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    MCU Stuck on Backup Camera

    It was on like that for almost a month. The only setting that persisted was the odometer reading. The lack of turn signal sounds was oddly unnerving to me. After getting my car back I have not noticed any burn in on the screen, but my have lucked out by keeping my car in a pitch black garage...
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    MCU Stuck on Backup Camera

    Figured. Wish there was a way to turn the defroster/defogger on. They offered to let me drop it off tomorrow and get uber credits, but with the pandemic and all I feel safer in my car than with a random Uber driver.
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    MCU Stuck on Backup Camera

    My 2015 Model S is in line to get a new MCU and this week I got a notice to install a new firmware version. After the installation the center screen in my car only shows the backup camera. I have no control over the heat, sunroof, radio, or anything else the goes through the MCU. The dash...
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    Superchargers - West Des Moines, IA

    I actually have family about 45 miles west of Cedar Rapids. Usually have about 20 or 30 miles of range left after charging to 100% in Council Bluffs. Don't think I could made it in the winter comfortably, but the Des Moines charger will make it an easy trip.
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    Superchargers - West Des Moines, IA

    I've made 2 trips from Denver to just west of Cedar Rapids. I take I-70 to Topeka then go NE to Council Bluffs then take I-80 to Des Moines. Takes me about 16 hours (charging included, no overnight stops). Autopilot loves I-70.
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    Firmware update failures after dashcam installation

    Earlier this year I installed a Thinkware F750 dashcam in my S85D. After the install every firmware update comes with a failure message. Recently took my car in for service and they told me the installer unplugged the rain sensor to power the camera. I had followed the advice given in several...
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    Firmware 7.1

    Upgrade failure Got notified that my 85D was ready to install the 7.1 update this morning. Drove to work and just before 8AM had the install proceed. About 2 hours later I got a notification from the app that the upgrade had failed. Went to lunch at noon and the car had a notice about a...
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    Vibration at 3-4 mph at the end of regenerative braking

    I found with range mode enabled the shuddering was reduced/eliminated on my 85D. Can anybody else confirm?
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    Vibration at 3-4 mph at the end of regenerative braking

    Didn't think to search for Vibration or shuttering. I searched for shuddering and shudder which resulted in some really old posts so I thought I would make a new thread.
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    Vibration at 3-4 mph at the end of regenerative braking

    Low Speed Shuddering Shortly after .21 was installed on my 85D I noticed when going slowly that it would start shuddering as the speed dropped from 4MPH to 3MPH. It feels like it is coming from the back. Turning on range mode seems to prevent the shudder. To recreate the issue I had to: Get...
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    Tracking Model S 85D Delivery Thread

    I've also been working with a "Model S Specialist" with initials KB. The local guy I have been working with has "Delivery Experience" in his email and is who I would consider the DS.
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    Tracking Model S 85D Delivery Thread

    I'm scheduled to pick mine up in Denver on Saturday. I'm getting Xpel applied at the Tesla service center so that is taking another day, but once I get it, it's mine. Looks like it is going to end up taking 5-6 days to get from CA to CO.
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    Tracking Model S 85D Delivery Thread

    I think the absolute worst is the period between "Production Complete: Your Model S is in transit from the factory." and when it gets delivered. It would help if they would provide tracking information like UPS does for boxes. Friday 3/20 is when the dashboard indicated my car was in transit...
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    Tracking Model S 85D Delivery Thread

    My 85D status changed early today to "Production Complete: Your Model S is in transit from the factory". I still do not have an ETA, nor have they setup a delivery appointment. VIN 76304. Any ideas how long it takes a service center to prepare the car for delivery? Any other forum members...
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    Aluminum MS and traffic light sensors

    There are two types of traffic light sensors. one type uses cameras to detect cars at an intersection. The other type uses an induction loop buried in the roadway and detects cars by the change in loop inductance. Aluminum should change the inductance similar to a steel car.
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    Tracking Model S 85D Delivery Thread

    I also no longer have an estimated delivery date on my Tesla. sounds like their prediction of late March may become early April based on an email from my ds.
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    Do P85Ds and S85Ds have inaccurate odometers that overstate distance traveled?

    When a tire rolls down the road there is a deformation where the tire interacts with the pavement. The deformation changes the diameter of the tire and can change with speed and tire wear.
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    Double Back Dual Motor Tesla Tour

    Too bad they were not having it a couple of weeks ago when everything was still snow/ice covered. Wonder if they are going to truck in some snow?
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    Tracking Model S 85D Delivery Thread

    Today I got an email from my DS that says my car (vin 76304) should enter the main stages of production in about a week.
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    Tracking Model S 85D Delivery Thread

    My DS emailed me today and my 85D (73304) should enter main production next week. No updates on "My Tesla".
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    Model S buyer--previous EV/Hybrid owner?

    Don't know if it counts, but when I was in college I was part of a team that built a solar powered EV that raced from Chicago, IL to Los Angeles, CA as part of the American Solar Challenge. That was my first experience with an EV.
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    P85D Vanity Plates

    Would the community find the plate "COALFED" offensive?
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    Xpel question

    First time poster. I have ordered a 85D that is set for delivery late March. I am planning on having PPF applied to it, but I'm wondering what Xpel Stealth would look like on a pearl white car. Has anybody done this or have any pictures to share? Thanks.

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