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    Model 3 interior easily hot and stuffy (white on white)

    +1 for high quality tint. Have had two Model S's and one Model 3, had Photosync put on all of them including the windshields. Made a huge difference in interior heat, and we live in Texas
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    Vendor Model 3 Sunglasses Mount – By Skyline

    will they stay securely in place when I close the lid?
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    Any Suggestion for Center Console Wrap?

    Looks nice! Did you wrap your passenger too? ;)
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    My experience tells me that the Tesla homelink system doesn't work as well as at least one other manufacturer's, Infiniti. We presently have a 2016 Model S, 2019 Model 3, and used to have a 2014 Model S. For all of the Teslas, the Homelink worked fine for the two garage doors but would NOT...
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    Model S -> 3

    This: "The Model 3 compared to a 2014 or older MS is going to better in basically every single way." I sold my 2014 Model S 85 (no D, no AP) and bought a new Performance 3. It is absolutely better in every way, except a loaded Costco cart is a little trickier to load without invading the...
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    one step driver door pull hack (cable tie)

    I have concluded that the user "seflorida" is either (or both) 1) a genius gag account, or 2) just peak Florida.
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    Any Suggestion for Center Console Wrap?

    I wrapped my console this morning with a custom color from ev wraps. Turned out pretty well, except for a couple of small air bubbles I hope to get worked out with the help of a hair dryer. Hook 'em!
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    Model 3 subwoofer install.

    I'm a new lurker on this thread, as I'm switching from my 2014 Model S to a Model 3 Performance later this week. One of the features I especially liked about the Model 3 vs. S was the sound system. I just had to respond to the OP's claim that the Model S subwoofer hit harder -- I have never...
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    2014 vs 2017 Model S Comparo

    Reductive much? As the owner of a 2014 (September build) 85, anxiously awaiting the proverbial interior refresh to update mine -- hopefully before my warranty expires -- I found the review very informative and helpful. Thanks for posting
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    New Navigation Coming This Weekend! (circa March 31, 2018)

    On the speed limit database issue... I had (perhaps laughably) assumed that the speed limit data came from the AP cameras seeing/reading speed limit signs and remembering the data -- basically building its own database. This assumption was based on the fact that my wife's AP1 Model S displays...
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    Firmware 8.0

    I've been looking forward to Spotify arriving as well, and a google search this morning located the following: Tesla - Spotify Spotify seems to have let the cat out of the bag, confirming Ingineer's statement: Spotify is finally here, for real. Or at least, will be shortly at some...
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    E-Captain Premium Center Console

    That console does look great, but I agree it's about $500 overpriced.
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    Homelink very flaky

    Last week I started having a similar problem after nearly three months of problem-free operation. I have three settings in my homelink -- one for the driveway gate, and one for each garage door. The garage door openers have rolling code security, which made initial programming a couple steps...
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    Tesla recalls entire Model S fleet for seat belts

    I also received no email. Did anyone?
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    Better range after 7.0 upgrade?

    I definitely do not think that A/C & heat have been taken out of the calculation. Doing a lot of short trips yesterday, I had very high initial consumption that I attributed to the aggressive A/C compressor utilization under v7. But on the one 20+ mile trip that I took, I still saw the ~8-10%...
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    New Tesla Owner – first 45 days and 6000 miles later

    I agree with the fundamental point that the buying process should be as easy as possible, and when sales volume ramps up this will be even more important. But I disagree with the idea that a lot of leg work by the buyer is required to close the deal in states like Texas. I did just go through...
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    Better range after 7.0 upgrade?

    So I'm relatively new to the Tesla world, having acquired my CPO S 85 "classic" about 6 weeks ago. In very limited driving after updating to 7.0 last weekend before flying back out of town, I was averaging about 300 Wh/M compared to my "lifetime" (6 weeeks) average of about 330 -- a solid 9%...
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    V6. - V7. Performace Test on Non-AP Car

    This is very interesting. I also have a "classic" S, non-P, delivered to original owner in 9/2014. I've had it for a month and was also looking forward to the improved acceleration, even though it's completely unnecessary for the way I drive. I'm curious whether your other "splits" (e.g...
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    Tinted Headlights

    Not a fan. At all, and for all reasons stated previously. Just my $.02
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    Bluetooth issues since 7.0?

    I had a similar problem. My iPhone appeared to connect, but wouldn't take a call when it was received. I rebooted the control panel but didn't have a chance to test if it then worked. The next day, the iPhone failed when trying to stream Spotify. Track information and control showed up on the...
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    Firmware 7.0 Beta Discussion

    So for those of us without AP, do we have any information yet on what the UI will show in the center? No use for the toy car at all...