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  1. abikepeddler

    Superchargers in Southern California (location speculation)

    Now that I better understand that Tesla pin on the map isn't exact I am thinking the Del Mar, CA location is likely to be near the Del Mar Fairgrounds as they will have the power infrastructure already piped into the area, space and some food/restrooms nearby. Not to many other locations to put...
  2. abikepeddler

    Superchargers in Southern California (location speculation)

    Wait. I had to stare at it and then refresh my browser just to be sure I was seeing it correctly but does this state that Tesla is planning to put a Supercharger in Del Mar, CA... just a couple blocks from my home... in one of the busiest, most congested coastal areas in all of San Diego...
  3. abikepeddler

    "Spaceship Steering" on the new Roadster?

    Variable assist steering is common in the automotive landscape but variable ratio is not. I'm not a fan of the idea of a variable ratio because driver and machine need to interface as one and having the ratio alternate is akin to having a golf club change length mid-swing. I want a static ratio...
  4. abikepeddler

    "Spaceship Steering" on the new Roadster?

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned this but I guess Tesla forums is not exactly going to be chock-full of track rat, high performance car crazed types. Proper high-performance driving generally dictates never removing your hands from the steering wheel. So a circular steering wheel in theory is...
  5. abikepeddler

    For a Luxury Car my Model S sure is noisy

    We have a MX and I did a test using a scientifically imperfect decibel meter app. Driving 45 miles an hour in two directions on the same road it averaged 66db. I did this test because I was suspicious that our Kia Soul EV was quieter and boy was it at only 60db. Granted the Kia Soul EV is the...
  6. abikepeddler

    A week with Model X - Owner Review

    Yes, it appears so. Doesn't make much sense to me either. I do worry about Tesla as a company with what seems like almost braggadocious future plans of this nature. I also found it odd that they offered to pay for all of our gasoline usage of our Infiniti ICE loaner... Some $400 worth. I would...
  7. abikepeddler

    Why does the P100D cost $42,500 more than the P100?

    Don't be baffled. Kia/Hyundai not only makes cars that are on par with both Toyota and Honda, they are arguably further ahead of both manufacturers in terms of technology and future tech. But most consumers are unaware of this simply because you'd have to follow the industry very closely to...
  8. abikepeddler

    A week with Model X - Owner Review

    Update: After 3 windshield replacements and some minor wrestling with the overburdened San Diego Tesla Service Center we finally have our Model X back. What should have been a simple repair turned out to be much more complex. We had a misaligned drivers side sun visor which led to the...
  9. abikepeddler

    A week with Model X - Owner Review

    Update: Well rumor is our Model X 75D will be returning to our stable tomorrow... after a month in Service. I had mentioned prior that we were given an Infinity QX80 loaner that was just about the most horrid and somehow hilarious mode of transport I have ever driven. Well, a week ago I could...
  10. abikepeddler

    Vendor Tire Rack announces Closeout Pricing on Axis Allies wheels (21"x9')

    Doc... I have bought 3 sets of wheels and tires in the last month for various cars I own, not all of which are applicable to a year make and model scenario. (Custom, one-off cars) Tire rack's website tendency to not allow me to view the wheel prices without inputting a year make and model is...
  11. abikepeddler

    A week with Model X - Owner Review

    Thought I would update my owner review as there is some decent content to add... Now I was going to make a joke about how an over the air update changed our Tesla Model X 75D into a 2016 Infinity QX80 but it just doesn't seem funny right now. See, I brought our Model X into the local service...
  12. abikepeddler

    Model X P100D price to go up almost $10,000 4/24

    McRat is right... This is something I have been saying to people who comment that our new MX75 is "expensive". I tell them that is not true. It is The greatest value in an automobile since the Ford Model A. You have to step up to a Bugatti Chiron to keep up with a Tesla Model S P100D from 0 to...
  13. abikepeddler

    Does going to 19" wheels improve range over 20"?

    The thing I'm waiting to see is someone range test a Model S or Model X with four space saver wheels and tires. They are about as light in low rolling resistance as it gets and I'm suspicious that they wouldn't produce any significant increase in range. Granted they are totally unsafe for...
  14. abikepeddler

    Model X Interior Design

    I really appreciate this thread and how everyone is so respectful in discussing this topic. Just wanted to say that. As a Model X 75d owner I have to agree that fit and finish and design is not the strong suit of these vehicles. I also agree that I actually appreciate the minimalist design ethos...
  15. abikepeddler

    Kia Soul EV

    I don't think anyone think anyone has posted this yet. Bjorn, Tesla YouTube fame, just did an extended review the Kia Soul EV...
  16. abikepeddler

    Kia Soul EV

    JRP3 has the right idea. You can cover that hole with a piece of plastic and some good adhesive. I would start by stealing one of my wife's Tupperware lids, cut it to size, and literally use weatherproof caulking to adhere the new plastic to the bottom surface of the car. Either that or you can...
  17. abikepeddler

    What to Order -- X 75d, X 90d, X 100d

    We are a San Diego family as well and my wife jumps in her MX 75D every other weekend to take our daughter to volleyball tournaments in Orange County and even LA. She makes it round trip on a single charge (but stopped last time at the San Juan Capistrano Supercharger just to try out...
  18. abikepeddler

    Leather maintenance/leather smell?

    Let me qualify this by stating that I have 26 years of professional auto detailing experience behind me, glad I no longer do it for a profession but I do know my $#@& when it when it comes to cosmetic car maintenance. I highly recommend lexol conditioner for a general conditioning but do not...
  19. abikepeddler

    75D/100D Range Upgrade Inequity

    Agreed. Or as I look at it: $13,000 to go from a 75D to a 100D (Model X) for 58 more miles is also a lot. You could buy half a Model 3 for that money! (After tax incentives in California...)
  20. abikepeddler

    100D is here

    Looking at the Model X only, and forgive me if my math goes astray somewhere... It's late and I'm tired, but the price range gap from the MX 75D to 90D is an additional 20 miles for $10,000 or $500 per additional mile. The range breakdown from 90D to 100D is 38 additional miles for $3000 or $79...
  21. abikepeddler

    DIY 12v replacement

    Curious if running a battery tender (trickle charger) when the car sits for periods of time, such as overnight, might eliminate the vampire drain and preserve the battery. Anyone have any data that shows this helps prolong the OEM battery life?
  22. abikepeddler

    A week with Model X - Owner Review

    Sure didn't feel like a charmed life as month after month passed as we got little to no communication from Tesla about where the hell the car we ordered Feb 23rd was. I went on a rant in the Model X December Delivery thread berrating Tesla for how they were treating us. Others complained about...
  23. abikepeddler

    A week with Model X - Owner Review

    Interesting. I wonder if any of it has to do with the fact I am located in California, same as the factory. My DS said something to the effect: "What we do in the case where an owner wants to take possession of the car by years end and the car is delayed and might affect them getting the tax...
  24. abikepeddler

    No More Model X Holiday Easter Egg

    Other code was "holidays" I believe.
  25. abikepeddler

    A week with Model X - Owner Review

    I have driven the Model S twice. A 70D and a 90D. But I did not cane the car around corners nor was I in an area of any twisties. Just Urban driving and a bit of Autopilot on the freeway. I am sure the S handles even better then the X. But I do know that both vehicles only let you have so...
  26. abikepeddler

    A week with Model X - Owner Review

    Well, what we did (DS and my tax accountant) is have me pay for the car in advance (against the suggestion of a few Forum members here...) and sign all the paperwork. As far as the California DMV knows the car was purchased December 23rd 2016. Says so on every document I have including all DMV...
  27. abikepeddler

    SuperCar SuperShow West Palm Beach 2017

    Dang, you got me. I clicked on this hoping to see some proper super cars. Any pictures of other sweet rides? It is Palm Beach after all! That Tesla mobile design studio is super cool.
  28. abikepeddler

    A week with Model X - Owner Review

    It's been one week since we received our Tesla Model X 75D and I wanted to give back to this community in the hope it might help someone else thinking about such a purchase. Let me preface this review by saying upfront that this owner review is coming from a true, gritty car nut. I spend...
  29. abikepeddler

    Model X 75D vs Kia Soul EV+ Owner Review

    Our recent delivery of our Tesla Model X has given me a week of fun and enjoyment as we got to know the car. Discovered it's in's and out's. It's quirks. But before we decided to commit to buying a car of this expense we decided to lease a 2016 Kia Soul EV to see if we really wanted to join...
  30. abikepeddler

    Model X January 2017 Deliveries

    Sorry, did not see your question... The delay was I originally ordered the car with the standard coil suspension but since Tesla took like 5 months to decide they were canceling the coil offering which just dragged out order, production and the delivery forever. Car FINALLY arrived 72 hours ago...
  31. abikepeddler

    Wrapping the glossy backs of the Model X seats?

    I'm a cheap bastard and DIY almost everything. For $75 I sourced pre-cut film off eBay and will do all seatbaks of our 6 seater myself. (While not an out and out "professional" I have done a lot of protective film installs on my vehicle's so I have some idea what I'm doing.) And while the end...
  32. abikepeddler

    Model X January 2017 Deliveries

    Model X 75D (coil) Ordered Feb 26th... Promised delivery so many times I have lost track... June, July, November, December... and now January. Production FINALLY started November 25th and was just completed in late December. My Tesla updated to "your vehicle is being prepared for delivery"...
  33. abikepeddler

    Supercharger - Barstow (EXPANDED, 5 stalls added, now 16 total)

    [OTE="Andino, post: 1888544, member: 52969"]I'm also in the queue at Barstow. Had around 10 in front of me about an hour ago. Now I have 5 ahead of me and 6 behind. This is not fun...... See, this is what worries me as a soon to be owner of a MX75D. We just drove from San Diego to Brian Head...
  34. abikepeddler

    Model X December Deliveries

    Just got off the phone with San Diego Delivery Center. They are now telling me that we are looking at a Jan 4th to 14th delivery. (MX75D ordered Feb 26th) I was irritated to say the least but I told the DS I was understanding of all the cars they are trying to get into customers hands prior...
  35. abikepeddler

    Model X December Deliveries

    [ QUOTE="pchengMX, post: 1881181, member: 51235"]I wish I can afford it but can they deferred the delivery I know they usually give you a week? How long are you gone? I I leave Dec 26th to Jan 1st skiing with the family... So the DS/SC has today (22nd) and tomorrow (23rd) to deliver this car to...
  36. abikepeddler

    Model X December Deliveries

    @pchengMX I am scheduled to be out of town next week with no way to take delivery of the vehicle should it arrive. Perhaps you want a second Model X? How about shared custody?
  37. abikepeddler

    Model X December Deliveries

    Yea, this is my story as well. Car has supposedly completed production as was communicated to me in an email from my DS here in San Diego: "...car has completed production and now is awaiting final post-production quality control which could take 2 days or 10 days..." That email was...
  38. abikepeddler


    I vote blue over white as I passionately dislike white cars. White is such a "fast" color the the human eye doesn't pickup on the design subtleties the way less reflective (slower) colors do. That is why colors such as greys, browns and some silver's really accentuate the lines of a car. But if...
  39. abikepeddler

    Model X December Deliveries

    I actually looked specifically for your car while I was there but the only red Model X's were a red Signature Edition and a regular red AP1 version, both likely there for service.
  40. abikepeddler

    10 Knee jerk thoughts after pickup

    As a soon-to-be Model X75D owner I am extremely jealous of your coil suspension. I have coil suspension envy! I was forced into the SAS option which has delayed delivery of our car 10 months. Technically, using air bladders for spring rate, whether on a mountain bike or on a automobile, is...
  41. abikepeddler

    Model X December Deliveries

    Ah! That explains it! I have never received a single email from the Tesla mothership. The only communication I have ever received is by phone call from someone at Tesla about the whole coil suspension cluster bleep and then once I agreed kicking and screaming to go with SUS I then started...
  42. abikepeddler

    What did you give up to afford a Tesla?

    I'm a piston engne car enthusiast through and through. (Tesla is for wife...) and my solution to missing the glorious sound of a piston engine in the Tesla is to pipe it in through the sound system. My personal choice for engine sound? Lexus LFA.
  43. abikepeddler

    What did you give up to afford a Tesla?

    No way! I did not know about a Teddy B outlet in Palm Springs! I live just down the way in San Diego and although I have no reason to go the P.S. I may have one now... Thanks for the heads up...
  44. abikepeddler

    Model S - Auto Insurance

    I can tell you as a driver insured with AAA I was quoted I was quoted $2,900 a year for a Model X 75D on a multi car discount in So Cal with no moving violations and 300k/300k coverage's driving 12k miles a year.
  45. abikepeddler

    Model X December Deliveries

    My DS is Kiley and he has already told me the car completed production on or around the 4th of December. The vehicle then has apparently sat in post-production quality control before it is to be packed up and shipped down to San Diego. What I'm trying to figure out is how everyone on here knows...
  46. abikepeddler

    Model X December Deliveries

    That is an excellent point. I will check with both my CPA as well as with DS. Don't want to expose myself to unnecessary financial burdens such as you described. I also don't want to give up the planned $7500 tax credit for 2016 but your point is well taken. The risk may not be worth it in the...
  47. abikepeddler

    Model X December Deliveries

    Got an actual phone call today from our delivery specialist in response to an email I fired off to them yesterday expressing my concern the car will not be delivered by years end. (Ordered 10 months ago... Feb 26th...) We planned on applying the $7500 Fed Tax Credit for the 2016 tax year and my...
  48. abikepeddler

    What did you give up to afford a Tesla?

    My jaw hit the floor that someone's response included two words synonymous with my own personal weakness... Ted. Baker. We are expecting the arrival of our new Tesla just prior to December 23rd and then we head for Brian Head Utah but on our way there we must pass by the only Teddy B outlet...
  49. abikepeddler

    What did you give up to afford a Tesla?

    Yes, I did a search for this topic prior to posting but found nothing... This question may not apply to many of you but for me and my wife the decision to purchase a Tesla was one that required some budgeting. We still await our new Tesla which should arrive any day now but it got me...

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