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    WTB 2.5 Roadster parts:

    WTB 2.5 Roadster: Grill foam bumper lower arch panes (both sides) Tesla badge
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    1.5 to 2.5 nose conversion info needed

    For a short time Tesla offered to convert early Roadster fronts/noses to the 2.5 nose look, but do not offer the conversion now. Has any one attempted a private conversion or have any details of what parts have to be changed (other than the bumper skin)? Are any of the other required...
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    Roadster 1.5 wiper arm broke

    The wiper arm on my 1.5 Roadster broke about 3/4 of an inch from the attachment to the shaft. The reason is completely unknown (non freezing weather). Anyone else had this happen or have any ideas? Anyone have an extra arm or know of any other cars this arm is used on?
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    2.9 based on Alfa 4C?

    If Tesla could be persuaded to subcontract the manufacture of sports car gliders, like it did with Lotus, the new Alfa 4C might be a good candidate comparable to the Lotus Elise. The European coupe version of the Alfa is just over 2000 pounds (U.S. version about 2650 pounds). The roadster...
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    Fan Controller Needs Service message - any experience

    Has anyone else received a "fan controller needs service message"? If so what was your experience? This is on a 1.5, if it makes a difference.
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    Raodster CPO 22 on EBay for $53,226 plus fees

    Tesla : Roadster 1.5 in Tesla | eBay Motors
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    Roadster CPO 29 on Ebay for $55,537 plus fees

    Tesla : Roadster Base Convertible 2-Door in Tesla | eBay Motors
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    Roadster CPO 115 on Ebay for $54,415

    Tesla Motors has CPO #115 on Ebay for $54,415 plus about $1200 of "junk fees." Tesla : Roadster 1.5 in Tesla | eBay Motors Note: Non-California buyers should carefully consider the California sales tax consequences of picking up the car in person from Menlo Park. CA may not allow non-CA...
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    Roadster Mobile Connecter

    Seen on EBay Tesla Roadster Universal Mobile Charger Connector with AccyS | eBay Currently $750
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    Air Pump $9, free store pickup

    Here is a cheap air pump that might be good for a Roadster. The 15 amp fuse suggests it would be OK for the Roadster. Note the warning not to use the fluid due to the tire pressure monitering system. Slime Smart Spare Tire Repair Kit $9 + Free Store Pickup - Sears Deals, Coupons and Promos
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    Two way charging to balance electric frequency

    The New York Times has an article about using electric cars to keep electric supply at 60 cycles. Electric Vehicles Begin to Earn Money from the Grid - NYTimes.com
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    #1012 2010 Sport on EBay - New Windsor, New York

    Seen on EBay: Tesla : ROADSTER SPORT in Tesla | eBay Motors
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    Salvage 2.5 Sport #1181 on EBay

    Seen on EBay: Damaged white 2.5 Sport near Jacksonville, FL $39,750 Buy it Now price. Major damage is on the passenger rear quarter. Tesla Roadster 2.5 Sport in Tesla | eBay Motors
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    Final Edition #1461 on EBay - Houston

    Seen on EBay: Red final edition being advertised by a Lamborghini dealer. Tesla : Other Final Editio in Tesla | eBay Motors If anyone wants a non-professional examination of the car, PM me.
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    Relative of Tesla Roadster involved in fasted production car dispute

    Guinness has withdrawn its designation of the Bugatti Veyron as the world's fastest car because the test car lacked a speed limiter present on the versions sold to the public. How a Texas Tuner and a Technicality Took Down the Worlds Fastest Car | Autopia | Wired.com Apparently, the record...
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    Roadster Rear Lift Adapters

    I had seen reference to Rear Lift Adapters necessary to use a two post car lift for raising a Roadster for maintenance, but this is the first time I had seen any details on the adapters. The pair costs $900 from Tesla: Shop Tesla Gear Roadster Other threads here demonstrate the horror...
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    Roadster 352 on EBay in Los Angeles

    Seen on EBay in Los Angles: Tesla : Roadster Electric Low Miles in Tesla | eBay Motors $65,999 BIN or offers.
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    Interesting analysis by Benzinga

    Teslas Fundamental Flaw That No One Is Talking About | Benzinga
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    19" Wheels & Tires on EBay - Menlo Park - Pickup only

    Tesla Model s 19 Wheels Tires | eBay
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    1000 mile range with aluminum, air and water reacrion

    A Car That Runs on Air, Water: Here's How It Works: Video - Bloomberg This video alleges that the on-board reaction of water, aluminum and air, combined with a LI battery give a small car a 1,000 mile range. Projected to be to market in Israel in 2017.
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    Badly damaged #963 2.5 Sport Salt Lake

    Tesla : Roadster Convertible in Tesla | eBay Motors $15,900/ offer
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    Extension Cords

    Costco Galleria in Houston has 12 gauge 3 wire 100' extension cords for about $40. Amazon has 10 gauge 3 wire 100' extension cords for $157: Yellow Jacket 2806 10/3 Heavy-Duty 15-Amp SJTW Contractor Extension Cord with Lighted End, 100-Feet - Amazon.com Amazon also has a 50' version for...
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    Gordon Murray designed T.27 on 5th Gear Tonight 10 Eastern

    According to the promo, one of the cars on 5th Gear tonight will be the (electric) T.27 city car. It was designed by Gordon Murray, designer of the McLaren F1 and who also worked on the Mercedes-McLaren SLR. It is reported to use 9 kw per mile. Here is a linky to one article Autocar takes...
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    Rear bumper on EBay

    AM21001 Tesla Roadster Sport 2008 2011 Rear Bumper 115 | eBay
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    Front bumper cover on EBay

    Auction 110956530277 Do your own investigation on the years covered.
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    Left front fender on EBay

    TESLA ROADSTER LEFT SIDE FENDER USED 2008-2009-2010-2011-2012 08-09-10-11-12 | eBay
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    Taillight assemblies on EBay

    08 09 10 11 2008 2009 2010 2011 TESLA LEFT TAIL LIGHT | eBay 08 09 10 11 2008 2009 2010 2011 TESLA TAIL LIGHT LEFT | eBay 08 09 10 11 2008 2009 2010 2011 TESLA TAIL LIGHT RIGHT | eBay
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    Speakers and Trim on EBay

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    Door sills on EBay

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    Right (Passenger) door on EBay

    TESLA ROADSTER PASSENGER DOOR SHELL | eBay Long Beach, CA $550 or best offer Shipping $75
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    Arch UK owner of Euro VIN931

    If you are on this bulletin board, please PM me re hardtops.
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    "Universal Mobile Connector" on EBay

    TESLA Motors Universal Mobile Connector | eBay Currently $510 and the reserve has been met.
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    Soft top for recovering or converting to mesh top

    [Sold.] Soft top for recovering or converting to mesh top [Sold.] This soft top has a large L-shaped cut in the canvas, so it is an ideal candidate for recovering or conversion to a mesh top. There is no damage to the rails or the cables. Even if your soft top is good and you are not...
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    Would VX220 wheels fit the Roadster?

    I notice that the the Vauxhall/Opel VX220 wheels have 5 holes, (in contrast to the 4 holes of the Elise wheels) which raises the question of whether wheels made for the VX220 would fit the Roadster. Wikipedia does mention that VX220 front wheels are 17 inch in contrast to the Elise's (and...
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    #228 Twilight Blue [SOLD ~$58K]

    Tesla Tesla | eBay New Jersey. Both mobile cables Hardtop 4k miles
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    Clear hardtop on EBay

    eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices $3290, shipping $100
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    Model S Resk 3rd Qtr '12 on Ebay

    Model S Resv 3rd Qtr '12 on Ebay Tesla Tesla | eBay Asking $10k to start (including $5k deposit) : "Resk" changed to "Resv" for reservation.
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    Founders #25 on EBay - Chicago

    Tesla Tesla | eBay Starting price $82,295, no reserrve
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    Salvage VIN 1056 2.5 on Ebay asking $57k Sacramento

    Tesla Tesla | eBay Black with brown interior 5K miles Damage to lower front Asking $57k and inviting offers No warranty
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    Thunder Grey 2.0 on Ebay

    Tesla Tesla | eBay Starting price $80k Buy it now $92.5 Maryland Auction 250929078735
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    Radiant Red 2010 on Ebay

    Auction 110760074957 Asking $99k, but inviting offers $144k MSRP San Diego
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    Houston, TX showroom announced

    Today's Houston Chronicle's business section, second page, says below a picture a Model S being assembled: "Living on Tesla Time "... Tesla will open a Houston retail store in the coming months where customers can design and order their own high-end, all-electric sports car. The store will be...
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    Founder's No. 25 on Ebay

    Ebay auction 170694077772 Signature green Starting price $85,000, no reserve Chicago
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    2010 Sport on EBay

    Auction 170681542921 Florida Starting price $80k Buy it now $108k
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    HPC connector on EBay

    Item 270790194390 Starting price $1500 plus $50 shipping
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    #205 on EBay

    Black with tan interior. Winchester, MA very low miles Buy it now price of $79,995 currently in the low $50s with a reserve Auction 330594618077
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    Tesla on USA Newtwork's "Suits"

    A white Tesla had a significant role in the USA Network"s new series "Suits" which showed last night. The episode is entitled "Inside Track." USA Network's programs often repeat. One of the main characters (a lawyer) spars with a financier over who can have the Tesla for the day at an super...
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    Right headlight on EBay

    Tesla Headlamp Brand New | eBay
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    Spoiler/splitter on Ebay

    Tesla Carbon Fiber Spoiler Brand New | eBay
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    How many watts safely out of 12 the volt outlet?

    Is the 12 volt outlet tied into the battery pack so that it could be used for an extensive period of time without causing damage so long as the amps are kept within limit and you do not run down the battery pack? For instance, say you are at a nearby weekend cabin without electricity and you...

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