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  1. Candleflame

    First FSD 9 beta video with new visualization

    thougth we were gonna get the new Model S gui. Bit disappointed. I do like the new mind of car view. getting better & better.
  2. Candleflame

    Is there a way to mark usb drive favourite music on a computer?

    anyone know what mark the tesla gui sets to tracks marked as favourite? is it possible to set that on a computer?
  3. Candleflame

    Model 3 drivers seat slightly loose

    I have had a problem with my driver seat for a while. It's slightly loose unless the seat is moved all the way back. When rocking back and forth in the drivers seat the seat moves maybe 2-3mm or so. Tesla checked the seat and says that normal (passenger seat doesnt have this). When the seat is...
  4. Candleflame

    Cannot search USB drive since ~Dec 2020

    I lost my ability to search for USB drive tracks with an update in december (it was either the spotify or holiday update). I didnt think too much of it because I assumed it was a glitch and would be patched. This hasnt happened and as it turns out other drivers have their usb drive included just...
  5. Candleflame

    problem with driver window creaking

    i have an issue with my door which tesla is sort of refusing to take a look at. pretty much when i recieved the car the right window would make noise when going over bumps and vibrate when listening to music. when the door handle is pushed away and pulled towards you the window seems to make a...
  6. Candleflame

    How many wh are in one rated mile?

    I wonder for the AWD / Performance. The car computer isnt particularly accurate but I think it uses 149wh/km (239.792wh/km) or maybe 151wh/km, however, driving at this consumption doesnt actually use 1 rated km / km. Teslafi seems to use 139.8wh/km (224.98wh/mile) A much quoted figure here...
  7. Candleflame

    When will the next user interface patch come?

    I'm talking about a real update which fixes a lot of the following issues: Why cant we still not use the music player and see navigation at the same time? Just get rid of the useless favourite view and replace it with a condensed/smaller view of the fullscreen view. When will we be able to...
  8. Candleflame

    Is there a LED puddle light which does not rattle in the front doors?

    I have had the abstract ocean superbright T logo on all 4 doors which looked great but unfortunately had to switch the front door back to the OEM ones due to rattle at certain bass frequencies which was getting on my nerve. Have more recently bought some chinese ones which have a slightly...
  9. Candleflame

    Is there a way to load custom spotify playlists into the Tesla Account?

    I thought I was being clever and just created a playlist in the free version of spotify, shared it, and then searched for it in the Tesla. But unfortunately the car does not seem to find the playlist. Is there another way without getting spotify premium and using that inside the car?
  10. Candleflame

    Tesla Model 3 sentry mode scares off 2 vandals who were kicking its charge port :(

    Have not seen this posted yet. Watch the moment a Tesla Model 3 scared off 2 men who were kicking its charging port I hope that they can be identified from the number plate and will get a big community service fine immediately.
  11. Candleflame

    Rear headrest gets squashed when seats down - does it matter?

    I have my seat quite far back because I am 1.85 (like 6 foot 3). When I have the rear seat folded down the headrest gets squashed like halfway by my front seat. Does not look like its creasing the headrest or causing permanent deformation. Is this intended?
  12. Candleflame

    Forget about Cybertruck, what about Cyberquadbike???

    I mean, that was the real star of the reveal? Who wants one? Whats the range? Whats the performance? whats the price? when can you buy it?
  13. Candleflame

    how to remove stains from the surface next to side-mirrors?

    I think those stains came from the original windshield wiper fluid as for me only the right surface is affected. No amount of polishing and rubbing and even glass cleaner can get it off. I wonder whether it had some chemicals in it and the sunlight fried the surface? any ideas? At the same time...
  14. Candleflame

    How to leave the screen on/computer running for longer than 30min?

    when the car is not plugged in it is possible to force the screen on my shifting the car into neutral and putting parking brake on via the menu. unfortunately that does not work when the car is plugged in. Is there a trick to prevent the car from going to sleep after 30min? #campermode
  15. Candleflame

    anyone know how to remove/attach the left rear trim between seat and door?

    mine was somewhat loose from the factory. looked like a minor side bolt wasnt hatched in so i pulled the trim back a bit and it then came out even further as the main bolt got disconnected. for some reason i cannot push it back in as the little bolt strip does not align properly with the square...
  16. Candleflame

    Tesla Model 3 will be released in Australia in July 2019

    April Fools. Sorry but I could not resist.
  17. Candleflame

    anyone have the australian support number for Model 3 delivery?

    Unfortunately Tesla seems to think that my delivery address for the Model 3 is in Germany and has asked me to configure. I need to call them to change my country to Australia but unfortunately I only get the german number under support. Can someone please tell me what the number is in Australia?
  18. Candleflame

    Will Model 3 be released in UK/Aus simultaneously

    Tweeted by Elon today: Elon Musk on Twitter Elon Musk says Tesla's Model 3 will come to the UK and Australia by mid-2019 the way I see it UK will get it early mid 2019 i.e. september and Australia will get it late mid 2019 i.e. 2020.................
  19. Candleflame

    Fastest driving speed if only AC charging is available

    I wonder what the most efficient speed is during a road trip when you only have AC charging available. No point going superfast if you just have to then charge for longer. I guess for the Model 3 with a 40ah charger this means a maximum charge rate of 9.6kw. Driving at 110kmh/70mph we are using...
  20. Candleflame

    How do you salary package a Tesla?

    I guess buying the car via dealership makes this quite easy but given that you need to pay Tesla upfront via their website, how do you go about salary packaging it? Does the salary packaging company pay Tesla for you?
  21. Candleflame

    Model 3 - seperate regen brake lights?

    Dont know if anyone else noticed this: The brake light is made of 2 components, the interior light and the exterior ring. at 0:17 he slows down and only the small brakelight comes on, followed by the bigger ring one when he presumably comes to a harsh stop using the brake. Later at 0:29 you...
  22. Candleflame

    Thoughts on the Hyundai Ioniq DC charging speed?

    Just wondering what some people here are thinking about the Hyundai Ioniq DC charging speed. The Hyundai Ioniq EV variant has a 28kwh battery and apparently supports DC fast charging up to 100kw. Now, obviously there is only a few 100kw chargers but Bjoern has actually tested the Ioniq charging...
  23. Candleflame

    let's look at this video of a tesla crashing while on autopilot

    Tesla Autopilot crash caught on dashcam shows how not to use the system I mean we can see that this isn't marked very well whatsoever. The driver with the dashcam is almost crashing too. But this is the one occasion where I would think that the autopilot should be handling this quite well...
  24. Candleflame

    Will you be able to sleep in the back of a Model 3?

    Dont know if anybody has eyed the trunk space of the M3 during the reveal? In the Model S you can quite sleep quite comfy with the rear seats folded down. Model S has afaik a trunk lenght of 190cm and 162.56 wide so you can sleep at any height really.
  25. Candleflame

    Heated steering wheel and seat vs central heating

    I'm just wondering how much energy it costs to operate heated seats and heated steering wheel as oposed to the main electric heater of the Model S? Let's say if its 0°C outside or so. :confused:

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