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    Model 3 SR+ (Europe) No Heat Pump?

    tesla SC confirmed TO ME that my 2021 3 will have the heat pump. they wouldn't confirm anything else besides that and the new console/wheel selection. strange but i look at it like at a minimum the heat pump is in there.
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    Old more Range or New Refresh?

    Here's the one HUGE problem I see for fsd (in these parts). Many roads and highways here have center lines and fog lines. The car will not cross solid lines if it is driving down one of those roads and say a police officer pulled someone over and left their car half in the roadway or a...
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    Wiki Model 3 Order Tracking Spreadsheet

    Yeah. The car you order has the options of the new car you're getting the new car. If someone ordered prior to the new car options being listed? I could see them offering the 2020 to those customers. Why wouldn't they?
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    Model 3 lease question.

    Thanks for the replies.. still up in the air.. i have time. But here a couple thoughts. Could this anomoly just be supply and demand? As in with the cars (Y and 3) now being pumped out and began to saturate the market? Once that supply catches up (pretend it's 2023 today and there's over a...
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    Model 3 lease question.

    Does anyone here actually have experience with selling a model 3 before? Or trading one into a dealer somewhere? Very curious. I see the kbb is high for say an 18 LR with 25k miles on it. I just don't see how or why someone would pay that much vs a new one only a couple grand more? I wouldn't...
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    Does Tesla let you pay off your lease in full?

    Thread from the dead question. Does Tesla do a one time payment Lease? Some companies allow this as a way to pay less over the term (they keep you up front bulk lease total saving you interest meanwhile they are investing that same cash and making money off of it. From what I understand...
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    Model 3 lease question.

    where does this "it's easy to sell a Tesla (anything)" after a few years come from? i say this as I see the offers people get for their used Tesla's as being waaaaay lower than any average ICE vehicle. am i missing something here? I looked at it like i should lease the 3P BECAUSE of...
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    Refreshed “2021” Model 3 Performance Waiting Room

    i plan on ordering a M3P very soon. just waiting to drive a Model 3 (had a Model YP for 2 weeks sent it back i loved it but long story nobody was at fault). Hoping i like the 3 even more than driving the Y. only issue is i'm stuck ordering the white/black standard color as it comes to $54890 and...
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    Model Y Performance Delivery ETA Pulled for New Orders

    don't feel sorry. Dale. all good. here's the deal in a nut shell. their 7 day return policy was why i wasn't worried about it at all.. and you know what? the car is back and i'm ordering a M3P refreshed very soon (picked up an SUV for the wife). understand that when Pirelli P Zero has all...
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    Model 3 trade in.

    this is why i will be leasing my M3P. 3yrs and get a new Tesla Model (insert new name here). f buying these. i burn threw cars from boredom. even the 3yrs will be tough. but at least i won't lose my shirt on trade (NJ has $5k rebate so zero down - $600 mo).
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    Undecided M3P or MYLR!

    Undecided M3P or MYLR!
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    Acceleration boost gets even faster?

    If you can't perceive that difference than you are not one who has drag raced much. By the 60ft of any launch I could tell you if that run would be on the + or - side of things. But that's with 30 plus years of driving and drag racing for every bit of those years.
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    Model Y Performance Delivery ETA Pulled for New Orders

    yep.. would've never returned my MYP.. If you own an MYP and find yourself in a 25f degree night with some slush on the ground getting off a circular exit ramp enjoy that experience. anyone who hasn't owned a real performance vehicle has NO CLUE what it's like in those kinds of temps with...
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    PPF estimate

    hood, fenders, front or all doors? paint correction not really necessary under PPF. i've had it done. done it myself and have seen ZERO difference from just prep and cover on a variety of colors unless you are taking 5000 Lumens and an inch away.
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    Acceleration Boost Purchased

    You think that's fast? go test drive a YP... it's crazy. THEN jump in an S with L+ lmao i made my passengers ill..
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    Model Y Performance Delivery ETA Pulled for New Orders

    Princeton/Lawrenceville. i was befuddled that they would do this. Like it is a 911 or something! very disappointed but in the end maybe it was supposed to be? I'm still thinking they are going to implement some of the Model 3 improvements like the double pane side glass auto dim mirrors and that...
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    Acceleration Boost Purchased

    that's awesome. thanks. looking forward to seing the results. i returned my MYP and am planning on a long range in the near future once i see if they are going to implement some of the M3 improvements in the Y. Also, do you have 19's or 20's?
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    Picked up yesterday @ Fremont - My thoughts

    Negative my friend.... thanks. But this whole model 3 refresh is causing me to wait to order my Long Range now... i want to wait a few months for them to put the new console and steering wheel in the Y.. glad i have other cars to drive!!
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    Acceleration Boost Purchased

    did you hit 3.9 with a Dragy? With or without the 1ft rollout. Because that would be really fast for a long range with upgrade.
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    Picked up yesterday @ Fremont - My thoughts

    Send a pic of the taillights please
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    No return (after accepting delivery)!

    I think it's more of a TEST DRIVE OF the one "you're" purchasing... I get that.
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    Model Y Performance Delivery ETA Pulled for New Orders

    Ooph.. hope i am not the cause for some of the MYP getting delayed right now. I just returned mine yesterday after having it for 2 weeks. i received an extension after the first few days because i found out that the tires on the car were summer only.. the SA told me they were all seasons...
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    Tesla threw is MY owners a bone - Performance Boost is now 4.2 seconds

    Huge difference in stepping on the brake and accelerator vs just no feet then SMASH the accelerator down. Never tried "roll" mode vs "hold" wonder if that would help? This was a "hold" mode (accelerator smash only no touching brake) launch
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    Acceleration Boost Purchased

    I have a performance. I tried a few different techniques to start from. No brake (in hold mode) then punch the accelerator pedal fast all the way to the floor. That netted me this. I wonder if "roll" mode will allow for even quicker acceleration? TC on or off was same result.
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    Last of the 2020’s

    What the holy heck?
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    New Tesla? Nope, never again! Cherry Hill Tesla the worst.

    Yeah..... you bring up some good points Dave!!
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    Induction wheels - flat tire happens - stock tires aren't made or carried anywhere

    Ooph... please keep us all updated. I, like you, have those wheels on my Y and that is pretty nerve-wracking.
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    thanks for that explanation. good to know!
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    What happens if you refuse delivery?

    Bill, i hear your frustration. I was going to order a MYP and the exact one i would have ordered was delivered to the location i was test driving them at AT THAT MOMENT.. i picked it up the following day. was a "must be meant to be?" moment. i am very happy with the MY i purchased and only...
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    Last of the 2020’s

    No. but i think the OP's thoughts are from the outdated "MY" importance we have all dealt with when purchasing an ICE car. the fact that these cars are updated OTA and look identical for a long time changes (at least my mind) things. Remember buying one MY say Chevrolet and the following MY...

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