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  1. austinEV

    VIP tour findings/discussion

    Making this thread for a place to compare notes and chit chat. I will be on the 2pm tour, I know others will be on earlier tours. 1pm is the talk with franz. My twitter is @bgotchall. I might or might not tweet, depending on what the ask of us and what I learn.
  2. austinEV

    Adding tables to forum posts

    Sorry if this is obvious or posted somewhere, but how does one add a table to a forum post? If I add HTML it just types the HTML out.
  3. austinEV

    TSLA modelling spreadsheets

    Fellow spreadsheet geeks: I gave myself some homework to update my ancient quarterly business model spreadsheet to work up some predictions for Q4. I will share it if/when I get it done. In the meantime, anyone want to post the files they are particularly proud of? Maybe we can come up with...
  4. austinEV

    Q4 2016 ER Modeling / Predictions

    I am surprised no one has started this thread yet. Let's sharpen the pencils and get some crowd-sourcing done. I will post my thoughts later.
  5. austinEV

    Interior refresh coming?

    Wanted to know what people think of the theory that the interior is due for a refresh. It is widely expected that the model 3 will have a HUD. Since the guidance has been that the S/X will also get any neat features that the 3 will have, the model S/X is also expected to get any such HUD. I...
  6. austinEV

    Smelly interior on recirc or during a rain

    Hey I was curious if I was the only one having this issue. My car is an elderly 3 year old model S, but it started doing this as early as a year ago when it was only two. If I put the A/C on recirc the car smells foul, like an old shoe or just musty. It is really bad if it is raining so the...
  7. austinEV

    "Down then Up" or "Just Up"

    There seems to be two Bullish scenarios being compared in these threads for 2016. It's a good problem to have; debating the PATH to higher prices, but the path makes a big difference on how we take advantage of such a move. Weigh in below.
  8. austinEV

    How excited are we for the Model 3 Reveal?

    As in the title!
  9. austinEV


    Just thought I would sing the praises of Soylent. Any fellow soylent heads around? (I am not shilling, I have no interest in them increasing sales) If you don't know, (Soylent.com - Free your body) is a meal replacement product. It is designed from the ground up to have a good balance of...
  10. austinEV

    Breakdown of some common Bear arguments

    Making a new thread so people can add/refute some specifics. This isn't a response to anyone in particular. For some of these arguments, Bears need to pick their issues and stick with their thesis. I see too many complaints that aren't self consistent. For instance I tune out when people...
  11. austinEV

    Well, my Model S is totalled now :(

    Came out this morning to see this. I have to buy a new Tesla now.
  12. austinEV

    Tesla Model H announced

    Since I don't see anyone else posting it, Tesla has revealed and all electric motor home: Tesla unveils designs for a plug-in hybrid mobile home, the Model H | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building Looks freaking awesome for my upcoming road trip. I put...
  13. austinEV

    California Superchargers- how busy are they?

    All: Sorry if this is a thread elsewhere. Refer me if that is the case. I see such exciting updates on the SC map! I am thinking of taking the family on a massive old-school roadtrip, from Austin TX up to kansas, west to colorado, utah, nevada, southern CA and up the coast to SF. The wife...
  14. austinEV

    Putting the car in Park while driving

    After about 9 months in my Model S, this might be the last question I really have. What exactly happens if I am driving 60 mph and push the button on the stalk to put it in park? I like to think it is disabled if the car is in motion, but I did an experiment going maybe 5mph and yep it slammed...
  15. austinEV

    Lending Club

    After many promises to do so, I want to start a thread on one of my favorite investments, Lending Club. If you could have a risk free way to earn 8, 9, 10% annually would you do that? What do you do when TSLA has earned you millions and now you want to live on the interest? (I kid, but for...
  16. austinEV

    Tesla “Model P” – a compelling case for Model S in Police fleets

    There have been some mentions of using a Tesla for fleet use, but I don’t recall seeing any workup on it, please forgive me if I am repeating. (No this is not a parody this time, so if you see some smelly assumptions call me out on it :smile: ) I was talking to an uncle-in-law who is a police...
  17. austinEV

    Every *too* enthusiastic pro-Tesla Seeking Alpha article for your reading pleasure

    Ok, this one I did have to do some research on (exhausting!) to enliven the BS with a whiff of plausibility. I hope I did my math "right". - - - Updated - - - Tesla a $400B company? Yes! By Tauren del Taureau Disclosure: I am long TSLA, SCTY Tesla has had an amazing 2013 so far, with a...
  18. austinEV

    Every Motley Fool Bear-case article for your reading pleasure

    I think I will save the bears some trouble. Here is your all-purpose negative motley fool article. Substitute your date and byline and scramble the order a bit and you can publish it every month! And it took me 20 minutes to write, so it is a bit better crafted than most. Is Tesla [out of...

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