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  1. Beckler

    Tesla Megaboard

    Not sure where to post this. Anyway I checked youtube and didn't see anything but maybe someone's done it. Since without the body, the car is a skateboard, we need to make it into a rideable 'megaboard' with someone (maybe 2) standing on top. Would have a handheld controller. Would be...
  2. Beckler

    Tesla please put this amazing visualizer on your website

    Imagine configuring your model Y with this thing. Pan, zoom, you can even drive the car and the quality is excellent. Faraday Future - FF 91 VR
  3. Beckler

    Model 3 Canadian Edition :D

    First look at Tesla Model 3 Performance version with new white interior I wonder if Canadians should be allowed to order any other color combination? :D Fortunately I think this might be the one I choose anyway...
  4. Beckler

    Trashy CBC Tesla segment

    Tesla stops Model 3 production temporarily amid financial concerns | CBC News I assumed they would explain the "stops production temporarily" part after the alarmist first sentence but no. It's all trashy hype stuff that goes into no useful detail. CBC is so useless and boring. I can't stand...
  5. Beckler

    Engadget review

    Another review: Tesla Model 3 review: the fast and infuriating Summary: he really likes driving it but user interface is a problem and he spends half the time talking about that, which may be a pattern in these reviews. I agree with him, even without having my model 3 yet. Because it's...
  6. Beckler

    Would you buy an option to add controls?

    What if Tesla just creates an option to add physical controls - buttons, switches etc.? After watching the Edmunds youtube video, it's a bit absurd honestly. You adjust cruise control speed by using the touchscreen? Come on. Ridiculous. (I assume you can map it to the steering wheel...
  7. Beckler

    Deciding on color

    I find I'm not looking forward to deciding between red and white since they will both look great! Naturally therefore, I decided to start a poll about it. o_O
  8. Beckler

    What's with all the "why" threads?

    Why do people care so much about other people's motivations? Why are you cancelling your Model 3 reservation? Why are you not? Why do you want a model 3? Why do you not want one? What are your reasons to get a Model 3 vs. Model X? List your top 5 reasons for wanting a Model S (70 kWh or more)...
  9. Beckler

    Should superchargers have integrated coffee makers?

    Would make sense. Would dispense into telsa-logo coffee cups and add it to your charging fee. Handy power source right there. For improved efficiency the coffee could come right out of the charge plug, a la gas nozzle. In fact future vehicles would have internal tubing which then fills up...
  10. Beckler

    Should I make a poll about usefulness of Model 3 forum?

    I thought of making a poll about how useful all this discussion about Model 3 is in this forum. But I thought it might be insulting since the implication would be it's 99% useless at this point. So I thought I better create a poll on just that topic.
  11. Beckler

    Where are the Model 3 owner videos?

    Where the hell are all the driving videos from the first 30 owners? What's going on - I was expecting to see videos by Saturday but instead I see nothing on youtube 3 days later.
  12. Beckler

    Your Model 3 viewing party on Friday

    How many people will be attending the viewing party you're having at your house watching the reveal live? Also feel free to share tips, decoration and food ideas.
  13. Beckler

    Pay per use supercharging

    Not sure if this is the first official confirmation for Model 3 - see third item in chart: Tesla says Model 3 will have fewer than 100 configurations to Model S’ more than 1,500 I know you pay for it one way or the other, but still it's disappointing. Part of the Tesla magic was to be able to...
  14. Beckler

    Model 3 Boring sled compatibility

    It's definitely time to start talking about this. :D Whether Model 3 will be compatible with the electric sled and speculate on how much the option will be in Design Studio. I'm hoping you can supercharge while on the sled too. Instagram post by Elon Musk • May 12, 2017 at 12:48pm UTC
  15. Beckler

    Ideas for Model 3 speculation threads

    Since 95% of threads here are useless idle speculation, I thought I'd do my part, save some time and just come up with some thread ideas. Feel free to convert these into actual threads. Estimated tire pressure for Model 3 From which angle will you first photograph your Model 3? Calculation...
  16. Beckler

    Will Model 3 will self-deliver?

    ...because it would mean you can schedule delivery for absolutely any time you choose. One can also foresee a new button on the order page "Deliver Now"; one could conceivably have a new car within 5 min. of ordering it online - traffic conditions allowing. (Of course all that is about to...
  17. Beckler

    Obama Administration Announces New Actions To Accelerate EVs

    Obama Administration Announces New Actions To Accelerate The Deployment of Electrical Vehicles and Charging Infrastructure
  18. Beckler

    Model 3 exotic colors

    Brown, grey, silver, navy - I'm sure Model 3 will look great in those colors, but they are still boring. :D I'm hoping they'll have at least one "exotic" type color. The red model 3 shown seems sort of dull red. So what approximate exotic color(s) do you want to see most? Since I'm sure Tesla...
  19. Beckler

    Should there be a P100D 'race' variant?

    I mean 0-60 2.5s is getting a little ridiculous (in a good way). It could be argued it's out of place on a family sedan (tho of course completely welcome nonetheless). So what about a 'race' variant Model S? It could just have different body styling, lighter more minimalist seats, no frunk...
  20. Beckler

    Electricity, Carbon, and Norway

    And then the question becomes why do they have such great incentives in Norway? Because they're smart. Don't expect any sort of forward thinking especially with regard to environmental or 'green' initiatives from stupid canada/harper. Three provinces have minor EV incentives when in fact...
  21. Beckler

    Emergency Brick mode

    I'm thinking Model S should have an emergency mode you can activate to use all the remaining energy in the battery - right down to 0 V, bricking the battery pack - if you so choose. :D For instance you wouldn't want the car to lose power and shut down on some railroad tracks. Or other...
  22. Beckler

    teslamotors.com issues (canada)

    Using Chrome, at Tesla Motors | Premium Electric Vehicles if I change the region on the bottom of the page to Canada (En) it isn't remembered and next session it goes back to US every time - highly annoying. I haven't disabled cookies or anything. Also somewhat related, I notice on the Model...
  23. Beckler

    If Model S had a CVT

    I wonder if anyone has done the calculations for acceleration, top speed, etc. if a 762-hp P90D were to have a CVT.
  24. Beckler

    Model 3 Huracan dream

    I believe I know what it's going to look like and it was shocking when I saw it. Think Lamborghini huracan. 2015 Lamborghini Huracan | Live Young and FreeLive Young and Free I can't tell you how I saw it because it has no validity, but if you must know, then it was revealed in a quite...
  25. Beckler

    Total number of Model S configuration combinations

    Was wondering how many total possibilities there are. (If they really wanted to get creative, as you go thru Design Studio they could list how many Model S currently exist in that config. :D) Anyway based on Design studio currently, I came up with about 2.7 million but I wasn't careful, so...
  26. Beckler

    Aston Martin DBX concept EV

    Unfortunately just a concept, but this is probably the only thing that would even be in the same league as Model X: Aston Martin DBX Concept Photos and Info Car and Driver
  27. Beckler

    Solar supercharger - EU

    Tesla Motors on Twitter: Wow! Someone needs to get a drone over this for some amazing aerial shots...
  28. Beckler

    E-volo VC200

    In addition to electric airplanes which I think Musk wants to try in the future, I could see Tesla making a helicopter like this, too: e-volo Firmenportrait Volocopter VC200 - YouTube (for English, turn on subtitles) because it would completely revolutionize various urban transportation needs.
  29. Beckler

    Supercharger map - Asia

    teslamotors.com > Supercharger > Asia > Now/End of 2014 Some Chinese customers are in for a nasty surprise, where some Superchargers will be dismantled by end of year, only to be rebuilt later on. :D
  30. Beckler

    Attention flashlight enthusiasts

    I knew my combined flashlight/Tesla interests made sense. Just scroll down here a bit: NITECORE
  31. Beckler

    Tesla humor?

    I came up with some Tesla-related jokes. You can add yours too. -I'd like it to be possible to charge the car through its USB ports. So then I can charge it up from my laptop or whatever. -The supercharger cable should include a small gasoline tube as well - in case a gas car arrives, at...
  32. Beckler

    'Design Studio' on Tesla website needs improvement

    Threads like 'color indecision' illustrate that the Design Studio on teslamotors.com, while well-done, is inadequate IMO. Three views of the car exterior isn't enough, and the same goes for interior. I'm thinking a fully-rendered full screen Model S that you can rotate/zoom/move around at will...
  33. Beckler

    Should Model S have a solar panel?

    Was wondering if it would be a useful option but a quick calculation shows probably not. Assuming you could get 150W from covering the roof with a flexible panel, that's roughly 1 mi. of range for every 2 hours in full sun. :biggrin: But I suppose in an emergency it could be useful!

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