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  1. Rudolf

    Model S Slid Away...

    Withe wheels sliding, not rolling, cranking the wheels to the side would not help.
  2. Rudolf

    Model S Slid Away...

    I wonder how much, if any, wheel chocks with steel studs might have helped.
  3. Rudolf

    Interesting driving stats thread

    That's teslafi.com No phone app available, as far as I know, but it displays reasonably well in the mobile Chrome browser on my Android phone in landscape format. See also this thread on this forum TeslaFi or Not? That is the Question
  4. Rudolf

    Wiki EV Acronyms

    Does "ABRP - A better routeplanner - A Better Routeplanner" qualify for addition to the list. 1,200 Mile Road Trip to Houston, TX - Am I Crazy? If yes, would somebody please add it? I don't trust myself to do it correctly (scared of BBCode)
  5. Rudolf

    1,200 Mile Road Trip to Houston, TX - Am I Crazy?

    Thank you. That's useful.
  6. Rudolf

    1,200 Mile Road Trip to Houston, TX - Am I Crazy?

    Make a "Sticky" and people will try to outdo each other with inventing all sorts of crazy new acronyms. I have another suggestion: if an acronym is not among the top five search results on acronym.com, consider the post to be a troll post and delete it for that reason.
  7. Rudolf

    1,200 Mile Road Trip to Houston, TX - Am I Crazy?

    I find these and other incomprehensible acronyms annoying, too, and I have a feeling that they drive quite a few readers off this forum. I know that ICE is used for "internal combustion engine" APRP would appear to be the name of an app. SOC is a complete mystery to me.
  8. Rudolf

    Wireless USB stick for dashcam possible?

    The November 2018 version of the manual says this: To access the video footage from dashcam, pause the dashcam, then remove the flash drive and use a personal computer to access the video files located in the “TeslaCam” folder. Is anybody using a wireless USB stick? I have seen information...
  9. Rudolf

    Model 3 specs

    I don't see the option "performance" listed in the starting post of this topic. What does it cost and what does it include aside from faster accelaration and a higher top speed?
  10. Rudolf

    Tesla Updates Model 3 Online Configurator

    I have not yet been invited to configure my order but is there a web page where I can play around with the configuration and price calculation already now? I have the link www.model3config.com/blank but it does not tot up the cost.
  11. Rudolf


    Model 3 Owner's Manual published April 20. 2018 https://www.tesla.com/content/dam/tesla/Ownership/Own/Model%203%20Owners%20Manual.pdf
  12. Rudolf

    Poll: What will your Model 3 cost?

    I want mine with all the bells and whistles, which means it will be >60k.
  13. Rudolf

    Pictures of production Model 3s

    Good to know. I had better put some extra money aside for it, then.
  14. Rudolf

    Pictures of production Model 3s

    No ludicrous mode on the model 3 :(, I read somewhere, but you're right, all those cryptic indicators of engine power, level of luxury, etc are very much from the stone age.
  15. Rudolf

    Pictures of production Model 3s

    PXXDL ?
  16. Rudolf

    Pictures of production Model 3s

    It's just that I had been looking forward to getting a car with the stylized Chinese character for the number 3 ( 三 ) on it, but I agree that only the Tesla logo, without model information, tends to make the car look more prestigious. I can live with that. It was, of course, rather cheeky of...
  17. Rudolf

    Pictures of production Model 3s

    Oops, noticed only now the status information on the linked pages for the trademark applications saying that both were abandoned. This must be the reason why there is no model designation on the car.
  18. Rudolf

    Pictures of production Model 3s

    Is there an album of photos of the production Model 3 on this forum or elsewhere on the web? Just photos, no posts. I've looked through all the photos in this thread and in news articles on the Internet and there is something I don't see on the vehicle: the model designation, neither in front...
  19. Rudolf

    Blog Model 3 Branding Will Be Numeric

    I see on the website of the United States Patent and Trademark Office that Tesla abandoned the applications for "≡" and "Model ≡" on Feb. 06 and Feb. 12, 2017 respectively. There appears to have been no opposition to the registration of these trademarks. I am a bit sad that ≡, in the trademark...
  20. Rudolf

    how to add profile picture and contact administrator?

    I've got the same problem. I hoped that clicking on the place holder for the profile picture (avatar) on m profile page would lead the way, but this error message popped up: Surely, there must be a way to upload and change one's avatar.
  21. Rudolf

    Tesla Applies for Model 3 Trademark

    I see that Adidas has three three horizontal lines of equal length in two of its trademarks, which could to be the reason why they apparently are looking at opposing the Tesla trademark applications No. 86960133 and 86960138 for articles of clothing.
  22. Rudolf

    Tesla Applies for Model 3 Trademark

    I am aware of currently four Tesla trade mark applications for the image that represents the letter E in the Tesla name logo or include that image combined with text. US Serial Number: 86946030 Description: The mark consists of three equal length horizontal stylized lines in the manner of...

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