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    Screen resets when reading user manual or using the browser.

    Just don't use the features isn't an answer. I tried to send a bug report, problem is after the reset, the bug is gone. You can't send a bug report during the reset.
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    Owners Manual Crashes Model Y Software?

    It isn't just the owners manual. It is anything that uses high internet bandwidth including the browser.
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    Screen resets when reading user manual or using the browser.

    When ever I try to access my on screen users manual or access the browser my screen resets. The screen freezes, the fan goes to high speed, and after about 10 seconds the screen goes black, 30 seconds later the Tesla T logo appears and the screen reappears. This also somtimes happens when I am...
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    Blog Tesla Posts Record Q1 Production

    I don't understand, you have been given the link in several post. You even included the link in the screen shot of your complaint you can't get an owners manual. What is it you want?
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    Low power, no acceleration

    I have been busy so have not given an update. My car was finally ready on 27 March. I picked it up and everything works just fine. I miss some things on the model-X, mostly the doors and the navigate on auto pilot, but it was locked in chill mode so my Y drives much better. They had a problem...
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    Test drove the Model Y, Model 3 and the Mach E back to back to back, yesterday

    I just replaced, for the first time my 2013 C-Max Energi 12v battery. I have 96,000 miles on my car, over 75,000 of them full EV mode. Never had 12 volt battery problem until I just let it sit for 3 months (bought a new Tesla LRY and with COVID and everything just didn't drive the C-Max). There...
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    Test drove the Model Y, Model 3 and the Mach E back to back to back, yesterday

    Most EA stations have CHAdeMO connectors. Using the Tesla adapter you can charge at up to 50 Kw rate. Still way less than the 250Kw of version 3 superchargers but much higher than level 2. https://shop.tesla.com/product/chademo-adapter And EVgo stations are adding Tesla connectors. Some of...
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    Low power, no acceleration

    I have an update, my son drove me to the service center where they gave me a Model-X 70D as a loaner. My car should be ready by 22 March. Other than having to find my own way to the service center to pick up the loaner I can't complain in the way I have been treated.
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    Progressive insurance Model Y

    I just renewed with progressive my first 6 months were $320, the renewal is $362. The first 6 months included a 10% new member web quote discount ($36) so it only went up by $10 for 6 months. Geico quoted me $768 for 6 months for the same coverage. I am in MD. I have $100 deductiable for...
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    Low power, no acceleration

    The service center did a good job. There wasn't much they could do when there was nothing in the logs and all the test indicated no problem. It just had to get to the point where they could observe it when it happened. There is a service bulletin out on the HV battery shutting down...
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    Low power, no acceleration

    They will give me a loaner. I just need a ride to the service center. The center is 50 miles away. I have requested a loaner be delivered to me. They offered if i ubered to them they would issue uber credits equaly to the cost. The problem is I almost never use uber and I would never use...
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    Low power, no acceleration

    I just got an update in email. Apparently they have ordered a HV battery pack. Parts Ordered ASY,HVBAT,E3,AWD,1PH,M3Y Part #: 1104422-00-T Order Date: March 8, 2021 Also I have only 2200 miles, no place to go with COVID.
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    Low power, no acceleration

    Sorry. I wasn't clear. It charged at at 26 miles mph rate the first time when I did turn on the climate control. The 0 MPH was the second time when it was just charging.
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    Low power, no acceleration

    Hi all I have 2020 LR MY delivered in the last week of September. Up until a week ago I loved it. Two weeks ago after a snow storm I had a rare in person work meeting. I keep my car in a semi-heated garage. The temperature was 47 deg f and the car had 242 miles as stated range (didn't check...
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    Tesla app on android service section

    I have the same problem with a Moto Force 2. I appreciate @ehacke workaround, thank you for the suggestion. I open a text window in keep, copy and paste after editing. Works well but is a pain.

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