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  1. ShadowRN

    Decent front plate holder that’s not $100?

    I bought a couple, one for my Y and one for my wife's 3 from Etsy. Each was around $7-10. No-Hole Tesla Model 3 or Model Y Front License Plate | Etsy
  2. ShadowRN

    Is the front plate required in California???

    I've been ticketed twice in CA for not having a front plate in my 23 years of driving but that was on my old honda during my rice rocket days and once when I was parked in a park n ride. I've also received multiple warnings and tired of the hassle and having anxiety around LEOs when I didn't...
  3. ShadowRN

    Holiday travel congestion at CA Superchargers; possible solutions, complaints, comments, discussion

    This This also goes for ICE cars at popular gas stations such as Costco in an area that is densely populated. There were some instances where I had to fill up during the busy times and the whole line+filling up took >30mins.
  4. ShadowRN

    Holiday travel congestion at CA Superchargers; possible solutions, complaints, comments, discussion

    Gonna do a drive from OC to the East bay later tonight hoping to get into the free supercharging times. Does anyone know if you charge during those times, do the free miles you have on your account doesn't get used? TIA
  5. ShadowRN

    SR/SR+ Waiting Room

    There should be a way in your Tesla order page to cancel the trade-in. I've done it on my Y.
  6. ShadowRN

    SR/SR+ Waiting Room

    Update: They were able to deliver it today, one day earlier than initially stated. Went through everything and the only issue I found was one door handle not flush compared to others. Otherwise, everything else was great!
  7. ShadowRN

    SR/SR+ Waiting Room

    I got the SR+ MSM/black, no FSD
  8. ShadowRN

    SR/SR+ Waiting Room

    Ordered back on 5/21 and when I checked yesterday, EDD was July 2-July20. Got a text today that the car is being built next 1-2 days and will do a home delivery on 6/30!
  9. ShadowRN

    Model Y Roof Sun Shade Options

    I got this one and it works great! Easy to install and there isn't much sag: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09222ZJ43/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_image_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  10. ShadowRN

    SR/SR+ Waiting Room

    These EDD keeps changing on the daily. Ordered my wife a M3 on 5/21 Checked site yesterday and EDD says July 12-July22 Checked today and now says June 21-June 30 I don't remember it changing this much when I ordered my MY
  11. ShadowRN

    Tax credit (Green ACT)

    🤣 Keep sipping the juice
  12. ShadowRN

    Our new MYP with Matte PPF

    Oooh so you're the one I keep seeing around town! Very nice!
  13. ShadowRN

    CA carpool sticker -- Best to order in November for 2021?

    Yes for the front. I bought the PPF pre-cut shape of the decal too so technically, theres 2 layers of PPF and then the HOV sticker.
  14. ShadowRN

    Tax credit (Green ACT)

    Climate change is science.
  15. ShadowRN

    Should I Get a Tesla?

  16. ShadowRN

    Model Y roof rack

    I think one of the stories where I heard that the glass cracked was due to Tesla shipping them the model 3 rear bar instead of the model y. I also got the roof rack mainly for looks, but after traveling to the mountains recently, will look into future snowboard mounts and bike mounts.
  17. ShadowRN

    Waiting for Tax Credit to come back?

    I think it will count when you take delivery, not when you reserved.
  18. ShadowRN

    Any solution to the excess wind noise from the Tesla roof racks?

    Same here. Or just a slight whistle but is negligible with music on.
  19. ShadowRN

    Front license plate holder.

    No-Hole Tesla Model 3 or Model Y Front License Plate | Etsy I used this and for $8, it was well worth the cost. Very easy to install. If someone really wants to steal your plates, they will find a way to take it off.
  20. ShadowRN

    Why a Y Needs Mud Guards/Flaps

    Very easy to install! Remove the two clips, place new mudflaps in, and secure them with included longer clips. Took <2 minutes
  21. ShadowRN

    Why a Y Needs Mud Guards/Flaps

    The Tesla ones appear to be about 2 5/8" from the ground.
  22. ShadowRN

    Deep Blue Metallic Model Y Picture Thread

    Rainy day in Socal! Just got my wheels/calipers painted and installed roof rack
  23. ShadowRN

    Model y mud flaps now available from tesla

    False news. Don't ever believe someone with a teletubby as an avatar.
  24. ShadowRN

    Tint Recco in So. Cal

    I used Edwin out of his mobile service: Emmanuel Window Tint - Westlake - Los Angeles, CA He's very professional and has done 4 of our cars and i've recommended them to friends/family and all have had positive experiences. The best thing is he comes to you can do relatively quick. I did 70%...
  25. ShadowRN

    Is Tesla sending a message to the US Model Y customer

    In the world of tech and how fast everything is upgrading so fast, not being happy about personal expectations isn't all Tesla's fault. Anyone who bought a new model vehicle will always have the "basic" version as all issues wont be seen until larger populations use said product. Like someone...
  26. ShadowRN

    Mud flaps & Model Y

    Same here before they're gone
  27. ShadowRN

    Black/blank screen after deep sleep

    It has happened to me about 4x now and I've had the car since early December. The screen stays black and you can't punch in the key code to drive. I just leave the car, wait for it to lock and then wait about 2-3 minutes and then go back in. The screen would then work normally. Although it...
  28. ShadowRN

    Tesmanian Model Y spoiler matte black

    Just plastidip it yourself. Very easy to do and took no more than an hour and painters tape. I've looked at some emblem covers but packs are like $80 plus. Pay 7-15 for tape, plastidip, and plastic covers.
  29. ShadowRN

    FOUND: Free Supercharging listed in my account

    I don't think it applies to you since you picked it up earlier in December but I don't remember when they announced the deal. I picked my up on 12/3 and I dont get it.
  30. ShadowRN

    New/Better Subwoofer for Tesla Model Y!

    I remember those days! I also had a 2001 Prelude back in the day. You were probably part of Preludeonline I assume?
  31. ShadowRN

    Tesmanian Model Y spoiler matte black

    I think the quality is really good. Feels durable with very little flex in it. Finally got it installed and makes a big difference in aesthetics.
  32. ShadowRN

    Let's See Your Charging Setup

    We have similar setups!
  33. ShadowRN

    Let's See Your Charging Setup

    Wow that is dedication!!!!
  34. ShadowRN

    Tesmanian Model Y spoiler matte black

    Just installed my spoiler today in matte black on my DBM. I'll post pics soon. Personally I like the contrast of having different than body color. I plastidipped my rear emblems too to match.
  35. ShadowRN

    Tesmanian Model Y Rear Trunk Spoiler

    That looks so good! I just ordered my matte black one for my DBM MY. Quick question, did you paint your tesla emblem yourself or get it from somewhere? Been looking at options to do my emblem matte black as well.
  36. ShadowRN

    Glovebox SSD Error messages

    I know stupid question, did you format it with the right folder names?
  37. ShadowRN

    iPhone 12 Pro Max and charging

    Just got my MY. I have the iPhone 12 pro max with a thin case and it doesn't charge, I have to take the case off for it to work. I don't mind it much as I have the Qi phone mount on the screen itself. My wife has the base iPhone 12 and it works for hers with a case.
  38. ShadowRN

    What will you name your Model Y?

    I got the DBM and named it SUB-ZERO
  39. ShadowRN

    California waiting room Q4

    Trust me, don't hold your breath on constantly checking the manage page. I did that and it didn't help one bit. Its almost like once you forget about it, the VIN will come. Once I told myself not to obsess over it and even spent a couple days not checking the page, I happened to do it one...
  40. ShadowRN

    California waiting room Q4

    Yup same here. Vin 81xxx. What time were you there? I came a little earlier than my appointment and they opened it and was able to go through the checklist without being rushed. But the line got a little long towards the end.
  41. ShadowRN

    California waiting room Q4

    Just picked up my MY from the Costa Mesa Center. Man it was busy but not just from MY deliveries but I saw a couple MS and MX. Only some slight headlight alignment issues and a small scuff on the interior, but overall, the the fit & finish was great!
  42. ShadowRN

    California waiting room Q4

    Thats what they told me too but I just got a more recent text that it got put back to the original Pullman location. I pick up tomorrow afternoon so I'll need to double check in the morning with them.
  43. ShadowRN

    California waiting room Q4

    I had the LR DBM 19" with Tow. Scheduled for pickup on thursday!
  44. ShadowRN

    California waiting room Q4

    Just got my VIN too. I'm on OC VIN 81xxx. Ordered on 10/17 so its been 43 days.
  45. ShadowRN

    California waiting room Q4

    Nice! Im in the OC and ordered on 10/17 but no VIN yet.
  46. ShadowRN

    California waiting room Q4

    Whats your setup? I'm in Orange County too but its been exactly a month without a VIN (ordered 10/17). I have seen my exact same build (DBM LR 19" tow package) ordered after me and delivered to LA so not sure whats the difference with Orange County.
  47. ShadowRN

    California waiting room Q3

    Hello everyone! I'm new here but I have been following all of the threads. I ordered my MY on 10/17 and have been trying to get updates as often as I can. My SA updated me today that he is estimating a mid December delivery for me and I'm located in Orange county. Here's to hoping it can come...

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