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  1. kashian

    Vendor TEMAI Model Y accessories. Free giveaways and upcoming products!

    Thanks for doing this! Good luck to everyone!
  2. kashian

    passenger footwell lights removal

    If I remember correctly, that one was the toughest one to deal with, but I don't remember doing anything special other than really making sure I got the pry bar tool all the way in there. Good luck!
  3. kashian

    FSD: auto lane change

    I don't know how the car is supposed to learn, but I let it do everything on its own when I'm by myself to hopefully help it learn. Otherwise, I perform all the dicey maneuvers manually when I have any passengers in the car.
  4. kashian

    Various charging adapters for on the road

    There's also CCS1 and CCS2 adapters, but it should depend on what's available in those areas you want to visit.
  5. kashian

    Spouse phone key not recognized; confusion with my phone key?

    Next time this happens, open the Controls screen and select Locks. If her phone key is not highlighted, tap on it to use her phone as the key for that drive.
  6. kashian

    Problem with traffic lights 🚦 and autopilot

    What is your software version?
  7. kashian

    Maximize Browser?

    Hi. Not sure if this helps, but maybe try? ABetterTheater.com - Full Screen Apps
  8. kashian

    TACC Resume function

    Hi. I am not aware of a resume function either. Sorry.
  9. kashian

    Refferal codes

    I agree. The best course of action is to ask your sales rep for help. Good luck and congratulations!
  10. kashian

    Screen protector question

    I also opted for the matte screen and it's been fine so far.
  11. kashian

    Lost Easy Entry~How do I get it back?

    If it's totally gone, you should be able to set it up again the same way you originally did.
  12. kashian

    Sweet spot for Wheel & Tire Combo for the Y

    Do you inflate the new tires to the same pressure as the OEM tires? Just curious...
  13. kashian

    Turning off animation of cars passing on console screen

    I don't remember seeing a setting for that. Perhaps you could try turning off FSD visualization, but I think it may be for something else.
  14. kashian

    Windshield crack

    They charged me $97.50 for it.
  15. kashian

    Windshield crack

    Sorry, my insurance is Tesla. Still, you would think with the insurance and car service company being the same that they could talk to each other, so I won't have to request for a reimbursement, but it didn't take very long to get the check from them. Hope that helps...
  16. kashian

    FSD Beta testing open to all with next update?

    I also speculate only FSD purchasers will get them automatically, but they might also launch the subscription service at the same time, so anyone willing to pay for it will be able to download and use FSD.
  17. kashian

    Radio On/Off

    I guess I sort of do the same thing except I switch to Spotify and then pause the song, so nothing is playing.
  18. kashian

    Keys/Valet Mode

    Without a key, the car will drive until the driver gets out of the car. Then, it won't start anymore. Yes, give the valet your key card and enable valet mode either in the car or your phone app.
  19. kashian

    HELP!!! Did something happen last night with newest software download

    Tesla T has been long gone since the Holiday update. As for the other issues, double-check you have "Full self drive visualization" checked/enabled. Hope that helps...
  20. kashian

    Is the driver side mirror still a problem

    Good luck and congratulations!
  21. kashian

    Is the driver side mirror still a problem

    You won't have to clip the tabs, if you end up having that issue. The service center is well aware of it and will take care of the problem for you.
  22. kashian

    OTA updates to new MY

    I believe updates are based on configuration and geographic location. You can't pull it, they'll have to push it. All you can do is wait.
  23. kashian

    Rubber on pedals

    Mine came with a rubber pad on the brake pedal, but nothing was on the "gas" pedal. It didn't have anything on it.
  24. kashian

    Lifetime Usage

    Ah, that would make sense. Thanks!
  25. kashian

    Lifetime Usage

    Interesting, I don't see Lifetime Usage on mine. :(
  26. kashian

    NOA - Speed Limit Changes

    Are we talking about speed limit changes while driving on the freeway? I know mine changes speed limit on surface streets. I haven't paid attention if it does on the freeway.
  27. kashian

    Just got my new MY and confused about USB ports and game controllers

    I thought there would be two ports under the phone charger? Have you checked there?
  28. kashian

    Do new 2021 Model Y have USB in Both Glovebox and Center Console

    Are there any under the phone charger?
  29. kashian

    Replacement Keycards Now $35

    No, they did not. I had to program them myself. It's just like programming your phone key.
  30. kashian

    Replacement Keycards Now $35

    I ordered a new set of key cards last week, and they arrived today!
  31. kashian

    Phone key profile question

    Glad to hear you got it sorted out. Enjoy!
  32. kashian

    Where is 2021.4? [2021.4.x Release]

    Do you have Boombox? Just curious...
  33. kashian

    Phone key profile question

    Hi. Just checking... Did you actually associate a profile to each key? If so, when you get in the car, hit the Controls button and select Locks and Keys and verify that the car is using the expected/correct phone key.
  34. kashian

    Phone key profile question

    Hi. I had the same concern when we were waiting for our MY. However, it turns out it wasn't a big deal for us. Each situation is different, but I suspect it wouldn't (shouldn't) be a problem for you either. The video was correct, you can associate a profile to a specific phone key (or vice...
  35. kashian

    Rear Seat Heaters

    Hit the fan icon and click the wavy heater tab on the screen.
  36. kashian

    CA carpool sticker -- Best to order in November for 2021?

    Don't know, but this one seems to fit the blue stickers. https://www.amazon.com/ATOZ-BOX-Protection-California-Carpool/dp/B0829GDQC5/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=clean+air+vehicle+sticker&qid=1612203650&sr=8-3
  37. kashian

    Screen problems

    Just curious, how old is your MY?
  38. kashian

    floormat for 2021 Model Y

    Hi. For matte screen protector, I decided to go with the one from Abstract Ocean.
  39. kashian

    iPhone not unlocking?

    Hi. Sorry to hear it didn't work for you. Not sure what else to suggest.
  40. kashian

    New Model Y Very satisfying but NO HOMELINK

    I also thought mobile service has to come to your house to program the garage opener.
  41. kashian

    iPhone not unlocking?

    Here's what they made me do at the SC. Delete the phone key from the car Delete the bluetooth device from the car Delete the mobile app from the phone Download and install the mobile app on the phone Sign in to Tesla Account using the mobile app Create new phone key Pair new bluetooth device...
  42. kashian

    Is this normal for the Key Card?

    Next time it happens, maybe you could tap Controls > Locks just to see which Key is connected to the car. Just a thought...
  43. kashian

    Rim Rash Repair in Los Angeles, CA

    Sadly, I got my first rim rash just now. So, I will be watching this thread for some recommendations, but somewhere in San Diego would be closer to me.
  44. kashian

    Vendor Model Y Premium Puddle Lights are 10% Off for TMC Members

    I did it on mine, and it was very easy. Snap out the light, unplug the cable, plug the new light, and then snap it back in place.
  45. kashian

    Tesla Offer Model 3/Y Frunk Group Buy

    How much do you charge?
  46. kashian

    December Delivery Free Supercharging

    It's official now!!
  47. kashian

    Windshield crack

    Safelite was going to replace my windshield, but they had to order the glass from Tesla anyway. So, I just took my car to a Tesla SC and had them do it for me with camera calibration included. They charged my card, and I just submitted the invoice to my insurance for reimbursement.
  48. kashian

    Tesla Offer Model 3/Y Frunk Group Buy

    Please let us know what you find out.
  49. kashian

    NEMA 14-50 Outdoor Installation - Think I need to bring my electrician back out

    I agree with the wall connector suggestion, but I think even a corded mobile connector would be better than using the supplied mobile connector with a 14-50 adapter, in case it's possible for water to seep through the adapter connection to the charger. If you're stuck with your current...
  50. kashian

    Hanging up from a call?

    Hi. Couldn't you dismiss the text message by double tapping the right scroll wheel?

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