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  1. McHoffa

    Sentry not working correctly for 6+ months, car going to sleep when it shouldn't

    On my wife's LR RWD Model 3, we've not had Sentry working properly for quite some time. At first, I assumed it was the USB drives I used. I switched to a USB card reader. It worked for a short time and then ended up also not activating all of the time. Sometimes it would have small 595 byte...
  2. McHoffa

    Front trunk/frunk stuck

    Today I went to open the frunk to get my laptop out before I had to leave, and I heard the latch release, but the hood was flush with the car still. The screen showed the frunk open. I opened the app, and it also showed it open. I hit it again just in case and I hear the little motor spin, but...
  3. McHoffa

    Acceleration loss for a split second

    Just over 1000 miles on my Model 3, on 10.5 Tonight we got in the car to run down the road. Two times within the first quarter mile while accelerating the car felt like it stopped getting power to the motor for a split second. Only way I can describe it is it felt like if you took your foot off...
  4. McHoffa

    POLL: for those that have the car, how long from configure to delivery?

    Just wanted to get an idea from those of you that have the car already how long it was from the day you configured and placed the order to the day you took delivery. I've browsed the spreadsheet, but it's kind of a mess and obviously not updated by everyone
  5. McHoffa

    Financing question for owners - Tech CU

    Filled out application in wife’s name with Tech CU (I’ve still got another car loan in my name and her credit is better anyway) She gets an email the next day to call they verify her information and then say “Before we go any further, is this for a Tesla?” Yes... “Was this a referral...
  6. McHoffa

    Speculation: configuration queue for non owner line waiters

    Plenty of discussion about owners getting priority, jumping ahead in line, California first, etc, but I wonder how they plan on letting non owners configure when the time comes. Will they let all of the people who stood in line in California go first, or will they let, say, the first 20 people...
  7. McHoffa

    Poll for current owners: first production or waiting?

    I’d like to get a sense of how many of the current owner reservations will be ordering right away and how many want to wait for better options. Please only vote if you’re a current owner so that us non owners have an idea of how many of you are ahead of us :)
  8. McHoffa

    Configurator walkthrough video

    Didn't see this posted, so thought everyone would like to see the full ordering process for the Model 3 Walkthrough video (not mine, sadly)
  9. McHoffa

    Speculation on what Tesla is still hiding

    We have over 200 Model 3s in the wild now. One is a family member of an employee who decided he wouldn't share anything more about the car to make sure his son didn't lose his job. This is a car in production, not a concept car. So why is Tesla being so hush still and asking employees to not...
  10. McHoffa

    RWD this year, or hold out for Performance in a year...

    Seriously torn with my purchasing decision. I've been waiting for this car forever, since before the Model S. Plan was to get optioned up AWD car. Now we know that AWD means waiting until next year, I am considering just getting RWD. I'm currently in NC mountains, but may be closer to Charlotte...
  11. McHoffa

    Grey seats Available Mid 2017?

    So I got an email about the new 2 year lease. I thought I'd configure one for the fun of it (I'm still waiting for my Model 3) No matter which options I choose with the grey next gen seats, it says "Available Mid 2017" at the bottom of the pricing box Is this a typo or glitch in the order...
  12. McHoffa

    Was the Model 3 shown yesterday the same as the red on stage on 3/31?

    I assumed the red car shown yesterday was the same one we saw on stage on 3/31, but there are a couple minor design differences I noticed between the one we saw yesterday and the ones we've seen before now. First, the side mirrors are definitely angled down on the one at the gigafactory...
  13. McHoffa

    Is this promo video available?

    I cant find the original of this, but was hoping maybe I'm just missing it. Someone filmed this in a showroom and it has footage I haven't seen.
  14. McHoffa

    Charging conundrum for multiple EVs

    I know there are lots of discussions as to which charger is better to install, and why, but I'm hoping someone here has a similar situation that they've already figured out. Background: I have a 200 amp service with plenty of space. I run a heat pump, with electric backup heat for < 20º nights...
  15. McHoffa

    Matte Black Photoshops

    I thought I'd take a crack at photoshopping matte black onto the Model 3 with all black trim and windows. Shopping matte black is harder than I thought it would be!
  16. McHoffa

    Model 3 User Interface simulator/concept

    I created a working simulator based on the static UI mockup I did a while back. Model 3 Dashboard Interface UI Simulator I would love to have lots of feedback as far as usability and functionality, as well as anything important I am missing. I don't currently have a Tesla, and haven't walked...
  17. McHoffa

    Model Y - let the Photoshopping begin

    All we know at this point is that the Y will be based on the 3 and have falcon wing doors, correct? That could mean small SUV (RAV4/CR-V) or a hatchback.
  18. McHoffa

    North Carolina denied Tesla a license to sell in Charlotte

    Bad news for me and many others. I'll be driving to Raleigh or Atlanta for my car next year :mad: North Carolina denies Tesla a dealership license
  19. McHoffa

    mytesla page updated

    The my tesla page has been updated with a side view of the Model 3 in a nice shade of blue
  20. McHoffa

    Any other reservation holders in Asheville NC area?

    Just wondering if I'm the only one on here from the Asheville area or upstate SC that's got a reservation on one. I placed mine at 10:30am on March 31 in Charlotte, and I'm planning on highly optioned, so hoping I'll get mine in round 2 (after west coast and employees/owners).
  21. McHoffa

    Model 3 reveal is "super next level"

    autopilot 2.0???
  22. McHoffa

    Alfa Romeo vs. Model X hauling Alfa Romeo

    The best drag race I've seen, an Alfa Romeo vs a Tesla Model X hauling an Alfa Romeo.
  23. McHoffa

    Model X inspired Ford on new Lincoln?

    Those might LOOK like Model X doors, but they're just regular gullwing doors, and they are only for the concept vehicle and won't be on the production model. Meanwhile, Model X owners actually get real, usable vertical opening doors. Expect to see more copying of Tesla from other automakers...
  24. McHoffa

    Model 3 hidden in plain sight?

    Tesla posted a picture of an empty parking spot on facebook, but looks like either the Model 3 or redesigned Model S is sitting in the background. Did Tesla just hide the Model 3 in plain sight?
  25. McHoffa

    Need help convincing a spouse or significant other to let you buy?

    A friend of mine went with me to the Tesla store when I went for a test drive a couple months ago. At the time he barely knew about Tesla, only what he'd seen and heard from me basically. Since then, he's been talking non stop about them, and wants to go with me on March 31 to put down a...
  26. McHoffa

    Who's going to be at the Charlotte NC store on March 31?

    Just thought I'd see how many people on here are planning on hitting the Charlotte store on March 31 to reserve a Model 3.
  27. McHoffa

    Model S 2.0 - Next major update, wants and needs? Design?

    I'm convinced that either at the Model 3 unveiling or closer to launch, the Model S will get both visual and options upgrades. My thinking is just that the Model S is going to have to offer a lot above and beyond the Model 3 to justify customers paying double, and the styling, even though it's...
  28. McHoffa

    Price drop and/or range upgrade with gigafactory?

    I was doing math on the Model 3 battery costs vs the S /X current pricing and it got me wondering what will happen when the cell cost drops from the current ~$150/kWh to ~$100/kWh that they're hoping to achieve with the gigafactory. The cost for the 85 battery pack will decrease from $12,750 for...
  29. McHoffa

    Test drive without appointment?

    I've finally got a chance to do a test drive (closest store is 3 hours from me) but they're booked all weekend. I'm still going to go by just to get up close looks but was wondering if they ever do test drives without appointments, say if they've got extra time or someone cancels or doesn't...
  30. McHoffa

    How much of a deposit do you think will be required?

    The Model X requires $5k. I wasn't watching all that closely at the time of the S unveiling, but I assume it was the same? Do you think the 3 will also be $5k or since it's a much lower cost car do you think it will be half that? I'm ready to put down money on one, or maybe two. Most likely...
  31. McHoffa

    Tesla is using leftover upholstery leather to make iPhone cases

    Tesla now using leftover upholstery leather from its cars to make stylish iPhone cases
  32. McHoffa

    2018 is a long ways away. Can I wait?

    When I bought my current car in 2009 (Honda Fit) I decided it would be the last ICE car I'd buy. I'm currently planning on putting money down toward a fully loaded M3 in March (estimating $65K), but I honestly don't know if I'm prepared to wait an additional two years after that (or longer...
  33. McHoffa

    What to get and get done before the car comes?

    As I plan ahead for my purchase sometime next year, I want to make sure I have other things lined up or in place. Besides the wall charger and the associated electrical work, and maybe the CHAdeMO adapter, what are some other things I could or should prepare for in advance of actually receiving...
  34. McHoffa

    Andy Blau at The Drive lists 7 things he hates about his Model S

    A few valid points, and a couple petty complaints IMO (3 and 5) but in the end, he loves it 10 Things I Hate About My Tesla
  35. McHoffa

    Upgrades between now and Model 3?

    Just wondering what everyone thinks the chances are of a small (or large) hardware/spec bump between now and Model 3? Specifically, any better range/speed or slight exterior design changes? I just wonder if they'll offer a much longer range battery once they get the gigafactory up and running...

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