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  1. Shelburne

    To service, or not to service... that is the question.

    I'd bring it in. I don't know about New York State, but in Massachusetts your car would fail the yearly inspection because of that faulty sensor.
  2. Shelburne

    Venting… loaner model 3 sucks

    Hey, it's a loaner car. It's free! Stop complaining and be happy. I used to own a Volvo S60. When I took it in for service the Volvo dealership would give me a loaner too - but it was a 12 year old Saab in very poor condition. When I owned a Jeep Grand Cherokee 21 years ago, I would also get a...
  3. Shelburne

    Scratch on door

    Things vary from state to state, but here in MA when my M3 was involved in a collision, both my agent and several friends said that it's not worth going thru you insurance unless the repair costs exceed $5000. That's because the insurance companies are going to increase you premiums over the...
  4. Shelburne

    I Need A Dead Mouse Lackey

    "I'd be wondering how they're getting into the garage and then patch up all potential entry points." Over the years, I've found it virtually impossible to seal all cracks in order to prevent mice from getting in my house. If you use foam insulation, they just eat their way through it. Mice can...
  5. Shelburne

    Cost to Tesla Model 3 for 100k miles?

    A very strange post indeed. I'll only address some of his comments about Uber. In the long run, using an Uber may (or may not) be cheaper than owning a Tesla. It depends on how often you use an Uber and how far you go in one. In many rural parts of the country, like where I live, Uber isn't even...
  6. Shelburne

    Reduced alert signal volume with 2023.26.7

    I updated to 2023.26.7 about two weeks ago. I haven't noticed any change in the alert volumes. Maine is a 2020 M3 LR. Maybe it has something to do with the model year???
  7. Shelburne

    Model 3 (Stealth) Performance - 5y ownership, service history + high battery degradation?

    As a comparison, my 2020 M3LR has just under 22,000 miles on it. It's range with 18" wheels was rated by Tesla as miles 323 miles, but the larger wheels reduce that range slightly. When I picked it up in 2020, someone at the Tesla service center told me that with the larger wheels I could expect...
  8. Shelburne

    Vibration when blasting the AC

    I have a 2020 M3 and on hot days the AC is loud until the cabin cools down, but there are absolutely no vibration so I thin, you need Tesla to check it out
  9. Shelburne

    Thoughts on 2020 Model 3 collision? [Is this totaled?]

    I had far more damage to my 2020 M3 and it wasn't considered to be totaled. I had to have the trunk lid, the front bumper and both front quarter panels replaced after a truck backed into my car. The price tag for all this was about $9200. Your body damage looks minimal but perhaps there has been...
  10. Shelburne

    Tesla 3 sounds like plane taking off. Normal or not?

    My 2020 M3 sounds pretty much like yours on hot days when I first get in the car and the AC goes on full blast. After the cabin has cooled down, the noise level drops considerably. I've assumed that the noise is just the AC working hard to cool down the cabin. It's been like this since I bought...
  11. Shelburne

    Vendor how to chose a phone mount

    I just use one of the cup holders in the center console. Why would I want to mount my phone? Calls and texts come thru the car itself just fine and I use the car's navigation system, not my phone's.
  12. Shelburne

    2021 Model 3 B-Pilar trim has come loose exposing wiring bundle

    The exact same thing happened to my 2020 M3. I took it to the nearest Tesla service center after making an appointment. They fixed in less than 20 minutes. The service guy told me that they replaced all the clips that held the trim in place on the trim on both sides of the car because the...
  13. Shelburne

    Can changing amperage while charging simply be heat related?

    Charging fluctuations in 16 amp multiples can also indicate a problem with your car’s power conversion system (onboard charger). Before doing anything else I’d charge your car somewhere else on another L2 charger to rule out the vehicle itself. If you see the same behavior elsewhere, it’s the...
  14. Shelburne

    Can changing amperage while charging simply be heat related?

    I wrote earlier about a similar problem I'm having with slower charging. I have a 240 volt line with a Nema 14-50 plug. I use my mobile charger to connect all that to my M3. Over the past two years I've noticed that the rate of charge, while normally at 29 miles of range per hour, frequently...
  15. Shelburne

    navigation search order - how does it work?

    I haven't done a navigation search for a Walmart but I find the same problem when doing a search for the "nearest Tesla supercharger". It comes up with a list of many superchargers, many of which are nowhere along the route I am taking.
  16. Shelburne

    Can changing amperage while charging simply be heat related?

    I've been charging my M3 at home using the Tesla mobile charger and a Nema 14-50 plug which I plug into a 240 volt line. Last summer and this summer I've noticed a drop in the rate of charge of about 50%. That doesn't happen in the winter, but it does happen when the ambient outdoor temperature...
  17. Shelburne

    At fault accident fender/door damage, worth going through insurance?

    "That doesn't sound right, at all. Unless you are on the brink of getting dropped by your insurance company for prior accidents, or are under 25 y/o, making one claim may results in minor premium increases for 1-3 years, or in no premium increases at all. $5K worth of premium increases would...
  18. Shelburne

    At fault accident fender/door damage, worth going through insurance?

    I've been told by several people including my insurance agent that unless the damages are more than $5000 it's cheaper in the long run to pay the costs out of your own pocket. That's because of the increased premiums you'll be paying for years after your insurer covers the damages. That figure...
  19. Shelburne

    I charge my battery to 80% last night and woke up this morning. It was at 82. Does that mean my battery is getting stronger ???

    I routinely charge my 2020 M3 to 80%. At 80% the range will be anywhere from 234 miles to 251 miles. Some of that fluctuation is due to the ambient air temperature.
  20. Shelburne

    Got clipped by a lost driver [how much will this cost to repair?]

    I'm going to assume blackTS$!@ is being sarcastic. Your bumper needs replacement and the area above the wheel can probably be fixed without replacing that body panel. As for the wheel, if those marks can't be cleaned off you'll need a new one of those. So probably about $3000 to $4000 and a few...
  21. Shelburne

    Scheduled for tinting in about 2 hours

    Tinting the entire front windshield is illegal in many states, Massachusetts included. Here you can only tint the top 4 or 6 inches but not the entire windshield. That's also true in many other states. Here's a link to what's allowed in all 50 states. It was last updated in February of 2023...
  22. Shelburne

    Wipers on high = FSD degraded message

    Just another reason I would never spend all that money on FSD.
  23. Shelburne

    [Feature Request] - Wipers On : Lights On?

    Just recently, my wife was following me in our 2020 M3 when we went thru a heavy downpour. I looked in the rearview mirror of the car I was driving and I could see that when the rain sensing wipers came on in our M3 so did the headlights. Also, she wasn't in cruise control and we don't have FSD.
  24. Shelburne

    1.3% phantom drain in 3 hours from apps?

    When I first bought my M3 in September of 2020, I started using those apps. But overtime I realized that all I really needed was the Tesla App and the "A Better Route Planner" app. Ditch all the others and both you and your Tesla will get more rest and less stress.
  25. Shelburne

    Wipers speed control idea with double tapping

    I had a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Orvis Edition (that's a mouthful!) that had better rain sensor wipers than my 2020 M3. Maybe Tesla should just start using that sensor in their cars. It's ridiculous that anyone should have to bush a button at the end of a stalk and then have to turn the scroll...
  26. Shelburne

    So my car was vandalized. What can I do to protect further damage before my windshield is replaced?

    I think the answer is obvious: find a secure, locked garage to park it in...even if you have to pay to store it there.
  27. Shelburne

    Door not registering as open

    Wouldn't that be covered under your warranty? And if so, why not let Tesla fix it?
  28. Shelburne

    Brake Caliper Clean/Lube Info

    Last October, I made an appointment to have a Tesla Mobile technician come to my house to do the recommended 2 year check up. He changed the cabin air filter, checked the tread wear on my tires & checked the brake pads, etc and cleaned and lubricated the brake calipers. I also had him rotate the...
  29. Shelburne

    2020 M3 Long Range - 18k miles

    I have a 2020 M3LR with 19,300 miles on it. I ordered it with 19 inch wheels instead of the basic 18 inch one. I just like the look more, but I was told that I would lose a bit of range because of the larger wheels. It was fully charged when I first drove it away from the Tesla lot. The range...
  30. Shelburne

    Paint quality of Midnight Cherry Red and Quicksilver

    That midnight cherry red looks like the color of the cough medicine my mother gave me as a kid - ugh!
  31. Shelburne

    Blinded Cameras Since March 2023 Tesla vision release

    I live in Massachusetts so I suppose you think I'm a bicoastal elite. The fact is that since we both own Teslas, we are both elite. Moving on from that remark of yours, I live in a very rural area. The roads are very dark at night, & on sunny, snowy days in the winter, my cameras often get...
  32. Shelburne

    ARB air compressor for road trip questions....

    When I bought my M3LR in 2020, I also bought an air compressor from Tesla. I think it cost about $80. Yes, it plugs into the "cigarette lighter" but it never gets hot and neither does the plug or the cable. It's compact and light weight and even gives you the option of just filling the tires...
  33. Shelburne

    "USB drive unavailable" message

    I haven't checked it on my computer. But I did by a new USB drive, formatted it successfully in the car and still get the same message and it still won't record to this new drive either.
  34. Shelburne

    Remote Climate Control and Cabin Overheat Protection

    I live in New England. It rarely gets into the 90's here, so I don't often have the need to remotely turn on the AC to cool down the cabin, but I've noticed that when I do use it, it takes only a very few minutes to do the job. Clearly, running the AC for just a few minutes is not going to...
  35. Shelburne

    "USB drive unavailable" message

    Since I originally posted this thread, I bought a new Sandisk USB drive with 256 gb of storage. I inserted it in the car and formatted it in the car. I got a message saying the formatting was successful but still can't record anything from the cameras. I've been pretty busy and this is a low...
  36. Shelburne

    Trusted shipping company to ship my Model 3 from California -> Maine

    I shipped a car from L.A. to New England about 25 years ago. I can't remember the name of the company I used but it all went well. I remember being told that my car would be transferred from one truck to another 2 or 3 times along the way. That was no concern for me then, but with a Tesla I'd...
  37. Shelburne

    Major Phantom Braking Issues

    Were you in auto pilot or full self driving mode, or were you actually driving the car yourself?
  38. Shelburne

    Removing front lip

    What do you mean by the "front lip"?
  39. Shelburne

    "USB drive unavailable" message

    A few days ago, when I started my 2020 M3LR, I got the following message, "Dashcam Unavailable Check USB. I reformatted the USB drive I had in the center console and still got the message. So, I ordered a new SanDisk 256gb USB drive. It arrived today and I inserted it into the slot in the...
  40. Shelburne

    grab bar for model 3

    We got one of those when my 88 year old mother-in-law came to live with us. It made a huge difference for her and was pretty cheap too. She passed away two years ago but we're keeping the thing for when we're old and creaky enough to need it.
  41. Shelburne

    Tesla Alignment wrong from factory?

    No alignment problems here. I have 19,000 miles on my MeLR. I had Tesla come to my place for a 2 year check up last October. I asked the service tech to check my tires for wear as he rotated them. He showed me that each tire's tread was uniformly the same and he measured the tree depth. I can't...
  42. Shelburne

    What is the dumbest thing your Tesla does?

    There is a broad, sweeping curve on a state highway in my town. There is a long single story white building on that curve. For 2 years and 6 months now, almost every time I take my 2020 M3 down that state highway it thinks that building is a tractor trailer truck. An image of one even shows up...
  43. Shelburne

    Bumper removal

    I think that would depend on who does the work. If it's done by Tesla or a Tesla authorized collision center then , no worries.
  44. Shelburne

    Usual price for tire swap ?

    Last October, when my car reached it's second birthday, I arranged for a mobile service tech to come to my house to do the recommended 2year service: replace cabin air filter, check brake fluid, inspect & lube calipers. I also asked that they rotate my tires for me. Total cost was $143
  45. Shelburne

    Bay Area Tesla Collision Center vs. Third-Party Repair for Rear-Ended Model 3: Advice Needed

    Someone backed into my 2020 M3LR in October of 2021. At that time, here in MA there were no Tesla Collision Centers (for all I know, that may still be the case), so I took it to a Tesla Authorized Collision Center. They did a phenomenal job and I would go back there again if the need ever arises.
  46. Shelburne

    Social Media and Posts on here starting to give me anxiety.

    We picked up our M3LR in September of 2020. It was a Saturday and the place was crowded when my wife and I got there. Within minutes of arriving, one of the staff approached us to ask if we were picking up a car or just shopping. I told him we were picking up a car and gave him our name. He was...
  47. Shelburne

    Can you enable the rear fog light via Toolbox?

    So, based on the photo, it looks like there is no actual fog light. Instead one of the tail lights gets brighter if the "fog light" function is activated. Is that correct? If so, it's kind of light the "fog light" feature on several Volvos I've owned in the past.
  48. Shelburne

    What will Tesla precondition do with a cold battery and a hot cabin on a cold sunny day?

    My car will hea tor cool the cabin to the temperature I specify and also heat the battery as needed. Today is abright sunny day, with the outside temp at 38 degrees. The app on my phone said the cabin temp was 72. The car actually cooled down the cabin temperature to 68 degrees (the temp I have...
  49. Shelburne

    Failure on 4th day of ownership of M3

    I've had my M3 since September of 2020. I had one of the cameras fail within three weeks. Tesla sent someone out to my house. He was there only a few minutes before he found the problem: a cable had become unplugged. He said it probably hadn't been installed properly at the factory. Obviously...
  50. Shelburne

    How do you check that sound system is working properly?

    Go to your audio settings. You can adjust the volume of the speakers from both left to right and front to back. Also, check your graphic equalizer. It may have been set to "flat sound". Try boosting the high end, low end and sub-woofer a bit. You might like the quality of sound better.