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  1. fsch

    Decision to keep or not to keep my 2013 Model S

    Here are residual values for "Long Range" MS (i.e. 85/90/100 excluding P) according to a couple sources compared to the equation above. My experience is that (at least my) car maintained its value for a while (like Tesla-Info data, orange dots) then dropped when M3 started to be delivered "en...
  2. fsch

    Can't start heating from the app while charging at a CHAdeMO when at low range!

    My dear Californian car is silver must be blond in the inside because there are a few things she doesn't understand very well, especially about Winter. It's my 6th Winter with the car, so I'm used to it, but there are some new strange behaviors (at least to me) that must result from recent...
  3. fsch

    Unwanted Cabin Heating

    @JLC13, I also have an MS 2013 which is usually parked in our unheated garage attached to the house, and I live in Montréal, QC, so similar situation I guess. My experience is that the car is usually 10°C (so about 20°F) above the outside temperature. It's a combined effect of the garage being...
  4. fsch

    Fix your door that won't open

    P.S. With the gear repaired and the door reassembled, it operates as before: the door operates normally but the car handles don't come out when this handle is pressed. I forgot to mention that at the bottom of the door interior, I also found the rubber pad supposed to cover the handle assembly...
  5. fsch

    Fix your door that won't open

    Here's a new one, for me at least: position sensor wire torn appart both ends! This is the 10th (or 11th?) door handle change or repair on my car. This time, it's the passenger front door, with the motor sound, so I thought it was the broken gear problem. I purchased one, with a couple of...
  6. fsch

    Battery died with 10 km Typical Range left?

    In all three instances of going below 10-20 km of range, it was the circumstances rather than the "trill" of "rid[ing] on fumes" that made me arrive tight. This time around, it was snow on the road and headwinds in the last part of the trip, unaccounted for in my planning. And trusting my prior...
  7. fsch

    Battery died with 10 km Typical Range left?

    So yesterday, for the first time in 5.5 years and 253 000 km, I got caught. I was 1 km from destination with +3 km of range left when the car decided that was it... And I lost 21 km of maximum range in the process. After being alerted to safely pull over and stop the car, I was able to drive...
  8. fsch

    Supercharging old timers

    For me, this is the case for a while (a year?) at the supercharger near home, where I seldomly charge anyway, only if I forgot to plug the car at home the night before traveling. I thought it was related to the "superchargers are for travel" kind of argument. But being limited to <80 kWh at...
  9. fsch

    Supercharging old timers

    +1 We were getting >100 kW at low SoC until 2 weeks ago, and after the last update, we"re now limited to 80 kW. We're currently on 2019.32.2.1.
  10. fsch

    Supercharger - Jackman, ME

    Just wanted to point out that this is a great location for people (like me:D) traveling sometimes between the Eastern Townships (Sherbrooke, Magog) and Nova Scotia or the South of New Brunswick. We went through that route a couple of times. It cuts about 200 km and 1h driving compared to going...
  11. fsch

    Sponsoring a plug in St. Barbe, NL?

    While the plug would be at Anse-aux-meadows (Parks Canada) at the northern tip of Newfoundland rather than in St. Barbe, this could be an occasion.
  12. fsch

    Sponsoring a plug in St. Barbe, NL?

    Hi all, We're back from a fantastic "circum-Gulf of Saint Lawrence" trip in our 235 000 km MS! We saw nearly a hundred whales total (a humpback whale even saw us form 20 feet at the Blanc-Sablon wharf), 7-8 icebergs, hundreds of puffins, 5-6 bald eagles, seals, what else? Plus fantastic...
  13. fsch

    This Motor Industry Will Self Destruct In... ?

    Two years ago, I made a prediction/extrapolation about the Canadian EV sales market share with the intention to check each year if I was correct. Last year I reported that data were indeed following the trend, and that they were behaving a bit like Moore's law for the number of transistors on a...
  14. fsch

    Used MS 19" mag or compatible for spare tire

    We'll be traveling East to remote locations this Summer (Côte Nord to Natashquan, then Blanc Sablon, Anse-aux-Meadows, Gros Morne, Fogo, St-Pierre-et-Miquelon, St-John, and back through NS) and I thought I should not push my luck too much and I should bring a spare tire & wheel with me. (Last...
  15. fsch

    broken subframe after hit curb

    Looking at the 2nd picture here, the subframe looks quite exposed to possible hits. And I could imagine how a good hit on the wheel is transmitted to the subframe through the tie rod. The car is heavy, and aluminum is not as tough as steel. Personally, my threshold for insurance claim is...
  16. fsch

    Small dent: front bumper wrap in Montreal?

    OK, thanks for your answers. I was under the impression that the wrap was opaque, and existed with the same colours. Indeed, I was going to have it repaired first. I guess I'll go for a paint job then.
  17. fsch

    Small dent: front bumper wrap in Montreal?

    Hi, Bad luck today: an old lady driving a Yaris backed up in our car while we were supercharging in Magog! There is a dent in the bumper (picture) which already got a couple of other scratches anyway. The car is not like "brand new". I hear many of you saying: "just fix it through the...
  18. fsch

    Fix your door that won't open

    I ordered this from Digikey, 4.16$ a piece a couple of years ago (compared to 1300$ for a handle replacement at Tesla!!) However, you need to solder the contacts and as a result, they are unsealed. (I put hot glue to seal it and it works so far after 2 years, but it might not be as reliable as...
  19. fsch

    YYZ Charging Stations Etiquette

    Park'N Fly Valet parking is at 125$/9 days for the period where I would have been there (and we saved 800$+/person by flying from Toronto!) And driving a Tesla for 500 km is enjoyable, isn't it? :D But the valet plugging service mentioned above was probably for the airport parking itself, not...
  20. fsch

    YYZ Charging Stations Etiquette

    Hi there, I'm pondering our options for a trip during our Spring break (March 1-10) and it turns out that airfares are about 1/3 of the price if we fly from Toronto Pearson rather than Montréal. Montréal-Toronto fights are not as cheap as usual at these dates (although it's better if purchased...
  21. fsch

    Battery Degradation

    @rajen, you may want to compare your data to others, see here: Original (locked following attacks): TESLA BATTERY RANGE DATA Copy (where you can enter your data): MaxRange Tesla Battery Survey The current trending curve shows a 4% decrease on the first 12 000 miles (initial loss) on top of a...
  22. fsch

    v9 browser not working?

    Had the same problem since V9 update (browser not working at all) but last night I got the new update (42.2) and it now works, including with TeslaWaze. Strangely, this new version allows to display the radio/multimedia and a second app at the same time (rearview camera, phone, calendar) except...
  23. fsch

    Huuuuge spike in power usage, over 750 Wh/Mi

    Yeah, probably battery and cabin heating. In really bad conditions (cold, slow trafic), I already achieved 4311 Wh/mile :cool:
  24. fsch

    Flo Charging Network - Trip to Montreal / Bell Centre

    Charging overnight on L2 is what I prefer. Keeps the battery warm! But strangely enough, Outremont appears to be a no man's land in terms of chargers. (Nothing in between Hôpital Sainte-Justine and Parc Avenue, for those who know that part of the city.) Actually, if you compare the Outremont...
  25. fsch

    "Stuck Open" Door Handle

    Didn't know it happened so often with the M3. I actually thought/hoped that since the design was different, it would have been more reliable. On my MS '13, I think I'm at 9 now (either stuck outside and not operating, or not coming out). And another one started to fail. I've been out of warranty...
  26. fsch

    This is what getting sideswiped in a Model 3 looks like

    Wow, impressively stable, despite the collision made your M3 shift left by almost 2 lanes, and second hit is on the front fender. I would have expected more wavering.
  27. fsch

    Is slow charging with 110 v outlet bad for your battery?

    Just to answer more precisely to this part of your question, you lost a bit more than 1% in range. If the M3 battery degradation follows the trend of the MS and MX, at the very beginning, you should expect to loose about 1% every 6000 km or 4000 miles, down to about 5% loss after the first 80...
  28. fsch

    Blog Blue Bird Delivers First Electric School Buses In North America

    This is good news indeed. Just to be clear though, these are the first electric school buses delivered BY Blue Bird, but other companies have been delivering fully electric school buses in North America for a while, for example Lion Electric Co. Reading the title, I thought Blue Bird were...
  29. fsch

    HPWC Self-Installation

    I have a dual charger but decided to go for 40A at home anyway (on a 50A breaker) because we are rarely at home with a need to charge in ~4h hours. Either we are there for >8h (typically overnight) or we need to charge fast, in which case we go to the supercharger. It happened a few times on...
  30. fsch

    Reversing light bulb replaceable? What type?

    Just to follow up, finally, I didn't even had a chance to look at it, when I went for the annual service, Tesla changed (without even asking, on goodwill) my whole rear light set because of the moisture/water infiltration problem. So far, after 200 000 km, I'm highly satisfied with both the car...
  31. fsch

    SuperChargers - Levis, Qc

    I think it has more to do with the very low unemployment rate, currently at 3.8% in the Quebec City area. Some companies are looking almost desperately for people.
  32. fsch

    HPWC & temperature-dependent peak electricity rates

    Indeed, I don't think the battery itself would suffer from power cuts. However, the car high-power electronics might (the 10-20 kW of a HPWC is quite much more than ~10W for a phone) and/or maybe the protection is also there in case the cable is failing. Anyway, when the car suffers a power cut...
  33. fsch

    HPWC & temperature-dependent peak electricity rates

    Answering to myself in case it's useful to someone else. I thought about a solution to address my concern of leaving online all the time and unattended a Raspberry Pi or any other computer containing the info to communicate with the car : turn the Internet communications off all the time except...
  34. fsch

    Best car insurance deal for model X in Quebec

    Congrats for the MX! I enjoy so much my car, I hope you will also. Insurance: it's complicated because it depends on many factors. Like in my case, we have a second car for the two teenagers, one learning to drive, so it's rather high (even if they absolutely don't have the right to drive the...
  35. fsch

    Get J1772 adapter to pop charge port door

    Hi there, I'm looking for a way to interrupt charging when I receive a (temperature dependent) 12V signal. (See here for the complete story.) Unfortunately, I have the older HPWC model, without communication capabilities. I tested the command above (setting the frequency to 315000 kHz since I'm...
  36. fsch

    HPWC & temperature-dependent peak electricity rates

    Thanks for the suggestions. They helped me find a lot of stuff people are doing, especially those with solar panels. @Rockster, unfortunately I have a 2015 model, which didn't come with communications capability. Only HPWC after mid-2016 have it, apparently. @MorrisonHiker, the problem with...
  37. fsch

    HPWC & temperature-dependent peak electricity rates

    A similar question has probably been asked before but I was not able to find: Do you know if there is any way to tell the HPWC to stop charging, based on an electric signal (e.g. 0-5V or 0-12V)? Here is the long explanation of why I need that: Here in Quebec, we are in the special situation...
  38. fsch

    Reversing light bulb replaceable? What type?

    Is it possible to replace the bulb of the reversing lights, an if yes, what type of bulb I should buy? My 2013 MS85 with Tech Pkg has the left reversing light burnt (or at least not operational) with some moisture inside the housing. (I'm in Canada so I expect to have two reversing lights...
  39. fsch

    How to Replace the Tesla Model S Headlight Bulb (Non-Tech Pkg)

    Thanks a bunch for these instruction on how to replace the bulb without removing the wheel! I have the Tech package, but its mostly the same. @StephenM link to David Drives Electric video was also very informative in this respect but that method involved removing the wheel and I'm not equipped...
  40. fsch

    Supercharger - Aulac, NB

    Supercharging at Aulac! Unofficially open though, technician on site testing. Still some tests to do, line painting, etc. Will open sometime next week.
  41. fsch


    I'm the culprit who suggested/developed the asymptotic model now included in the spreadsheet. :) But I agree with you that, among other things, the graph might me misleading in that it shows only the top part of the battery capacity curve. A workaround would be to add data points of when (what...
  42. fsch

    Canadian CHAdeMO charging

    Well, we're getting into the "Tesla timeframe" since they were actually supposed to be installed last year. :) I hope a couple of them are installed on or near Cape Breton before August as we are heading there this Summer!
  43. fsch

    Current fluctuation with new UMC

    Finally replaced; was BO for several weeks. The new works normally. A tech at the service center told me that it is a problem with one of the phases inside the UMC.
  44. fsch

    Charging at 32A? Get 25% faster charging.

    I went California a couple of weeks ago and stoped at a Tesla Service Center to purchase a new 40A adaptor. I was not sure if it would work with the new UMC but I thought I would try, and purchase a UMC next time I go to the US if it didn't. When was the time to pay (after the usual ~10 minutes...
  45. fsch

    MCU fails for the second time

    Resurrected MCU! The MCU didn't wake up during the weekend in my 2013 MS with 180 000+ km and appeared to be completely dead. Tried to reboot 24 times (according to Tesla tech who looked at the logs) with and without pressing the brake pedal, also tried to remove fuse F-51 a couple of times...
  46. fsch

    Tesla semi is ill conceived...

    In our case, it's charged at the same time as licence plate renewal by the equivalent of a DMV office, related to the Ministry of Transport. So I'd assume that it eventually goes to transport, somehow.
  47. fsch

    Tesla semi is ill conceived...

    At least we pay a higher sales tax since EVs are more expensive than a comparable ICE, because of the battery. I let you estimate how much is 15% on a Tesla! Then, I don't know how it is in other jurisdictions, but here in Quebec, we have an annual tax on luxury cars, which is a percentage on...
  48. fsch

    Canadian French now available in latest FW update !

    It depends on which part of the Boulevard you are. If you are in Westmount, which was named Côte-St-Antoine before they rename it, it is still Dorchester Boulevard. ;)
  49. fsch

    Tesla semi is ill conceived...

    Also Teo Taxi in Montréal has a fleet of ~150 electric vehicles, mostly a mix of Tesla MS/MX and Kia Soul. (Not sure of the proportions of each brand, but its near half and half I would say.) They operate at the same rate as regular taxis, although through an application that shows you how far...
  50. fsch

    My door handle is stuck -- What do I do?

    Yeah, it improved a lot since about 1 year. Before that, they looked like they were constantly overloaded, but the service has always been good, as far as I experienced. Maybe it was the time when they had to change so many drive units, main relays, et al. I think that many troubles have quietly...

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