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  1. tomorrowman

    UK Tesla Model 3 registration number - MO03 TES

    Self Deprecating humour me thinks :p
  2. tomorrowman

    UK Tesla Model 3 registration number - MO03 TES

    ? think it's kind of obvious your driving a model 3 without the number plate giving hints. Only one number plate ever impressed me i.e. A1, but the thought of paying money for a specific plate is something I could never get my head around. Count me out :D
  3. tomorrowman

    Auto-Pilot - I give up, it's downright lethal

    Think they call them rotaries or traffic circles. States are realising they are cheaper than traffic light junctions. Rules seem to be the same, but there are only a few thousand of them I believe and drivers are not really taught about them - learning by doing. Not aware of any 'magic...
  4. tomorrowman

    Auto-Pilot - I give up, it's downright lethal

    That's probably based on the 'AI' training being US focused and your roads are substantially different to ours i.e. a lot wider. Our A Roads (one down from a Motorway / Interstate) seems to be the equivalent of a US dirt track (exaggerating a little ;) ) Roads in US suburbs fascinate me. Cars...
  5. tomorrowman

    [UK] HAVE YOUR SAY! - Government Electric vehicle charging market study

    It appears Telsa overcame this by being a 'Closed Network'. Amusingly it would seem that if Tesla where to open their network to other brands EV's it would seem to breach the service station companies agreements with Gridserve (formally ecotrocity) who thereotically have exclusive rights to...
  6. tomorrowman

    Auto-Pilot - I give up, it's downright lethal

    Based on the manual traffic aware cruise control i.e. TACC is not only motorway. Autosteer however the tesla recommendation is motorways, dual carriageways etc (as was kindly highlighted earlier in this thread). Agreed it's 'Beta' but the Tesla promise has always been this is going to get...
  7. tomorrowman

    Auto-Pilot - I give up, it's downright lethal

    Not too sure what quoting the Autosteer section of the manual does, I'm fully aware of the limitations and recommended use of Autosteer. It's not autosteer I have a problem with, I assume it's traffic aware cruise control, which based on my reading of the manual is allowed for use on A Roads...
  8. tomorrowman

    Auto-Pilot - I give up, it's downright lethal

    All I can say is 'vision only' stack can't be worse. What really annoys me is it has been getting worse over the last 2 years - so much the much lauded OTA updates, don't think the idea was to regularly make a feature worse and automatically at that. I'm beginning to miss my mercedes and it's...
  9. tomorrowman

    Auto-Pilot - I give up, it's downright lethal

    I've read many a thread regarding AP and it's failing etc, but I persevered for the last 2 years, and thought had a handle on it's peculiarities. Main challenge was phantom braking, learnt to watch out for bridges, passing lorries, crest's in road's, sharpish turns with oncoming traffic...
  10. tomorrowman

    RHD Air filter

    Before practicing your contortionist skills you could try an Air Con Bomb Mixed views on effectiveness but at a price that's low enough that it's worth a try. Will give it a go at the weekend - no real smells in car, just doing as preventative measure.
  11. tomorrowman

    Best Comments on EV Stories

    Respect - these young pups have no idea with their sky boxes, google TV's and streaming/casting their way to entertainment. The fond memories of learning the intricacies of a B&O video 2000 player and later realising we had backed the wrong horse
  12. tomorrowman

    Looks like I'm moving on...

    That's what the frunk's for. Packed pull of charging cables, jack pucks, tyre inflation gubbins etc
  13. tomorrowman

    Wiki [UK] V11 Release

    It's coming home, It's coming home. FSD is coming home. Hmmm what will happen 1st ? England winning anything of note in football or v11 FSD.
  14. tomorrowman

    Fully Charged Show

    As mentioned before Robert can witter on a bit and some of the recent content is just boring - The poor chappie they make wander about obscure chinese automotive shows trying to be positive about Huflungdung's latest generic EV offering that can be bought for $2000K was definitely one of the...
  15. tomorrowman

    Model 3 Servicing

    Lets settle on exhilaration boost :p
  16. tomorrowman

    crack sound

    I've had something similar that only occurs on occasion when setting off, but it sounds like brake and discs coming unstuck.
  17. tomorrowman

    Model 3 Servicing

    Checking battery fluids I believe is a thing ? Plus eventually it would be good to get suspension checked etc - from what I remember of most of my cars they start having problems in this area
  18. tomorrowman

    Model 3 Servicing

    Was thinking of doing after 2 years i.e. in August. I assumed it would be a mobile ranger. Interestingly in the app there is no simple 'service' option
  19. tomorrowman

    The First EV-Only Track Day in UK! Llandow (Wales), 18th of August 2021

    Ah the silence, with only the noise of birds chirping and tyres squealing in pain
  20. tomorrowman

    Carbon Emissions: Report suggests 13,500 miles for EV break-even point with ICE cars.

    I tend to find these ICE vs EV CO2 comparisons tend to forget one minor point. namely the energy and emissions required to extract, refine and transport your gallon of Petrol/Diesel and focus only on the CO2 emission resulting from burning the fuel in your car - A handy omission if you trying...
  21. tomorrowman

    Intelligent Octopus

    Sounds interesting, but IOS only :(
  22. tomorrowman

    Tesla Model 2

    Not seen the article but apparently to be produced in Shanghai initially sometime in 2022. I know a lot of youngsters waiting for a cheaper baby Tesla
  23. tomorrowman

    M3P - first long drive.

    woops that should read 240 watt per mile
  24. tomorrowman

    The Truth About FSD?

    Interestingly this human got into the habit of anticipating what to do on the next corner on a strange road by looking at the sat nav - I would expect AP/FSD to do the same.
  25. tomorrowman

    M3P - first long drive.

    For reference my recent 220 mile journey, mainly on motorways, in a M3LR consumed 240ish KW/mile. That was with AP on and set to 70, with the odd manual control overtake (large sections of M6 being limited to 60mph no doubt helped).
  26. tomorrowman

    UK - Transitioning to Tesla Vision - removal of Radar

    My reason for being a little more optimistic was all related to the reminder that Tesla has an every increasing number of cars globally contributing to the 'edge case' database with real world data. The auto labelling is a big step and the use of everybody's FSD computer (where you have paid...
  27. tomorrowman

    UK - Transitioning to Tesla Vision - removal of Radar

    Moderator comment - various posts moved from The Truth About FSD? Interesting presentation from head of Tesla AI (Andrej Karpathy) regarding Tesla's move to vision only FSD. Bridges and phantom braking featured :) Worth a watch if you have both the time and patience and I'll let you draw...
  28. tomorrowman

    Insurance in limited companies name

    Yes I found 'Wall of Death' rider had an adverse impact on quotations.
  29. tomorrowman

    travel to London, charge while parked.

    If your LR it should easily do it without charging (based on my recent 220 mile trip with 35% remaining at destination (I am making assumption you can charge at home). Otherwise a quick 10-15min topup at a supercharger on way back
  30. tomorrowman

    Chill mode performance

    I shouldn't really comment as I did succumb to the dark side and purchased the acceleration boost courtesy of the evil tesla app and it's den of iniquity known as the UPGRADES option. Sigh !!! taking a mental note to work on a) my total lack of willpower and b) my apparent Macho tendencies -...
  31. tomorrowman

    Phantom braking getting bad. (TACC/AP) [Not AEB]

    Yup still a thing. I sort of expect it when travelling through motorway roadworks and passing a lorry - car very sensitive to any movement from the lorry and it's response is to slow down. The sporadic slow down for no reason events are a bit disconcerting i.e. no bridges, no other cars nearby...
  32. tomorrowman

    52C cabin temp!

    Apparently if you have one of those new fangled 'heat pump' models, the car uses the excess heat to heat up the battery when you switch on the AC - seems to mean the actual A/C does not draw that much power (Yes I have just watched the latest Bjorn youtube video where he tests the same).
  33. tomorrowman

    Insurance in limited companies name

    Ditto on the how to insure feedback. PCP Purchasing via company is interesting. FRom what I had seen to date tendency seemed to be either lease or if they have enough funds in the company purchase outright (the ability to offset the full purchase price in year 1 can make that attractive if you...
  34. tomorrowman

    Primacy 4 replacing [mixing] Pilot Sport 4

    To be honest fine. just did a 450 mile day return trip on them no issues. Range seems to have improved but it's hard to tell how much of this is tyre and how much is increased temperatures Noise level's seem compatible but it's not something I was particularly aware of, I seem to be more aware...
  35. tomorrowman

    Chill mode performance

    @TM88 shame on you putting temptation in the way of @Peter 224 ;) And to think this thread was all about chill mode
  36. tomorrowman

    Octopus Go, How to set M3 to charge 00:30 to 04:30?

    Agreed it's less than ideal that Tesla allows you to define either start or stop time, but not both. Personally defining the start time to 00:30 and being aware of what the charger will add in 4 hours (in my chase about 110-120 miles) and plugging in to ensure my charge does not exceed that...
  37. tomorrowman

    Plaid Plus Cancelled by Elon

    There's a global section ? ;)
  38. tomorrowman

    Plaid Plus Cancelled by Elon

    The problem is the Tesla Model Y variant to be produced by the new Berlin and Texas plants is the one with the Front & Rear single 'giga' castings and structural battery pack. Structural battery pack is based around 4860's, without them those plants can't produce cars. 500K Model Y's with the...
  39. tomorrowman

    Plaid Plus Cancelled by Elon

    The 500+ mile range needed the new 4680 cells if I remember correctly, which is one reason why plaid+ was only going to be available next year. I know they are going to need the 4680's initially for the model Y's coming out of Texas and Berlin. Might be the reason for the cancellation i.e...
  40. tomorrowman

    Plaid Plus Cancelled by Elon

    To be honest the standard Plaid performance figures where impressive enough, which I think is Mr Musk's reasoning behind the cancellation. Agreed there a probably enough people who would pay the extra £30K for that smidgen more performance, but if it get's much faster it doesn't leave much room...
  41. tomorrowman

    Chill mode performance

    That would explain what seems to be 2 totally different perspectives on what happens in the same car when you press the accelerator
  42. tomorrowman

    Chill mode performance

    Macho View ? If you are going to spout unadulterated nonsense I'd suggest you read the post correctly first. I stated that it is possible to gently accelerate without resorting to chill mode. Once mastered i.e. don't treat the accelerator like an on/off switch, the problem of wanting the power...
  43. tomorrowman

    Poll - OOPS!!

    Well I have started seeing the error message several times a day on my PC. Trying again tends to resolve it. Typically when 1st trying to access a thread. Started at the weekend, had it about half a dozen times today
  44. tomorrowman

    Chill mode performance

    Voice command maybe ? To be honest I'm still trying to process 'standard mode is nuts' - I found being gentle with the accelerator results in suitably restrained acceleration, though I suppose it depends on what car you had previously and what you have on your feet (diving boot perhaps)...
  45. tomorrowman

    Just driving for the sake of driving....

    Despite WFH, I'm averaging 15K+ miles a year because most evening I sneak out for a drive while listening to spotify
  46. tomorrowman

    ICE to EV doubts

    Are your sure ? It's not too late to change your mind :p
  47. tomorrowman

    ICE to EV doubts

    3 test drives Wow - I didn't even have one, which was a 1st - god I must have been keen either that or their where no model 3's in the country when I ordered
  48. tomorrowman

    Does anyone wave anymore?

    Waving ! I'd be happy with a smile and bit of eye contact with a fellow tesla owner when stopped next to him/her at a traffic light. The only acknowledgement I get now is thumbs up from boy racers in their hot hatchbacks with blacked out windows, lowered suspension and exhaust pipes the size of...
  49. tomorrowman

    Crazy high residuals

    Agreed on the 'Bubble' comment. It's a massed produced car where currently demand outstrips supply and this despite Tesla increasing supply by an average of 60% a year and on track to increase this annual percentage by greater than this amount for the next few years. Ultimately Tesla's goal is...

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