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  1. J

    PW's discharge rate during "Grid Services" event.

    What's the total amount you sent to the grid yesterday? I sent 17.8
  2. J

    PW's discharge rate during "Grid Services" event.

    I received $2900 last year for 2 powerwalls in this program. I think there was 38 times they called for energy.
  3. J

    20.49.0 still installed

    Have most people's Powerwalls updated to the newest version. Mine are still on 20.49.0
  4. J

    How to tell build date of PW v 2.1?

    November 2019 install and PN 2012170-73-D for both of my PW2.1
  5. J

    Existing Powerwall 2s to get 50% power capacity increase with SW update...

    I have 2.1's from all the way back in November 2019.
  6. J

    Existing Powerwall 2s to get 50% power capacity increase with SW update...

    I believe the 2.1's have been around for awhile. I have 2 from a November 2019 install.
  7. J

    Existing Powerwall 2s to get 50% power capacity increase with SW update...

    My breakers were 30A breakers done at the end of 2019
  8. J

    OEM M3P Carbon Spoilers For Sale

    how much for the brand new one?
  9. J

    Generation 1 Gateway

    Did they switch you out to the new gen 2?
  10. J

    WTB: OEM spoiler M3

    I am looking for an OEM spoiler for my 2018 model 3
  11. J

    WTB: OEM spoiler for M3

    Looking to buy an OEM spoiler for a 2018 model 3.
  12. J

    New aftermarket TPMS won't read...how to fix?

    Did letting the car go to sleep solve the issue?
  13. J

    Tesla App

    Is anyone having troubles viewing their panels in the Tesla app. My car and powerwall sections are working fine but the solar part is no longer showing up
  14. J

    Gen 3 Wall Connector

    Power cycle the charger by flipping the breaker and log onto it's wifi network. After that type in a browser
  15. J

    Gen 3 Wall Connector

    Mines been going strong
  16. J

    Gen 3 Wall Connector

    Also prior to the update my wall charger used about 1.8MB a week. Now it uses about 25MB a week. It's not a big deal just alot more data being sent to the mothership
  17. J

    Gen 3 Wall Connector

    Wish they just combined the site so provisioning mode was the normal local wifi information.
  18. J

    Gen 3 Wall Connector

    I guess there is no way to tell what version the connector was update to as you cant see any information anymore!
  19. J

    Gen 3 Wall Connector

    So how do you access that information page? Or did they take away the access after provisioning?
  20. J

    Gen 3 Wall Connector

    Do you get an image of the wall connector with the serial and part number that says the wall connector can not be configured on this network after the update?
  21. J

    ConnectedSolutions Summer 2020

    Has everyone else received their checks? I am still waiting on mine.
  22. J

    ConnectedSolutions Summer 2020

    I use my powerwalls for backup usage. I am not pulling out of the PWs daily except when National Grid calls for an event.
  23. J

    ConnectedSolutions Summer 2020

    I have no idea. I know in RI it's 1-1 and I received over $1400 per powerwall after Tesla's cut
  24. J

    ConnectedSolutions Summer 2020

    Your meter back spins during the events they pull so you do get the credit of everything your sending back to the grid
  25. J

    ConnectedSolutions Summer 2020

    It's was the exact same amount of events. I believe whether there is 60 events or 35 the true up will be the same. It's the amount of energy delivered divided by the number of events to give you the average for your payment. The less events the better
  26. J

    ConnectedSolutions Summer 2020

    You can reply to the email and ask them how much your check was. Mine was surprisingly higher than I thought it would be.
  27. J

    SolarEdge Monitoring

    Mine came back up around 8-9PM EST
  28. J

    SolarEdge Monitoring

    Is anyone else's monitoring with SolarEdge down right now? I no longer have S_OK or any updates for the last few hours.
  29. J

    Is this normal battery degradation for this 2 year old long range model 3?

    I have a LR RWD 2018/19" with 31K on it. I am getting 283 at 90% charge
  30. J

    2018 LR RWD

    My 2018 LR M3 just ticked over 30k. It's showing 314 miles at 100% charge with 19s. Is this about average?
  31. J

    2020.36 - no Detected speed limit for HW below version 3

    You are on HW3 though, correct?
  32. J

    SolarEdge Monitoring

    Yes you can run both at the same time
  33. J

    SolarEdge Monitoring

    The monitoring is working thru the Tesla zigbee box now
  34. J

    SolarEdge Monitoring

    I just wanted to give everyone a head up that my system seems to be communicating with the SolarEdge Monitoring app again. I lost my connection last November like many others and today I noticed S_OK on my inverter while checking something and sure enough I have data streaming thru the...
  35. J

    Model 3 18" aero wheels for sale

    I sent you a message
  36. J

    Autopilot rewrite 2.5?

    Will the new autopilot write also get update with the 2.5 computer?
  37. J

    4 OEM Wheels for Sale

  38. J

    WTB 18" Aeros for snow tires

    Looking for aeros to use for snow tires. I am in the MA/RI area
  39. J

    Model 3 18 inch rims $400

    How much to ship to 02896?
  40. J

    Model 3 Performance 20" Wheels Matte Black

    Let me know if you ever make it to RI...
  41. J

    Model 3 OEM 18” Aero wheels and new tires

    Where are you located?
  42. J

    Battery Damage after Sitting @ 0% for 1 or 2 Weeks

    Which one did you get from there
  43. J

    Battery Damage after Sitting @ 0% for 1 or 2 Weeks

    Did you go on the Carvana reddit site to get a 500 off referral?
  44. J

    Actual available energy in Powerwall

    I have had three events with the VPP this year. All three times my powerwalls discharged between 18.4-19.1. I think if you hold 29% in reserve 20%+5% on the actual gateway+4% for one way losses. You will get around 19kwh
  45. J

    Connected Solutions National Grid

    Yes when you apply for the program through Tesla they give you a tax form to fill out. The way I look at it will receive about 12k over 5 years for my 2 powerwalls. I also received the federal 30% tax credit on the powerwalls. They end up being free when I apply the amount i make per unit...
  46. J

    Connected Solutions National Grid

    We are different in RI we have 1-1 NEM so I don't need my batteries for using time based control. They are just for backup purposes only. I end up getting about $1200 per battery for 60 discharges per year. They also give a 0% loan for doing the program. For me its worth 60 discharges for my...

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