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    Tyres - How’s it going?

    I would love to know where you found those Hankooks. My 19" M3LR came with Hankook Ventus S1 Evo 3 235/40R19 and I have a slow puncture on a rear after 5k miles. I can't find them for less than £205 other than BlackCircle who do not have any Welcome to the Blackcircles.com Help & Support...
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    Jedlix setup

    Damn, I thought I had this all working, but this morning I woke to a car at 37%. it has not charged for two days in a row. When I installed the Jedlix App a couple of weeks ago, my Tesla was charging and Jedlix stopped it as expected. The next morning at 2am and each morning since, the car...
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    Condensation in rear lights

    I am sorry to say I have a brand new 2021 refresh M3LR. Came 9th December, has not been washed yet, never mind jet washed, done 415 miles. Both head lights, and both lights on the rear drivers side are full of condensation. Preheating the car and a 23 mile drive in the dark with the lights on...
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    2020 Q4 collections: vehicle faults and snags.

    The passenger side camera on my 2021 LR spec does not work and will not get fixed till the new year, which is shame when reversing into my very narrow drive. However, other than that, I am surprised at just how good the build quality is. Seems better than the (admittedly cheaper) VW Tiguan it...
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    Pick up at Chertsey UK

    I wrote up my experience here. 2020 Q4 'M' delivery club
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    Side cameras stopped working?

    Has anyone actually had this fixed? The car I picked up today has it and I have to drive it to a service center. I am wondering it it takes long? Do I need a lift back, am I going to be there long?
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    2020 Q4 'M' delivery club

    Today was T Day for me also. LR with tow bar. Car is great but the experience really was not. Arrived on time to Thorpe Park to find a queue of people waiting outside to be seen. It was jolly cold for the 30 or so minutes we were waiting so wrap up warm. Thankfully it was not raining as...
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    2019/20 Orders and Deliveries [closed]

    Yeah, how annoying. I got a phone call this morning from them confirming my pickup for the 4th and then a text delaying mine to the 9th. I am sure everyone has there individual challenges with this delay. In my case I will not have a car to get the boys to school. A bit more warning would...
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    2019/20 Orders and Deliveries [closed]

    Arran, seems almost like there is a plan Ordered Long Range Model 3, Blue Ext, Black Int. Tow Bar & Sports wheels - 7th Oct Order placed - 3rd of Nov: Car Allocation Text (Just as Grand Aurora left California) - 5th of Nov: Called Tesla and was given my VIN and told that car is on Grand...
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    2020 Shipping Movements

    Grand Aurora has been hanging around of the west coast of Holland for a while now doing less than 1 kn. I do not know anything about that port other than it is on the East coast. I assume it is going to take this Noordzeekanaal to the port. Looks like a busy channel. Mean time Tesla have...
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    2020 Shipping Movements

    Docked and (probably) unloading. Going to need to get a wiggle on if I am to pick my car up on the 4th December from Thorpe Park
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    Lightning Surge Protection

    Good find on the insurance and I feel reassured by that and the other comments. Like NewbieT says, I will probably leave it unplugged if I am sure there will be lighting just in case. Thanks all
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    UK Charger and installation cost. Where to start??

    I had 2 quotes to install a Zappi 2 at my house in north Surrey approximately 2 meters from my meter box. They were for £795 and £1129. The later from someone recommended to me, the former with good reviews on checkatrade. Both claim to be the complete price including VAT and all parts (and...
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    Lightning Surge Protection

    Super helpful on the tech, thank you all. Does anyone know if you would be covered by any insurance or warrantee?
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    Lightning Surge Protection

    Hi all M3 LR is turning up soon. I am getting my charging point installed shortly. We have had some pretty exciting thunderstorms this year. Does anyone know how you should think about thunderstorms when you have an EV? Will a strike locally cause damage to an EV? I assume that would be...
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    2019/20 Orders and Deliveries [closed]

    I have received my text. Pick up Chertsey 4th Dec. Blue LR, Tow Bar, Black Interior, 19" Wheels, ordered October 10th
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    2020 Shipping Movements

    >After a brief stop at Brixham early this morning to pick up a pilot she resumed her voyage up the English Channel to Zeebrugge. How interesting. Does the UK provide pilots for all boats entering the English Channel from the South West? I hear tell it is the busiest seaway in the world so i...
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    2019/20 Orders and Deliveries [closed]

    I have been issued my VIN 5YJ3F7EB0MFxxxxxx and was told it had just left San Fran but they no longer have access to what ship it is on, so can only assume Grand Aurora
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    2019/20 Orders and Deliveries [closed]

    Interestingly the videos they invite you to watch about your new car, when they send you a text saying one has been allocated, are still the model before the refresh. Adds to the (irrational) anxiety that somehow you will be allocated a 2020 model.
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    2019/20 Orders and Deliveries [closed]

    Blue LR, Tow Bar, Black Interior, 19" Wheels, ordered October 10th, Just got the text. "Tesla Update - Great news! A car has now been allocated to your order and we will be in contact shortly to make delivery arrangements." No delivery date or VIn just yet
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    TSportline added their logo to all their wheels - voice your disappointment!

    Just stumbled across this post. TMThree, could you tell me what these wheels are please. I really like the look of them.
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    2020 Shipping Movements

    What are the train things that run down the side of the dock, keeping pace? Are they land tugs pulling it into the dock or just trying to help it not hit the side? I swear that ship could not have been an inch wider and still got in.
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    2020 Shipping Movements

    There is someone currently getting traffic alerts for the Canal de Panama web site trying to work out if they are currently being DDOS'ed and is like "oh wait, is that another Tesla Boat? Man those guys are obsessed"
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    2020 Shipping Movements

    Sorry, not sorry, I am kind of geeking out on this stuff Panama Canal locks - Wikipedia Each lock chamber requires 26,700,000 US gal (101,000 m3) of water to fill it from the lowered to the raised position; the same amount of water must be drained from the chamber to lower it again.[1]...
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    2020 Shipping Movements

    That would be a real scoop, but I just checked and you can order 18" Aero and 19" Sports wheels on an SR+ and that is all I can see if I look at this picture (all be it the Aero without the covers). Do you see something different?
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    M3 Refresh

    They have updated the picture of my car on order to have what look like the new wheels but weirdly it still seems to have chrome trim.
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    2019/20 Orders and Deliveries [closed]

    I have just placed an order for a 3 long range this week so obviously some distance from being allocated a car. How easy is it to delay after you get allocated your car if I decide I want to wait until I am sure it is the updated spec? Is it an easy, business as usual thing people do or...

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