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  1. bozer

    FSD subscription announced by Tesla

    I'm an idiot for spending $8K on FSD. I've used summon twice. The features I thought were FSD are really autopilot. Auto lane changing and getting off at exits are the things that scare me the most that I don't want to use at all. I really wish they'd just refund (lol), or allowed FSD to carry...
  2. bozer

    Our new MYP with Matte PPF

    I may eventually do this with my blue model Y. Yours is the best use of matte I have seen so far. Nailed it.
  3. bozer

    Tesla MY haters on the highways

    I find using autopilot in the left (fast) lane to be not so great because no matter how fast I'm going some asshat always gets up my ass and wants to go faster. I try to go maybe 70-80MPH tops, anything more then that I'm worried about getting a ticket and feel like it's kind of nuts to go so...
  4. bozer

    Tesla Offer electric frunk

    I'm still hoping someone in the NY/NJ area will install these. I am afraid to do this myself but REALLY want one.
  5. bozer

    Rear Passenger leather on leather noise

    My drivers side door has similar sound. Like plastic rubbing or creaking when going over bumps. It's super annoying. If I press the door in hard and sort of hold it, it stops.
  6. bozer

    Going with 21” Uber performance wheels on a LR MY

    I have. It's the first upgrade I did. I love them but yesterday I curbed one of them badly and now I hate myself. I ordered touch up paint =( I posted pictures in the Model Y picture thread, like the first page if you want to go see.
  7. bozer

    Autopilot error message

    I've been getting this as well. I made an appointment to bring it in but cancelled because I don't have the time. I rebooted my car to see if maybe that will make it stop. I am wondering if errors like this are due to opting in to advanced updates as well. I wonder if a recent update has caused...
  8. bozer

    Tesla Offer Model 3/Y Frunk Group Buy

    Anyone find someone to install these in NY/NJ area yet?
  9. bozer

    Tesmanian Model Y Rear Trunk Spoiler

    anyone find a blue one yet that matches the same as the car?
  10. bozer

    Basenor Model Y spoiler

    How is it holding up? all of the spoiler reviews I've seen, the spoiler starts to come off eventually, which is why I haven't done it.
  11. bozer

    Washing your Model Y

    I just did mine for the first time the other day. I used ONR with two bucket method. I've never done it before and it was pretty easy. I just didn't do the glass roof, mine was pretty clean already. I definitely need some sort of ladder to do that in the future.
  12. bozer

    2nd Thoughts On Color

    Blue, Black, Blue, White, Blue, Black, Blue. Over and over again. Settled on blue with white interior. Still think about black sometimes.
  13. bozer

    Mud flap effectiveness after 1.5k miles (or lack of)

    I just added the PPF myself yesterday. I don't love it to be honest and I'll be happily surprised if it makes much difference. Sort of like when grandma puts plastic on the couch. The rockers (Plastic under the door) is getting it the worst. I wonder what it would cost to just replace those at...
  14. bozer

    Fixed Passenger Door Rattle

    Taking off the panel seems scary to me. How hard was it to remove and get back on? Do you need specific tools? I have the same plastic creaking sound when I go over bumps in my drivers side door. If I press the door in, it goes away. It's not that bad but annoying.
  15. bozer

    Which would you choose Y or S?

    Model S if you've got money and you're single. Model Y if you got kids and a wife and family. I say this as someone that would love an S, that currently has a Y and a family.
  16. bozer

    Model Y rattle - anybody has similar problem?

    I hate myself for lowering the music to listen for rattles because now I hear at least 2. This absolutely ruined my Lexus GS350 back in the day, could never get it fixed. It drives me insane. Really hope I can fix mine.
  17. bozer

    Tesla Unveils New Tesla Brand Solar Inverter

    I had Tesla inverters installed last week. Where would I find one of these? I presume I have them if I have the Tesla inverters?
  18. bozer

    Solar inverter changed prior to install

    I had same thing happened but they gave me Telsa inverters. They said that Tesla is only installing those now
  19. bozer

    Time from install to PTO (PG&E)

    How many of you just said to hell with this and turned it all on by yourself instead of waiting for PTO? Did anyone actually get fined? Waiting a month or more is going to be unbearable for me. I like to live dangerously too...
  20. bozer

    Has anyone regretted the color the chose enough to try trading in shortly after purchasing?

    Don't do it. I changed my order like 10 times from white, to blue, to black, back again over and over and settled on Blue with white Interior. All of the colors are great! Don't be silly! And the blue looks completely different at dusk then it does in the daytime. I love how it looks at night...
  21. bozer

    Tesla Unveils New Tesla Brand Solar Inverter

    Tesla is finishing my roof this week. There's like one day left tops. Does anyone know how long I can expect PTO to take, in New Jersey? Should I be harassing my PM to speed it up? Staring at these two glowing power walls in my garage and not being able to do anything is killing me. I just want...
  22. bozer

    Tesla Unveils New Tesla Brand Solar Inverter

    Thanks for the heads up. I had a 2nd powerwall added (Wasn't in my original order) and that has caused me a delay. Hopefully the different inverter doesn't as well. I'm afraid to ask.
  23. bozer

    Tesla Unveils New Tesla Brand Solar Inverter

    My solar roof is progressing and I had Tesla inverter installed (Plus 2 power walls). I have to wait for PTO to turn it all on, which is painful. I called into Tesla about 3 weeks ago trying to get Tesla inverter and was told it would delay my install by months, so I chose not to. Then yesterday...
  24. bozer

    4.12 only for colder climes?

    Thanks. first day where I didn't park in my garage so it makes sense I now notice this
  25. bozer

    4.12 only for colder climes?

    I have the update and noticed a new snowflake icon next to the battery this morning. It was 34 degrees outside and the icon went away and came back again at some point. Anyone know what that icon means? Maybe it thought it was going to snow, or maybe it considered the battery cold?
  26. bozer

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    Non-performance with tinted front windows, uberturbines added, oem mudflaps, painted calipers. just need a spoiler
  27. bozer

    Which do you prefer - old center console or new center console

    I did the white shell this weekend from Abstract Ocean. Really like how it looks. Hated the piano black personally.
  28. bozer

    Stoplight chime

    I love the chime. I feel like I'm in an airplane when I hear it
  29. bozer

    "Tesla Offer" Models Y (& S, 3, & X) Powered Frunk Hood Group Buy?

    Anyone know of a good place that will perform this install in the NJ/NY/Tri-state area?
  30. bozer

    Why a Y Needs Mud Guards/Flaps

    Any recommendations for back set of mud flaps if you already have the front OEM ones? Hoping to avoid buying a set of 4 since I have the Tesla ones on already. Looking for same look obviously. Anyone done that?
  31. bozer

    Auto pilot in stop and go freeway traffic

    I have the same issue. It works amazing on open highway, going from state to state. If you use it on a freeway with stop lights or any type of traffic where it slows down I have to disengage it because its scary how long it takes before it breaks, like I'm going to drive right into someone.
  32. bozer

    Tesla friendly campgrounds

    I would buy one of those tent things I could hook up to back of the Y and then my kids can slum it on the ground
  33. bozer

    Tesla friendly campgrounds

    Thank you all for sharing links to potential help here. Unfortunately I still have no idea what I'm doing. If anyone knows of a good spot in the tri-state area, where I can bring my Tesla, sleep in it with my family, have a camp fire near the car and super duper bonus points bring our little...
  34. bozer

    Mud flaps & Model Y

    so if you got the Tesla mudflaps, which aftermarket sets are people buying for the back? And can I just get 2 and not have to buy a 4 pack?
  35. bozer

    Tesla friendly campgrounds

    I would love for someone to just tell me a good place to go that's in the NY/NJ area. Up by Lake Tiorati/Harriman State Park would be great. Someone should make an app for this.
  36. bozer

    Rear Footwell Lights.

    I really think the blue looks cool but I fear it might look ridiculous too. I'm 44 years old and I'm imagining going to a wedding or something (one day in the post covid future) and my car looking like a teenagers. I wish you could switch between colors if you want to. Am I crazy? Does anyone...
  37. bozer

    Anyone thinking of switching to a refresh Model X?

    I would have got an X if I could have afforded it. My boss got one right before I got my Y and his was like 100K+ and is now the older version. He's pretty bummed about it. I think the Y is the perfect car and perfect price point. I do love the look of the falcon doors though. The Y is WAY...
  38. bozer

    Getting XM in Model Y

    It works really well over the iPhone. I was annoyed the car didn't have it and questioned why theres no official app but it works surprisingly well just through bluetooth
  39. bozer

    To PPF or not to PPF?

    If I were to take my car in for PPF, for the problem areas, for around $1800, should I expect that they detail the car first? Is that pretty standard if you take it to a good shop? I would hate to bring it in and then theres some swirls or something under it.
  40. bozer

    New Jersey NJ EV Rebate

    Happy to report I actually got my check! It's in my hands. I can't believe it. Took lots of really nice emails asking for help but I finally got it. I submitted originally on August 20th 2020. They had some issue mailing it and recut me a check and finally got it on January 30th 2021. So it...
  41. bozer

    PPF Cost???

    When you do this, do they paint correct the car for you? I have some shitty holograms that I'm bringing in to Tesla to fix. Does this place wash your car first? How do they ensure the car is perfect before doing it? I'm in central jersey too and was going to go to Detail Doctor in Shrewsbury but...
  42. bozer

    New Jersey NJ EV Rebate

    I literally submitted last August.... Then eventually they said it was lost in the mail and they would re-cut it. Past few months I just keep emailing them very nicely asking where its at and they just keep saying it hasn't been sent yet. Seeing other people get it after I submitted is really...
  43. bozer

    Dear Elon: just remove navigation from your cars

    Wow I had no idea you could do this. Awesome
  44. bozer

    Dear Elon: just remove navigation from your cars

    It's the best navigation I've ever seen, by far. Not sure what spaceships you other guys are driving. The nav in my Audi was horrible and one of the reasons I sold the car. The Nav in my Jeep requires paying for a yearly update. Waze would be nice but only as a quasi-radar detector.
  45. bozer

    Tesla Unveils New Tesla Brand Solar Inverter

    What part of NJ if you don't mind me asking? I'm slated for install in March and I'm in Red Bank
  46. bozer

    Tesmanian Model Y spoiler matte black

    Got any more pics? I too have a blue Y and would love to see more pics of how the matte black spoiler looks on it. Kind of hard to tell and I'm debating the matte black or blue
  47. bozer

    Tesla Offer Model 3/Y Frunk Group Buy

    Anyone have someone to do install in New Jersey/NY area? Hell, I'll drive to Delaware even. I HATE closing the frunk.
  48. bozer

    Rear Drive Motor Fault causing 12V Battery to discharge

    I just had something similar happen as well. I wonder if its recent update? I went out to my car, was able to get in, but the screen was totally dead and I couldn't get the car on. App would not connect at all either. I ended up rebooting by pressing the two buttons on the wheel in, which fixed...
  49. bozer

    Model Y Spoiler

    So as a non-performance owner that has uberturbines, red calipers, acceleration boost -- I guess I should give up the dream of getting a spoiler?
  50. bozer

    Question about E-Z Pass green tag (NJ)

    Seems like the site is down? I would like to get this too. Do you still need the brick mounted inside car or does this just work with license plate?

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