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  1. SamDean

    Will Helix Wheels fit on Performance model?

    I recently upgraded from a 75D MX to a Performance MX. I have a set of snow tires on Helix Wheels. Will these fit on my MX P? or is it like the M3 where only P wheels fit?
  2. SamDean

    2016 Model X 75D - AP, Loads of warranty, 6 seat, black, Make offer

    Before I post it on Auto Trader, Marketplace and others, I figured I'd see if anyone here wants it. I won't have time to take pics for a couple days. Decent shape. But let's be real. It's a 5 year old car with 65k miles on it. It's better than most, but not perfect. I have replaced quite a bit...
  3. SamDean

    Can I tow?

    I bought a Model X a couple months back. My spec sheet says that i have the accessory option but not the towing option. I also have the hitch hardware in my frunk. If I can put a ball hitch on the same accessory receiver, what am I missing to tow something other than "tow mode" in the software...
  4. SamDean

    Odd question that might fit here

    I am not going to one of the model specific boards because I feel that the marketplace has a more eclectic understanding of Tesla bits and pieces. I am going to pick up a set of Winter wheels/tires for my MX next week. If I take my wifes M3 it will save me about an hour round trip as I am able...
  5. SamDean

    FS: Model S Misc Stuff - Wheels, Console, Paint kit, Shelves (Kansas City)

    My model S was totaled a few months back and I have since bought something else. I am open to offers, and can post pics later if desired. 1) Rear shelf. (black) 2) Lower cargo covering (black). I don't know the terminology for it, but it's the lid for the foot space of the rear jump seats. 3)...
  6. SamDean

    Best AP1 MX dashcam?

    I have tried 2 different cams and hate the size, placement and/or power cable strewn through my cabin. I'd like to have something without a screen, and that can just recharge instead of needing to be plugged in constantly. Suggestions?
  7. SamDean

    Do AP1 cars get V10?

    I haven’t seen anyone say yes or no to this.
  8. SamDean

    Did Tesla ever make a MX without AP?

    Theres a used MX that I am looking at and from what I know about AP in the menu of my recently departed MS it doesn't have it. Is the MX menu different? Does it truly not have AP? I thought all MX's at least came with AP or better hardware. Thanks in advance.
  9. SamDean

    Questions for all of you M3 owners about buying a 3 from a private seller; how to check for EAP, FSD

    I unfortunately recently totaled my MS 70D. In my ownership of the car I noticed a lot of nuance from year to year and trim to trim that I can easily identify a lot about a MS at a glance. For example knowing just from a fuzzy picture of the center display whether a car has AP, has AP hardware...
  10. SamDean

    Warranty Rebate

    I extended my warranty with Tesla roughly 2 weeks before a semi totaled my car. I emailed my guy at my SC and he said it would be no prob to get that refunded, and sent me over the form I needed to send in to Tesla. That was over a month ago, and neither of us have heard a thing. Has anyone...
  11. SamDean

    Sales Scam?

    I am almost certain that assistautobroker.com is a scam site, but I am not sure when their end goal is? I know we have seen plenty of CL scams on here before, but can someone enlighten me on how they win aside from data collection?
  12. SamDean

    Does anyone have a S90 (RWD)

    A few weeks ago my 70D was totaled by an oblivious semi truck driver. I loved the car, but wouldn’t mind more range. I found a RWD 90 which has very little info in the Tesla wikis. From what I can tell, they were only available for a short period in late 2015 and Jan 2016. I don’t know range...
  13. SamDean

    Do 2015’s record any accident information?

    First off, my family and I are fine. Thanks to Tesla, our car took the damage and not us. A few hours ago I was side swiped by a semi truck and he’s telling the police that I was trying to speed past him. I had the cruise on for many miles prior to the incident and it was on when I was hit. If...
  14. SamDean

    Good Guys: 1 - Scammers: 0

    Please forgive the overly dramatic title. About 4 months back I bought a used Model S from a dealership in Florida. The listing had "Has Autopilot" no less than 11 times. Clearly this led me to believe that it....had autopilot. I fly down, pick it up and drive it home. I didn't feel...
  15. SamDean

    Used Model 3 Price higher than New??

    Please excuse me if this has been discussed before, I haven't seen it. I am a model S owner, and my wife Doesn't want something that large and is leaning towards a model 3. When I go to see what's on the used market vs new I was shocked to find only one M3 in the country (Autotrader, cars.com...
  16. SamDean

    WTB: 19" Slipstreams for Model S in the midwest

    I would prefer with tires/caps/tpms to be included, but can deal with it if the price is right. Based in Kansas City and would travel to St Louis, Des Moines, Omaha, OKC, and further if the price is worth it. I am going to powder coat them black, so if you have a black set you're saving me...
  17. SamDean

    Warning: P85D scam

    There are multiple listings that I have found on both national and local listings around the U.S. for a Used P85D with fairly low miles. The pictures vary and are listed in multiple colors, but the price (40-42k) and description are roughly the same. Once you make contact the "seller" will...
  18. SamDean

    Tesla Customer Support: Auto pilot test drive and discount coming April 1

    Earlier today I spent a few minutes on the line with customer support due to some back end problems in my account. The woman I spoke to informed me that things are messed up because they're working on it and getting it ready for the free trial of AP and the upcoming discount from 5k to 4k...
  19. SamDean

    No option to purchase EAP

    I posted a couple days ago about purchasing a MS70D that was advertised to have AP. About 20 hours into the drive home I realized that it didn't and was told some BS from the dealer when I asked about it. I have a lawyer that feels confident in pursuing financial reimbursement for the missing...
  20. SamDean

    Cost of Autopilot?

    If I could get a little clarification on AP1. In the shortest story possible.... I bought a Tesla 3rd party that was advertised to have Auto Pilot (it doesn't) and I am having a lawyer reach out the the dealership as they have been un cooperative in resolving this by other means. The Lawyer...

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