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    Model Y Towing - Experiences Post here

    Just took my new Flagstaff T12RB Hard-sided fold-up camping trailer on a test run from Denver up to the mountains, specifically, Pine Valley Ranch open space. 43 miles uphill averaged 517 Wh/mi 43 miles downhill averaged 316 Wh/mi Overall average 417 Wh/mi at speeds ranging from 35-65. Average...
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    Camping in a Model Y

    Sorry for the late reply. I used the Tesla 14-50 adapter for 50-amp service on this trip. For the next trip, to the same park, the 50 amp service wasn't working so I used the 30 amp service. I don't think that Tesla sells the required TT-30 adapter for the Gen 2 mobile charger. I found a TT-30...
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    Side view mirror sag

    Same here, most noticible on passenger side. It seems not to return all the way when unfolding the mirrors.
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    What will you name your Model Y?

    "Nervous Nellie" This car is very cautious. Brakes for anything and everything, and sometimes... nothing at all! :)
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    I had the same issue with front hood sensor failure messages. Mobile Service replaced the front hood latch, then a couple weeks later they installed the harness overlay as the problem had reoccurred. The Mobile Service Tech was uncomfortable with doing the harness overlay in my garage since...
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    How much range reduction from pulling a Uhaul trailer?

    I pulled a lightly loaded 5x8 UHaul box trailer with my MY on an 87 mile round trip. I averaged 370 Wh/mi vs 231 Wh/mi for the same trip without the trailer Speed was 55-60 most of the trip with the trailer, and 60-65 for the same trip without the trailer. If I did the math right, this means a...
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    Auto high beam behavior

    I have Auto High Beam disabled, because I've gotten tired of blinding people. Still, when the car starts up, it enables Auto Headlights, then when the headlights come on the first time, they go to brights within a few seconds. I manually dim them and they will stay dim after that. So, my startup...
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    Firmware 2020.44.X

    Just got this update and very excited about using the Set Current Speed option. Went out to test it on Colorado CO-470 (controlled access highway with a 65 mph speed limit). It still drops the set speed to 50 mph and starts braking every time the highway crosses another road. All I can think...
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    Post your Travel trailer that you tow with your Y

    Nice job. I also installed the P3 and heartily agree on what a pain it is to connect the pig tail to that buried connector.
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    Post your Travel trailer that you tow with your Y

    This is the same size ball mount and ball that I've been using for towing U-Haul trailers with my Y. Works good, I think the next step though, is to to have a tab welded to it for a friction anti-sway bar to attach to. I haven't done it yet, but looking at a Reese anti-sway bar.
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    Post your Travel trailer that you tow with your Y

    I've been looking at the Equal-i-zer hitch for a while, but still undecided if I want one. There are a couple issues when using it with the Y. The shank is too long, exceeding the 8.5 inch length Tesla allows, and there is the issue that Tesla doesn't technically allow weight distributing...
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    Post your Travel trailer that you tow with your Y

    I love that retro look. I considered this trailer a while back and rejected because it seemed like it would have way too much drag. Sure has a lot of nice features, though. I might have to give it another look! :)
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    Do you regret paying for Full Self Driving?

    I bought FSD primarily for use on long-distance highway driving. I use Navigate on Autopilot a lot and think it works well. I don't regret buying it, but that said, I don't trust it yet for driving local roads. I notice you are considering towing a boat. Be sure you look carefully at the offset...
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    Post your Travel trailer that you tow with your Y

    In my case, moving up from tent camping, an A-Frame style hard-sided pop-up seems ideal. I've been considering the Aliner LXE which has a wet bath of sorts in it, and a Rockwood A122, which doesn't.
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    Service appointment no longer showing in Tesla app

    I would try and get thru to someone at the Service Center who can look at what happened and reinstate the appointment. I had this happen to me once and the SC found that the appointment was in a status of "canceled by the customer". I had been trying to modify the appointment and may have...
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    Model Y Brake Controller

    Sorry to hear the saga is continuing. My mobile service guy told me he was going to try to submit some kind of engineering note, not sure what it would be called, but it was to let all service centers know that the Model X pigtail works just fine in a Model Y after verifying it in my Y. This...
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    Towing a boat/ Raleigh Service Center

    Regenerative braking takes a little practice. I about made myself sick on my MY test drive, but it smoothed out after just a few minutes of driving with it. It can be turned off, though. I wonder if the second test drive had it turned off. Just curious, does your boat trailer have electric...
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    Campsite experiences: is 14-50 or TT-30 more common?

    I bought one of these and was glad I had it. I stayed in a State Park electric site with both 50 amp and 30 amp service, but the 50 amp service I had planned to use wasn't working.
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    Model Y Brake Controller

    Happy to say the Littleton SC came thru for me with the pigtail. I would have paid for it, but they apparently had no way to create a ticket for it, since it was a Model X part in their system. So they just gave it to me. I imagine it won't be too long before that gets fixed. Can't say enough...
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    Model Y Brake Controller

    Thank you for the reply. I've told my SC that I will be happy to pay for the pigtail if they will just order it for me. Also pointed out to them that it is "over the counter", No VIN in the Model X parts. So far that approach hasn't worked, but they are still looking into it, so I am hopeful...
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    Model Y Brake Controller

    The Littleton, CO SC has consistently refused to order me the brake controller pigtail for the Model Y, starting from the day I took delivery of the car on June 30th. Per them, there is no such part for the Model Y, despite what it says in the Owner's Manual. They've not said the Owner's Manual...
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    Camping in a Model Y

    Nice. I'm looking for a similar trailer to tow with my Y. Be sure and let us know how it goes towing it. :)
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    Model Y Tow Hitch package from Tesla Store

    I haven't noticed any specs printed on the hitch, but the Owner's Manual has this: "The Model Y towing package does not include a ball mount. You must purchase a ball mount suitable for the type of trailer you are towing. The Model Y hitch receiver supports a ball mount with a length of up to...
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    Model Y Brake Controller 4-pin Pigtail

    Thanks for the info, very helpful!
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    Model Y Brake Controller

    Glad to finally get some real info on how to do this controller install! I'll be going back to the Service Center for the third time in an attempt to get the pigtail, but now with a part number. :)
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    My wh/m Spikes in the first mile or so driven 700+ wh/mi

    This behaviour had me pretty concerned the first trip I made in the car. I came to the conclusion it is just averaging in the consumption from when the car was sitting idle prior to the trip. In my case at least, this includes a few minutes of A/C runing, fussing with the streaming service, etc.
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    Model Y Brake Controller 4-pin Pigtail

    Good point. I've been wondering if that is where it could be, but haven't wanted to pull the interior apart unless I knew for sure it was in there. I think I'm about ready to give it a look...
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    Model Y Brake Controller 4-pin Pigtail

    Nope, no resolution. In the Tesla Parts Catalog for the Model X (for comparison) the brake controller pigtail is listed as: ASY,HARN,TRAILER BRAKE ECU ADAPTER 1072586-00-A (under Trailer Hitch) For the Model Y, no similar part is listed in the parts...
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    19” Gemini’s Crackling Noise

    Thanks for the update. I've reported the problem and scheduled a visit with my SC. I don't expect to get any better results, but hope it will help to keep reporting it.
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    19” Gemini’s Crackling Noise

    LOL, I used the Summon feature so that I could stand outside and listen to each wheel as the car rolled forward slowly. All four wheels are making the crackling noise.
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    Camping in a Model Y

    Here's a pic of my first ever "electric" camping - in Colorado's Golden Gate Canyon State Park. I pitched a tent, but was prepared to move my Cabela's self-inflating mattress from my cot to the back of the Tesla if it got too cold. Nice to wake up to a fully charged vehicle (charged to 90%)...
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    19” Gemini’s Crackling Noise

    Yep, that's what I'm hearing on mine. Let us know if you get anywhere with the SC. :)
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    19” Gemini’s Crackling Noise

    I have the same thing going on with my Gemini wheels after 2400 miles. The only time I've noticed it, though, is when creeping thru a drive-up with the window down.
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    Tow Hitch (Factory) Waiting Room

    I might have to get those prying tools for removing the hitch cover. For now I've decided to leave my "dust cover" off. I drove about 2 miles on a dusty dirt road just 3 days after taking delivery, and found later that the hitch area was full of a thick layer of dust. I don't think it could be...
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    Model Y Brake Controller 4-pin Pigtail

    Just wanted to add, I couldn't be happier with the Model Y, except for the pigtail question, and a couple little paint chips, both already fixed, it's been perfect! The delivery experience in the last hours of June 30th was a bit hectic, but I did get all my questions answered before driving off...
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    Model Y Brake Controller 4-pin Pigtail

    I got my Model Y on June 30th, with the factory hitch already installed. I'm hoping to soon get a fold-up camping trailer in the 1600 lb range for dry weight. It might end up a little heavier when loaded. So, the Owner's manual say Tesla recommends for trailers over 1650 lbs that they be...

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