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    Call from Tesla asking me to cancel Plaid+ and take a Plaid

    Same call and I also refused. I have a P85D Ludicrous ... my primary complaint about it is range, so it's kinda pointless to upgrade to the "Plaid" and not just wait for the "Plaid+". As other said, it also means there will be time for the bugs to be worked out first, too. Also, as far as...
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    Wiki Consolidated eMMC Thread (MCU repair) (Black Center Screen)

    I just got an update from Tesla -- Apparently, the eMMC didn't fail, but rather, the filesystem was 100% full, and as a result, some databases got corrupted and required the MCU to be reformatted and factory reset -- but didn't require a hardware replacement. Pretty absurd failure in any event...
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    Software updates

    You've got to keep in mind the company priorities. The programmers seem to be far more interested in doing important things like making "Fart Mode" more accessible, and improving gameplay in Backgammon. Trivial things like "Does the update brick your MCU?" or "Does the update cause the car...
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    Wiki Consolidated eMMC Thread (MCU repair) (Black Center Screen)

    I've got a December 2014 P85D (with Ludicrous upgrade). My MCU1 just failed, for the second time. Fortunately I have the Extended Service Agreement. The previous time it was replaced I think in 2018. I was pretty disappointed at the time that I was made to wait several weeks, and it was...
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    Car alarm during update

    My alarm went off too. I live in a very quiet neighborhood, so I am sure my neighbors appreciated it. Thankfully I started the upgrade immediately after getting home and didn’t let it auto update at 5am, so at least I hadn’t gone to sleep yet.
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    P85D & P90D - 2019.20.1 Firmware

    No. I did a full reboot (power car off for three minutes). I reported it to Tesla, who is trying to do remote diagnostics.
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    P85D & P90D - 2019.20.1 Firmware

    I don’t know if it’s related to this firmware, but on my first drive after the upgrade I was treated with this.
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    Master Charger failed, part not in stock, Tesla dropping the ball on a Loaner

    Stuff like this, IMHO, is part of why Tesla is struggling to be profitable. Don't you think experiences like this weigh in on decisions when Tesla sends out emails suggesting trading the car in and buying another? Tesla doesn't need to sell their cars to a thousand hardcore fans -- they need to...
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    Master Charger failed, part not in stock, Tesla dropping the ball on a Loaner

    Sure, it is an option, and yes, I can and might do that... But it doesn't change the fact that Tesla is not providing service anywhere near comparable to what you might expect for a >$100k BMW, Mercedes, or Porsche.
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    Master Charger failed, part not in stock, Tesla dropping the ball on a Loaner

    It’s a four hour drive each way... plus charging time.
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    Master Charger failed, part not in stock, Tesla dropping the ball on a Loaner

    Do you know for sure that this is actually possible?
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    Master Charger failed, part not in stock, Tesla dropping the ball on a Loaner

    Right, this is what Tesla says happened to my car based on their remote diagnostics.
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    Master Charger failed, part not in stock, Tesla dropping the ball on a Loaner

    I don’t have the loaner yet. Appointment should be for Thursday, but I asked the question in advance because I know that normally the language on the loaner agreement says that you have to return the car within 24 hours of the repair being completed, which wouldn’t be possible if I am in Miami...
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    Master Charger failed, part not in stock, Tesla dropping the ball on a Loaner

    Hi all, I have a 2014 Model S P85D, with the 4 year Extended Service Agreement. I have a HPWC at home, and only use the Superchargers when on road trips. Last week, on my way back home (near Orlando) from Miami/Palm Beach, I was unable to charge at the Supercharger (hung on "Starting to...
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    Just as a suggestion, this thread should also mention the status of superchargers in Georgia and South Carolina as well, as there were also many outages in those places. For example, I would assume Kingsland, GA is another one which might be out of service (I haven't checked and don't know for...
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    Hurricane Irma

    We left from central florida yesterday, didn't need to stop to charge until we were outside of Florida. We passed through Kingsland, GA supercharger ... which is co-located at a police station! Empty, no teslas. Friendly cops, and Denny's (not my favorite, but it's the least bad option...
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    MCU unresponsive after parking in the heat

    Was just told that my MCU and display needs to be replaced. Car has been in since Wednesday, and I haven't yet been given an estimated time for completion. I am not in a huge rush to have it returned, but I am actually a bit surprised that this part isn't just kept in stock given how common of a...
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    MCU unresponsive after parking in the heat

    I have been having similar problems .... The app is generally non-responsive, and the MCU keeps crashing and rebooting while driving, causing disruptions to AC, Navigation, and music. Rebooting it manually by holding the two buttons does seem to make it better for a while, but perhaps in a few...
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    Drive Unit Replacement Poll

    A few months back, my December 2014 P85D had a rear DU become "noisy", and had the service center replace it. They were able to do the replacement in a single day as they had a spare on-site. Vehicle never stopped working, but the noise was louder than an ICE car would have been, and the noise...
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    E-Pass users in Florida

    I just registered my license plate on Sunpass's website, and through the actual sunpass in a draw. No transponder in the car, no problems. As a side benefit, there are a bunch of photos of my car on the sunpass website now :)
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    100D upgrade to 72amp charger?

    I have a 2014 P85D with dual chargers (80A), and a 80A HPWC at home. I will agree with others that in 99% of scenarios, charing at 40A is totally fine, but I have certainly had at least a few occasions when 80A made a large improvement ... Once when a bad traffic accident blocked access to the...
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    P for Performance or Party Trick

    I've owned a number of high performance cars in my life. BMW E46 M3 Cabriolet BMW E46 M3 Coupe Porsche 997 Turbo Coupe Porsche Panamera 4S Porsche 997 Turbo Cabriolet As others have said, the P85D was a reasonable transition for me ... Comparing to a Chevy Volt is just silly. Is it a luxury...
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    Supercharger - Naples, FL

    Turkey Lake service plaza near Orlando also does not have an enclosure ... They are just in the loading dock area near the supercharger stalls.
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    How is the order maintained at a full SC with cars waiting

    @MasterT I used to live in Eastern Shores in North Miami Beach myself -- but moved up to central Florida a bit over a year ago. As far as your question goes -- There is obviously no way of guaranteeing any order would be maintained unless there is a Tesla employee present, which there isn't...
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    Media player in 8.0 actually got worse (for local music)

    Wow, what a huge disappointment. Who exactly wants to listen to their music in "alphabetical order", as opposed to track order?! Haven't they heard of "Concept Albums?" I would kill to get support for playlists -- seems like such a simple feature would make this 1000X better.
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    Should Tesla restrict Auto-Steer to only Freeways via software?

    Do you actually know what intersection the accident was at? I haven't found it in any articles. There are clearly faults that can be found with both drivers: The Latest: Truck firm in Tesla crash had safety violations
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    Should Tesla restrict Auto-Steer to only Freeways via software?

    There are plenty of places where 70MPH is the PSL, and in general, people drive considerably faster than PSL in florida. Looking at a map, two busy state routes, 41 and 27 pass through Williston, FL, where the accident was. I don't know which road it was on, but I'd bet one of those. The guy...
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    Newer P90DL makes 662 hp at the battery!!!

    Thanks, I will check that out after I get the car back, and have it charged up over 90%.
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    Newer P90DL makes 662 hp at the battery!!!

    Not sure if this is interesting to this thread or not, but my P85D is getting the ludicrous upgrade installed this week (started Tuesday, I think finishing today). According to VisibleTesla, the firmware has been upgraded on the car to 2.24.78. I suppose it will be interesting to see if...
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    Break vibration, B.A.R. opinion

    I'm confused how someone could possibly end up warping rotors on a Tesla, I barely ever touch the brakes on mine ...
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    Firmware 7.1

    I can confirm that I received the notice for "Software Update Available" on my iPhone about 15 minutes before leaving the house to go to the gym. Did the update while at the gym, finished by the time I was done working out :) Installed 2.18.77 on P85D
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    Better range after 7.0 upgrade?

    I only had one day to drive around with v7.0 before I had to fly out of town. I didn't pay too much attention to the Wh/mi, but I did get the feeling that the regenerative braking was not slowing me down as much, while at the same time the KW meter showed the same amount of generation. This is...
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    Loaner Model S rear ended

    On a related note, I got pulled over in a Tesla loaner car from Orlando, and the cop also told me that the car "did not exist" and "was not registered".
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    Autopilot and v7 coming this Thursday! (15-10-15)

    My attempt at humor. That said, stupid people will do what stupid people will do, regardless of my joke or not.
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    Autopilot and v7 coming this Thursday! (15-10-15)

    Can anyone recommend this as an Accessory for autopilot: Amazon.com: Zone Tech Car Ipad Laptop/Eating Steering Wheel Desk: Automotive
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    Emergency braking

    I dunno, I think that Volvo test was pretty good!
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    Anyone else ticked off the Model S has no spare tire?

    Add me to the list that says "I am already used to not having a Spare". I haven't had a spare in any of the cars I have owned my whole life.
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    extension cord anti-theft device?

    I am really surprised anyone would even think to go to this level of effort. I just use the cable and don't worry about it. Seems to work fine!
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    Commercially-Installed HPWCs Limited to 8kW (16kW with dual chargers)

    I think what he's asking though is "Why can't my single-charger car pull 48 Amps from a 208 Volt HPWC". I'd guess the answer is because the wiring to the charger is only 40A, but don't really know.
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    2014 P85D Owners... hindsight? regrets?

    No regrets. Progress is made. I'll let you in on some insider info, next year, they will have an even better version! Trading a 1 year old car is going to be a huge financial mistake no matter what, and doing that site unseen is a risk nobody made you take. My P85D was my first Tesla, and I...
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    Last 2 updates changed The Behavior of TACC

    My question to anyone who is advocating following big rigs closely ... Do you like the look of rock chips in your paint, and enjoy replacing your windshield frequently?
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    Autopilot lane keeping still not available over 6 months after delivery

    +1 as well ... Having actually built things, I know exactly the decision sandpiper is talking about ... True innovation vs safe road ... Tesla is a TINY company up against juggernauts. Yeah, some people are now pointing to the new BMW 7 series -- Don't think for a moment that BMW would have...
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    Regen and tires

    "It Depends". In an AWD model, regen probably saves tire life, as it probably decelerates less hard than you would with friction brakes. In non-AWD models, it will probably make a noticeable difference in rear tire wear, but probably the loss of range would be quite annoying.
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    Autopilot lane keeping still not available over 6 months after delivery

    My current car is a P85D. This was the first Tesla I have owned. Apple is a totally different topic, but they have at times released things too early -- Certain versions of OSX, The iPhone 4's Antenna, iPad 3's GPU, the watch.
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    Autopilot lane keeping still not available over 6 months after delivery

    I would pretty much agree with that. Yeah, I wish Autopilot was done, but TACC by itself has already taken care of enough that I am not terribly pissed, either. Sure, it was promised to have certain features (lane holding, self parking), and sure it isn't available, but that doesn't change...
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    How fast will Tesla go in reverse?

    Obviously there is no legitimate purpose for a higher speed -- but I was just thinking, there probably is no technical reason why the car cannot achieve nearly as high of a speed in reverse as it does in Drive.
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    Will new battery fuse allow for faster Super Charging?

    I don't recall off the top of my head what the continuous rating is for the standard fuse, but 1300A is the burst rating, not continuous. The continuous rating is much lower.
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    NEMA 14-30 Charger

    Exactly correct. Of course I would like to use 5-20 before 5-15, but the reality is that I have only had the need to use 120V charging on one particular trip. All other trips, I have had some 240V option. On that one particular trip, the only 120V outlet was 5-15 (though, the breaker panel had...
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    DeFuniak Springs SpC to Lake City SpC in 70D doable?

    I did this drive in a rental ICE car about a year ago. I would just warn you that I-10 between Lake City and Defuniak Springs is a wide open roadway in the middle of nowhere. If you are the type that likes to drive fast, it will require a lot of self control to keep your speeds low enough to...
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    NEMA 14-30 Charger

    I own: J1772, 14-50, 14-30, 10-30, 5-20, 5-15. I also own various home made extension cords / adapters. I use them in this order: 14-50 J1772 Custom extension cord to 10-30 (with 14-50 plug, dialed down to 24A) 5-15 5-20 I don't think I've ever used the 10-30 or 14-30 plugs ...