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    Buying a Roadster now - what to be aware of?

    Importance of Tire Replacement Choices If you need to replace tires (probably rear) shortly after acquiring a Roadster, plan out your tire strategy carefully. When I purchased my Roadster, I had to replace the rear tires to get it to pass inspection. I made the choice that I did not need...
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    WTB: Roadster 1.5 Silver Forged Wheel - rear

    Is it true that all forged wheels are side-specific? I was under the impression that while the very early wheels were specific to the side, most swirl forward (clockwise) on one side and backwards (counterclockwise) on the other side so they appear to be the same. If your wheels are...
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    potential new owner with questions

    Your idea of comparing the roadster to an MGB is a good starting point. My points of reference are a 1967 MGB and 1971 TR6 roadsters bought new vs. a 1.5 Tesla. I would say that there is more road noise in a Tesla, especially at highway speed. I use my Tesla mostly on urban freeways and...
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    WTB 2.5 Roadster parts:

    WTB 2.5 Roadster: Grill foam bumper lower arch panes (both sides) Tesla badge
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    1.5 to 2.5 nose conversion info needed

    The full nose cone of the 2.5 is made of flexible plastic rather than carbon fiber.
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    1.5 to 2.5 nose conversion info needed

    Thanks for looking. - - - Updated - - - Thanks for your input. If I make the conversion, I will keep the old parts in case of a desire to reconvert.
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    1.5 to 2.5 nose conversion info needed

    For a short time Tesla offered to convert early Roadster fronts/noses to the 2.5 nose look, but do not offer the conversion now. Has any one attempted a private conversion or have any details of what parts have to be changed (other than the bumper skin)? Are any of the other required...
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    Roadster 1.5 wiper arm broke

    The wiper arm on my 1.5 Roadster broke about 3/4 of an inch from the attachment to the shaft. The reason is completely unknown (non freezing weather). Anyone else had this happen or have any ideas? Anyone have an extra arm or know of any other cars this arm is used on?
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    Ebay - Roadster 1.5 - Vin 5YJRE11B081000301 - Salvage

    I suggested to him that he remove the lock from the bottom of the driver's door, take it to a local locksmith and have a key made. The new key should open the trunk. Would it also unlock the ignition, or is there a chip in Roadster keys? He seems to understand building wiring well, so I...
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    Crappy soft top cable broke - must be a better solution

    Here is a lead for cables VX220 VX 220 Lotus Elise Soft Top Roof Cable Adjuster | eBay Shipping about $17
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    Salvaged VIN #531 on ebay

    GM and Lotus worked together to build the Vauxhall VX220 (UK) and Opel Speedster (Germany). Although these are gasoline powered cars, some of the parts are interchangeable with the Roadster. For instance, the soft tops will fit and the wheel bolt pattern appears to be the same (5 hole vs. the...
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    Texas continues the shenanigans

    "Vehicles purchased or leased directly from the manufacturer or from an out-of-state dealer or leasing company will not be eligible. " There is a decent argument that this requirement violates the Commerce Clause of the United States Constitution. The challenge will be to figure out how to...
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    Tesla Can Topple the Car-Dealer Monopoly

    There is one situation where the dealers' argument that they protect consumers is clearly wrong -- where there is a hot new model. When that happens, the dealers often really jack up the prices. When the Acura NSX first came out (with an MSRP of about $65k) one dealer quoted me $100k. If...
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    How many roadster owners active on TMC, and what type of roadster?

    I too, have a Racing Green Roadster. It is a 1.5 (#441) that I purchased when it was about 8 months old. I purchased it from a business that used it for promotional purposes for a few months and sold it on. I love it.
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    2.9 based on Alfa 4C?

    If Tesla could be persuaded to subcontract the manufacture of sports car gliders, like it did with Lotus, the new Alfa 4C might be a good candidate comparable to the Lotus Elise. The European coupe version of the Alfa is just over 2000 pounds (U.S. version about 2650 pounds). The roadster...
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    Random Roadster Sightings

    Red 2.0 in Taipei, Taiwan December 8th at Sheraton hotel.
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    Batteries for key fob remote

    When I started this thread, the closest Tesla location was over 1,000 miles away, so changing the batteries myself made more sense than going to a Tesla location. - - - Updated - - - Apparently the Roadster and Model S use different key fob batteries.
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    Fan Controller Needs Service message - any experience

    Has anyone else received a "fan controller needs service message"? If so what was your experience? This is on a 1.5, if it makes a difference.
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    Is it worth it to buy my lease and sell it?

    Be sure to check out what, if any, sales tax liability you would have in your state.
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    Electric Blue Hard Top - Bay Area

    That would be my guess, too.
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    What do you think are the most popular roadster colors?

    At the time, the picture(s) of Racing Green on Tesla's website were not very attractive. I suspect that the poor pictures discouraged some people. It is actually a pretty color.
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    What do you think are the most popular roadster colors?

    According to some statistics in 2009 the top colors were: Radiant Red Twilight Blue Very Orange Electric Blue Thunder Gray
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    J1772 Charging Lock - Prevent unauthorizzed disconnection at public charging stations

    Here is one sort of security device similar to that shown in #94 I found on EBay: ▬► 100 Security Seals Padlock Style High Security | eBay There is a plastic only version as well.
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    Free Kindle Book! Tesla, the Inventor!

    Free N. Tesla bio for Kindle Amazon.com: Nikola Tesla: Imagination and the Man That Invented the 20th Century eBook: Sean Patrick: Kindle Store Be sure to check that it is still free.
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    TEXAS Tesla!

    Here is a wall connector for sale "pick up only" in the San Francisco area. Roadster HPC for sale. ***Local SF Bay pickup ONLY*** You might check with FedEx or UPS as to whether they will do a pick up and pack. Note that the wall unit is quite heavy.
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    HPC installation on NEMA 14-50 outlet?

    Double check, but I believe is is line-neutral-line. The mobile connector, however does use ground.
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    Seller backed out

    I have been using a HPC successfully on a 40 amp circuit for 4 years. I have the amps dialed down to 32 on my Roadster.
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    Any advice for a new roadster purchase?

    You are correct that most states collect sales tax on purchases from private parties, but there are a few places where used vehicle transactions with private parties get some sore of a preference compared to dealer transactions. I am not sure the following still have lower sales taxes when a...
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    My car is a "total loss" Anyone interested in salvage?

    Consider the sales tax implications. The insurance company might be willing and able to structure the transaction to avoid sales tax to you, but most likely your buyer would have to pay sales tax.
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    Raodster CPO 22 on EBay for $53,226 plus fees

    Tesla : Roadster 1.5 in Tesla | eBay Motors
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    Roadster CPO 29 on Ebay for $55,537 plus fees

    Tesla : Roadster Base Convertible 2-Door in Tesla | eBay Motors
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    Roadster CPO 115 on Ebay for $54,415

    Tesla Motors has CPO #115 on Ebay for $54,415 plus about $1200 of "junk fees." Tesla : Roadster 1.5 in Tesla | eBay Motors Note: Non-California buyers should carefully consider the California sales tax consequences of picking up the car in person from Menlo Park. CA may not allow non-CA...
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    Roadster Mobile Connecter

    Seen on EBay Tesla Roadster Universal Mobile Charger Connector with AccyS | eBay Currently $750
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    Will the Model S/X have a spare tire & if not, how is that ok?

    1. I think I read somewhere that some countries require spare tires. Has anyone heard where Tesla will be mounting the spare for these countries? 2. I once had problems with 2 tires at the same time on another car, but only one was blown and the other only a thrown tread. I was in the...
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    Lug Bolt Size?

    Yes, you can get at a Lotus dealer if that is more convenient than Tesla. They might also be the same as some Mercedes.
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    Looking for Roadster UMC to Buy or Borrow

    Double check your 14-50 socket to be sure the ground (round) socket is actually grounded. The UMC will not work unless the ground connection is actually grounded. Many electrical devices use the neutral connection for grounding. For some people, the easiest way to check for this problem is to...
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    Air Pump $9, free store pickup

    Here is a cheap air pump that might be good for a Roadster. The 15 amp fuse suggests it would be OK for the Roadster. Note the warning not to use the fluid due to the tire pressure monitering system. Slime Smart Spare Tire Repair Kit $9 + Free Store Pickup - Sears Deals, Coupons and Promos
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    Roadster #411 on ebay

    That was my first reaction, too. Then I saw the seller is a dealer.
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    Roadster #179 with $42K Reserve on eBay - Beware SCAM

    Back on Ebay Tesla : Roadster CONVERTIBLE in Tesla | eBay Motors FWIW, Weimar is a town of about 2,000 people about half way between Houston and San Antonio on I-10.
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    Two way charging to balance electric frequency

    The New York Times has an article about using electric cars to keep electric supply at 60 cycles. Electric Vehicles Begin to Earn Money from the Grid - NYTimes.com
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    #1012 2010 Sport on EBay - New Windsor, New York

    Seen on EBay: Tesla : ROADSTER SPORT in Tesla | eBay Motors
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    Salvage 2.5 Sport #1181 on EBay

    Seen on EBay: Damaged white 2.5 Sport near Jacksonville, FL $39,750 Buy it Now price. Major damage is on the passenger rear quarter. Tesla Roadster 2.5 Sport in Tesla | eBay Motors
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    Final Edition #1461 on EBay - Houston

    Seen on EBay: Red final edition being advertised by a Lamborghini dealer. Tesla : Other Final Editio in Tesla | eBay Motors If anyone wants a non-professional examination of the car, PM me.
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    Changes in the Roadster - Tesla Gear Shop

    I also hope it comes back soon.
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    Relative of Tesla Roadster involved in fasted production car dispute

    Guinness has withdrawn its designation of the Bugatti Veyron as the world's fastest car because the test car lacked a speed limiter present on the versions sold to the public. How a Texas Tuner and a Technicality Took Down the Worlds Fastest Car | Autopia | Wired.com Apparently, the record...
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    Roadster Rear Lift Adapters

    I had seen reference to Rear Lift Adapters necessary to use a two post car lift for raising a Roadster for maintenance, but this is the first time I had seen any details on the adapters. The pair costs $900 from Tesla: Shop Tesla Gear Roadster Other threads here demonstrate the horror...
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    Roadster 352 on EBay in Los Angeles

    Seen on EBay in Los Angles: Tesla : Roadster Electric Low Miles in Tesla | eBay Motors $65,999 BIN or offers.
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    Battery Use/Mountains

    Yes, the charge point is a Roadster wall unit.
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    Interesting analysis by Benzinga

    Teslas Fundamental Flaw That No One Is Talking About | Benzinga

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