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    New iPhone 15 Pro car won't always unlock

    I'm 4+ years into M3 ownership and unfortunately I've gone through 4 phones as well LOL It's the phone. I can't believe how different the quality of the Bluetooth connections have been with the car from phone to phone. NOW I finally have a great connection with my new phone (S23 plus) so I'm...
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    Venting… loaner model 3 sucks

    What is the range of your 2014 at 100%? I'd bet my house and my M3 that I get a ton more range with my 2022 LR M3 than your 9 year old S.
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    Significant overnight drop in battery capacity after lightning strike..

    Another person asked and I don't think you responded: Was the car plugged in? I've heard stories of lightning issues related to cars being plugged in even when not actively charging. If the car wasn't plugged in there's zero chance that a lightning strike would cause battery degradation...
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    The good and the bad. I have just done 25,000 miles over the past two years in a Model 3.

    A year ago I sold my 2019 M3 and bought a 2022. The 2022 has dramatically less wind noise. It was immediately noticeable.
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    Ordering my new baby. What should I watch out for upon pickup? What accessories would you get right away?

    Heck yes I do that for any vehicle that I've ever owned!
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    Tesla Tire Repair Kit same as Slime Tire Repair Kit?

    Just get an old school tire repair kit with a portable air compressor. I've taken out several nails in my Tesla over the years. Amazing how that technology doesn't change lol.
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    Going on first road trip (around 285 miles one way).. New owner.. Just a few questions. Thanks

    Why would you use ABRP for navigation? The Tesla Nav is tied to the car and it will guide you along the way and give charging advice if needed. ABRP has no idea how much range you have. Charge at 100% before taking road trips. It's cheaper and easier. It takes none of your time to charge at...
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    Joined the EV club, new Model 3 owner.

    If I couldn't turn it off in my 2019 then that low setting was VERY low. I never felt the regen in a snowstorm. Very disappointing to not have control of the regen with the newer 3's. What's the logic behind that?
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    Used 2018 Model 3 - MCU powering off several times consistently

    This message board was FULL of people who stayed home in 2020 with Teslas with dying 12V batteries. Our repeated advice is these cars don't like sitting down for indefinite periods of time.
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    Losing charge when parked

    Glad it worked out for you. I will say that sometimes these cars just want to be left alone. I had a few Tesla Apps when I got my first M3 in 2019. The phantom drain was absurd. I deleted all of them and surprisingly didn't miss them at all. After you get used to these cars you'll find out...
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    Supercharging “clunks”?

    It definitely happens more than once per charging session. Don't alarm the OP!
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    Joined the EV club, new Model 3 owner.

    Congratulations on your purchase. That is indeed a great deal. The older 3's used to give us the option of how much regen braking to use. I don't like how we can't turn it off now when the roads are slippery. I had 3 winters in my 2019 and this is my first in my 2022. I do NOT like how it...
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    Changing oil and filter in differential assembly.

    Too many people don't do enough cost/benefit analysis equations in this world. Or calculate the time/value of money.
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    Used 2018 Model 3 - MCU powering off several times consistently

    2018 with 7k miles. Very suspicious.
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    The Perils of Reporting Charge Time in Percent

    That was a painful read. I didn't think his name was actually Luke Speed LMAO wow
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    Premium Connectivity - what is it

    Premium connectivity was free when I bought my car. A year later it got taken away and I really missed it. I'd let the free trial expire and see if you miss it. Within seconds you can sign up for it on the App and get it back.
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    Used 2018 Model 3 - MCU powering off several times consistently

    This is exactly why I hate private sales. Did you contact the seller about this issue? I'd start there. A car this old with 7k miles has been sitting around A LOT.
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    Changing oil and filter in differential assembly.

    You're upset that they want to charge $200-$300 for this service? How much money would you save doing it yourself? To top it off you're spending a lot of time researching plus a lot of time to do the job. $200-$300 on a car that cost tens of thousands of dollars is a drop in the bucket.
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    Solved: wind noise

    I'm on my second M3. Picked up the new one in August and every time I go through a touchless carwash I get nailed with water coming through the upper left corner of my driver side window. Instead of having a meltdown, I'm going to wait until I get the tires rotated to get that taken care of...
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    Value Model 3 Performance vs Long Range

    Teslas are absolutely not going to appreciate in value anytime soon. The used market is crashing due to all of the self-righteous Elon haters out there.
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    Long wait times for Service (Tesla + other)

    Is there just a noise or is there also a warning? I would think if it's the rear drive unit that warnings galore would be all over the screen?
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    how come RWD SR+ drift and fish tail a bit while driving in straight line on HWY speed on snow day?

    56 mph in snow and ice in a RWD vehicle. You answered your own question bud!
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    2022 Model 3 Long Range died overnight

    I don't know how to do many things in this world, but plugging a tire is one of them. This thread went off the rails about tires. You can get tires fixed or replaced anywhere. The big picture item is what's important and I love hearing how responsive they were.
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    Long wait times for Service (Tesla + other)

    Hop on a Ford or Chevy forum and look at how long it takes them to fix their EVs. And they can't road trip worth a crap either.
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    Energy Costs - My co-op installing chargers that are 50c kWh

    I'm up above you in NH. Our rates just went up to .23 and everyone is crying to the high heavens. I'll shut my mouth now lol
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    Tesla We Need On Demand Preconditioning

    And one last comment: What's the issue with brake pads? Do you know how to use one pedal driving?
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    Tesla We Need On Demand Preconditioning

    I still can't believe that people turn their climate systems on for 30+ minutes before departure.
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    Tesla We Need On Demand Preconditioning

    What you demand is what we get. I've used these features for years with my Model 3. Do you need some training?
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    Energy Costs - My co-op installing chargers that are 50c kWh

    That is a horrendous usury rate. I'd never own an EV if I couldn't charge in my own garage or had free charging at work.
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    OEM CCS adapter now available to order in North America, Retrofit for older cars coming in 2023

    I can't think of a single example in my 3+ years of ownership where I would have preferred to use a third party network. We've kind of conquered this one fellas!
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    99% Issue - Calculating [Charging to 100% hangs at 99%]

    Anyone that's new to Tesla would do the same? Ummmm, no, not at all. I did my homework long before I decided to make the leap with a Tesla. Anyone who would sit around for 40 extra minutes to top off a battery should NOT own an EV. You're in way over your head here buddy and let us know how...
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    Used 6% to pre-condition

    No, this is why the car limits its "performance" when the battery is still cold. If we could full throttle with full regen in cold temps with a cold battery? Ok man, then I'd believe we're harming the battery. Meanwhile there's enough fear mongering going around to convince people that we need...
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    Used 6% to pre-condition

    What is the "some amount of risk?" How do you define that and what do you predict will happen?
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    99% Issue - Calculating [Charging to 100% hangs at 99%]

    You placed multiple service calls over this? It's this kind of stuff that clogs up Tesla Service lanes for people who actually need it. What does the car show for range at 99%? I bet it's within a mile of when the car shows 100!
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    Used 6% to pre-condition

    It is amazing how much energy people will use to get their battery up to temperature just to drive a few miles. They'll still stand by the process too and just claim it uses power from the house. Well....that's power lol
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    Increase in home electric bills

    I locked in 3 months ago. I looked at the situation and figured that even if Eversource rates go back down in a year that they won't be below 13 cents.
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    Longer to charge at home in colder weather?

    I live in a cold climate and I'd never use 120 power in the winter. I wouldn't own the car if I that was my only option.
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    Increase in home electric bills

    As a NH resident I completely agree. It's really interesting how much of the green movement has a "not in my backyard" component from the very people who are so-called green voters. Our rates pre-delivery went up to .23ish this year and will go higher in February. Have you heard of Direct...
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    Ongoing phone key issue

    I always ask the dumb questions, but is there any chance the kid has a great phone and is still within bluetooth range? I've had my wife get home with the car but still connecting to the car long after she exited it. Also, for some reason I keep holding on to this crap Android phone that I got...
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    Confused about charging my model 3 on a road trip when no Superchargers are on the way

    Totally agree that this must be a troll post
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    Confused about charging my model 3 on a road trip when no Superchargers are on the way

    What other charging options are available? This would be the first I've heard of the Tesla network being inferior to the competition.
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    Black Friday Deals for Your Model 3?

    Is it recommended to have skid plates? I've never heard much about them.
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    PCS_a052 Error when trying to charge on 110V at home

    There's one place I go on vacation that has a weak 120 outlet. It takes about 2 hours and then the circuit breaker pops. Other than that I've never had an issue charging anywhere else in my 3+ years of ownership.
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    PCS_a052 Error when trying to charge on 110V at home

    I just did a quick search and found this. For future reference you'll want to describe what the car told you that went along with the error code. You have a voltage issue. I guarantee that you'll be able to supercharge or use a properly installed level 2 charger without a problem...
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    PCS_a052 Error when trying to charge on 110V at home

    I'm not familiar with that warning but you're on the right track. You need to eliminate variables. You want to learn how to charge on all of the platforms anyway, and it will help you figure out what the issue is. To recap, you haven't tried charging anywhere else at all since taking ownership...
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    Vehicle Range

    My ex-wife logged her miles and gallons. One of many things that drove me crazy and led to divorce LMAO
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    Vehicle Range

    If you're having a meltdown over it showing 353, charge it to that amount then go for a drive and try to see how close to 353 that you get:eek:🤣
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    USB-C Ports dead on arrival?

    Correct. Works great for Android devices