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  1. cmarshack

    Newest Model S refresh ditched the parking sensors?

    I was watching a YouTube video walk-around of the newest re-fresh of the Model S and there are clearly no more parking sensors. Does it lose the ability to show inches to the nearest obstacle? Can anyone with the new car let us know how the close range parking situation works now?
  2. cmarshack

    2020 Model S Long Range +

    Also, worth adding that while it does not have FSD, you can add it as a subscription now for $200/mo.
  3. cmarshack

    Plaid 21 Arachnid Wheel dims

    I drive in the mountains in the winter and love the Continental ExtremeContact DWS06. The car kills in the snow, but these tires are great all year. Here is an Audi trying to over take me and losing it on the way to Big Bear:
  4. cmarshack

    2020 Model S Long Range +

    It is available, I sent you a link with more photos and details.
  5. cmarshack

    2020 Model S Long Range +

    I appreciate your interest, but that is not going to work out for me.
  6. cmarshack

    Plaid 21 Arachnid Wheel dims

    I, as have many others, have been running 255/30/22 front and 295/25/22 rear for years. Some minor rubbing on the front, and none in the rear. I would bet that you can run the new setup on the older cars.
  7. cmarshack

    2020 Model S Long Range +

    That is interesting, but I prefer a clean deal. I have part of this financed and not sure I am able to structure something like that anyway.
  8. cmarshack

    2020 Model S Long Range +

    It was 384 when I took delivery, then they pushed the update for LR+ and it was 402 when configured with the 19" wheels. I currently have it configured with 21's in the MCU and it shows 382 at 100%.
  9. cmarshack

    2020 Model S Long Range +

    The market is strong for 2020 Long Range + since Telsa is not selling any for the next several month. Mine is listed and I am willing to make a better deal for anyone on this forum. 2020 Long Range Plus with white interior and 23K miles. This car is garaged every day and has many upgrades...
  10. cmarshack

    2020 Model X Walk Away Lock Issue

    I was really hoping to see a different reason, because my 2020 Model S is doing the same thing but I do not have any seatbelts buckled. I have a ranger coming out tomorrow to investigate further. Sentry mode is also not working correctly, but I assume the two are connected.
  11. cmarshack

    Model X Hitch on Model S?

    How is the clearance for everyday driving (when nothing is attached to the hitch)? I have the EcoHitch and there is scraping/clearance issues when the car is the drive and lowered modes of the air suspension, which in my opinion makes the removable receiver almost mandatory for a hitch on the...
  12. cmarshack

    Recommendations for Body repair work in Orange County California?

    Spectrum Collision in Irvine is very good and handles all the work for the Service Center.
  13. cmarshack

    Sentry Mode recording non-stop

    After the lasted update (2021.4.15) my Sentry mode will record for the entire time I am away from the vehicle. There are no "marks" in the footage showing where anyone is near the car, so it is completely worthless. Anyone else have this issue?
  14. cmarshack

    Vossen VFS-1, Gloss Black, 20" x 9", with Continental Extreme Contact DWS 06 tires, like new condition

    I was not remotely offended, I am only trying to help you sell your stuff. If you don't think posting the car these fit on will help you sell them, then don't take my advice. Best of luck with the sale.
  15. cmarshack

    Vossen VFS-1, Gloss Black, 20" x 9", with Continental Extreme Contact DWS 06 tires, like new condition

    I know the bolt patten for a MS, my point here is if you want to sell something on a public forum, don't make people do extra work to figure out which model it's intended for. You have very little chance selling a half set of wheels, even less if most people here don't even know what they are...
  16. cmarshack

    Got into an accident...

    Rear Quarter panel is a whole different ball game, that is why your repair was so expensive. Why would they need a hood, and it is definitely a stretch to think they needs a DU? I would be willing to bet their repair is closer to, and likely less than your $22k repair. It does not need any...
  17. cmarshack

    Model S Snow Tires with TPMS

    You could always just drive with the light on during the few times you use them down here, or have the sensors swapped out. I would love to get these out of my storage unit...send me a PM and make me an offer!
  18. cmarshack

    Model S Snow Tires with TPMS

    Yes. P11778 That is not the car they were originally on, but that was mine and they worked on my car. I had a P85 which came with Turbines, I bought these wheels from another member and he had an early vin as well.
  19. cmarshack

    Model S Snow Tires with TPMS

    @rxdxt Are you interested?
  20. cmarshack

    MagSafe Retrofit using Tesla’s Wireless Charger

    That is interesting because my Service Center had no idea what I was talking about. I will reference the part next time, thanks! 1546873-00-B I can only assume the B is a newer version and I must have the A.
  21. cmarshack

    MagSafe Retrofit using Tesla’s Wireless Charger

    I took my daughter's 12 and my wife's 11 Pro and both had no issues, granted it was on a 1 drive test. I then took my GS10 and had the problem again. So it's a Samsung thing. (please save the iPhone/Samsung argument for someone who cares). But now I am curious why. My only assumption is that...
  22. cmarshack

    MagSafe Retrofit using Tesla’s Wireless Charger

    Mine came with the car in Feb 2020. I have had the issue ever since. Regardless of the shielding, by design a wireless charger creates an electromagnetic field which in my case causes interference. What I don't know now, is if it's a Samsung issue (pulling more power or simply less shielded)...
  23. cmarshack

    MagSafe Retrofit using Tesla’s Wireless Charger

    Random question. With either the Magsafe or the original Tesla charger, did you ever notice interference with the key recognition? To be more specific about my ask, I always keep my key in my right pocket and I always put my phone in the wireless charger when I get in the car. Every time...
  24. cmarshack

    Model S Snow Tires with TPMS

    It's dumping in the local mountains, do you need these for a trip? I can meet you at my storage unit in San Clemente. If you have not driven a Model S in the snow, you are in for a treat! Just dont drive like this jackhole:
  25. cmarshack

    Model S Snow Tires with TPMS

    Yes, they are still available.
  26. cmarshack

    Bike rack for 4 bikes?

    1UPUSA does not make a 5 bike carrier. Adding a 1 bike extension to a 4 bike carrier is beyond the intended use. "Increase bike capacity to 4 bikes max with additional Add-Ons" - 1UPUSA Webpage
  27. cmarshack

    Bike rack for 4 bikes?

    Is this yours? You really like to push things beyond the intended use...
  28. cmarshack

    What the heck is this?

    It's the new Active Forcefield Defense System.
  29. cmarshack

    FAILED removal of lowering link. HELP

    I wanted to set my car back to stock for a trip to the mothership and used a heat gun this time. It makes a big difference!
  30. cmarshack

    Model S Snow Tires with TPMS

    I have a set of Michelin X-Ice tires used for only one season sitting in storage waiting for a new owner. They are mounted to OEM Split spoke wheels and have early TPMS (from a 2014 Model S) sensors in them. Please do your own homework to find out if these will work on your car. The wheels...
  31. cmarshack

    Tesla Powerpacks spotted at EA charger in San Clemente

    I noticed these Tesla Cabinets in the Avenida Pico WalMart parking lot near the Electrify America chargers. It looks like we will be getting yet another SC in San Clemente. Anyone have any details on this one?
  32. cmarshack

    Bike rack for 4 bikes?

    My 1UP and EcoHitch are on a Lowered Model S. It WILL scrape on driveways/entryways with steep angles which is why I would recommend this setup only if you have adaptive air suspension. If you do, this works very well! Just raise the suspension when entering/exiting these scenarios.
  33. cmarshack

    Vendor Rear Adjustable Camber Bushings for Model S/X Group Buy

    I am confused. Are you saying the bushings failed immediately when you drove out of the shop? And it was only the bushings in the toe arms? Do you have any photos?
  34. cmarshack

    Pearl white vinyl wrap color match

    The nose cones on the Model S are actually painted black. Your best bet is to simply send it to a body shop and have them paint the cone with Tesla Pearl White.
  35. cmarshack

    Who has installed their own chrome delete?

    I did my own satin black vinyl with a kit from NikolaPro. The kit came with two full sets and I was able to get good results with just one set. I have the second in case any of the pieces get damaged over time. Great product, great instruction videos and was not too hard. I do have some...
  36. cmarshack

    Radar detector mirror tap

    How did you mount your 9500XI? Any pics?
  37. cmarshack

    Delivery Sunday 2020 S Performance

    Typical Paint and door/panel alignment are the big ones.
  38. cmarshack

    Protecting key while surfing

    Its not Ideal, but I use this faraday bag and hide it on the car while I am surfing. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01M9GLNYI/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I also ran the tizen version of the Telsa app on my 4G Galaxy watch, but you need to make sure your car has...
  39. cmarshack

    Is Tesla's UI intuitive or not? It is for digital natives

    I personally have issue with the Dark Blue/Lighter Blue soft buttons on the display. It is impossible to tell if the Dark Blue is "On" of "Off" or vise vera. To me, that is not intuitive at all.
  40. cmarshack

    2020.32.x - Raven Suspension Tuning

    Compression relates to the compression damping (how much the shock slows the compressing of the suspension) and rebound relates to the rebound damping (how much the shock controls how fast the suspension returns from being compressed). The more compression damping, the harder the ride but more...
  41. cmarshack

    Wheel rubbing on turns?

    I would replace your fender liner and have the caster adjusted. Caster being out of whack is very common with the Model S and is the culprit of this type of rubbing (particularly if you are running stock wheels/tires). If you bought it from Tesla pre-owned I would hit them up for the...
  42. cmarshack

    P85d vs Long Range Plus. Will I miss the performance?

    I sold my 2013 P85 and bought a 2020 LR+. My LR+ logs 3.5's 0-60 on Draggy with rollout which is faster than my 2013 P85. For me it was an upgrade on every level! Faster, insane long range, better ride, quieter, vastly improved MCU, Autopilot (Mine did not have it)..the list is actually long...
  43. cmarshack

    18 Model S 100D Totaled

    Why do you think you are entitled to a brand new 2020 Model S? Insurance is meant to replace your vehicle with a like vehicle, not a brand new 2020. If you choose to replace your car with a 2020 LR+ then you will have to pay the difference between a 2018 and 2020. Insurance will not use KBB...
  44. cmarshack

    Exterior paint items new 2020 MS LR+

    Any update on this? I have paint issues on my 2020 LR+ in Orange County too.
  45. cmarshack

    Tesla increases Model S and X Supercharging rate to 225 kW

    Um, those are all Urban Superchargers so you will never get more that 72kW/h on those chargers. 23kW-40Kw probably had more to due with your SoC when you arrived than the functionality of the Superchargers.
  46. cmarshack

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Your caster is definitely way off. Ask HRE who they recommended for alignments. You will want a shop that will not scratch the crap out of your wheels and since you are in SD, they can point you in the right direction.
  47. cmarshack

    11 Improvements to the Model S I want to see

    for #1 try using Scheduled Departure instead of adjusting the charge rate. Then you can change the charge level and still have a car ready to go at when you want to leave in the morning.

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