1 mph precision. If the car thinks it is going 59.0 MPH it will show 59 on the dashboard, but if...
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    Rear Tire Tread Warning

    Are you sure it is a bug? Have you checked to make sure that there isn't actually a problem with the tires or the alignment?
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    Old vs New Aero wheels

    Thanks everyone for the replies. I don't know why I didn't think of this before, I checked out the parts catalog which confirms that the old/new wheels have different part numbers. So they are different...
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    Old vs New Aero wheels

    I know there are old and new designs for the 18" aero hubcaps, but are the wheels under the hubcaps identical, or are there also 2 versions of wheels. My 2019 Model 3 has the original aero wheels and I am shopping for a new wheel to replace one that is damaged. I'm trying to figure out if a...
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    Did I accidentally unlock FSD ?

    By the time it is worth 12k, it will cost 20k.
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    Did I accidentally unlock FSD ?

    Standard Autopilot will stay between the lines, and avoid crashing into the vehicle in front. That's it. If you want to change lanes, take a turn, or stop at a red light, you must disable autopilot, complete the maneuver, and then re-engage. With the FSD package you also get Navigate on...
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    2017-2020 Model 3 recalled for trunk/rear camera issue

    My service center has not blinked an eye at my trunk/frunk mods. They even repaired some minor damage (broken plastic retaining clips) I caused installing it - for free. Even with my good experiences with the service center, I am also worried about how the trunk mod will impact things since it...
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    Tesla Offer Power Frunk Malfunction

    What I have found is that if you leave the frunk or trunk open too long and the car falls asleep while it is open, the teslaoffer unit will get confused about the status of the trunk/frunk. When it hears the "open/close" signal it will try to open and register a fault (since it can't open the...
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    Does Tesla Shop Customer Support Even Exist?

    Perhaps try the 2nd closest showroom then. Or 3rd, or 6th. I can't believe how many showrooms you have in south Florida. Not that it helps you, but the people at my showroom have always been very helpful and pleasant to deal with. Want to go on a 3000mile road trip?
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    Does Tesla Shop Customer Support Even Exist?

    Since your profile says you are in Miami and Tesla has 3 showrooms in Miami, I would just drive over to the nearest showroom and tell them that you are there to return the package in person.
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    Model Y P vs Rivian R1S

    I can understand critique about slow initial production and only delivering the early production vehicles to employees. But when happens here without acknowledging that Tesla was doing exactly the same thing years ago it comes across as irrational fanboyism...
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    Model Y P vs Rivian R1S

    I have a Rivian pre-order. But I think the OP would be happier with a Y. I hardly see the point in cross-shopping these 2. If you need the increased space, towing, or off-road ability, the Model Y isn't an option. If you don't need any of those things, as the OP says they don't, the Tesla Y...
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    Disappointed with "safety score"

    You should view the safety score as not just an assessment of how skilled you are as a driver, but also how safe it would be for FSD to be active in the areas you drive. If other drivers are constantly cutting you off and slamming on the brakes or the computer cannot understand your...
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    Baby Car Seat

    Do you think you could fit 3 of them across?
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    Baby Car Seat

    If the user manual that come with your carseat suggest using both, then of course you should do that. But I would not just assume that is the best method, or even an acceptable method for all models of carseats. None of my car seats suggest doing that, and for some of them(britax clicktight)...
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    Aggravating EV Journalism - public EV charging

    Edison and Tesla were rivals, but it would be fun if Tesla could manage to install chargers at each of those 72 historical locations.
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    Rental surcharge

    I have no Idea. Perhaps it is to cover the cost of the loaner car you will drive home in when the when you complain about Tesla's legendary fit and finish. ;-)
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    WTB: Tesla Key Cards

    Why not buy them from Tesla? Key Card They are in stock online, and at $17 per card I don't see the appeal of looking for a used cards. I do have extras, but it is not worth the hassle of shipping them.
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    Baby Car Seat

    You can easily install infant seats behind the driver's seat and behind the passenger's seat. However they will not fit if the front seats are adjusted all the way back or are reclined too much. Depending on your preferred seating position that may or may not be an issue. Personally I find the...
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    Anybody who's 5' 0" or under driving a 3?

    Front passenger, yes. Rear passenger seats have no adjustment. In my 2019 Model 3, the front passenger seat is physically identical to the driver seat, but it is missing some software. I think I recall that Tesla may have recently removed lumbar support adjustment from the passenger seat, but...
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    Lucid Air 360 deg view.

    No rocketry involved, but it is really hard when the cameras are not located in the correct places. Since Tesla chose not to install a camera in the front bumper or cameras pointing down from side mirrors, there are huge blind spots on the ground directly in front and directly to the side. The...
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    Will EV Tax Credits Crater Used Tesla Prices

    As the original tax credits were phased out, each time the credit decreased a few weeks later Tesla lowered the price by pretty much exactly the same amount of the tax credit decrease. There is no reason to think that they won't raise the price if tax credits come back. In fact, that may be...
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    Tire Speed Rating Setting

    You don't know my spouse. :p I agree it is not a high priority thing. But if we can have a setting to change wheel design used in the avatar why can't we have a setting to specify the tire performance characteristics? And it sounds like this may be available/coming for PLAD. Headlines say...
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    Tire Speed Rating Setting

    yes, in my case I would want to set the max speed to 118mph. The currently available speed limit setting will not let you enter a number higher than 90.
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    Touchup clearcoat for carbon spoiler

    The matte clear coat is has worn off in a few places on my carbon fiber spoiler. Does anyone have a product recommendations to repair it?
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    Tire Speed Rating Setting

    Dear Tesla, I know you won't read this, but you should add a setting in the UI where users (or even better tire shops) can enter the speed rating of the currently installed tires and then automatically limit the top end appropriately. My winter tires(probably most winter tires) have a lower...
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    Are Superchargers on I95 busy?

    As helpful as this would be, I don't think Tesla would want to share this data. If the data shows that superchargers are busy, then the headlines will be "don't buy a Tesla, the chargers are always super busy" and if the data shows that they are underutilized the headlines will be "Tesla is...
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    Model S Plaid Seat Confusion

    That is a pretty hilarious problem. But are you really hoping for advise on the forums for how to fix this? It is obviously something that tesla needs to fix.
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    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    That would be extremely unfair to everyone who was planning to sell their car and was expecting the FSD option to boost the value. The fairest things would be to live up to their promises and if that is not possible then to admit it and offer a refund (in the form of TSLA shares, based on the...
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    backslash \ button missing?

    According to Wikipedia, the Teletype Model 33 was a notable early adopter of the \ button. Tesla, please don't make us wait until the Tesla Model 33 to introduce the \ button.
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    48kW at a 250kW Supercharger?

    Are there any superchargers where you are getting higher speeds? Could it be that the problem is not with the superchargers but with your car? If 30kw is maxing out your battery for some reason (defect?) then I would not expect a 250kw charger to be any different than a 150kw charger.
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    Is the cybertruck the ‘third generation car’ from Tesla?

    Feels like the 4th to me. 1st, original roadster 2nd, model s/x 3rd, model 3/Y and refresh/plaid S/X 4th, vehicles with 4680 batteries, (cybertruck, new roadster)
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    Charge *except* during a certain range of time?

    How about just installing a mechanical timer to cut power to the outlet during the hours you don't want to charge. And just tell the car to charge whenever it can. https://www.westsidewholesale.com/intermatic-t21004r.html
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    Door close effort