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    Possible wind noise around drivers side mirror Model X Raven

    I had a whistling sound coming from what appeared to be the front passenger side. I took it to the SC (for an unrelated issue), and asked them to look into it. They tried a few things, but it didn’t seem to help. Then, they told me they “lubricated the spoiler”. I have a 2017 100D with the fixed...
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    Battery Degradation: Tale of Two Teslas

    Interesting post, thanks! I don’t normally use TeslaFi - I assume “the fleet” limited to 90D model X’s? These are known to have poor battery degradation, but if it’s an apples to apples comparison, then indeed it looks like your X has it worse than average. Curiously, I am in nearly the...
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    FSD upgraded today - MCU1 is crawling on its knees

    One more data point - I recently upgraded my 2017 HW2 MUC1 100D to the HW3 computer (still HW2 cameras, of course). I did not notice a big difference in the performance of the MCU. It's slow - but this is usual behavior. I don't find it to be any slower than it was pre-HW3 FSD computer. I...
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    Raven vs. non-raven: huge difference, or not?

    That's the plan ;-)
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    new vs used: how to evaluate features and pricing

    Sounds like it! There are definitely some good deals to be had. You just have to wait for them until the price drops to a good enough level.
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    new vs used: how to evaluate features and pricing

    The short answer is: the pricing doesn't make sense (yet). The main difference in this particular case is full-self drive, which your new price does not include. So that's an $8k difference. But no one in their right mind would think that's worth it, and would go for the new one every time...
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    Raven vs. non-raven: huge difference, or not?

    I took my X in for service for a few items (shudder, HW3 upgrade, etc.), and asked the SC to look into the battery. I tried taking the battery to ~10%, then back up to 90% and left it there overnight a few times, but it didn't seem to improve the SoC estimates at all. Still stuck at 258-263...
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    News for Model X owners with the dreaded shudder

    I recently purchased a 2017 100D with 80k miles (with warranty to 100k miles). It had the shudder problem on delivery. It was strongly present in the Standard suspension setting, and mildly present in Low. I took it in to the SC after purchasing to address this (and a few other issues). They...
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    Nightmare buying experience with our first Tesla

    Sorry to hear about this awful experience. I believe this is mainly due to the centralized organization of Tesla. Unlike a dealership, where everything can go up to the manager, in Tesla there is very little accountability and poor communication between units. This can cause things like this to...
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    Model 3 vs. Model X - 2 weeks in

    I forgot to mention this point. I have this same issue! Yes, the instrument panel navigation view is nice, but it's also decoupled from the main navigation screen which shows the upcoming turn/exit/etc. I find myself looking back and forth between the instrument panel and the main screen...
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    Model 3 vs. Model X - 2 weeks in

    Regarding acceleration, I think the difference in feel may be due to the height of the vehicle (plus obviously the weight). I have a P3D and a 100D X, but I've also driven a P100D X with ludicrous. Based purely on feel, the P3D felt faster than the P100D X - it pushes you back in your seat more...
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    Unusual battery numbers on an ‘18 X 100D

    The easiest way to check your current rated range is to open up your Tesla app on your phone, click the Charging button, and slide the slider all the way to the right, pretending to set the charge limit to 100%. It should indicate (on iOS anyways) what your range would be if it were charged to...
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    Model X 22" Onyx Black Turbine wheels and tires [SoCal / San Diego]

    Just bought a CPO Model X that came with these. The wheels are like-new with no scratches or curb rash, and the tires are nearly brand new - only driven a few hundred miles. These are the upgraded 22in turbine onyx wheels with Pirelli Scorpion tires that Tesla sells for $6800. Includes TPMS, so...
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    End of quarter discounts

    I asked this question specifically about buying a used Model X from Tesla. It is NOT possible to remove FSD from a used vehicle purchase. It IS possible to do this on a new inventory vehicle. It's too bad re: the used vehicles, because Tesla is pricing them essentially with the full value of...
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    Does anyone think MCU1 is fine?

    @mkhalasi85 - this is exactly the scenario I was envisioning. I would argue that Tesla will pay $x dollars to replace MCU1 under warranty if I don't say anything, so why don't I upgrade to MCU2 for a discount (perhaps less than $x for Tesla's own margins)? This will save Tesla money, and make...
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    Does anyone think MCU1 is fine?

    Do you think Tesla would discount the upgrade cost to MCU2 if MCU1 failed under warranty? Logically, it would make sense: they would spend $1700-x dollars internally, where $1700 is the quoted cost to replace the MCU1 under warranty, and x is their markup. So presumably they would be ahead of...
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    Seat covers for white seats

    I just took delivery of a 2017 100D with the 6-seat interior. The seats are white and lovely. However, I have two car seats that have rather rough bottoms, and I don't want to stain or damage the bottoms of the seats. For now, I am putting down white towels, but I'd rather have something a...
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    Raven vs. non-raven: huge difference, or not?

    Just to conclude my purchase story - I did end up taking delivery of the 2017 100D with 80,000 miles. After they charged it to 80%, the max range updated to 261mi. Based on my P3D experience, this will presumably fluctuate up and down by +/- 5mi or so depending on charging behavior. So while...
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    Calling all 2018 - 2019 100D MX - What's your range?

    I'm not sure that's entirely true. My understanding of the displayed range is that it is the EPA-calculated efficiency number multiplied by the remaining charge in the battery. When extrapolating to 100%, this presumes the actual maximum capacity of the battery, not the factory or theoretical...
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    2nd Row Storage

    I'm interested in this as well (though for the 6-seater version, in my case).
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    San Diego - Recommendations on Tint Shop in or around Carmel Valley?

    Seconded on Monumental Workx. They are amazing!
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    Raven vs. non-raven: huge difference, or not?

    <start rant> Since learning about the less-than-stellar battery degradation issue yesterday, I've been digging into the used Model X market to see if I can get a vehicle with slightly less miles. I'm willing to pay more than $63k, of course. However, the used Model X market is ludicrous! (pun...
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    Raven vs. non-raven: huge difference, or not?

    Just to follow up on the battery degradation issue, I was able to get in touch with my used sales advisor and run some additional numbers: The current state of charge of the 100D on order is 44kWh, and the stated range is 132.7mi. Projecting this out to 100kWh shows a range of 301mi. This was...
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    Raven vs. non-raven: huge difference, or not?

    I was wondering about this as well. The calculation I did with the used vehicles sales rep was the following: Current battery charge: 48.5kWh Current displayed range: 145.8mi Assuming a 100kWh battery, this would result in a range of 301mi. Now, of course this assume the displayed range is...
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    Raven vs. non-raven: huge difference, or not?

    I'm in the market for a Model X, and am looking between a used 2017/2018 100D, and a new Long Range Plus. Naturally, the Raven build, Model 3 front motor, better efficiency, improved suspension, full warranty, etc. are attractive, but at the same time, I'm having a hard time justifying the ~$20k...
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    Trouble removing rear seat: missing lever

    FYI, for those reading who may be interested. I did end up have mobile service come by. They said the clip was in there, but it was installed backwards! So they popped it off and installed a new one. Problem solved!
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    Trouble removing rear seat: missing lever

    Has no one else had this issue?
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    Trouble removing rear seat: missing lever

    I bought a nice set of seat covers, and I went to install it today. However, I can't seem to remove the rear seat! The lever on the driver's side was easy to find and release, but there was no equivalent lever on the passenger's side. It looks like the same white clip is there, but instead of...
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    Sound system lost it's "punch" after latest update

    This thread was quite active for a long time, but seems to have petered out. Did everyone's lack of rear subwoofer sub-bass get resolved? I just noticed the issue on my vehicle the other day - when I fade to the back, there is no sound at or below mid-bass - only poor-quality high frequencies...
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    Performance not getting 310 miles promised

    I had a LR model 3 with 18” Aeros for about a year, and then recently upgraded to a P3D. I have a fairly hilly commute, but very moderate weather. Over 7,000 miles in my LR with Aeros to 42 psi without caps, I was averaging 248Wh/mi. On my new P3D, in the same commuting pattern and driving...
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    Reducing noise and keeping the door sills clean

    I put extra seals everywhere, in the same manner as @Rev-777. Anecdotally, wind noise is down a bit. Not a substantial amount, but definitely noticeable. Road noise that couples into the car via the mechanics was obviously not affected. I regret that I didn't take actual SPL measurements before...
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    Brackets to install Aftermarket Speakers in Model 3

    I’m interested in doing the same. I think your suggestion is a great one - please do keep us posted.
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    San Diego Qualcomm Supercharging

    I charged here again during lunch yesterday. There were four spots open, and indeed I was charged the normal California rate again. Looks like wait times have decreased considerably, possibly in part due to cost to charge now.
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    Major problem created when tinting front windows of M3 w/ white interior

    Here's my view. I put Wincos 30 on the front, with 10 on the back windows. Unlike my black LR, even with 10 on the back you can still see in with the white interior. 30 on the front with white interior looks like nearly no tint!
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    Crackling in Rear Speakers

    I had precisely the exact same thing happen to me. It sounded like the rear speakers were cutting in and out, even when making turn signal sounds. Soft and hard resets did nothing. Letting the car sit overnight did nothing. A few days later, the problem disappeared. I did not perform a software...
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    Major problem created when tinting front windows of M3 w/ white interior

    I have the same issue. I had a LR with black interior that I recently sold, and I didn't notice this type of glare in that vehicle. With my new P3D with white interior, I noticed the glare in my side mirrors a lot. I got my tint very soon after taking delivery, so I can’t say for sure it...
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    Has Any P3D+ Owners Gotten Carbon Fiber Spoiler?

    @CrazyCoconut: it looks like your dual motor badge is matte black. Did you buy this (or do this) yourself? I'm interested in doing the Franz-style T E S L A lettering on my MSM P3D, but thought it might look funny to do matte black if my dual motor badge is chrome.
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    New Rear Emblem.... love it!

    The matte black and satin red are still available...but yes, chrome is not in stock at the moment.
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    MS/MX style aftermarket rear chrome trim for Model 3

    I really like the Franz-style lettering. Has anyone tried the matte black on MSM? Apart from this thread, it's really difficult looking for pictures of this modification - do we know of any other pictures out there?
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    San Diego Qualcomm Supercharging

    The location seems a little quieter than it used to be. I don't go here very often, but the last few times I've been (when I've had to pay), I did not have to wait in line. This was during the tail end of the lunch hour. I do mostly charge at home that, thanks to my solar panels, results in a...
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    San Diego Qualcomm Supercharging

    I used to charge occasionally at the Qualcomm supercharger, and despite it showing a $0.31/kWh fee, I was never charged in my old LR Model 3 - the bill was always $0.00. I just upgraded to a P3D this month (whoohoo!), and now when I go there I get charged the usual rate. I did NOT have free...

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