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  1. Brian-MS90D

    Stories of someone's cracked casting. Should we worry about this?

    ohhhh, you might want to spend a few hours doing a Google search about all automotive manufacturers recalls, lawsuits (deaths), and fraud schemes over the last 3 to 5 decades. Compared to the others, Tesla is a saint.
  2. Brian-MS90D

    Stories of someone's cracked casting. Should we worry about this?

    Isn't an aluminum casting something of a cross between steel and concrete? The casting is not pure steel. There are no inner supports (rebar) inside the aluminum casting. IMO neither of our analogies are perfect. I think it can still be true that cracking may not be failure in this case...
  3. Brian-MS90D

    Stories of someone's cracked casting. Should we worry about this?

    I don't know if this is bad or not. However, bridges, buildings, and more have lots of cracks. They flex, move, carry more weight, and serve a more important purpose. A crack does not mean failure. It may, but it doesn't always mean so. A crack may be bad on a traditional auto frame with...
  4. Brian-MS90D

    Why is my car using so much battery?

    @dakhlkt22 , there are few universal generalizations on this topic. For example, keeping the windows open and a/c off can save range for city driving / stop-and-go traffic on hot days. However, keeping the windows up is usually the better approach for maximizing range at cruising highway speeds...
  5. Brian-MS90D

    New 2023 Model Y owner

    Losing 37% over ~ 12 hours every day is definitely not normal. In fact it's so obscene that it should be easy for Tesla Service to observe and figure out what is happening. If the noise is not the pedestrian noise and if it "makes more noise than a gas car," then video it and post it here...
  6. Brian-MS90D

    New MYP full power loss while driving and locks steering

    You're just re-hashing what was already discussed. The steering is simply difficult to move and this is even more true for a modern electric power steering system on a heavy car. My comment was not "nonsense."
  7. Brian-MS90D

    New MYP full power loss while driving and locks steering

    I think you're in the wrong thread by accident. This one is about power steering (OP incorrectly claimed/guessed that Tesla was actively locking the power steering). If the "power" goes out in any car (ICE, BEV, etc) the power steering is going to drop in the same manner.
  8. Brian-MS90D

    Battery Range after year

    MYP (Jan, 2021) with 42,658 miles. Between 290 and 295 at 100% charge.
  9. Brian-MS90D

    Model Y thoughts after 6 weeks

    Glad to hear that you love your Tesla :D
  10. Brian-MS90D

    Supercharger Full

    Since owning my 2017 MS, every year there is someone griping about how Superchargers will become over crowded to the point of uselessness. These same posts were made when the Model 3 was rolled out. Then the Model Y. Now it's about non-Tesla's. The only thing constant since 2017 is that the...
  11. Brian-MS90D

    2023 Model Y no USS discussion, incl. Discussion of Tesla Vision Firmware

    This has been covered at length here in the forums. Your vehicle does not have ultrasonic sensors. It is doing that only by the vision cameras. The features you are talking about are still in development/beta. Some believe Tesla will figure it out. Some do not. While ultrasonic sensors are...
  12. Brian-MS90D

    2 months to fix tiny dent, 2 authorized shops near DC?

    Glad to hear you'll be staying electric. However, your experience is not unique to Tesla. All vehicle repair shops have been affected by the economy of today (inflation, supply chain, labor shortages). You'll find this experience with any brand these days, electric or ICE.
  13. Brian-MS90D

    Paint chip

    If you didn't get front and lower sides PPF and you're worried about this little chip on the rear... then that's kinda funny 😂 Kidding aside, congrats on your new vehicle. You should probably look into front PPF asap. I doubt that any vehicle manufacturer would correct a paint chip ~ 1...
  14. Brian-MS90D

    6 Weeks & 7,000 Miles - Thoughts from a penny pincher (2023 MYLR)

    This is very true. ESPECIALLY in 2017 when I began road tripping in my S (things were quite sparse). The Supercharger network today is LIGHT YEARS better and more convenient. It will be even more so in the coming years. We are still in early adopter stage/phase. Eventually, there will be...
  15. Brian-MS90D

    Two questions about a new Y

    I rented a MYLR recently. All of these little things really add up and make a noticeable difference when compared to my MYP 2021 interior. I was also surprised how quick and powerful the MYLR was. AND it had phenomenal range! I was actually pretty miffed how nice that MYLR was compared to my...
  16. Brian-MS90D

    Do MLY come with matrix headlights?

    And, this is the ONLY thing the Matrix's are used for. My understanding is the US feds STILL will not allow Matrix headlights on US roads.
  17. Brian-MS90D

    6 Weeks & 7,000 Miles - Thoughts from a penny pincher (2023 MYLR)

    This is a really cool post and I appreciate your impressive level of detail. For cost, you may want to update your spreadsheet for the ICE vehicles to include the cost of oil changes (for some cars this is $150+ these days) and brakes (Tesla brakes last A LOT longer than ICE brakes).
  18. Brian-MS90D

    Climate control sluggish on auto

    Yes, this is huge. I forgot about this. I do this too.
  19. Brian-MS90D

    Climate control sluggish on auto

    All interior cars bake, yes. That is why you should precool them! :-) Make your life joyous. Yes, you are correct that Tesla has an interior temperature sensor (or possibly a few located throughout). However, what I meant was that nicer luxury interior vehicles do not use those simple...
  20. Brian-MS90D

    Climate control sluggish on auto

    I still stand by my point that it doesn't matter how quick or powerful the AC is if you get into a 130F car in the middle of the summer. The seats and interior will bake you for about 10 minutes. A BMW probably has cooled seats, which would help. I agree that I typically set the Tesla Auto...
  21. Brian-MS90D

    Rear seat clicking noise

    That is very loud and very repeatable (good news, haha!). My guess is something is rolling around under the seats or in the cavity behind the B or C pillars. A loose object like a bolt or something. I would think you'd be able to identify exactly the area it is in by having someone sit there and...
  22. Brian-MS90D

    Emergency Battery Saving (2,500 Mile Vacation from Wisconsin to New York and back)

    Yes, #2. That's it. Everything else is insignificant (even mountains do not matter unless your destination is on top of one). For range, speed is the only factor of any significance you have control over. And, as you go faster and faster then anything else REALLY doesn't matter. It is true...
  23. Brian-MS90D

    Climate Control and Auto

    When you activate climate from your App, the car climate will be in Auto mode. When you open the door, the car climate will revert to the settings saved for that user profile (that the key is linked to). You do not have control of every climate setting from your phone. Only "on" and "temp."
  24. Brian-MS90D

    Climate control sluggish on auto

    When you turn the system on there will be a small message above the temp display saying "system cooling down." The performance of the climate system is degraded during this time as it "spools up" (my technical term!) behind the scenes. This takes about... 1 to 2 minutes typically in my...
  25. Brian-MS90D

    condensation builds up on outside of windshield??

    A while ago Tesla updated the cruise control, AP, and FSD to require (automatically) the wipers be on. There is no way to change this, although you can manually adjust the frequency setting. There is no standard (dumb) cruise control on a Tesla (I wish there was!). Condensation on windshields...
  26. Brian-MS90D

    Climate control sluggish on auto

    You bought an awesome EV. Take advantage of one of the best features and precool that cabin so it's nice and fresh when you jump in it! Nothing worse than hot seats toasting your body through conduction 🥵
  27. Brian-MS90D

    Climate Control and Auto

    Here you go: https://www.tesla.com/ownersmanual/modely/en_us/GUID-4F3599A1-20D9-4A49-B4A0-5261F957C096.html In general the climate control is very simple. However, the presence of some additional cool and unique climate features/options can make the topic overwhelming at first for new Tesla...
  28. Brian-MS90D

    Wiper Blade Replacement Tesla Model Y

    Tesla now has Model Y replacement blades on their website for order under the Model Y. $25 each (LH & RH versions). $50 total (plus $3.90 tax) (free shipping)
  29. Brian-MS90D

    Do You Unplug For Thunderstorms?

    Interesting. A power surge is not limited to thunderstorms. A power surge can occur when power is restored after a power outage and there is probably a greater risk for a power surge when power is restored than a thunderstorm. Power surges occur VERY often (in the US at least). If we use...
  30. Brian-MS90D

    Model Y steering locked up while driving [Power steering went out]

    The steering didn't lock up, but the power steering went out. This can happen on any car. It's much harder to turn steering wheels today (when the power steering fails) because many cars using electric power steering assist instead of hydraulic (older day). I'm not calling you a liar. I agree...
  31. Brian-MS90D

    Sold: Model Y 20" TSportline TS5 Flow Forged Wheels w/ Tires (used) ($1,500)

    I will consider shipping to a US destination only if paid in full prior and shipping on your account. Otherwise, in person delivery only.
  32. Brian-MS90D

    Cold Feet: Reassurance or Reality - Tesla MYLR as a Road Warrior Vehicle?

    He is incorrect as I explained in my previous post. If you don't believe me, then know that Tesla's advice is the complete opposite of what he said. Also, refer to physics. Wind resistance increases as speed increases, and the increase in wind resistance is not merely linear to the speed. It's...
  33. Brian-MS90D

    Cold Feet: Reassurance or Reality - Tesla MYLR as a Road Warrior Vehicle?

    I did this back between 2017-2020 with my Model S and for work. The reliability for high miles is far superior to ICE. Pros: Minimal to no maintenance. No more oil changes! Autopilot on highways. It's not perfect, but it sure takes a lot of the monotony out of highway driving. If you are a...
  34. Brian-MS90D

    Sold: Model Y 20" TSportline TS5 Flow Forged Wheels w/ Tires (used) ($1,500)

    There is one person who is very interested, but they have not yet officially made a decision. Therefore, yes, still currently available. I will send you a DM.
  35. Brian-MS90D

    What is this high pitched cricket like noise?

    Sorry, you can't convince me based on my experience and just about everyone I know. Dealerships are bad on both ends. Dealerships make the vast majority of their money on service (not on the car sale), and a have long been known for falsifying the need for repairs in order to fraudulently charge...
  36. Brian-MS90D

    What is this high pitched cricket like noise?

    OMG, lol! Dealerships are the absolute worst! They will charge you for the diagnosis of anything deemed not covered by warranty (in their opinion) and then still keep trying to sell you fraudulent repairs 😂 Tesla like any human organization is not perfect by any means, but worse than a...
  37. Brian-MS90D

    Sold: Model Y 20" TSportline TS5 Flow Forged Wheels w/ Tires (used) ($1,500)

    I would maybe be open to shipping within the continental US, but not outside of the US. I'd be willing to meet you in Detroit, MI or Erie, PA for the delivery fee.
  38. Brian-MS90D

    Sold: Model Y 20" TSportline TS5 Flow Forged Wheels w/ Tires (used) ($1,500)

    Set of TSportline TS5 20" flow forged wheels and tires for Model Y. Wheels are in very good condition with only two small dings (see pictures). Local pick up or will deliver to Indiana, Ohio, KY area for $60 fee. Includes TPMS. Wheels: Matte Black / Lug covers & extra spares / Original...
  39. Brian-MS90D

    Model Y lift gate sticky issue

    This happens for me too! Perhaps not for the same reason, but perhaps 30% of the time the rear hatch unlocks to open but it's as if the rubber seals keep it in position. If I assist it by hand, you can really hear the sound of the seals losing their suction grip. I've just always assumed it...
  40. Brian-MS90D

    Odometer rolled over 100K MILES on 2020 MY AWD

    How do you really know what the battery degradation is without doing a formal test of running the car to a dead battery? The car could be estimating your range based on a number of temporary factors such as efficiency history and the like. The Y has significant range remaining beneath the...
  41. Brian-MS90D

    Homelink Not Available for 2023 Model Y?

    I've found this to be garage opener brand specific (not MyQ). For example, one of my doors is a DirectDrive and it doesn't always receive the first signal sent to it even by its own remote transmitter openers. In other words, even without MyQ the DirectDrive brand often takes 2 button presses...
  42. Brian-MS90D

    Why is my car using so much battery?

    FYI, there was a software version that had a glitch and about 2x reported the Wh/mi in the trip and energy screens. However, the car is not actually using that much. This happened to me. If you track the miles manually or drive with the navigation on and reference the navigation's estimate...
  43. Brian-MS90D

    Mach-E and my Y. Side by Side pics

    Plus battery costs will continue to decrease significantly in the long run.
  44. Brian-MS90D

    Mach-E and my Y. Side by Side pics

    Just wanted to note that your Model S was built 8 years ago before Tesla was focusing on manufacturing efficiency (for that vehicle, at least).
  45. Brian-MS90D

    Mach-E and my Y. Side by Side pics

    That' That was my immediate thought when I read that too. He is probably referring to only gasoline usage and completely ignoring electric usage (and therefore the 170 number is meaningless).
  46. Brian-MS90D

    Mach-E and my Y. Side by Side pics

    Saying the Tesla battery pack is only held together by glue is misleading. And, it is ignorant (I do not mean this in an insulting manner) to imply that there are only negatives to using "glue" or having a "unity" battery pack. You may be ignoring cost (where long term the consumer cost is still...
  47. Brian-MS90D

    Mach-E and my Y. Side by Side pics

    I agree with all your prior posts except this crazy comment.