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  1. island

    2015 Tesla Model P85D -- Pearl White, FULL LOADED, Full Xpel, 3M Tints + more

    2015 Tesla Model P85D -- Pearl White, FULL LOADED, Full Xpel, 3M Tints + more Fully loaded 2015 Pearl White P85D, just purchased in February. The only option not purchased are the 3rd row seats which took up valuable trunk space. The only reason I'm selling is because I just started a new job...
  2. island

    Supercharger - Darien CT Rest Area

    Total of 4 stalls, never more than one other Teslas charging there since I've owned the car. I work in the car during the 20 minute charge and I'd leave if 2+ showed up anyway.
  3. island

    SuperCharge every day?

    Probably was me as I'm about 5 minutes away from both Darien Supercharger locations - 4 stalls at each. Every few days I stop to charge and I see other Teslas every so often, but never more than one other charging at a time. I always stay in the car to work while I wait. Haven't charged at home yet.
  4. island

    Model S owners prefer? (iOS / Android / Windows Phone)

    The Model S is even more amazing with the companion application from Tesla. Now what is your OS of choice to run the app? I'm a big fan of tech and trying the latest and greatest when at all possible. iOS has been my preference since the original iPhone, although I love trying out other brand...
  5. island

    Solution for the quarter window draft of cold air!

    Funny, I have the same issue with this P85 loaner that I've had for almost a month now. Took it in for service and they said it fell within the acceptable range using some measuring device so there was nothing they can do. Ever since I left the service center it never happened again. Wondering...
  6. island

    Supercharger - Darien CT Rest Area

    Ever since joining the Tesla family I've noticed some spots getting ICE'd in Darien North & South even while I sit there charging. These two new supercharger locations in Darien are a big reason behind my purchase of the Model S - never needing to charge at home with 8 charging spots, 5 minutes...
  7. island

    Tracking P85D delivery thread

    In production again, woo!
  8. island

    Tracking P85D delivery thread

    Confirmed my 2015 P85D yesterday evening. Just got my VIN #73886 this morning. Previous VIN from damaged 2014 P85D was #66697.
  9. island

    Next-gen REAR seats no longer available for new orders, please post feedback on yours

    After reading some of the posts about the stitching being different I just let my DS know to put me down for full next gen. Don't want a mismatched car when it comes time to resell.
  10. island

    Next-gen REAR seats no longer available for new orders, please post feedback on yours

    I received a phone call about my P85D re-order concerning the rear seats a few hours ago. They gave me the option of keeping the next gen rear seats or switching to the older style and keeping the next gen seats for the front only. I wanted a day to think about it before I let them know. Also my...
  11. island

    Did anyone order their P85D with the premium interior package?

    At least they knocked $1K off the package with the latest MS update. I'll pick it up now because I really wanted the lighting. Now it's just a matter of grey or black interior...
  12. island

    21" Wheel/Rim Damage (crack and leak) - Options?

    Sorry to hear about the damage. One thing I would recommend is going with a 19" / 20" set to give you that extra rubber in case of any crazy road conditions. My personal preference is 19" for my winter setup and 20" for my summer set. The tires are cheaper this way, plus you have more variety...
  13. island

    reddish etched spots in paint?

    Did you park under a tree at all? Looks like some sort of berry fell on it and made the splash marks before rolling off. An easy way to fix it is to soak a towel in a bucket with car wash mixed in, warm water is best. Take it out and lay it on the car in the area you are going to clean, leave...
  14. island

    Added brake strobe to rear brake strip

    Wow great upgrade. I do find myself nervous slowing down especially if there is an accident or something that causes stopping abruptly ahead. I avoided two accidents from behind by swerving off into the breakdown lane when the person behind me didn't look to be slowing down fast enough. In...
  15. island

    ADV1 21" Wheel Package - BRAND NEW - No Longer Available

    Any chance you can take a nice side shot of a wheel so I can try to photoshop it on a pearl white body? I'm in the market for that color wheel but haven't seen any on a white Tesla yet.
  16. island

    Did anyone order their P85D with the premium interior package?

    Can't seem to find any photos of a P85D with the ambient lighting on. I can understand that not many want to spend 4K for better leather and some LED lights thus the lack of posts. Anyone with pics? Considering this is the one option I am not getting I'd like to see how the lights look. Thanks...
  17. island

    Tracking P85D delivery thread

    I guess the newer VIN will help with resale down the line too. Plus the next gen seats will come pre-installed so that saves another headache. The biggest downside is the loan paperwork that has to be done from scratch through Alliant. Just hoping they can attach the P85 loaner to my Tesla...
  18. island

    I expected more from a P85D

    Did they offer the P85 with black headliners at anytime? The 4K mile P85 loaner I have now has the ugly cream, can't believe they didn't offer black from the start.
  19. island

    Tracking P85D delivery thread

    It's official, my never delivered #66697 is now canceled due to a failed paint issue. After coming back from the paint shop, my pearl white P85D bumper and tailgate are still mismatched. They gave me the option of swapping to a new build or waiting another week for a second painting. The good...
  20. island

    P85D damaged in transit / paint issue?

    Still waiting for my delivery while using the P85 loaner they gave me since last weekend. I'll let you know how it goes once I pick the car up this week coming up - hopefully without any more delays.
  21. island

    P85D damaged in transit / paint issue?

    They definitely shipped mine in an open trailer. I took some close up photos of the car and it's pretty dirty as you can see below. The guy at the center said that's how the cars come during the ride over from CA, at least when shipped to CT.
  22. island

    P85D damaged in transit / paint issue?

    Here is the video of the inspection that was sent to corporate. Multi-coat
  23. island

    P85D damaged in transit / paint issue?

    Turns out it actually is a paint issue, specifically with the multi-coat variety. Stopped by the service center Sunday night to see if I can spot my car through a window. Someone was working late came over to see what I was doing and after talking for a bit he was able to provide some details on...
  24. island

    P85D damaged in transit / paint issue?

    With tomorrow being my 2nd scheduled pickup day (with both front and back next gen seats missing), I get a phone call and email saying that the paint on the rear tailgate isn't up to par and it needs to be repainted. IMO that should of been noticed at the factory before even being shipped...
  25. island

    Heated steering wheel. Am I going to get my hands on one?

    Posted an update about my car status and also my experience this weekend with a P85D at a store in a "cold weather" state and full next gen seats installed - yet no heated steering wheel. Here is the link to my post. #485
  26. island

    First P85D adopters stuck in black hole

    Still no car for me yet. Got word it should be in sometime next week but who really knows. The part that really pisses me off is my assigned DS. He doesn't answer voicemails or emails unless I contact upper management - then I always get a fast reply. His latest nonsense was after I brought up...
  27. island

    Got a nice surprise picking up my P85D tonight

    Damn, I guess getting NG front and back seats without needing to take it back to the service center makes up for it. Who knows what my car will have next week when the truck gets to CT. All I want is a single NG driver seat I'll be good until January.
  28. island

    Got a nice surprise picking up my P85D tonight

    Hey Volt, try going to the winter options menu (where you put the heated seats on from) and tap on your steering wheel to see if anything happens. That's how you turn it on if you have it from a photo I saw earlier - give it a shot!
  29. island

    First P85D adopters stuck in black hole

    Exactly my issue - especially with leaving a bad taste about the "Tesla Motors buying experience" which should've been exciting the entire time. Communication is key, Tesla.
  30. island

    Model S - Back seats / Rear bench width = ?

    Simple question, search came up dry. How many inches is the back bench seat - end to end? Looking to grab a temporary seat hammock when taking my dogs to the park but I don't have my car yet to measure. Thanks!
  31. island

    Tracking P85D delivery thread

    Milford, CT for my pick up location, although Mt. Kisco is about the same distance in the opposite direction. At least you got notified - as of right now I still have an appointment to pick up tomorrow with the car just completing production today. /facepalm
  32. island

    Tracking P85D delivery thread

    12/12/14 it went into production and now it's completed today! Somehow I don't see them getting the car from the West Coast to the East Coast in one day to meet their original delivery date of the 18th. Still no phone call or email from my DS about picking it up or about the seats. Stay tuned.
  33. island

    P85D sighting / test drives

    Congrats Art! That's the same day I'm scheduled to pick up the P85D in Milford. Waiting on a call this week canceling because the tracking shows its still in production. I'll let you know when the actually delivery day comes around in case you still want to swing by in your Shelby!
  34. island

    Financing the P85D

    I'd say without proof of identity a local loan shark would be your best bet.
  35. island

    First P85D adopters stuck in black hole

    If only they could install certain seats for 2014 deliveries based on forum comments. I'm sure we would have a mix of next gen, basic, and for a select few - sharp metal poles (with lumbar support).
  36. island

    Forum Members Unhappy Over Wait for P85D

    The lack of communication from Tesla regarding the P85D rollout is a bit disappointing. If they hired a few motivated individuals for a "We screwed up Response Team" that can take handling customer issues to another level - perhaps like those who moderate internet gatherings with a certain...
  37. island

    Tracking P85D delivery thread

    Worked out well after emailing him this morning. He got the DS back in touch with me. Thanks for the tip MarcG.
  38. island

    Tracking P85D delivery thread

    You can't call anyone out on the forums. First thing I learned when the mods edit your post - and I only posted their initials which was annoying. Anyway that was about my crazy financial advisor who was the worst of the worst. Ended up dealing with someone over him and got things done quickly...
  39. island

    Tracking P85D delivery thread

    Got mine a few days after I confirmed. It could of been also because I waited until the last day possible to hit the confirmation button.
  40. island

    Tracking P85D delivery thread

    Congrats on the new ride. Waiting for my first Tesla, a P85D as well. My "scheduled" delivery date is next Thursday the 18th but at this point who knows with the recent delays. Also watch what you type around here because of some moderator interventions since I joined up. Let the waiting continue!
  41. island

    New Englanders -- check in!

    Southwest CT here, expecting VIN 66697 in December - Pearl P85D. Upgrading from a competition M3 that I miss already. Two new Supercharger stations on I95 North & South, both 5 minutes from my house, will help make my first Tesla a fun experience.
  42. island

    Showing Tesla as a business expense

    Tesla Business Leasing is a joke. I've leased (and purchased) many M3s and other high end vehicles under my business or myself over the past 16 years without a late payment. Dealing with a clueless finance guy (initials **) at Tesla for 2 weeks produced terms of 30% down to get a P85D. The...
  43. island

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Love the new wheels Franknesss! Putting them on my list for my summer wheel shopping.
  44. island

    Tracking P85D delivery thread

    Pearl P85D, next gen grey, 66697 - confirmed 2 days ago. Moving from a BMW M3, should be fun. Can't wait to see the first shipment photos and reviews early December!
  45. island

    Grey interior owners please.. any regrets considering the headboard?

    I only have a few days left before my Pearl White order finalizes and I still haven't found one photo of a grey interior with black headliner. Has anyone seen this combo and possibly have any photos? There is a bunch of grey w/ cream headliner photos posted already - definitely a pass for me...
  46. island

    P85D sighting / test drives

    Awesome Bugeater, thanks for the photos!
  47. island

    Inventory Car Lease Question

    Great questions, I'd like to find out as well if anyone knows.

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