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    Anyone have the driver door "auto present", or is it "auto open" just stop working?

    The auto door open for the driver based on the key fob stopped working. Has worked flawlessly since March 2020 purchase, until 2 days ago it just stopped. I kind of liked the MX opening the door for me! I cant find a setting for it, I do only use 1 FOB (the are tucked away for safe keeping)...
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    Navigation issue with Easy Pass lanes - always wants to re-route me through the toll booth

    Kind of annoying (unless I am missing a setting) that while navigating, and approaching tolls with easy pass lanes vs booths, it always puts on the blinker to change lanes to the toll booth side, instead of maintaining my route through easy pass lanes. Example: I am Navigating on auto pilot...
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    Software feature suggestion for Keyless Drive (remote start)

    I would like to use the Keyless Drive feature more and have a simple software suggestion to make it more usable. Currently, when you enable keyless drive, the app (phone app) confirms your request, then gives you 2 minutes to get in the vehicle and drive. But each time you stop, you need to...
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    Could new Yoke Wheel be retrofit to back models? And would you want to?

    It would appear to me they could (for a price) retrofit the new yoke steering & associated software & controls to earlier models. Any reason why they wouldn't be able to? Also, if so, do you think you would be interested? I've noticed I keep my hand on the top of my wheel a very large...
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    GPS Frozen?

    Any advice on how to reset? GPS froze yesterday while driving in AP mode. Received message saying auto pilot unavailable for remainder of the trip, and GPS has stayed at that location since. App shows vehicle at that location as well. Can’t use summon (too far away). Can’t navigate (start...
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    Inside wheel/tire damage on both Front and Back Passenger Side wheels

    Anyone else experienced this? Just had snow tires put on my 2020 X, 7,000 miles, and both passenger side wheels and tires have severe damage (could not be seen from outside). I have never put it through a car wash, and can not explain how this could have happened while in my possession, so I...
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    Driver side window would not close for 10 minutes after 2020.36 update...but eventually did.

    First drive after 2020.36 update to my March 2020 MX. Of course, it's raining for the first time in 90 days here in NH. I lowered the windows to get some air while I reset the AC, and the driver side window would not close: I would press the auto close. Window would close to within 1/2 inch...
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    Is the web browser really bad?

    I almost cant even use the web browser on my new X, as it is so slow. Much faster to just connect my iPad to my phone's LTE. Is it just me or is that normal? I know the vehicle shows an LTE signal, nice and strong. I have also found many websites i can not log in to. I use NEST cameras, but...
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    The Model X Car Alarm is loud!

    Funny Story - I don't cary my FOB (I use phone and Apple watch for access and starting, etc). I needed to double park outside a hotel to run in and get my credit card (which i had left inside accidentally). I jumped out and left my phone in the car, with my wife in the passenger seat. When I...
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    2020 X, Front Passenger door only opens to 1/2 inch

    Anyone have any advice on why my passenger front door only opens to about 1/2 inch now? From outside (pressing door handle) or using the display, door only opens a crack. Can then pull it open (but its stiff). Didn't start this way - it worked normally a few weeks ago. Made an appointment...
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    For those of you that tow with the X, check out this funny hitch cover!

    Just came across this while looking for a cool hitch cover. Would be hilarious to use. It would definitely have people scratching their heads.
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    Smart Summons - cool experience

    Maybe I should not have tried this but.... yesterday I was finishing dinner at a new temporary outdoor patio at a favorite spot. Location has multiple buildings and parking lots - my tesla was parked on the opposite side of the building that we were eating at. The temporary table (outdoor on...
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    Great shortcut for MX Iphone/Apple Watch and start w/out key (no FOB)

    We were discussing the start with phone vs FOB on a different thread, and I complained about the number of steps I need to use on the app (First, unlock the charge port, then unlock the doors, then enable start with phone). Using the app "Remote for Tesla" on the iPhone, I set up a Shortcut...
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    I'm an idiot, but saved by Tesla Mobile Service!

    Southern NH - Last Tuesday, I was backing into my garage and noticed I was little to close to the passenger side mirror, so I pulled forward and thought I re-adjusted, but..I'm an idiot. Ripped the mirror apart! I actually blame the impaired view on the rearview camera due to the rain, But...
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    Problem with SXM Radio (no audio after briefly turning car off)

    2020 Model X - I've noticed a fairly consistent pattern with a problem with the SXM radio. It has persisted through a couple recent software upgrades. Here is the issue: I will have a station on. Turn the car off to do something for a few minutes to an hour or so, and upon return, there is...
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    Removing the wireless phone charger?

    Any help or advice on how to remove the new wireless phone charger, and replace with the "plug-in" variety? I use a phone case/wallett (ID & CC), which prevents wireless charging. I did purchase the "plug-in" kit, but it is not clear anywhere how to remove the wireless components, which appear...

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